It is a must for a business to be able to drive disruption in order to keep thriving. However, it can be acquired if a company is willing to pivot and adapt. One of important elements that business owners should be aware of is digital transformation. It is something that can help business drive disruption in this era. However, not all business are being open to the concept of digital transformation. However, acknowledging and understanding the concept are two different things because one of them requires real actions than the other. 

Misconception in digital transformation

There are many reasons why for example some legacy companies are not willing or hesitant with the concept of digital transformation. One of the reasons is the misconception about the concept. Many of them believe that the concept of digital transformation means there should be technology infusion in every level of department company. However, it is not entirely true because digital transformation involves rethinking all facets of business operation. Meanwhile, it allows technology as an enabler of new ways to conduct business. 

Attitudes and beliefs that prevent successful digital transformation 

Most legacy companies are easily satisfied with small improvements on products and services they offer especially the ones that are already popular among customers. They think that just by adding some small features then the customers will stay loyal. However, it is a risky move because if it fails, then time and resources are wasted. The keys component of digital transformation are high risk, high reward gambits. Digital transformation is an effective ways to innovate successfully with the result that pays off the failures that possibly happen.

Underestimating failures is also bad attitude a company usually has which lead to inability o open to the concept of digital transformation. It is common for business owners and leaders to always want to bask in the glory of job well done and avoid a risk of failure. However, it often end up with missing out many opportunities to pursue entirely new markets. In order to take your business to another level, you need the breakthrough. Digital transformation is the type of breakthrough a business owners and leaders can do to level up. Also, do not overvalue legacy especially if it doesn’t give positive effect for your business in the long run. 

Choosing the wrong people to promote digital transformation can lead to failure. Choose leaders who have good communication skills who can truly deliver what your company is doing and why. Usually, people who are in senior ranks are easily the ones who says no to anything new. It is possible to seek new leaders from outside of the organization instead. It can be effective solution because they are not tied to the company legacy. Or, it can be anyone within the company who can promote the concept of digital transformation and empower your employees to take bold leaps. Leader with this kind of thinking can help complete successful digital transformation making the company ready to compete in the future regardless of the situation.

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