Maldives has made its remarks in the world and that’s for legit reasons. The archipelagic country is knows best for its tranquil waters, pristine white sand beaches, serenity, and world class waves and marine life. In fact, the Maldives offers one of the best waves around the globe. Surfing in  Maldives combines warm waters, bright sun, and generally shoulder-height waves for just a fun and leisure surf. For surfers who want the best of Maldives, staying at one of the surf camp is the best option. And here are several things you need to know before booking one.

There Are Plenty of Surf Camp Maldives in Every Level

Things to Know Before Booking A Surf Camp in Maldives!

Really. As one of the most predominant surf destination in the world, the Maldives is packed with surf camp and accommodation alike. You will find all sort of surfing accommodation from backpacker surf camp, mid range surfing houses, all the way to all inclusive surf resorts. The choice is endless. It largely depend on your budget and preference, really.

Surfing in Maldives is Like the Mellower Version of Indonesia

If you have been to Indonesia, you will find that Maldives is like the mellower version of Indonesia’s waves. Many other things, though, are similar. The remote surf spots, blue water, empty beaches, warm waters, climate, and the majority of religion in Maldives is just so similar to Indonesia. So if you are looking something more beginner-friendly but just as tropical as Indonesia, Maldives is your best option.

Some Surf Camp Maldives Has Their Own Surf Charters

Some surf camp in Maldives stands by its own, some surf charters sail by their own, some just join the forces together. Surf charters is undoubtedly tempting for any surfers who seek for more adventure in Maldives; to taste every swells in every nooks and crannies. If you want to spend time haggling for the best price, you can try to browse each services separately. But you can save so much time and energy by going to surf camp Maldives that has surf charters service on their package. Sometimes they even offer package deals that would be hard to miss!

Things to Know Before Booking A Surf Camp in Maldives!

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Best Season to Surf in Maldives

Basically, Maldives has two major surfing areas, where each has its own best times. The best swells in North Male Atoll’s happens during April to October, whereas the Outer Atoll is best visited during February to April. That means you can surf in Maldives at any time! Just pick the right region accordingly.

It’s A Muslim Country

Maldives is largely populated by Moslems and it’s a Muslim country. That means the owner surf camp Maldives where you are staying are probably a Moslem, and they might have certain rules to apply in the house to respect the religion. Always ask the rules before you come. Generally, you will be advised to wear appropriate dress code, not drinking alcohol in public, and not openly eating in public during the Ramadan (fasting months). However, these are more relaxed in some of the southern islands, where surf tourism is more popular. You can stretch the rules a little bit, but we still advise you to restrain wearing bikini on public.

Have fun surfing in Maldives!

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