The Island of God might made its name through surfing, beaches, temples, and centuries old cultural heritage that’s still robustly preserved and carried on until today. However, the beauty of this island extend beyond the borders of its beaches. Under the water, the ocean thrives with life. The rich and colourful seabeds has been capturing the hearts of many adventurers and divers alike. However, Bali is overwhelming with gorgeous dive sites and choosing the ones to visit could be pleasurably confusing. Here are five essential things to think before deciding which sites to dive on your Bali holiday.

Think about the colours you want to see on Bali dive sites

Make the Choice: Which Bali Dive Sites to Visit

What are you hoping to see on your dive? Do you want to be surrounded by bustling corals? Do you want to see the probably less vibrant, but no less amazing coral formation on some abandoned sunken ship? Or maybe you want to be surrounded by some bright, tropical fish? Deciding on the ‘colour’ you want to see underwater helps with making the initial decision.

Think about the animals you want to meet

Bali’s underwater is renown for having wonderful and even rare marine animals. Manta Rays and Mola Mola sunfish in Nusa Penida appears on almost every search about diving in Bali. The macro lovers would be thrilled to see the rare and perhaps the cutest pygmy pink seahorses at Jemeluk Wall Amed and the Seraya Secret Tulamben. Want to see turtles? The USAT Liberty Wreck Tulamben is one of their favourite hangout spot. Probably you are obsessed to see something unusual like Mandarin fish or clown trigger fish. Do your research. Once you know what animals you want to see, deciding which Bali dive sites to put on the list will be much easier.

Think about the weather on each dive sites

Some part of Bali receives more rainfall. Yet some are noticeably hotter than the other. Amed, Tulamben, Padang Bai, and Menjangan, for example, are located in the mountanious part of Bali with generally more moderate climate. On January to April, you probably will have some rain so waiting for drier months to visit these dive sites is wiser. See which dive sites in Bali that offer the best weather during your time of holiday.

Think about the travel time to your choosen Bali dive sites

Make the Choice: Which Bali Dive Sites to Visit

Consider how far you are willing to travel to get the dives. Remember that the airport is located in the south of Bali and you’ll probably stay around the southern area. Probably somewhere around Kuta, Seminyak, Canggu, and Sanur. Note that Tulmben, Amed, and Padang Baii are located in the northeast coast of Bali. Do you want to stay there for the weekend or prefer just a day trip to these sites? The Menjangan’s underwater is an absolute gem, but it’s nestled in the tip of northwest coast of Bali. There’s no way you can have a day trip there. The Nusa Penida, Nusa Lembongan, and the Gilis which are equally gorgeous can only be reached by boat. So before you decide which Bali dive sites you want to plunge in, know how far you’re willing to go.

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Think about your level of skills and experience

Folks, this is a must! Though we can agree that Bali’s underwater is generally milder than other major dive sites in Indonesia, it still need to be proceed with caution. Some sites like USAT Liberty Tulamben has almost zero in current and is totally safe even for the totally first-timer divers. The Nusas are stonger in currents and reserved for the experienced only. Once again, do your research and choose only sites that match your skills and experiences.

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