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The Ideal Dive Trips Bali To Explore Unlimited Underwater

Bali is famous for its stunning temples. This is the reason why Bali is called the island of a thousand temples. You will find thousands of famous temples in Bali. Know how the customs and ceremonies in the famous temples like Besakih Temple. In fact, Bali is not only famous for its temples but many other things that make it more global. Spot diving with thousands of rare species and beautiful coral is one of the most popular of Bali.

Not a few local tourists and foreign tourists who deliberately visited to dive. When you hear that you can walk under the sea, then in Bali is the place. The popularity of Bali’s underwater scenery has become an icon.

Do’s and Dont’s when diving trips


Choose a dive center that has experienced and professional instructors, and this is an important factor. Why? Diving can be regarded as a dangerous activity. Weather conditions and sea climate cannot be predicted so you need a professional companion who knows the location of the dive well.

Do everything the diver instructor instructs them to do if they want to help you when something goes wrong.

Do and prepare your health before diving. It is advisable not to drink alcoholic beverages or check your health to the nearest hospital.


Do not choose a dive center and be tempted by diving package deals based on cheap prices. Safety and security while diving is something that cannot be appreciated just by a cheap dive trips price.

Do not leave your instructor or group too far away. Underwater scenery Bali may be dazzling and make you forget when you have left the group or instructor.

Do not make the flight 24 hours before and after the dives. It will result in death! Why? You can experience a decompression disease that causes a person to be paralyzed and the worst of which is death. Arrange the schedule or inform the dive center to arrange Bali dive trips schedule adjusted to your flight arrival and departure schedule.

You can get lots of dive trips Bali packages for everyone regardless of age. The requirement is, you are certified. For those who do not have a diving certificate, then you must conduct training and follow the stages.

The best offer of dive trips Bali from Dune Atlantis is offered in 3 different types of dives such as daily diving, dive safaris, and aurora live board. For daily dive trips, you can choose several dive sites such as Tulamben, Nusa Dua, Padang Bai, Amed, Gilis, Menjangan or Sanur. like Bali safaris, available 3 choices that are, mini, customized, and scheduled safaris.

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How to Stay Fun in Group Travelling?

Some people prefer to do solo travelling instead of group travelling. They think it’s quite troublesome to be involved with many people in a dream travel. However, travelling with a group of friend can be fun as well. You will be able to share your happiness and precious moment with people you care about. Besides, you have people to help you out when you get into a trouble while travelling. You have their back to support you when you are feeling exhausted and cheer you up when you disappoint with the journey as it turn out to be as fun as you expected before.

Friends on adventure

Group travelling causes more fun than hassles

Those who think travelling with bunch of friends causing much hassle and more expenses must experience to do it at least one. Travelling in group is everything but high cost and much hassle. You can have fun while travelling in group though. In fact, you will together make some unforgettable memories. So here are some tips for you to travel in groups with less hassle and much fun:

  • First of all, you need to make thorough preparation like booking hotel room, set the budget for foods and drinks, and decide the places to visit, and sort out expense share fairly. If the member in your travel plan are more than 15 then you may need more time in preparation to avoid any hassle in the future. Start planning at least a week before your departure.
  • You need to decide what kind of transportation you will take for your group travelling. If the distance of your destination is not that far, you can rent a bus. It’s more private instead of taking train or planes. Travelling with your group of friends sometime makes you lose your composure and end up disturbing other passengers. Thus, renting a bus is convenient way to carry all the member of your travel.
  • Create your own fun in group travelling since the beginning by ordering thematic t-shirts or accessories. You can order personalized t-shirt, hats, accessories, etc. to tighten the bond in the group. This will also help if one of your friends get lost in the crowd so you can recognize them easier.
  • Don’t throw a selfish feat while you are in group of travelling. Arguments and misunderstanding happen when it involves many heads to share opinion and stuffs. However, you need to push aside your ego a little in this moment. Be flexible and open-minded so the fun within the group won’t be easily ruined.
  • Choose group activities to strengthen your bound within the group. Have some fun together and cheer each other up. This will help to reduce fatigue and exhaustion which can occur anytime.

The benefit of traveling in a group is you can get a group discount such as for the flight tickets, market, artisan shops, etc. That’s why you don’t underestimate the fun you can get from group travelling. The hassle cannot be compared to the happiness you gain.


Differences Between Bali Local Market And Sunday Market Bali

\Market? Who does not know him? The market is important because everyone can get all the hoarseness there. For some, a market is a public place that is visited every day. For tourists, the traditional market is one of the interesting tourist destinations that must be visited. Bali local market is one of the places visited by local or foreign tourists.

There are many Bali markets that can be visited by tourists such as Ubud art market, Sukowati art market, Badung market and others. Each Bali local market sells many interesting items ranging from souvenirs, vegetables, Balinese food to paintings. You will only spend a small budget to shop for souvenirs from the local Bali market rather than buying in a branded souvenir shop.

Which One is Better?

Uniquely, Bali local market is not the only attractive destination. Bali Sunday market is very popular among tourists. Bali Seminyak markets are one of the famous, not only foreign tourists but also for local tourists. If the traditional market you can visit every day, then Sunday market only open at weekend, as the name Sunday market.

If the traditional market sellers are managed by Bali local people, then the Sunday market is run by many expats who invite many local vendors to occupy kiosks and enliven the event every week. Most Sunday market is in an area easily visited by tourists like Seminyak. Seminyak is an area of tourist destinations often referred to by tourists as an exclusive and luxurious area.

When you travel to Bali with family, then Sunday market is better than taking them to traditional markets. Because in Sunday market there are many interesting things for children. If you interest to shop at a cheap price, then you should go to a traditional market without children. Why? because nothing is interesting and make the children not feel comfortable.

One of the Bali markets that can be visited during a weekend in Seminyak area is Sea Vu Play. Sea Vu Play hosts a Sunday Bali local market routine that you should not miss while visiting Bali. There are many activities for children, international brand fashion, local brand sale, food and drink if you want to rest after tired of shopping. Please note that Sea Vu Play holds the first Sunday market in Seminyak area. Many more events during the weekend in Sea Vu Play, so this is the right time for you and your family to visit.

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Business Travel Smart Tips for Hassle-Free Experience

Traveling is so much fun because it is the time when you are free from your duty. However, it’s not the case in business travel. This is the type of journey where you need to stay sane and focus. You do travel but you do your work as well to fulfill your responsibility. Some people say there is no fun to get from business travel. Well, that’s not totally true because gaining some fun while business traveling is still possible even though it also depends on each individual. Those who can stay having fun without neglecting their duty are great people.

Tips for more convenient business travel

These days, it is quite hard to separate travel and business. Running a business means you are required to interact with more people than you expect, discussing a partnership, product launching, strategy marketing, and many more. Those cannot be done to simple video call though. That’s why it’s often that traveling is the best solution to maintain business. So here are some tips to make your travel less hassle and enjoy it more instead:

  • Use smart apps in your phone for booking a flight or hotel. It will help you to save your precious time. Make sure your schedule is well planned so there won’t be any misunderstanding about the booking later in the future.
  • Pack your clothes well in your suitcase. It’s best to bring the light pack to help you reduce burden you need to carry while traveling especially if the destination is quite far. Your heavy suitcase will only suck off your energy. If you want to make it simple, carry-on bags are the best choice. You can move around without any hassle.
  • Next tips for convenient business travel is to make your business the first priority. You can seek pleasure later when your business is done. That’s why it is important to make thorough schedule beforehand. Don’t wander around too much since it can take up your energy especially when you’re not done with your duty.
  • Make sure you get enough rest and eat properly while traveling for business. You need to stay fit to fulfill your duty. Don’t let dehydration or sleep deprivation ruins your business deals.
  • If you finish your business stuff yet you still have times left then you can go for exploring a little bit. However, make sure you know your limit especially when you need to get back to your work right away as you arrive at your home. You can explore the place by sightseeing interesting spots to get a little bit of fun.
  • Traveling for business purpose can be stressful since you need to put yourself together and focus more on your duty. However, do let your stress ruin your traveling. Find your own ways to have some fun such as watching your favorite videos on YouTube while waiting for your departure, or eating local foods to lighten up your mood. That’s how you can keep up with your business travel without so much hassle.

Tight Competition, Bali Villas Rental Business Grows Rapidly

Growth of tourists in Bali, both domestic and foreign tourists pushed villa rental prices to increase by 5%. In fact, the increase happens every year. It is not surprising that many foreigners and locals compete to buy villas as long-term businesses. Estimated rental rates Bali villas currently around $ 275 during low season. During high season, the rental price of the villa jumped to $ 380 per day depending on how many bedrooms are available.

This is a business with a tough but profitable competition. The high demand for villas is one of the causes of the emergence of new villas in the last 5 years. The highest rental price of Bali Villas is with 7 bedrooms for $ 1,800 per day during the low season, while high season reaches $ 2,700.

Until now, the area of Seminyak is still a popular and favorite area especially foreign tourists. Access to nearby beaches, bars, clubs, beaches, and restaurants is one of the reasons why Seminyak is becoming more popular from time to time. In a way, Seminyak is a classy and luxurious area.

Property agents are popping up in the hope of making multiple profits by offering villa rentals up to selling properties like villas or land. The high demand for rent or buy a villa, resulting in many frauds under the guise of property agents.

Villa Bali Sale Recommended The Trustworthy Agent Property

Bali sale villas are one of the property agents offering villas for rent or sale, or land for investment. You do not have to worry about being fooled! This is an advantage for everyone who is looking for a villa rental as they handle every customer with the best service. If you need a notary, then they can help in the management of a notary.

In fact, foreigners cannot own property in any form, either villa or land. But for the foreigners do not have to worry because Bali sale villas will help for the rental of villas. Given the function of a villa can be for residence or lodging tourists, do not be surprised if enthusiasts Bali villas more and more no matter where their country comes from.

When it comes to the needs of lodging and residence for the expats, then villas is the right choice for you and your family. Villa Bali sale offers convenience for everyone to get Bali Villas either for rent or for sale.

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How to Choose Ideal Clothes for travelling

Travelling is not only about the place you’re headed to. It’s about how you are going to have fun but still maintain to feel comfortable during the traveling. That’s why it’s also important to know how to choose ideal clothes for traveling. If you bring wrong clothes, it can be a hassle for your journey. It may affect your mood and comfort so there is no reason to risk it even if it sounds like not a big deal. Unlike celebrities who concern about airport fashion and sometimes ignore their own convenience, you don’t have an obligation to show off your latest collection though. Be comfortable is the main key.

Best clothes for traveling comfortably

Clothes are essential especially when you are going to travel to foreign country. Of course, some people simply say that it’s not a big issue to deal with since clothing stores are everywhere even in tourism village. However, bringing and wearing the right clothes right from your home will be much more comfortable for your here are tips to choose the right clothes for traveling:

  • First of all, you need to know what season is in the place you’re headed to like humid, snowy, etc. This can help you sort out ideal clothes to be packed in your suitcase. If you are going to a tropical country, you might as well bring comfortable clothes which are not too thick since humidity might kill you if you choose thick clothes.
  • You can also decide what type of clothes for traveling by what kind of transportation you take. For plane though, you might as well bring layers like scarfs sort jacket to make sure you’re not going to catch a cold.
  • For your convenience, bring clothes which are made of comfortable materials. Recommended travel outfits are a t-shirt, jacket, and fitted pants. If you are going to have a vacation during winter, you need to pack warm clothes like those made from wool. As for the shoes, you can choose sneakers, flat shoes, or anything you feel comfortable with. Avoid bringing shoes with high heel especially when your traveling includes walking tours.
  • Another tip about ideal clothes for traveling is to choose plain and simple outfits. Traveling is more like exploring. Thus, you will spend your most time walking, exploring new places, and visiting interesting spots instead of staying in hot spring for hours. Therefore, you will more appreciate wearing plain and simple outfits so you can blend with the locals. You won’t be noticed as tourists and it’s a good thing because sometimes people take advantage of tourist.

Everybody has their own preferences including clothes to wear and bring during travel. However, the main key is to take clothes which make you feel comfortable during your travel so you won’t feel restless just because of your outfit choice. Also, don’t forget to choose outfit properly to respect the norm of the locals so they will respect you. So choose your ideal clothes for traveling based on the tips above.

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Last Minute Deal Packages Scuba Diving Tulamben From Dune Atlantis

Bali is a great destination for family trips. But, there are times when someone on vacation to eliminate saturation and stress. Relaxing to enjoy the sunrise, sunset is just right to relieve your stress without having to spend money, Other challenging activities that definitely make you spend your budget are snorkeling, surfing, and diving. Currently, diving is a popular and trendy water activity. Capture the moment under the sea and send to social media can be beneficial to bring your social media follower.

What if diving becomes part of your holiday? You will find a different and amazing world under the sea. There are many diving Bali packages with many best spots and varying prices. Each dive center offers different facilities and services. If you are interested to fill the holidays by diving then looking for scuba diving packages is a perfect choice.

Exploring The Ship Wreck

Scuba diving Bali packages generally provide shuttle service to and from the hotel to the dive spot. Transportation provided full air conditioning, including lunch. In addition, the dive center provides a boat to dive spots and diving equipment. You do not have to bother bringing dive equipment. The number of dive centers that offer Bali packages scuba diving may be a bit confusing in determining which one is the best.

One of Bali’s most popular and trustable dive centers is Dune Atlantis. Having an experienced PADI certified instructor is an advantage for potential divers. Choosing a dive center should be done carefully as it concerns your safety under the sea. Uncertain weather conditions underwater allow for the flow of danger to divers.

Dune Atlantis offers last minute deal packages scuba diving if you have not made an order online. You can directly come to the dive center and choose the appropriate package. Tulamben scuba diving packages are one of the most sought after by local and foreign divers. In Tulamben, you can see the best spots like USAT Liberty wreck, Coral garden, Seraya secret, Tulamben wall, and Batukelebit.

Packages scuba diving is one way to see how the underwater beauty of Bali, ranging from rare species and beautiful coral. No matter whether you have made an online booking or last deal booking, dune Atlantis can be the best recommendation to enjoy a different holiday. Bali offers many diving destinations that can trigger your adrenaline. Don’t waste your holiday time and get the best deal Bali scuba diving packages with affordable price.

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Find Out Cheap Travel Tips for Fun Vacation

Enjoying your time during a vacation is a must. However, money can be one of the most common hassles to deal with. Sure that traveling always needs a budget but it doesn’t mean you can go on vacation with a small budget. Therefore, you will need to find out cheap travel tips so that you can go traveling without spending too much money but the goal of fun and the enjoyable moment is still there to satisfy your adventurous soul.

Cheap travel tips from backpackers

Backpacking is one of the best ideas when it comes to cheap traveling. Backpackers are known to be adventurous, independent, and smart in spending their vacation’s budget. Therefore, it will be helpful to know how to enjoy traveling with a small budget from them. So here are some tips you might get to know:

  • Choose hostel instead of a hotel to save your budget. You can find a hostel with private bathroom, good food, and clean bed. There is no use to underestimate hostel. Today, hostels are more popular since they try to upgrade their service and facilities.
  • Don’t spend too much time in the car driving. It’s better to have a walking tour since you can enjoy more the place. A long walk is not only going to save your money but it’s also a great way to stay fit during your travel. You can search for vacation package with walking tours included.
  • Next cheap travel tips are avoiding bringing too many things in your backpack or suitcase. To save your energy, it’s better to pack light. Suitcase and carry-on bags will cause so much hassle during your trips. Besides, you will need to pay for extra baggage fees if you bring a suitcase or heavy carry-on bag since most airlines charge it.
  • Instead of eating in fancy restaurant and cafe, you’d better visit the grocery store to find cheap but decent and delicious food to devour during your travel. You can go buy fresh produce baguette from local bakeries and enjoy your lunch in the nearest park. Thus, you get the best food and view at the same time without spending excessive budget.
  • Most backpackers tend to choose flexible travel plan so that they still can enjoy the place leisurely without worrying too much about the schedule. However, you still can make a thorough plan for your traveling where you include backup plans to avoid a hassle. For example, you can research before for decent hostels so when one of them is unavailable or fully booked, you still have another place to go to.
  • To save your budget, you can go traveling with your friend. Solo traveling will make you pay fully for everything. Meanwhile, you will share the expenses with your friend if you bring them along. You can share foods or hostel bills so that your limited budget will stay safe. However, make sure to bring a friend that has the same goal as you which is to have a cheap and fun traveling. Try cheap travel tips and enjoy your vacation even in the limited budget.
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Beachfront Best Bars Seminyak, A Perfect Getaway To Spend Your Night in Bali

Bali is a magical island which offers you a great pleasure. What kind of pleasures? When you wondering there so many activities in Bali. It like a magic!! Bali can heal your spirit, fix your moody and everything beyond it.

Pleasures are different for each people. For most people, Bali is an escape from all saturation. If anyone asks what is in Bali? Why does everyone like Bali? Then you have to come directly and experience yourself the greatest compassion on holiday in Bali.

best bars Seminyak

For nightlife lovers, Bali is a paradise !! If you are confused looking for nightlife elsewhere, not within Bali. Bali always offers nightly entertainment events from various bars or clubs every day. Beachfront Bali bars become one of the popular and visited by many tourists. Uniquely, there is always something special to visit Bali bars.


Best bars Seminyak is getting popular from time to time. More and more bar enthusiasts in Seminyak, more and more development. A theme of each best bars Seminyak is varied. The combination of music is different and this is what makes tourists interested to stay at bars in Seminyak.  

Spoil by Facilities

In fact, Bali is able to pamper tourists with various facilities. Beautiful coastlines in various parts of Bali are ready to offer its charm. When the day you are busy looking at nature and activities of water activities such as snorkeling, diving, playing jet ski, banana boat, and others. So during the night, you will be busy dancing and party at the club and best bars Bali even can continue until early morning.

Ku De Ta beachfront best bars Seminyak can be your choice to spend the night while enjoying the beach air. Although you have to spend a lot of money in this place it is worth the money you will enjoy.

Double Six Rooftop can be your choice to enjoy the sunset and jump after. There are many things you can do here. To dance until morning, you can choose a club in Seminyak area which mostly shows international Dj and cool music.

Sea Vu play is thebe one of amazing best bars Seminyak that offering a different atmosphere with other bars. Music, drink, main course, appetizer, and other menu made by bartender and professional chef ready to pamper your tongue. Spent your night at sea Vu Play is the perfect choice for single, couple even family.

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Travel Preparation You Need To Comply

Are you ready for your trip? Well, being ready is not always about how already excited you are but it’s more like how you handle travel preparation. Preparing for a trip is a basic need you should comply. As of hassle as it sounds, you need it for your own safety and convenience, better safe than sorry. It’s not wrong if you want to do a spontaneous trip but prepared trip makes you feel more secure especially if you’re going to travel abroad. Thus, preparation is always good to go.

Pay attention to travel preparation to avoid unnecessary problems

There are several points you need to do in order to prepare your travel, here they are:

  • The first preparation is transportation. If you’re going to drive, you need auto insurance and make sure you rent a car from the trusted company. If you use a plane, you might as well book the flight long before the date of your departure.
  • Next is to make a research of your destination include their local custom, tradition, interesting places, as well as a thorough map of the place. You can carry a physical or electronic map so you can mark important places like embassy, hospital, police office, etc. Make sure to save emergency contact to stay safe during your trip.
  • Prepare everything you need to bring for traveling such as clothes, toiletries, personal medicines, important documents, etc. Avoid bringing an unnecessary object and bring only the important ones. For the clothes, bring only comfortable ones that fit the weather of your destination as well.
  • Next travel preparation to book hotel or another type of place you plan to stay during your trip beforehand. If you book your trip, it will waste your time since you need to find the place first before booking. If the place cannot be booked online, at least you need to make a list of hotel options so you can go to the place right after you arrive at your destination.
  • It’s better to avoid bringing valuable or precious things like jewelry since it has a higher risk of loss. You can bring only necessary objects like camera, cell phone, map, smartwatch, etc. Bringing something too flashy will only draw attention and you’re at great risk of theft and robbery.
  • Aside from preparing something related to physical objects, preparing yourself isn’t less important. You should stay healthy even before your trip so you won’t be vulnerable of getting sick during the trip. Sure you can take medicine if you’re sick in the middle of the trip but it will ruin the mood of your traveling if you do it in an unfit condition.

Aside from the excitement of being able to travel, you need to remember that traveling is something you should be prepared. It’s important to make a thorough preparation for your travel so you can avoid any hassle. Physically and mentally prepared will lead you to free-hassle and memorable travel. So, there is no room to decline thorough travel preparation since it’s for your own safety and convenience.