Surfing in Bali is like riding the waves in the sweetest spot. The Island of God enjoys dynamic wave levels and wide variety of breaks that would satisfy any level of surfers. From mellow waves lapping on stunning white sand beaches to giant swells on limestone cliffs, Bali has it all. The warm water, vast emerald ocean, and pumping surf breaks invites all eave riders to enjoy these surfing playground. If surf holiday Bali sits on your bucket lists, this is what you need to bring.

What to Bring to Surf Holiday Bali

A Shortie or Rash Guards

Yes, you can always surf in bikini or just some shorts—but it won’t protect you from the cold of prolonged session on the water or nasty cuts from sharp corals. If you take surf holiday Bali seriously, you know that functionality is over the top of looks. Also, that cute tiny stringy bikini—while looking great—can’t survive on whirling water. You need to at least wear rash guard. It protect you from the sun and rash from the boards’ wax. A shortie—or short wetsuit—is also perfect for surfing in Bali’s warm water.


Bringing your own board to Bali is optional, but very recommended. If you are a seasoned surfer and has grown comfortable with your own board, it’s best to bring it. It’s just for the sake of comfortability and being confidence in board you know, really. But if you don’t want all the hassle, you can always rent a board in Bali for a super cheap price ($8 – $10) per day. You can choose whatever board suits you from the selection and even change boards depend on the conditions. Other alternative is purchasing a board in Bali or have it made for order. Luckily, this island is not lacking in talented hands. The best local surf makers can be found around Legian’s Poppy Lane and Canggu, selling high build quality, custom made boards for half of the price of big brands surf board. You can buy it with removable fins and padded bag to bring it back home or put it on preloved shop when your surf holiday Bali is over.

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Have A Set of Different Fins

Have A Set of Different Fins

With so much surf breaks to explore, you will want several different set of fin to see which one works on certain breaks. Don’t let wrong fins prevent you from having a perfect surf holiday Bali.

Sufficient Amount of Wax Enough for Surf Holiday in Bali

From the famous ones to the local gems, Bali has more surf spots than you can count. That means will have countless dips on the sea—and you’ll need lots of wax for our boards. Wax could be quite pricey in Bali, so you might want to bring a few from home. For Bali’s hot and tropical weather, choose hard wax over the soft ones.

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