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Less Recommended Places to Visit for This Year

There are travel destination which will be ready to welcome you and your thirst of having great vacation. However, there are also less recommended places to visit this year for your travel plan. Those are usually places which are too crowded to visit or too eerie. There is nothing like forbidden places but it is best to visit a place that will make your travelling more memorable and impressive. Besides, your goal to travel is to release some stress as well as get recharged so you will be ready to be back to your old duties at work or school.

Less recommended places for your next travel plan

The word ‘less recommended’ is not supposed to discourage your desire to travel. You just need to know that there is something called tourism backlash. As the result of that, some travel destinations finally have had enough of foreign visitors flocking their streets. It can lead to ecosystem disturbance. Thus, there is nothing to lose if you become a thoughtful traveler to plan your next travel destination. Here are some places you might think twice before visiting:

  • Barcelona, Spain is always on top of the list of most popular travel destination. However, the tourists visiting this place have become uncontrollable. This raises anger from the locals who protest about flooding tourists. For alternative, you can go to Valencia and enjoy the place instead of adding the stress to the local by wandering around Barcelona.
  • Venice, Italy is one of less recommended places to visit this year. The number of people who are interested to visit this place keeps increasing each year. Cruising ships and tourists flooding the streets has caused anger from Venetians. That mass tourism is quite common in this place which cause the local grow angry. For alternative, you choose Annecy in France instead. It also has some canals to explore as well as stunning lake and mesmerizing architecture just like what Venice has minus mass crowd.
  • Santorini, Greece is one of the most popular travel destinations. The tourists always flooding the streets which make the experience of travelling this place is less exciting. What is the point of enjoying the travel destination when all you can enjoy is being pushed in the crowd? For alternative, you can go enjoying your vacation in Naxos which is still in the same group of islands as Santorini but less crowded and more peaceful.
  • Taj Mahal, India is one of the wonders in the world which has attracted many tourists all around the world. International visitors flood this place each year which makes this place too crowded to visit. For alternative, you can go visiting The Humayan Tomb in Delhi instead.
  • Machu Picchu, Peru is also one of less recommended places to visit for your next travel plan. Foreign travelers keep visiting this place because of the amazing beauty. For alternative, you can visit Colombia since it is a home to The Lost City as well but less crowded unlike Machu Picchu.
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Don’t Take Quickie Bali Scuba Diving Courses

There are many offers of Bali scuba diving courses from dive centers at low prices. Don’t try to take it! Diving is a dangerous water activity. Especially if you do not have a certificate, the stakes are life. Certain dive centers offer quick training to get certificates. Imagine how you dive with very short training.

Choose It Right And Do It Properly

Diving skills cannot be obtained in a short time. Need to train skills in diving basics well and properly. If a professional just needs a lot of practice to become more expert, a beginner needs more time than it should.

Quickie promo Bali scuba diving courses best deal is very interesting indeed. The target is those who want to learn to dive with time constraints. In fact, diving requires unlimited time. The more you study and dive, the more you experience.

Bali scuba diving courses take 4-5 days. Make sure you provide 7 days for a diving holiday. Do not fly 24 hours before and after diving. This is mandatory for safety! The risk is disability or death.

Diving is an extreme activity if it’s not done properly. For that reason, never be tempted by an express training promo to become a diving expert. You must take Bali scuba diving courses for each stage of the certificate level. The higher your diving experience, the more opportunities to become professional divers.

Some experiences that take dive training complain about the lack of attention from dive instructors. Dive centers on average have professional and experienced dive instructors. But the fact is that there are not many dive centers or instructors who know how to serve divers well. Instructors are paid to guide divers in training or diving. But they complain that instructor divers from certain dive centers care about their divers.

Especially potential divers, who do not know the world of a diving well must be careful. When your first experience is not impressive, it allows the spirit of diving to disappear. A successful diving training is where divers are able to practice skills properly and correctly. Able to do the first dive well. Bali scuba diving courses are your first step to doing unknown underwater exploration.

Diving is a pleasure. You can enjoy the scenery that no one can do. Fear is something that must be opposed if you want to be a professional diver. Diving is not just a hobby but also a dream career path. For that, look for Bali scuba diving courses from the best and professional dive centers.

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How to Overcome Culture Shock while Travelling Abroad

Travelling overseas must be exciting especially when it is your first time. However, you must also be ready to deal with culture shock while travelling abroad. Culture shock is a situation when you feel disoriented due to facing new culture in new place you visit. When you are subjected to unfamiliar culture, it is normal to experience culture shock. In fact, lots of people who study abroad experience this situation. However, it is something that can be dealt. Therefore, you just need to know what to do in order to give yourself time to adjust and don’t offend the local due to your culture shock.

Tips to overcome culture shock while travelling abroad

Visiting new places in new country can be overwhelming especially for the first-timers. It is worse when you travel alone. You will mostly feel lonely and afraid to face many new things. However, it will get better in times. You will not suffer from culture shock anymore once you have adapted to the new environment. In order to deal with your culture shock, here are some tips for you:

  • Prepare yourself by being an open-minded person even before you set off to your destination. If you are closed-off from the beginning, it will be harder for you to adjust. Instead of being standoffish, it is better to embrace the differences. Do not think differences as bad things. Throw away your judgmental state and be more understanding to the differences appears in the new place you arrive in.
  • Another way to overcome culture shock while travelling abroad is to be eager to learn. Instead of judging new cultures, you can learn to understand more about them. Surely there must be something you can learn so you can grow even more. Learning and understanding cultural difference will help you to see the world in new point of view. You will also be able to build your true self through some discoveries you find during your travel.
  • Familiarize yourself to the new cultures. The more you eager to learn new culture, the easier you overcome culture shock. To familiarize yourself, it is recommended that you eat at local dine and interact with the local. Do not hesitate to ask about everything around. Local cuisine is the best excuse for you to get close to the local.
  • Try to learn the local language. You can learn some short phrases you can use when you interact with the locals. You can learn the most basic greetings. Surely the local will appreciate your eagerness to know more about them. You don’t have to be fluent and just make sure to catch simple phrases which are easy to say.
  • Remind yourself a reason as to why you visit the country at the first place. By remembering your reason, you will focus on achieving your goal and overcome culture shock while travelling abroad at the same time. Remind yourself that new experience like this is priceless and it will be a waste if you cannot enjoy your time during your travel.
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Recommended Seminyak Bars To Enjoy The Sunset

Bali not only offers the charm of natural beauty and underwater. There are many other happening activities that attract tourists. Bali has now been filled with every type of bar, but only some of Bali’s best bars. What theme bar do you want to visit? Luxury, romantic, outdoor, or unique and creepy? Some Bali bars provide superb breakfast, lunch, or dining options.

seminyak bars frontbeach

Among the choices of bars spread across Bali, Seminyak bars are the best for relaxing. Seminyak can’t just be said to be the best, but it’s perfect. Rows of luxury bars of international standard are not only able to spoil you. There are many other built facilities such as a row of shops selling Balinese souvenirs. Taking the best side of the best Seminyak bars, you can enjoy the sunset.

Seminyak is a trendy and cool Bali bar mecca. Seminyak bars look more elegant than the Kuta area. You will find the chaos of bars in Kuta. If you go to the bar in Seminyak and then visit the Kuta area, you will know the difference. You will know which the best bar in Bali.

Relaxing in Seminyak bars will be fun. When night falls you will see a crowd of tourists or expats at the bar with a noisy atmosphere. Some Australians even gather in one of the Seminyak bars and enjoy the night. when the league season arrives, many of Seminyak’s best bars show live broadcasts.

Bali as one of the sunset destinations, Bali bar offers you the best location to enjoy the sunset. Ku De Ta, Sea Vu Play, Potato Head, and many more Seminyak bars that not only create a comfortable atmosphere for visitors. Recommended several bars in Seminyak which can be the best hangout for you.

Great Vibrate, Good Location in Perfect Location

La Planca can be an option to enjoy the sunset. You can sit and relax on a beanbag. Choose the best place and sit on a bean bag casually when the sunset is perfect. Nothing can beat the comfort of enjoying the sunset at Lap Planca.

Sea Vu Play, outdoor Seminyak bars are perfect for you to enjoy breakfast or dinner. And even, they can make you a little hot with a blend of professional bartenders. Outdoor and indoor are available for visitors. A comfortable atmosphere is one of the reasons why Sea Vu Play can be your favorite bars choice.

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Travel tips to Raja Ampat You Need to Know

Raja Ampat is one of the secret paradises in Indonesia, a country full of natural beauty and exotic vibes. Indonesia is a home to many exotic islands. Raja Ampat is one of them and none can argue about its beauty. However, you may need thorough travel tips to Raja Ampat before booking your flight to go there. The impression of Raja Ampat is the raw and pureness of beauty. No wonder why people start calling this island as paradise because it looks like to be. Biodiversity you will find in this island is beyond your expectation. The word beauty can’t even justice Raja Ampat.

Travel tips to Raja Ampat You Need to Know

Travel tips to raja Ampat for first traveler


It is not only the water area that attracts lots of traveler to come to Raja Ampat. The people who live in this islands are equally amazing to the landscape itself. They are kind and always offer friendly smile even to foreign visitors. There is no trace of being dispute given living in remote area. They look happy and welcoming.


  • Get to Raja Ampat from Jakarta for easiest access. Then you can continue taking a flight to Makassar. Then, you can go to Sorong, Papua. From there, you can take a taxi (yes, taxi is available).  You go to the harbor and take Bahari Express ferry to get to Waisai. Then, you will take taxi boat and find your accommodation to stay during your trip in Raja Ampat. The journey from Jakarta International Airport to Raja Ampat takes about seven to eight times.
  • Prepare your body to enjoy the most exciting activities during your time in Raja Ampat. You cannot miss snorkeling and diving. They are said to be one of the best in the world. You will be the one to witness 1,400 fish and reef species underwater. The water is amazingly clear so you won’t meet trouble with your vision during your exploration underwater.
  • Next travel tips to Raja Ampat is to witness the magnificent landscape during sunset. This is one of the most sought moments by visitors. The colors given by the sun when it sinks further down gives the most peaceful moment to enjoy.
  • Next thing you shouldn’t miss during your stay in Raja Ampat is to get to know with the local. The people are friendly. They even often greet visitors by ceremonial dancing carried by the kids. This small paradise is a home to 200 residents. There are schools, church and every facilities needs for humble living. And it looks so domestically beautiful to witness.
  • The highlight of your trip to Raja Ampat should be spent in Piaynemo. The view is beautifully scenic. The clear blue sky along with sparkling waters is the best charm. You can explore this are by kayaking providing by your hotel. You can rent kayak and explore the water to the fullest. Make sure you enjoy your time to the finest. Travel tips to Raja Ampat will help you set your plan of what you expect from this mesmerizing destination.


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Six Things To Do to Rock Your Labuan Bajo Trip

Do you love being spoilt by nature in a wild territory? Then, Labuan Bajo trip should be on your next holiday list. It’s one of the last paradise in earth that’s still so pure and away from hustle and bustle. Labuan Bajo is actually a small port town in Flores, Eastern Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia. The trip, however, extends from Flores and beyond, across the Komodo National Park. The last islands in the world where ancient Komodo Dragon resides.

Six Things To Do to Rock Your Labuan Bajo Trip

First, you need to plan your Labuan Bajo Trip itinerary. Most travelers go by 3D2N trip, but you are more than welcome to extend your journey. With such limited time, you have too many gorgeous places to visit. Komodo, Padar, Rinca, and Kanawa are just to name a few. During your journey, these kick-ass things to do will surely make your holiday last forever.


1. Take a Petting Selfie with the Dragon

Of course, the Komodo dragons are the main spotlight of this journey. Seeing this ancient creature dragging their heavy body across the dry land is something you can’t see every day. These prehistoric lizards boast danger from every inch of its scaly skin. Watching the long claws, dripping saliva, and the poisonous bites that can come anytime form their strong jaws, it’s only logical to take a petting snap with the dragon. Let’s show the world your bravery to tame this largest lizard on earth. Or why not, let’s show how you sit on top of the dragon itself.

Behold, travelers. The actual ‘petting’ happened two meters behind the dragon. You can ask your rangers to help you pose and take the picture. They are actually an expert on this! You can show everyone that you pet the dragon in Labuan Bajo trip and made it back with complete limbs.


2. Jump off From the Liveaboard

Most of the time on your Labuan Bajo trip is spent in the liveaboard, so why don’t we make it fun? With all blue green waters all around you, nobody can resist the temptation to jump right away. Apparently, jumping off from the board is a must thing to do during Labuan Bajo trip. Don’t forget your sunscreen before taking the dip!


3. Stargazing in the Liveaboard

Once the sun sets, the islands and the sea fall into a deep sleep under the darkness. Go to the ship deck and lie comfortably, it’s time to loop up. The velvet blue sky is brimming with hundreds of constellations. Million of stars twinkling brightly. You are completely isolated in the middle of endless sea and sky. Without civilisation around, there’s no light pollution to disturb you. you can even see the milky way with your naked eyes. Stargazing is one of that thing in Labuan Bajo trip that you need to find by yourself. It’s available all the time, but will you find time to do it?


4. Float in Taka Makassar

Yes, everybody know about the famous Manta Point, but does anyone know about Taka Makassar? Lies right next to Manta Point is Taka Makassar, a hidden haven to spoil your Labuan Bajo trip. An atoll with very pristine sandbar ,Taka Makassar offers alluring relaxation. You can spend the whole afternoon hosting private beach lunch in the tiny island, or swim in the shallow water. So shallow that you can sit in the water or lie afloat. The gradation of color will make your jaw drop. It’s the combination of white, clear blu, turquoise, and green.

Go take your drone and stylish floaters. It’s time for some gorgeous aerial photo that will make everyone gasp with awe.


5. Let Your Breath Taken Away by Padar Island Aeral View

Padar is, definitely, a super must-do on Labuan Bajo trip. Hike the hills and reach the top. Nothing can beat the majestic aerial view of the whole Komodo landscape form Padar hilltop. You will be rewarded by the exotic curves of the three beaches and the surrounding islands. Tumultuous hills and endless sea spread from every direction. The view is almost surreal.


6. Get the Best Grilled Fish in Fish Market

End your Labuan Bajo trip with freshly grilled fishes in the port town. Growing from a fisherman village, labuan Bajo is famous for its seafood cuisine. And they are finger-licking good! Head to the fish market where the fishes are still fresh. Ask them to cook your food—grilled or fried. There are plenty of selection along the market while you are strolling with greed. Don’t forget to sanitise your hands!

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How to Stay In Shape during Food Travel

Food travelling is exciting because it is not only the moment when you can enjoy some attractions but also the original of local cuisines. However, being a loyal foodie brings another problem. While you are enjoying your journey, you might end up struggling to stay in shape during food travel. This is the risk for doing such a trip. When regular trip focuses more on museum, building, cultures, or art, food travel focuses more don’t he delicacy which can ruin your body especially your fitness and shape. Without proper care, you might end up gaining some pounds when the trip is over. This makes your work out routines harder later.

Tips to stay in shape during food travel

Inhaling your favorite foods during travel is a must. However, it is different when you are indeed having food travel. All your attention goes to foods almost all the time. However, you cannot let your health in risk just because you appreciate the local foods at your destination. So here are some tips how to stay in shape while food travelling:

  • While food travelling, it is highly recommended that you are still active. It is a must to do your workout routine even for the small one. Stay active during travel is not that hard to do. You can set your own small routine such as walking instead of taking a cab. Or, you can also exercising the moment you wake up in the morning doing some pushups or sit ups. This small routine will keep your metabolism to function properly even your day is full of enjoying foods.
  • Even if you enjoy certain kinds of foods, make sure you eat in balance. It means you need to be conscious of what you are going to eat. If the local cuisine is full of meat, you can balance it by ordering for veggies. This will help your body to stay in shape during food travel. Make sure that you know what you eat during your food travel. Don’t hesitate to ask the local about the foods and ingredients so you know what to do to balance it out.
  • You need to drink mineral water properly. Mineral water is the best drink your body deserve to get while food travelling. Make sure you always carry mineral water bottle. By drinking mineral water, you balance the metabolism of your body. It can also help you to digest the food better.
  • Instead of choosing junk foods, it is much better to choose foods made of fresh ingredients. Every destination must have their distinct cuisines to indulge every tourist. Thus, the choice is yours. If you prefer local junk foods, at least you need to remember to balance it out.

It is highly recommended to get enough sleep if you want to stay in shape during food travel. Sleep-deprived state will only make your body crave for foods more and more during the day, which is not good because your metabolism will be ruined.

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Bali Freehold Property For Sale, Investing In Indonesia Real Estate

Bali is a tourist destination that attracts the world’s attention. Not only the world’s most popular and best tourist destinations but also profitable investment land. Don’t surprise if domestic and foreign investors compete. Property in Bali has a high selling value, especially in several areas such as Canggu, Kuta, Oberoi and other Seminyak areas.

Owning A Piece Of Heaven

If you are the resident of Indonesia, then you need to be grateful that you can have property in Bali completely. Freehold! The definition of freehold is the strongest and most complete that to obtain. Freehold is certainly related to real estate or property. Property or freehold matters can only be owned by citizens. So it is impossible for foreign individuals to own land or property.

Under Indonesian law, ownership is a right to decline and is entirely private. There are many Bali freehold properties for sale in various areas and various prices. Although the provisions of the law do not allow foreign parties to own property, there are many ways to break them.

Using the name of a local resident is a way that many foreign investors do to get Bali freehold property for sale. Other roads that foreign investors can do are leasehold within a certain period. For businesses, leasehold will vary. In Bali, the longest lease period is 25-30 years. After the rental period ends, foreign parties can negotiate with the property owner.

For local colors, this is a profitable investment. You can freely search Bali freehold property for sale and get profits. Either you sell it again or rent it to foreigners or local people. This is a very profitable long-term investment. You can get a return profit in a fast period.

There are many brokers who seek profits by searching for Bali freehold property for sale and selling it to foreigners. They use many ways to make a profit, even though it is an illegal method. When a problem occurs, property voters will indirectly be involved in it.

Bali property for sale is very tempting, especially for investors. But foreigners need to know the provisions that apply in Indonesia. Freehold property is only allowed for citizens. As for foreigners, they can search for leasehold. Whether it is freehold or leasehold if managed properly, the results will be maximal.

When it comes to the desire for investment, the Bali freehold property for sale is the best. Make sure if you are looking for property from the actual agent or owner. To prevent fraud from rogue brokers. Pay attention to all the problems related to permits, and letters from the property to be sold so that it will not be problematic later. Owning property in the best destinations in the world is a dream. To achieve your dream, get Bali freehold for sale or leasehold make sure you follow the rules and regulations in Indonesia.

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Avoid These Honeymoon Travel Common Mistakes

Honeymoon is the moment when you and your partner are at the peak of your life after wedding. Your post-wedding getaway is supposed to be the best moment you need to cherish as a reminder for your marriage. However, it is also often to experience honeymoon travel common mistakes during the time. Lots of couples make mistake during their honeymoon which can ruin the moment. However, those mistakes can be avoided as long as you know what those are and how to get the best solution.

Honeymoon travel common mistakes you should avoid

Regardless of the reason, travelling can be exhausting. It is common to suffer from travel fatigue or mood swing. However, honeymoon travel is the time to relieve all the stress after you experienced so much hassle for your wedding. Here are common mistakes often happen during honeymoon that you can intelligently avoid:

  • Leave in hurry right after the wedding ceremony is not a wise thing to do. You have suffered from wedding preparation and ceremony. It must take a toll on your body. Hence, it is better to get proper rest before leaving for honeymoon travel. If you force your body to immediately take off to your honeymoon destination, your body won’t keep up. It can trigger travel fatigue and stress you even more. Take a proper rest at least 3 – days after wedding ceremony before leaving for honeymoon travel.
  • Not planning the honeymoon thoroughly is also one of honeymoon travel common mistakes. Just like any other travel, honeymoon travel also needs to be prepared well. You need to book everything in advance if you don’t want to get involved in unnecessary hassles. Make sure you plan everything beforehand such as booking, setting budget, researching the place, etc.
  • Planning too many activities is not a good idea for honeymoon travel. Instead of planning too many activities, it is better to plan few meaningful activities. Quality time is what you are seeking for from honeymoon travel. Thus, the quantity of activities is not a priority you should pay attention to. Just make sure you choose meaningful activities which can tighten the bond between you and your partner.
  • Packing too many things in last minutes is a big mistake you should avoid. It is highly recommended to only pack necessary things in your luggage. Light and simple luggage is what you will be thanking for later during your honeymoon travel. In addition, make sure that you pack everything before your wedding. Thus, you don’t have to pack in a rush or in last minutes.
  • Too lazy to experience new things is one of honeymoon travel common mistakes. It is understandable that you want to enjoy your time with your partner to the fullest. However, it doesn’t mean you hole up all day long in a hotel room. Remember that you pay for your honeymoon package and you’re supposed to enjoy it to the fullest. Go and explore new thing with your partner to create new memorable memory to cherish in the future.
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Multifunction Therapy And Ergonomic Bean Bags For Kids

Cultivating children’s responsibility early on is appropriate. A person’s character when children are easy to form. This will shape the character of a person to mature and old. Forming a child’s character is from the age of 2-3 years. Some light activities that can shape their characters such as throwing food wrap into the trash. Clean up their food or drink spills. Or learn to tidy up their toys.

Bean Bags For Kids

Choose The Best For Your Lovely Kids

The children’s room is well designed comfortably. Also adapted to their character. Furniture is an important factor to be placed in a child’s room. Not only as a compliment or decoration but also good when they sit for long. Bean bags for kids, modern, innovative and multi-functional furniture. They are designed for children’s comfort.

When the development of technology is accelerating, children cannot be separated from electronic goods. Traditional games are no longer attractive to them. When children have excessive activity, such as sitting for a long time, allowing their bone growth is not optimal. Children also suffer from obesity or obesity. In fact, many children, especially in this modern era lack vitamin D.

This is the good of kids bean bags. Because they are light, children can move them everywhere. Bringing children outside the room is right. Educating them to bring kids bean bags will be useful to shape them as responsible in the future. If you have a private swimming pool at home, it’s good to invite the children to sunbathe to be exposed to the sun. This will be very good for their health. Another advantage is that your interaction with children will be closer.

Bean bags for kids are designed and marketed in various sizes, shapes, and colors. This makes it easy for you to choose and adjust it to their room. Color selection also shapes children’s character. You should consult with a psychologist about the nature of the child and the right color for them.

In fact, children spend more time in the room. For that, it’s good to provide furniture products that are comfortable and healthy. Bean bags for kids are furniture designed to suit ergonomics, and also as bone therapy. Kids bean bags are highly recommended by bone doctors for children. Fatal errors in children’s bones can be fatal later on.

Another fact is that bean bags for kids are the best therapy for children with autism. Autistic children need deep pressure therapy. The point is to put pressure on the child’s body in order to stimulate the nervous system and give a calming feeling. Bean bags for kids also function for weight-bearing therapy to train arm or leg muscles.