Safest countries for solo female travel

Are you a girl who love traveling alone? If you like to play around including to the different countries, these are my top 7 safest recommended countries that you can visit when spending your holiday alone as a solo female traveler.

1. Singapore

In addition to having a small area of the country, but Singapore became one tourist destination with a very high level of security. In a way, criminals experienced by travelers here are very rare.

2. Nepal

As a country and the owner of the peaks of Mount Himalaya, who would have thought that Nepal is also has a high level of hospitality to tourists. Nepalese people are also famous for helping and knowing how to speak in English so that communication become much more easier. So, if you’re a girl who wants to use guidance services for city tours or hiking, Nepal is one of the recommended among other countries even though the country’s economic condition can be said as unstable.

3. New Zealand

New Zealand is one of the haven for nature adventurers. Including you who want to travel alone. If you are also a fan of The Lord of The Rings movie, it’s not a new thing if you know much about this country. In fact, there are also many available lodging which are specially to provided for the solo female traveler here. So what are you waiting for, when will you be there?

4. Japan

The country of Samurai and Doraemon became the greatest achievements in the world of animation’s industry. As a developed country, does not means that Japan has a higher crime rate that could become threat for the solo female traveler as in other developed countries. The culture in respecting each other in Japan is quiet strong. One of the levels of security to watch out for is how much you are bringing in your own wallet since the given prices are quite expensive. Though, surely all places can be tricked when talking about the cost of travel, transportation, accommodation, eating and drinking and so forth.

5. Iceland

It is a country with such beauty in a fairy tale since the aurora in the sky and also the glaciers can be found easily. Iceland also became as the country with the lowest crime rate in the world according to Global Peace Index. So if you are a girl and want to traveling alone here in Iceland, you do not have to worry too much since it is one of the safest country on earth.

6. Finland

A country that famous for its Aurora Borealis. Also as one of the highest prosperity country in the world, so surely security in this part of Europe must be no doubt. At least, a really friendly place for the girls who are traveling alone.

7. Indonesia

Indonesia has becoming one of the top destination among other countries in the world. As an archipelagic country, Indonesia is blessed with a various of islands with amazing potential in beauty. And the best part are; the prices are cheap and also uphold the eastern culture that puts the security and comfort of guests from anywhere in the first place. Meaning that you are and will totally safe in here.

Well, how are those lists? Are you interested enough on spending your holiday in one or more of the above countries alone without having to worry about the level of security? Feel free to plan your next vacation now.

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