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Things That Prevent Successful Digital Transformation In Business

It is a must for a business to be able to drive disruption in order to keep thriving. However, it can be acquired if a company is willing to pivot and adapt. One of important elements that business owners should be aware of is digital transformation. It is something that can help business drive disruption in this era. However, not all business are being open to the concept of digital transformation. However, acknowledging and understanding the concept are two different things because one of them requires real actions than the other. 

Misconception in digital transformation

There are many reasons why for example some legacy companies are not willing or hesitant with the concept of digital transformation. One of the reasons is the misconception about the concept. Many of them believe that the concept of digital transformation means there should be technology infusion in every level of department company. However, it is not entirely true because digital transformation involves rethinking all facets of business operation. Meanwhile, it allows technology as an enabler of new ways to conduct business. 

Attitudes and beliefs that prevent successful digital transformation 

Most legacy companies are easily satisfied with small improvements on products and services they offer especially the ones that are already popular among customers. They think that just by adding some small features then the customers will stay loyal. However, it is a risky move because if it fails, then time and resources are wasted. The keys component of digital transformation are high risk, high reward gambits. Digital transformation is an effective ways to innovate successfully with the result that pays off the failures that possibly happen.

Underestimating failures is also bad attitude a company usually has which lead to inability o open to the concept of digital transformation. It is common for business owners and leaders to always want to bask in the glory of job well done and avoid a risk of failure. However, it often end up with missing out many opportunities to pursue entirely new markets. In order to take your business to another level, you need the breakthrough. Digital transformation is the type of breakthrough a business owners and leaders can do to level up. Also, do not overvalue legacy especially if it doesn’t give positive effect for your business in the long run. 

Choosing the wrong people to promote digital transformation can lead to failure. Choose leaders who have good communication skills who can truly deliver what your company is doing and why. Usually, people who are in senior ranks are easily the ones who says no to anything new. It is possible to seek new leaders from outside of the organization instead. It can be effective solution because they are not tied to the company legacy. Or, it can be anyone within the company who can promote the concept of digital transformation and empower your employees to take bold leaps. Leader with this kind of thinking can help complete successful digital transformation making the company ready to compete in the future regardless of the situation.

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Diving Liveaboard in Cendrawasih Bay

Indonesia never stops offering the charm of underwater beauty. The land of Papua has a magical charm for domestic and foreign tourists. So far, Raja Ampat is a favorite diving spot in Eastern Indonesia. Lately, diving lovers have started to look at one of the best spots, namely Cendrawasih Bay.

whale shark in cendrawasih bay - raja ampat

Cendrawasih Bay, Dive With The Whale Shark

Located in Teluk Wondama Regency, West Papua has been designated as a National Park. Exploring the underwater world of Cendrawasih Bay is recommended using a liveaboard. Why? Liveaboard offers the best comfort and facilities for you during your stay on board.

Make sure you bring your personal medicine before traveling and exploring the underwater world of Cendrawasih. Cendrawasih Bay covers an area of 15,535 square kilometers, including 0.9 percent of beaches and mangroves, 0.9 percent, 5.5 percent of coral reefs, 3.8 percent of small island forests, and 89.8 percent of water areas. During diving, you can find 150 species of coral reefs, 200 types of fish and swim with whales.

Rhincodon typus is one of the largest fish in the world and is not a type of whale but a fish that breathes with gills. You only need to go down to a depth of 1-5 meters to dive with sharks in Cendrawasih Bay. For underwater photographers, Cendrawasih is the best dive spot to get photos of Rhincodon typus.

Don’t panic if you meet Rhincodon typus so they don’t think of you like their food. Do not try to hold it because it is a violation of the law. Besides Cendrawasih Bay, there are several small islands that are no less beautiful, such as Yoop Island, Mioswaar, Roon, Rumberpon, and Nusrowi. All five offer views of the underwater world that are equally beautiful. For beginner and uncertified divers, Nusrowi Island is very suitable because the waters are relatively calmer, not too deep, and suitable for snorkeling.

You need to visit Yoop Island if you are curious about whale sharks. The waters around Yoop Island and its surroundings become a route for whale sharks and dolphins to fly. Whale sharks or Rhincodon typus can reach 15 meters in length and reach an age of more than 100 years. The size of the female Rhincodon typus is larger and when giving birth, the length of the baby ranges from 60-70cm with the number of babies reaching hundreds of tails.

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How Blogging Can Help Boost Your Business’s Growth

Starting a blog, especially the professional one for business purpose can be pretty challenging. It is because every business blog needs to be built with lots of preparation. Not to mention that blog maintenance is a lot more work. However, not many entrepreneurs or small businesses are easily bought to start a blog. And one of the reasons is because of slow result. Blogging doesn’t provide immediate result but it’s a worthwhile investment. 

The importance of blogging for modern business

Those who have small marketing budgets might think twice before starting a blog. Thin margin is also another problem many small business owners face when it comes to blogging. However, keep in mind that behind those problems there are many potential to reach from building a business blog. And here are some of the importance of blogging for your business’s growth:

Blogging drives traffic

It is one of the main reasons why blogging is so important for business. You need people to find your website in order for your business to be noticed. There are many things you can do to generate traffic to your business website such as social media share, paid ads, email marketing, etc. However, they are not enough sometimes. That’s why you need blogging because it gets your site listed in Google’ search results. And that’s how people gets to your site. You can provide your audience with informational and inspiring contents they want to see so they know where to come back when they need the information in the future. 

Blogs help you communicate with potential customers

Blog is way for you to communicate with your target customers because it is not a one-way advertising. You can communicate with them implicitly and personally. Implicitly, you can gauge what your audience are interested in by what blogs are more popular so you can use it as a guide for improvement. Personally, you can address questions and concerns your audiences have. You can communicate with them through comment section. 

Blogging opens up more opportunity for networking

Other people may get interested to work with you after seeing your blogs. It is also possible for other content creators to offer collaboration work with you to create content that is beneficial for both parties. For example, you can make collaboration with influencers where they interview you for content. They have something for content and you get more exposure to wider audiences. 

Blogging builds authority and trust

Blogging is also about building authority and trust. It is a large platform to showcase your knowledge of your niche, your products, and your industry. By being knowledgeable, you will be seen as more trustworthy by your target audience, making you a better choice. Building a blog takes time and a blog requires hardwork. However, gaining trust from your audiences will pay off all your efforts. Blogging is a worthwhile investment for your business because blogging doesn’t go away since it tends to compound over time.

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Komodo island tour: Day Trip vs Live On Board

How does it feel to be live on board in Komodo National Park? Komodo National Park, home to rare animals and the best spot for diving. Included in the 7 wonders of the world Need careful planning before starting the Komodo island tour. Starting from boats for island hopping, accommodation, transportation, diving equipment, and more. You can choose the Komodo island tour to do a day trip and live on board.

Komodo island tour day trip

As the name implies, a day trip means that you start a trip from Labuan Bajo to several places in the Komodo National Park. The spots that you will visit are limited considering the limited time. Some popular tourist spots are for if you want to do a Komodo island day trip such as Padar, Rinca, Pink beach, and Komodo Island.

You can choose the Komodo island open trip where you will join other tourists in 1 boat. Or a private trip where the boat you use is only for family or friends. If you are doing a Komodo island tour for more than 5 people, a private trip is highly recommended. Your Komodo island day trip will be more fun and private. If you go along with a partner or a solo trip, an open trip will save more on the budget.

Komodo island live on board

Have you ever thought about staying on a ship while doing a Komodo island tour? Travel packages usually vary, ranging from 3,4 or 5 days. You will go to various tourist spots and stay on the boat. Live onboard offers your Komodo island tour to be very unique. The available boats have been prepared in such a way that tourists are comfortable while on board. The price of the Komodo liveaboard certainly varies due to the different quality standards of the ship.

komodo island live on board

Komodo island

This island is the main island where the world’s largest lizards live and breed. You can get off here and see the Komodo dragons in their natural habitat. Do not try to travel alone, because you must be accompanied by a ranger who will guide you along the way.

Rinca Island

Rinca, one of the three largest islands in the Komodo National Park area. This island is also a habitat for Komodo dragons. Rinca Island has different geographical conditions from Komodo Island. Rinca Island has more savanna or dry meadows and unique for your photo background.

Several other spots such as Padar Island, Pink Beach, Taka Makassar, Kelor Island, Kalong Island, and Gili Lawa offer their own unique and amazing charms. Prepare for your Komodo island tour, whether it’s a day trip or live on board, ask for all the complete info for a comfortable, memorable and unforgettable trip.

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Ensuring Your Department Is On Track With Its Goals

It is not easy to run your own business because you are practically a leader. You have so much on your plates and feel like not have enough time to do all of them. However, it is a must to keep monitoring your team and each department to ensure they are on track with their goals. It is challenging to find the most effective ways to do so especially with how the global pandemic affected our way of work today. 

How to keep your department on track with its goals

Your business as whole has its objectives. However, it can be achieved through hardwork and teamwork. That’s why you have different departments to ensure that they all work in harmony toward your company’s objectives. Here are ways you can track your department to see if they are on track with their specific goals:

You can always use the classic strategy, SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, time-bound) goals. This is easy method you can use tot rack your department on their progress with their goals. The goals are broken down into smaller pieces which make them easier to focus on and follow through. 

You can create shared goals document so you and your department can refer to it on an ongoing basis. You can create a spreadsheet for each department with specific goals each of them has to achieve. With this kind of document, it is easier to make everyone in the department aware of the goal because everything is laid out clear in specific manner. 

Get everyone on board by putting the goals front and center for all to see clearly so everyone working in harmony to achieve them. You can try it by putting a dashboard in a very visible place where everyone can see clearly. You can also talk about the goals and discuss about the indicators on daily basis. Always encourage your team toward achieving something together. Teamwork is the key here so that’s why everyone needs to get on the same board. 

If it is impossible for you to keep monitoring all departments on your own, appoint a leader or team heads for each department. Give them the responsibility to monitor and encourage their team. Then, you can communicate with the team heads regularly to know if their department is on track with their goals. This is a win-win solution because you can still keeping up with other works while still able to track your department’s specific goals. 

Schedule regular personal meeting every week for each team if possible. Make sure that the session runs smoothly where everyone get their time to go over goals. Also, conduct a question and answer session in the meeting. By giving each team or department a chance for a regular personal meeting, you give each of them a chance to look at the details to reach their goals effectively. It also means they can reach their goals one step at a time. 

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Komodo Liveaboard Cruise To Discover The Wonderful Flores

Komodo liveaboard cruise is a popular choice for divers exploring eastern Indonesia. Cruise ships in Komodo take divers to many very special spots in Flores, Labuan Bajo, and surrounding areas. Your liveaboard journey takes you to see the Komodo dragons that were found during Dutch colonialism and taken to be researched which makes this village very popular and the center of attention of the world. Endangered animals on several islands such as the Komodo Island and Rinca island are known to be ferocious with their amazing smell when looking for their prey.

What to expect on a Komodo liveaboard cruise

The Komodo dragon is an endangered animal that is currently in the protection of the Komodo National Park. Cruise submarine trips to small islands offer a unique and memorable experience. There are attractive offers offered during the Komodo liveaboard trip.

The many muck diving sites are amazing and provide satisfying dives for macro photographers. Big fish, manta rays are also present on the Komodo liveaboard cruise journey. Several spots and planning multiple dives are the right choice for your Komodo cruise experience.

Komodo Underwater

Underwater on the island of Komodo is a diver’s dream with visibility up to 30 meters with marine life of all shapes, types, and sizes. The coral reefs in the Komodo National Park area are very well maintained and healthy. This means that Komodo waters are filled with fish that inhabit coral reefs and make for impressive safari dives.

You can also feel currents of up to 8 knots which can turn into big currents. This current is what will bring underwater life on Komodo which is filled with large animals such as manta rays and sunfish. For macro lovers, brightly colored pygmy seahorses and rainbow-colored nudibranchs can provide underwater photo satisfaction.

Komodo Dive Sites

One of the best on the Komodo liveaboard cruise trip is the number of dive spots during the trip without feeling crowded.

Manta Point in Komodo National Park offers you the opportunity to dive with manta rays that you can’t miss.

Leaning on Rinca Island offers a very impressive trip where you can see a rare animal, Komodo. The island is perfect for macro underwater photographers and discovering nudibranchs.

Tip For Komodo liveaboard cruise participants

Just a reminder, the official language is Indonesian with the Islamic religion dominating the local population. It is advisable to dress modestly during land visits, or to cover exposed body parts with a cloth.

Temperature – Find out the temperature throughout your Komodo cruise journey. Bring layers of clothing for warmth when the temperature is very cold due to the strong sea breeze.

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Transitioning Office Work Environment To Remote Work

While many businesses are starting to prepare themselves to return to work at the office, there are also some who consider the opposite. Some businesses consider permanent remote work after finding the efficiency of remote work to their business force. If it is also your plan for this year, you may have to start with the preparation. This is such a big decision. It is just as big as your preparation to return to office work. 

How to seamlessly transfer your team to work remotely

With various vaccines that are being approved, there is hope for many business to return to their office. Meanwhile, some others plan to continue with their remote work environment. However, transferring your company to remote work permanently is not something easy to deliver. Here are things to consider to do so successfully:

First thing first, it is a must to ask fro feedback and opinion from the members of the board before deicing to permanently change your business operation into remote work. Also, you need to know whether or not your employees agree to this decision. It is possible for a split to happen. Some employees may wish to stay working from while the others are craving to return to the office. Make sure that everyone is informed when the decision is made. 

Also, make sure that everyone in your company knows why you make such decision. Give them reasons why it is more beneficial for everyone to work remotely. After making sure that everyone is on the same page, you need to provide the right facilities or tools to help your team working seamlessly from home. For example, load your team with required access, software, and hardware. This way, your team can corporate network and database seamlessly. 

Create a schedule that allow workforce to flow smoothly. One of the biggest challenges of remote work is scheduling and maintaining established communication. Hence, make sure that the schedule planned contained all obligatory planning meetings be it daily, weekly, or monthly. You have to ensure that the schedule set the time for regular reporting on the progress. It may sound a lot of work but it is essential for smooth remote work. 

Remote work is possible because the advance of technology. Many modern software for business makes remote work runs easier for employees as well as business owners. Hence, it is important to provide the right tools for your employees be it for individual, collaborative, or management works. The tools should be trusted and reliable to ensure the management and communication run seamlessly. 

Anticipate possible mistakes and challenges of permanent remote work. You might have learned few things after experiencing remote work in your organization. You can identify possible mistakes and how they can affect your remote workforce. This way, you can start planning for the right solutions to prevent and deal with those possible mistakes. Technical problem can be varied from time to time during remote work. Make sure you have the solutions for them in advance instead of waiting until they happen. 

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5 Reasons to Stay in Villa Ubud

Blissful relaxation, unique art, and a rich cultural atmosphere are all part of the wonderful things to do in Ubud. Ubud is a popular art village in the center of Bali Island. The surrounding landscape is full of lush, green terraces backed by rainforests. Ubud’s lush landscape is home to some of the most beautiful accommodations in Bali. Starting from the five-star resort to a private villa. There are numerous places that offer you comfort and luxury. However, if you are looking for accommodations that provide you utmost privacy. You can consider choosing a Villa Ubud instead of a hotel. Staying at one of the best villas is an opportunity to relax while on holiday. Here are the five reasons why you need to stay in a villa for holiday.

villa ubud with a private pool and relaxing ambience

Villa Ubud has beautiful location

Most villa Ubud is designed to enhance the aesthetic beauty of the location. Moreover, your holiday villa can be located in the most beautiful part of the village. You can expect villas offering you a mesmerizing view that is set against natural backdrops of lush river valleys and green forests. Whether you are enjoying your meal outside and relaxing in your private pool. Or chilling on your hammock on your own villa, you will always find yourself stopping to take in the gorgeous views.

Fabulous Facilities

Many villas provide the perfect setting to relax and unwind on holiday. The benefit of staying in a villa is that it has various facilities to offer. Starting from the swimming pool, kitchen, and entertainment rooms. These facilities make the villa better than a hotel for your stay. Furthermore, most villas come with spacious living and dining areas. It also comes with outdoor dining areas and exquisitely manicured gardens often make for a small party. Another reason for booking a villa is that you all have enough space to spread out.

Villa Ubud for wellness retreat

Ubud has always been a place for healing. Whether you’re seeking sun, spa treatment, or yoga retreat. There’s a wellness villa in Ubud for you. Many villas offer total privacy and every comfort imaginable. Enjoy the shade of the tree, practice yoga at the poolside, and swim in the pool. Therefore, Ubud is the perfect escape from busy city life.

Culinary Experiences

Staying at a private villa gives you the opportunity to enjoy incredible food in a fine dining atmosphere. Most villas in Bali incorporate a choice of a private chef. The chef also can craft each meal to perfection according to your taste.

World class services

Most private villas hire their own hospitality staff. They are trained professionals who can take care of guest requests that you need for a luxurious stay at Ubud.

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Maintaining Company Culture Due To Business Expansion

Every entrepreneur wants their business to grow significantly well. When business start to expanding bigger and bigger, it is where more profit come. The income will steadily rise up making you feel proud of what you have come so far. However, business expansion also comes with its downfall. The bigger your business, the more people you need to handle many things. It can cause another issue within the company culture because handling that many people can be overwhelming indeed. 

Maintaining Company Culture Due To Business Expansion

Maintain company culture despite the expansion of your business

When your business id doing well, it comes with various benefits. At least, it brings in more income. However, with so many new people, your company culture is more challenged somehow. It may start to suffer sooner or later. Hence, you need to know how to maintain your company culture despite your business massive expansion. 

It is highly suggested that you align your company culture around a central theme that is more actionable. Theme that is easy to implement and recognize it will integrate into a standard practice for all the people involved in your company. It will also make new hires adapt more quickly. You can decide the theme that truly align with your vision and business’s value. 

To maintain company culture, you should not stuck with the same system. In fact, change is needed when your business is expanding positively. Change means your company is growing to the better. However, change needs to be supported with proper system. Make sure that the change of system can help maintain your company culture in the right lane. Hence, it won’t be overridden regardless of how people might come and go. Creating system after your company grows can take longer than when you did it when it’s still small. However, it is to be expected and worthy. 

Change the way you hire new recruit for your company. Instead of hiring just one person per time, why not hire in group. It helps your new hires to feel less isolated when they are in your company. Also, you conduct interview differently. Instead of interviewing a small group in a four-wall, why not doing it socially through a small coffee or lunch. However, make sure to not hire in a rush to prevent from mishire. 

It is best to keep an open mind to feedback and criticism. Constructive feedback should be welcomed for the company culture to become better and better. As mentioned, change is needed while growing. Communication lines need to be kept open to allow everyone to give their feedback on where your company needed to change. 

Appoint ambassador that can bring out the best of your company culture. There must be certain employees in your company who are good st social skills and relationships you can make allies with. They will be able to show newcomers how things work in more pleasant way. Remember that you can maintain your company culture with the help from the others your ambassadors can be the right help. 

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Bali Long Term Villas, Top Location to Stay in Bali

Bali is one of the prime destinations in the world. Its unique culture, gorgeous waterfalls, stunning beaches, and vibrant party life making it one of the island’s most visited. More and more travelers fall in love with Bali and decide to make it their second home for a much longer period of time. Many people are choosing long-term rentals in Bali, often renting a villa or house for several months at a time. With a huge range of property in Bali, owning or renting a private villa in Bali offers a more personal and luxurious experience compared to other accommodations. Whether you’re planning to work or retire on this stunning island, it makes sense to look for Bali Long Term Villas.

Bali Long Term Villas, Top Location to Stay in Bali

Top location for Bali long term villas 

Deciding where to rent in Bali can be easy if you know where you want to stay. Everyone’s opinion on the best place to live in Bali will be different. For some, being close to one of Bali’s stunning beaches will make the island life complete. For others may prefer to stay in a peaceful area of the island. Some people also love to live in the thick of the nightlife scene. Make sure you have a good idea of which part of Bali will suit your best. Bali has everything for everyone, there will be someplace to suit everyone’s tastes. Here’s a quick guide to Bali’s top location.

Ubud is a great place for exploring the delights of central Bali. This area is well known for the culture, art, and stunning rice field. If your dream is to live in Bali long term villas surrounded by rice fields, then Ubud is for you.

Kutais the center of Bali’s nightlife, with no shortage of bars and nightclubs. It also has a huge variety of coworking spaces, restaurants, and shopping centers. If you are a party animal, then you can look for Bali long term villas among this area

Canggu is a good choice for someone who wants to stay in a beach area with decent hipster cafes and restaurants. This place is a big hub for expats, backpackers, and surfer holidaymakers. Those looking for a quieter beach escape, but with easy access to fancy cafes should stay at Canggu. 

Seminyak is one of the most popular choices for travelers to stay in Bali. With bustling streets lined with a fancy restaurant, boutiques, and some of the best nightlife on the island, it’s the perfect spot to rent a property long term. 

Jimbaran and Nusa Dua  have a slightly calm atmosphere compared to Kuta. If you’re looking for a spot in Bali away from crowded party towns, these places are the place for you.

Tips for long term rental in Bali

If you’re interested in a long-term rental in Bali, it’s advisable to find one through a trusted agent. The property agent will help you during the whole process of purchasing the property. Start from the research, the visits, the negotiations, until the signing of the papers in front of a notary.