There are travel destination which will be ready to welcome you and your thirst of having great vacation. However, there are also less recommended places to visit this year for your travel plan. Those are usually places which are too crowded to visit or too eerie. There is nothing like forbidden places but it is best to visit a place that will make your travelling more memorable and impressive. Besides, your goal to travel is to release some stress as well as get recharged so you will be ready to be back to your old duties at work or school.

Less recommended places for your next travel plan

The word ‘less recommended’ is not supposed to discourage your desire to travel. You just need to know that there is something called tourism backlash. As the result of that, some travel destinations finally have had enough of foreign visitors flocking their streets. It can lead to ecosystem disturbance. Thus, there is nothing to lose if you become a thoughtful traveler to plan your next travel destination. Here are some places you might think twice before visiting:

  • Barcelona, Spain is always on top of the list of most popular travel destination. However, the tourists visiting this place have become uncontrollable. This raises anger from the locals who protest about flooding tourists. For alternative, you can go to Valencia and enjoy the place instead of adding the stress to the local by wandering around Barcelona.
  • Venice, Italy is one of less recommended places to visit this year. The number of people who are interested to visit this place keeps increasing each year. Cruising ships and tourists flooding the streets has caused anger from Venetians. That mass tourism is quite common in this place which cause the local grow angry. For alternative, you choose Annecy in France instead. It also has some canals to explore as well as stunning lake and mesmerizing architecture just like what Venice has minus mass crowd.
  • Santorini, Greece is one of the most popular travel destinations. The tourists always flooding the streets which make the experience of travelling this place is less exciting. What is the point of enjoying the travel destination when all you can enjoy is being pushed in the crowd? For alternative, you can go enjoying your vacation in Naxos which is still in the same group of islands as Santorini but less crowded and more peaceful.
  • Taj Mahal, India is one of the wonders in the world which has attracted many tourists all around the world. International visitors flood this place each year which makes this place too crowded to visit. For alternative, you can go visiting The Humayan Tomb in Delhi instead.
  • Machu Picchu, Peru is also one of less recommended places to visit for your next travel plan. Foreign travelers keep visiting this place because of the amazing beauty. For alternative, you can visit Colombia since it is a home to The Lost City as well but less crowded unlike Machu Picchu.
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