If you are a surfer, you might have ever heard people talking about the Algarve of Portugal and why it should be on your list. But if you don’t live in Portugal or have never been in Portugal, you might think that Algarve is just one of the city in Portugal. It’s not. Algarve covers the southernmost region of Portugal, incorporates 16 municipalities, and of course, more beaches than you can count. With is soft climate, sandy beaches, year long waves, breathtaking coastal sceneries, and amazing cuisine, it’s no surprise that Portugal comes as one of Europe’s most favourite holiday destination. The great waves spells great surfing adventure and attracts millions of surfers to Algarve surf school everyday. Here’s more about Algarve you need to know in case you want to stay at the surf school this summer. 

What You Should Know About Surf School In Algarve

There Are A Lot of Surf School in Algarve!

The great thing about surfing in Algarve is the sheer selection of surf schools and camps! Literally every coastal town in Algarve have every kind of surf accommodation to choose. There are at least thirty surfing beaches in Algarve—each bearing their own characteristics. Subsequently, you might need to choose beaches that suits your level, especially if you plan to enrol on an Algarve surf school on that area.

Here are our recommendation of Algarve’s best surf beaches you can consider: Praia Amado. Arrifana, Praia Amoreiro, Zavial, Odeceixe, Praia do Zul, and Praia Boca do Rio.

You Have the Algarve Wave Guarantee

The waves in Algarve never goes out. No matter in what season you come, the swells gonna still pumping—just in different levels. Every day in the whole 365 days is a possible surf day. You won’t get this at any other part of the world, and that what makes the Algarve so unique.

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Surf School in Algarve Open for the WHOLE Year!

What You Should Know About Surf School In Algarve

Subsequently, surf school in Algarve open for the whole year. They might cater to different level on different season. Summer is perfect for beginners, as the waves are smaller and the swells are less frequent. Beginners who have learned the basics and advanced classes can be extended as far as on autumn. During the season, almost all surf spots in Algarve works. But the best thing is maybe the dispersion of regular tourist. The Algarve is at its best now—warm sun, plenty of sunshine, great waves, and emptier beaches. However, the waves got bigger than in summer which might not be suitable for kids and total beginners. Winter in Algarve feels like a colder spring. Temperature is still around 16ºC, but you’ll require thicker wetsuit. The waves are bigger and the winds stronger, which is perfect for professionals who want to challenge themselves.

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