Tips when traveling alone to another country

Traveling alone surely a fun thing to do for yourself and yourself alone. At least you don’t need to be constrained by the schedule and also the willingness of other colleagues since you are free to do anything, alone. Traveling alone can also improve your skills in associating with new people or totally the strangers to know more how capable you are in socializing. And to help your solo traveling activities that hopefully goes safe and comfortable, you should pay attention to some tips that I have listed below that can be applied in any places or countries.

Hare are those!

1. Know where to stay

I mean, having knowledge of the location of the hotel or villa is also very important, especially does the location is safe? or even does the location become the place of various crimes in the city? The easiest thing to find out is doing some online research for that location. So also with the Hotel where you will stay, you can always take advantages of the reviews from previous customers to help you determine the right accommodation when traveling.

2. Transportation

To be able to go around while traveling, surely you won’t walk alone forever, right?! Even on many occasions, you will most likely be using a rentable vehicle or a public’s transportation. So, while you are still at home, you should also make a plan about the destinations you want to be visited and also what type of transportations you will be used. This will also be really related to the expenses that you will spending while in traveling.

3. Plan for budgeting as detailed as possible

Do not compromise! This time you should be as detailed as possible in planning from the beginning before departure until later for your return. If necessary, make a check-list of all activities, luggages and anything related to traveling that you will be doing alone.

4. Save important numbers

Not just friends or families that their numbers need to be remembered. If necessary, while researching the destinations you’ll be visited, find and store important numbers such as the local police and also a hospital. This is simply just a step in anticipation of the unexpected things that can be experienced by anyone.

5. Bring the important stuffs and keep it as light as possible

Since you are traveling alone, you might will not ask for help from people you just met and know, freely. When visiting the tourist destination, try not to bring all the luggage but it will be enough if only you’ll take the necessary ones. The more lighter what you are bringing on your shoulder, then you can also flexibly to move between some destinations or places.

6. Try to buy a flight that will arrive in the morning or daylight

This one seems very clear. If arriving when the day is getting dark (afternoon or evening), to get to the location of your hotel can be a hassle. Moreover, if not listed in various map applications that can be utilized in your phone. But if you must arrive at night, avoid not receiving unofficial transport offers. Usually marked in the absence of a special uniform of the drivers.

7. Install map apps that work offline

It is good start to install an app such as maps which of course can be used offline without having to connect to the internet. Likewise with other supporting applications that you think will help ease your traveling, save time and also getting more lower cost.

8. Scan all important documents

Visa, passport, ID’s to the credit card and so on, it’s good you scan them all first and keep them online in your online’s account that you believe have a high level of security. This is to anticipate if one day the documents will be lost for any reasons. You can also copying the documents in preparation for storage in a purse or wallet.

9. Separate your cash with debit or credit cards

Separating and storing the sources of your money can be done using different containers. For example you will store cash in your wallet, while the credit card is in a small bag that you will usually always take to anywhere when traveling. This is to help that if one is missing, then there is still a backup one that you can use without worrying too much.

When you are traveling alone and use some tips above, I hope you will always meet the good people in this world. But what you still need to remember is, you can only rely on yourself. Keep safe and have a good time for yourself.

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