Indonesia never stops offering the charm of underwater beauty. The land of Papua has a magical charm for domestic and foreign tourists. So far, Raja Ampat is a favorite diving spot in Eastern Indonesia. Lately, diving lovers have started to look at one of the best spots, namely Cendrawasih Bay.

whale shark in cendrawasih bay - raja ampat

Cendrawasih Bay, Dive With The Whale Shark

Located in Teluk Wondama Regency, West Papua has been designated as a National Park. Exploring the underwater world of Cendrawasih Bay is recommended using a liveaboard. Why? Liveaboard offers the best comfort and facilities for you during your stay on board.

Make sure you bring your personal medicine before traveling and exploring the underwater world of Cendrawasih. Cendrawasih Bay covers an area of 15,535 square kilometers, including 0.9 percent of beaches and mangroves, 0.9 percent, 5.5 percent of coral reefs, 3.8 percent of small island forests, and 89.8 percent of water areas. During diving, you can find 150 species of coral reefs, 200 types of fish and swim with whales.

Rhincodon typus is one of the largest fish in the world and is not a type of whale but a fish that breathes with gills. You only need to go down to a depth of 1-5 meters to dive with sharks in Cendrawasih Bay. For underwater photographers, Cendrawasih is the best dive spot to get photos of Rhincodon typus.

Don’t panic if you meet Rhincodon typus so they don’t think of you like their food. Do not try to hold it because it is a violation of the law. Besides Cendrawasih Bay, there are several small islands that are no less beautiful, such as Yoop Island, Mioswaar, Roon, Rumberpon, and Nusrowi. All five offer views of the underwater world that are equally beautiful. For beginner and uncertified divers, Nusrowi Island is very suitable because the waters are relatively calmer, not too deep, and suitable for snorkeling.

You need to visit Yoop Island if you are curious about whale sharks. The waters around Yoop Island and its surroundings become a route for whale sharks and dolphins to fly. Whale sharks or Rhincodon typus can reach 15 meters in length and reach an age of more than 100 years. The size of the female Rhincodon typus is larger and when giving birth, the length of the baby ranges from 60-70cm with the number of babies reaching hundreds of tails.

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