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After Bali, Enjoy Peaceful Traveling With Komodo Tour at Flores

Bali is known all over the world. It is make senses that the crowd at the island of the gods is almost everywhere. You barely can see all types of human in Bali where it can also be more interesting for travelers. But, no matter how beautiful it is, sometimes you simply just need to enjoy the silent and peaceful day and night. While there are some of the destinations and islands for that, you may want to experience the peaceful getaway with Komodo tour at Flores Islands.

Komodo tour at Flores as the antidote to Bali to enjoy peaceful traveling

It is at province of East Nusa Tenggara. Won’t need even an hour for being there by flight. There is also available boats in Bali to take you there, or the ships with the luxury liveaboard package to help you enjoy your Komodo tour in Flores.

There are other main goals beside just to enjoy the peaceful traveling with the Komodo tour package you’d like to reserved. They are to meet the popular prehistoric dragons called as Komodo by the Indonesians, enjoy the peaceful sailing and living on the ship for couple of days if possible, and to explore the islands where you are mostly will visit 3, 5 or more islands during your trip.

Komodo Tour at Flores is the Antidote to Bali

Between Bali and East Nusa Tenggara, there is the West Nusa Tenggara province as the boundary for both provinces. Still, the distances for all those provinces are quite near although being separated by the waters. However, there is one big difference for both where Bali is so much crowded with the tourists (domestic and international) and also they who are working from the other cities, while East Nusa Tenggara (Flores) especially the islands where the Komodo dragons are living sometimes are uninhabited.

It is a common thing for Flores since the province formed by almost 600 islands. If the uninhabited islands aren’t surprised you, there are hundreds of the islands without even a name. You can still have fun in here, but don’t think about doing it like in Bali. The Komodo tour you are about to take is to get rid off the stressful things you get in Bali. You will live in nature, literally. And one of the best way to achieve that is by rent or get the Komodo liveaboard package so you are free to make the itineraries during sailing along with the islands to be visited. You can submit all the itineraries to the travel agent or experience what they have offered to you in their Komodo Tour Flores package.

Floating on waters for days while sailing through the islands will be the great escape to free yourself. You can swim, dive, snorkel, hike the hills, visit the popular pink beach, learning about the Komodo dragons life and more. The islands have also some interesting and beautiful spots and destinations such as to see the islands view from top of the Padar Island hill, diving at Manta Point, trekking at Gili Lawa Darat with the breathtaking viewpoints in Komodo National Park, exploring the countryside of Wae Rebo village on 1,100 meters above sea level and many more.

So, what’s to wait!? If you need to find way of leaving Bali a moment, the Komodo tour at Flores Islands can always be your choice.

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Best Double Camping Hammock for Backpackers

Backpacking is usually identified as the way to experience the low-cost travel. It is also equated as the independent travel where the backpackers will mostly use the public transportation or even try to find the free one with their thumb on the side of the road. Backpackers will also required themselves to find the cheap accommodation. Rather than pay for the expensive hotel room, it is better to find an inexpensive lodging like the youth hostels or even the boarding house around their destination. And when we want to talk about the best double camping hammock for backpackers, you may have known the correlation of them, right?

Best double camping hammock for backpackers

It is fine for going out there and backpacking as you want, alone. But you know, doing it together can be even better if you bring your partner along. You will have someone to talk with, the one that will be on your side along the journey. And if you bring the double camping hammock with you, it is possibly be the best accommodation ever for two.

I am sure that there will be many who will really love the idea of the best double camping hammock for backpackers. It will really provide the affordable and durable accommodation for years since we can use it time after time. For the couples whom are using it, that can be one of the best traveling moment in their life. And for those who are loving the low-cost travel, now they can keep the money for something else.

Your best double camping hammock is much more suitable for a backpacking couple

Just so you know that you can still using the double camping hammock alone, you have known that I won’t restricted it. In general, there are actually some of better things and experiences you can get as the benefits just by using the hammock. Mainly, you will experience two things which are for the perfect ultralight backpacking and you are free to stop at wherever you need at day or night.

Since you are possible to use the double hammock size either alone or with someone, in many ways, I think that there’s not any other kind of sleeping solution yet that better than this. Even though you are using another size of it, the luxurious comfort of using a hammock won’t be reduced even a bit. You can even sleep while stretching your spine rather than using the tent on the ground that mostly will give your bones and muscles the pain while you are rolling over.

Both of you won’t waking up in exhaustion and pain, right? If you are setting up the hammock properly, that won’t really a matter for many of us. The next thing that may keep you wondering is, how do the couple sleeping in a double camping hammock? Shouldn’t we think about the best position for it?

At first, you may think that sleeping with the same position as the one beside you may cause you feel uncomfortable. And apparently it’s not. But if you really can’t deal with it, simply sleep at the different directions with your partner. It can be sleep with each other’s back or facing one another.

Find the best double camping hammock as your choice and  makes it sure that it can be as one of the backpacking gear checklist for more affordable and comfortable camping or holiday. Keep on safe during your travel!

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Bet You Will Need This Private Pool Villas at Seminyak Beach

An accommodation, one important thing you have to planned right before visiting your tour destination. Wherever it might be, including when your flight have landed in Bali. If you ask me about where the best area to stay, then the first candidate so far must be at Seminyak. Shouldn’t you ask about the best accommodation as well? Then I would suggest you to find the best private pool villas Seminyak beach.

Bali private pool villas Seminyak beach

You’ll never know that you will need the private pool villas at Seminyak beach until you know what you can get when staying in. I am bored talking and hearing a lot about the hotel rooms.

So that, if you were usually accommodate yourself in a hotel before, it is the perfect time to switch to the better villa where you will 24 hrs access for the private pool.

The best part is, you are in Bali and there won’t many of the best exotic island alike.

How come the private pool villas at Seminyak beach will make your vacation even better?

The private pool as one of the overwhelming villas facility can’t be found at any accommodation in general. Sometimes, you won’t even finds it at the hotel you’d like to reserve.

But, I have seen many (or even most of them!?) that villas around Seminyak beach know better how to takes your travel stories to the different level.

You will be proud of yourself when getting the private pool villas Seminyak beach since it can be the best decision ever made. You can relax yourself at anytime you need without being bothered by the crowd.

The villas are perfectly placed in central of Seminyak where it is the Bali’s capital of sophistication and coolness, facilitated with the world-class restaurants, clubs and bars, spas and boutiques that available right at your doorstep, and within slow walking distance of the Seminyak beach (around 2-5 minutes). Tell me about; what can be better than that?

Many of the Seminyak beach villas are amazingly designed to reveal your tropical feeling, so that, the present of the inventive decoration and the simplicity of the minimalism are applied.

The villas exterior is also fulfilled with some exotic flowers and plants, especially around the private pool so you will more comfortable without being disturbed by the noise and air pollution.

That will be hard to waking up from your own paradise for couple of days ahead, but even if that will be a dream, you may won’t try to wake yourself up.

All of that will be experienced just by making a small decision on your travel. All of the luxurious await, but how can you choose the best private pool villas at Seminyak beach?

You may be confused because there are many of them, so that I will at least recommend you where to stay.

For now, the only one Bali’s private pool villas around Seminyak beach with the better facilities and world-class services is Hu’u Villas Bali. You can visit the site and then looking around of what they are possibly to give you the unforgettable staying moments.

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Look Around You! Best Spots for Your Bali Photoshoot

Bali photoshoot actually can be a travel package itself when you are in Bali. In fact, there are many of the Bali photography services that provided for tourists for various special moment. Be it your pre-wedding or wedding ceremony, birthday, group gathering, etc that taken place at the tourist destinations or spots.

Don’t you think that all the special events should be captured to keep the moment alive, do you?

Best spots for Bali photoshoot

Bali is beautiful and gorgeous at the same time for many reasons. The crystal blue waters, amazing rice terraces, volcanic of Agung mountain, important and historical temples, lush green forests, pristine white sandy beaches, and exotic foods and drinks and more that will be perfect to be photographed.

No matter if you will be take the images yourself or using the professional services, you can always choose both of the available offers. In case you are worrying about the results of the images, you can hire the Bali photoshoot services for the perfect outputs.

Best spots for your Bali photoshoot experience

The beautiful tropical landscapes and varied of destinations at Bali island should make for some of your best and favorite galleries in your phone, social medias or even in your photo album. So that, you need to know where are the best spots so your Bali photoshoot will be hardly to forget.

The best part of this is that you will not only getting the best imaginable photographs but also find the best places to spend your time and experience the new destinations you haven’t been visited before.

Kuta, Nusa Dua and Seminyak Beach

For me, those 3 beaches are the most popular and favorite in Bali. You don’t have to worry about the crowds at weekend that will be bothering your photoshoot because all the beaches are quite long so you will still get a chance for an empty space.

Not to mention the beach clubs with patios that put an extra view that can be included into your photography composition.
The beaches are located at different places, but I think it will be fine to put them all into one list for this point so you will easily know where to go.

Soak in the sun on the combination of the spectacular white and grey sand beach, enjoy the the special moments at the famous and unique beach resorts for the luxury. And the more important thing is, all the facilities are possible to be used in your Bali photoshoot to get the best images.

Rice Terrace at Tegalalang

This rice field terrace has becomes one of the interested place to be visited in Bali. Located at the village of Sebatu, District of Tegallalang, Regency of Gianyar.

Tegallalang rice field is also presenting the authentic feel of bali village with the terraced rice field as its background and it will be good and even have been used by many of the pre-wedding couples for experiencing their Bali photoshoot in here.

Pandawa Beach

If you want the secret spot for your Bali photoshoot with the mysterious touch for every images, then Pandawa beach can be the first candidate.

It surrounded by the limestone cliffs especially at its entrance and even many have called it as the “Pantai Rahasia” (Secret Beach).

Your special Bali photoshoot will be great to be taken at Pandawa if you need to include the cliff, towering rocks like the stonehenge at the Great Britain along with the beach panorama, this can be the best place.

Teletubbies Hill

You’ve read it right. This hill is located at the Nusa Penida, an island at the south-east part of Bali. There is some kind of cluster of the hills that covered by the green and yellow grass and there is also the lavender flower.

Its name apparently inspired by the children tv series called Teletubbies that is also famous of its hills as the play ground.

All of the above spots seemed can’t only be as your best Bali photoshoot places, but you may also keep them as your next destinations.

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Essentials to Look on Liveaboard Labuan Bajo

Setting a sail to Komodo National Park will never be complete without Liveaboard Labuan Bajo! I meant, you can still opt for speed boat but you will miss a lot of thing. Liveaboard offers one of a kind sailing experience than any other vessels. It welcomes a simple living, leisure, and cheery communal living all the while getting you into beautiful destinations.

Essentials to Look on Liveaboard Labuan Bajo

Just like it’s name, Liveaboard Labuan Bajo depart from Flores’ famous little port town, Labuan Bajo. With the surge of tourism, the town is now brimming with dozens of Komodo tours—and believe me, it can be hard to choose one. Experience can differ from one company to another, but essential services should be the same.

Needless to say, the Komodo boat itself more or less impact the whole journey. If

What Is Included in Liveaboard Labuan Bajo;

Basic Meals Everyday

On board, you don’t need to worry about meals. Liveaboard Labuan Bajo is like your floating hotel, restaurant, and vessels all in one place. A good liveaboard usually have their own chef to cook and prepare the meal. You can expect a big meal at breakfast, lunch, and dinner, but usually they serve snacks in between. Trust me, you will get enough of rice, veggies, and noodles very soon. Worry not, though, they usually have fresh fruits for desserts to freshen up your palate.

A Cabin for Two (or Three)

Okay, I have enough story of travelers sleeping in a cramped cabin or communal deck. If you are extremely unlucky, you will end up sleeping in a communal deck with only thin mattresses and sharing the space with around 25 other passengers. Believe me, that’s really happening.

Lucky to us travelers, the increasing Labuan Bajo’s popularity among worldwide tourists invites more and more improved liveaboard to come. That means we can choose better liveaboard and leave the crappy one. With the presence of modern and semi liveaboard in budget, you can expect to sleep in comfortable cabins! In fact, any good Liveaboard Labuan Bajo should have standardised cabins that resemble just like a hotel room. The cabins usually fits two to three people inside with separate single bed for the third person.

Basic Life Jackets

It should be a no brainer that every ship—no matter the type—should be equipped with life jackets. Yes, the bright yellow (or orange) one that will keep you afloat in case unwanted accident happened. Aside from that, a life jackets is extremely useful if you want to go snorkel without excellent swimming prowess.

Water Sport Equipment

Divers and snorkelers alike will love a Liveaboard Labuan Bajo with complete diving equipment on board. That means they don’t have to rent another diving equipments from another vendor before the excursion. It gets even better when your liveaboard have other water sport equipments such as standing paddle and kayak! In water as pristine as Flores, you can already imagine the possibilities!

Dive Masters On Board

Full range of water sport equipments is not enough when you don’t have proper instructor on board. You don’t want to get lost in the middle of unfamiliar ocean, don’t you?

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Top 2 Winners for the Best Parachute Hammock

Do you love camping with your own using a hammock? or the perfect way for that is going out with your partner? I love camping as you do and using the best parachute hammock is the perfect touch for exploring the scenery while hanging.

2 winners for best parachute hammock

For me, there are at least two of the best hammock that later I am calling it as the outdoor winners for the camping accessory. Both are not about the brand or manufacturer, not about their common specifications as well even though it will also correlated, etc.

Actually, you may have known about the 2 winners for the best parachute hammock that I’d like to tell you. Both are regarded as the most frequently used. And although I have not even get a single data about it, I am pretty sure that the most purchased of the 2 hammocks can be assumed as the top 2 most purchased hammocks.

How I define the most purchased as the best parachute hammock?

The main thing I am concerned of about the 2 best hammocks is its own size. So, I believe that the best parachute hammock I am talking about are the single hammock and the double size hammock.

That’s the both of the winner for the most purchased parachute hammock.

Ideally, the single hammock is fits for a single person and another one will be enough for two. There are also other sizes that can even fit for more than two person. Surely that will be great for they who are traveling or camping in a group consists of around 3-7 person.

But, traveling in a group with that amount of person is a rare thing. Mostly you can only experiences it once or couple time in your life. While solo and double traveling (2 person) have more bigger chances to be done.

For this best parachute hammock, I’d like to reminds you that determining the size of it is really important thing to do since the first time you have decided to buy one. Many of the sellers were telling us that they have the better product than the others. I know it wasn’t wrong. It is just, you know – make you keep on asking and that will be great for them to influence you for making purchase without many considerations.

Sounds like as if the sellers are responsible to educate the customers, but that is really what we need, right?

Choosing the size of the parachute hammock can also helps you to think about what you will do with that. Since hammock not only can be used while traveling or any other outdoor activities, you may want to set it up inside your room as your comfort bed.

The single parachute hammock may best for your camping idea, but it may won’t enough when you want to put many of the sleep items inside your rooms although it will also possible. But, getting the double hammock size may the better option both for camping or your own bed.

That is the simple way how I will choose my own best parachute hammock. If you have another insight, you can contact me so I can also add more references about it.

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Bali Diving Course For Better Dive Experience

Bali scuba course takes you to adventure to see the underwater world. Diving and exploring under the sea always brings pleasure. Diving requires special skills. Getting expertise, you have to go through the process through the Bali diving course. Beginner training is around out 4-5 days. Why Bali?

Bali Diving Course

Bali is a popular diving destination in the world. Many dive spots with unique and rare species. Underwater views of Bali can amaze world divers. The sites of underwater World War II are also one of the destinations to explore Bali’s dive spots. Rare species and coral reefs are the best spots for photo lovers. Underwater temples can be amazing underwater tours.

Proper Bali Scuba Diving Course To Explore The Underwater

Before doing Bali scuba diving courses, it’s best to look for a trusted dive center. There are many dive centers that offer attractive promos and training programs. To better explore diving skills, you can find the right time. Summer is the best time to look for a vacation in Bali and dive. You can save costs for diving training programs.

Before you are truly ready to explore the deep sea of Bali, you must really understand what is learned in the Bali diving course. Do not get the wrong dive certificate. There are many diving organizations that issue certificates. PADI is a world organization that publishes world-recognized diving certificates. Having a PADI certification, you can be well received at all dive centers in the world.

PADI Bali diving course has many stages, ranging from beginner training to professionals. They also have the training to become a divemaster. If you do not have a diving experience, then Bali scuba diving course beginner is the right choice.

Bali diving course is the right step for you to get a certificate and explore the high seas. The steps that need to be done are to learn the basics of diving and practice in the pool. The next step is that you will be taken to explore the high seas guided by professional instructors.

That must be considered as long as Bali courses are the first aid when attacked by dangerous biota. Most dive centers only introduce you to training in diving basics without informing everything in detail. To become an expert, you must learn and ask questions that you don’t know yet. Every detail related to diving is important to learn. Bali diving course teaches to think calmly when diving. Because calmly, divers are easier to think and move in the water.

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Three Villages That Worth A Visit On A Komodo Island Tour

When you hear people talk about Komodo Island tour, giant dragons and raw beautiful nature might come first in your mind. The only place in the world where you can see the world’s largest prehistoric lizard roams free in their last sanctuary. An Indonesian frontier where the beaches are glowing in the sun, away from footprints and patios. And between the savannah and rolling hills, dwells several humble villages whose charms will steal your heart.

 Three Villages That Worth A Visit On A Komodo Island Tour

Away from modernization, these villages live a simple life, sometimes even without electricity. However, they live with the purest heart and strongest passion for nature. Make time to visit these wonderful villages on your upcoming Komodo Island tour.

Mesa Village

After all of those beaches galore, head to Mesa Island. This small island is home to a Bugis fishing village and bunch of cheery children that will greet you with the warmest welcome smile. As soon as you hit the dock, you will suddenly find yourself surrounded by cute laughs and little buddies. These children are probably the happiest and most adorable around the neighborhood. They clearly have frequent visitors and are very friendly to anyone who comes to their little village. Despite of their lack of English skills, these children are very eager to ask you to play around. Expect a lot of giggles and body signals! They love to show off their skills—jumping to the sea, dancing—and get their photos taken. Their cute poses will surely leave warm footprints in your heart!

Kerora Village

If you love serenity, you gotta love Kerora Village. When your Komodo Island tour reach Rinca, try to go beyond the dragons’ territory and head to this village. Kerora is a little village inhabited by about 500 villagers who enjoy calm and serenity in their daily life. Once you reach Kerora you will feel a soothing ambience enveloping the whole village. Kerora might looks sleepy, but it hides one of the most beautiful natural attraction in the island.

Kerora is a perfect place to chill and relax after a thrilling adventure with the dragons. It has quiet beaches with shallow shores and clear water where you can just play and chill. Or have a little picnic in the white sands beach with your travel mates. This village is also great for trekking with a view! Trek to Panorama Hills, where you can witness an unparalleled scenery of the whole island and the surrounding sea. And after those fun activity, have some little talk with the locals and have a look on their goods. They made carving of Komodo in the island and it’s great to support the locals!

Melo Village

No Komodo Island tour is complete without meeting the Manggarai tribe in Melo village. This colorful tribe is very friendly and warm towards tourists. They will welcome anyone with open arms, no matter what’s the color of your skin or what language you speak. Sometimes they even have a cheery welcome ceremony which involves parade of music, dancing, and alcoholic palm drink. Their war-like Canci Dance, however, is the highlight of the visit. Accompanied with chants and traditional music, two men are ‘fighting’ with one another—each armed with whip and shield.

The Manggarian people welcome tourists’ curiosity with smiles and are willing to explain about their cultures. Sometimes they even offer an opportunity to eat their traditional lunch together and show you their awesome traditional Ikat weaving. See the process and you’ll get instantly in love with the colors and patterns. Take one home if you like to, it’s not everyday you can come to this beautiful village.

These villages are definitely going to leave some impact during your journey. It’s best to have a flexible Komodo Island tour provider who will let you put these villages into your itineraries!

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Signs You Will Love Portable Camping Hammock

The origin of the portable camping hammock itself can’t be separated from the hammock history. The Spanish colonist had been published that the use of the hammock by Native Americans, particularly in the West Indies, at the time of the Spanish conquest. And later this also became the European first contact with it.

It has been long of its journey until today where we can takes it everywhere and almost any time we need. That is why there are many types of it, including the portable camping hammock.

Signs you will love portable camping hammock

You don’t have to buy the hammock for even once in your life, it is not your own primary need. But when you are traveling a lot, really like almost everyday or weeks, then you have to think about it again.

The portable camping hammock is like your own private bedroom in a small form made of thin fabric. It is your magic space to hide among the trees. Either you will invite another person to join you inside or not, the choice is yours.

The single hammock can only be used for one person as in its recommendation. But you can also find the bigger one for two or even the biggest size of hammock that enough for several persons.

Signs you will love portable camping hammock

I just told you that if you are often traveling, then you have to gives the portable camping hammock a chance. But it is not the only one sign why you will love it.

Traveling can refers to many things. You can stay in a hotel at your destination, going to the beach, having fun in waterboom, fishing, etc. But in correlation with the use of hammock, it can only means to some things.

The first sign why you will need to get a portable camping hammock surely because you are really love the camping idea, wherever it might be taken place. Either you want to camp at the mountain or even on your backyard.

The camping hammock is only need a small space. You will at least need to find the poles or trees that have 3-4 meters in length as the distance of one another to start set it up. Then you can take a rest in it.

Secondly, you may want to give a gift to your family with the unique and healthy stuff. The portable hammock is also recommended to be used for those with the insomnia or back pain. You will get more relaxed when you sleeping in it.

You can even use the parachute hammock as the main alternative to your bed if you want.

For family with toddler or a kid, as a parent, you may also need to give the portable hammock camping to your offspring and let them know that you want them to get more fun and happier.

Setup the hammock inside their room or in front of your house, you will see a big smile and happiness surrounding your child. They will love that inspiring idea. give it a go.

Last but not least, you may want to bring the portable camping hammock when you will fly to another country. No matter will it be your holiday or for business, the farther you go, the more you will need it.

It is only to anticipate of anything may happen or for preventing something you have never expected before. Let’s say your flight is delayed or the destination you are visited is not that interesting as you thought. Rather than waiting, frustrating and can’t do something, simply get your portable camping hammock out of your backpack and adjust to find your best position.

You can then start your own relaxation without bothered by many issues or negative thoughts.

I believe that there are still other signs that I have not been read why you will want to love the portable camping hammock ideas as above. But if you get advantage of it, at least can get your doubt about it away, give this post a share.

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Process Of PADI Scuba Diving Bali Courses

When it comes to wanting to try a new hobby, the most important thing is to find complete information. Dive one of the hobbies that currently love by many people. Underwater charm has attracted many people to try diving. One of the most trusted and world-renowned PADI dive organizations. Diving certificates are a must. You cannot explore underwater without a diving certificate. Diving certificates is as a sign that you have studied training and are eligible for diving.

PADI Scuba diving Bali

The world-famous and popular diving tourist destination, that is Bali. Bali not only has underwater charm, but is also rich in culture and other natural beauty. Even surfing events are always held every year in Bali, under the auspices of Rip Curl. There are many attractions in Bali that can make Bali a popular tourist destination in the world.

PADI scuba diving Bali courses have many stages. If you are a beginner, beginner training is the right one. Most dive centers in Bali offer diving packages for beginners, including getting a PADI certificate. Let’s look at the process of PADI scuba diving in Bali courses that could be your recommendation to get a certificate.

Academic Sessions

PADI Scuba diving Bali instructors will teach you basic principles and procedures in diving. What will you learn? You will study the effects of pressure on the human body, good and safe diving procedures, and choosing and maintaining diving equipment. Today, almost all dive centers use multimedia for diving knowledge presentations. This is more effective than the old system.

Pool Training

Sessions in the pool with instructors will practice the basics of learning skills and using diving equipment. Some of the stages such as assembling diving equipment, simulating controlling emergencies, how to clean the mask in water, and others. Skills in this pool will be very useful during diving.

PADI Open Water Season

Open water season is a stage after academic and pool training. This is a real dive training session. You will go directly into the open waters with calm, clear waters. In PADI scuba diving Bali courses, you will be provided with emergency simulation exercises. This is done so that you dive safely.

How long is PADI scuba diving Bali training?

Beginner diver training for 4 days. Please note that PADI training is based on performance. Where divers require to carry out all the requirements of Bali’s PADI scuba diving training curriculum. The PADI organization establishes and obliges without being limited to a certain period of time. This will provide a  comfort because training does not need a rush. In essence, PADI scuba diving Bali is the best way for you to explore underwater. Not only exploring Bali’s underwater but all the world’s best spots.

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