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Tattoo in Bali and Why You Should Come to The Island to Get Tattooed

Indonesia is such a vast archipelagic country, so why must you come to Bali if you want to get tattooed in the country? The most famous place in Indonesia that has its own indigenous tattoo tradition is not even the Bali island. And yet countless people come here every year to the island not just to vacation, but also to get tattooed as well. What’s so special about tattoo Bali and its artistic scene?

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Bali is an exception to most things Indonesian

If you’ve only ever visited Bali, then it’s safe to assume that you’ve never really been to Indonesia. You won’t likely grasp the concept of the vast differences of how things are in Bali compared to the rest of Indonesia unless you’ve been to many places in Indonesia yourself. Indonesia at large is a Muslim majority country. And many look down on people who have tattoos.

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However, things are vastly different in Bali. Thanks to the fact that the religion majority was Hindu, planty of things in Bali are set apart compared to say, the island of Java (where most Indonesians reside). Sporting tattoos and displaying them are extremely common in Bali.

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Plenty of amazing tattoo places in Bali

Not only it’s okay to have tattoos in Bali without people looking at you like you’re some sort of a spectacle, there are also an abundant of professional tattoo Bali studios in Bali. Sure, shady parlors do exist out there. Just go to any Kuta main streets and you’ll find them. But Bali has many reputable tattoo studios that it’s actually just a matter of choosing which studios or artists suit you best when it comes to getting a tattoo in Bali and you won’t have to worry much about standards or hygiene.

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Many tattoo artists travel to Bali and accept orders

As a travel destination, Bali attract all kinds of travelers and that includes traveling tattoo artists. Aside from tattoo artists who open their tattoo orders here, in fact, a lot of tattoo artists in Bali are not from Bali alone. Aside from housing many artists from all over Indonesia, you can find many tattoo artists from all over the world opening or joining a permanent shop here in Bali.

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Tattoo Bali hygiene standards is the same as back home

While there are always questions popping up about how safe is it to get inked in Bali and everyone has their own valid concerns to ask those questions—fact is, tattooing standards in Bali is basically the same as how it is back home. Sure it’s also not difficult to find shady tattoo Bali parlors. But all you need to do is a bit of research to find numerous professional tattoo studio in Bali that have years of experiences under their belt.

Tattoo in Bali—Remember that the tattooing scene in Indonesia has never been strictly regulated, and with how the majority of Indonesians view tattoo in general (with prejudice), this is unlikely to change anytime soon. So while it’s relatively safe to get a tattoo in Bali as long as you use your common sense, always do your own homework so that yourself get protected during the whole process of getting a tattoo.