The north east coast of Bali offers superb underwater holiday—with lively marine creatures as well as opportunity of macro and wreck diving. In fact, most divers coming for a diving holiday in Bali will make a visit to Tulamben, a humble fishing town in this northern coast with amazing underwater landscape. Far from the hustle and bustle of the busier southern Bali, Tulamben is quiet and seemingly only consist of fisherman and divers. You can reach Tulamben by two and half hours drive from the Ngurah Rai International airport. During the journey you will see the main road slowly turn into smaller one with views of rice fields and local village temples. Lines of modern shops shifts into visions of more traditional Bali. And at the end of the curvy road, you will enter a black pebbled beaches village, the quiet Tulamben.

Arranging Tulamben Bali Diving By Your Own

On Making the Tulamben Bali Diving Plan

The seemingly small and quiet Tulamben is actually rich in underwater attraction, and you’ll soon see why. Tulamben provides at least eight known dive sites—and you’ll probably find lesser known dive sites if you spend longer time there. The most famous three are the USAT Liberty shipwreck (obviously), the Coral Garden, and the Drop Off or the Tulamben Wall. Other sites to explores on Tulamben are the Boga wreck, Seraya Secret, Kubu Monkey, Canyon, and Batu Belah.

You can pick three random sites and still have the best of your time. But to have more tailored Tulamben Bali Diving experience, you’ll need to have little research and pick dive sites that suits your interest. If you love wreck diving, for example, you obviously need to have USAT Liberty and Boga Wreck on your list. Are you a macro lover? Then you definitely need to go to the Drop Off, Seraya Secret, and Kubu Monkey. The abundant critters are pleasure to the eyes. A beginner? The suitable sites for you might be the USAT Liberty, the Drop Off, Coral Garden, and Canyon.

On Arranging the Tulamben Accommodation

Arranging Tulamben Bali Diving By Your Own

One of the best way to have Tulamben Bali Diving is to get it arranged by local dive center. We personally recommend Atlantis Bali Diving, a Sanur based dive centre that famous for arranging dive trips all around Bali. They will arrange all of your transportation, hotel, and even the speed or fishing boat to get you into the dive sites. But if you arrange the dive trip by your own, you need to take care all the accommodation by yourself—and here’s how.

Hire a Private Diver

Assuming you are departing from the airport or somewhere around Kuta or Seminyak, the price for hiring a diver is about IDR 300 – 400K for one way trip. Make sure you don’t hire through the taxi mafia as the price could be higher. Get the phone number of your driver so you will contact him again to arrange a drive back to the city.

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Book A Place to Stay in Tulamben

Instead coming for a day trip, try to stay overnight in Tulamben. You might as well try a spectacular night dive at USAT Liberty, which gets lively at night! Though small and quiet, Tulamben is brimming with bungalows, small hotels, and even luxury homestay. Most cater to the need of divers. Some have equipment rental, so you don’t need to bring oxygen tank and all heavy equipments from the city.

Book Local Dive Guide for Tulamben Bali Diving

The best way to have Tulamben Bali Diving is to dive with a local dive guide. They will give all the briefs of the currents, visibility, sea condition, and marine life to see at each dive site. Your dive guide will also help you with booking the ‘jukung’ boats (or motorised boats, depend on what you prefer) to get you to the dive site.

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