Komodo liveaboard cruise is a popular choice for divers exploring eastern Indonesia. Cruise ships in Komodo take divers to many very special spots in Flores, Labuan Bajo, and surrounding areas. Your liveaboard journey takes you to see the Komodo dragons that were found during Dutch colonialism and taken to be researched which makes this village very popular and the center of attention of the world. Endangered animals on several islands such as the Komodo Island and Rinca island are known to be ferocious with their amazing smell when looking for their prey.

What to expect on a Komodo liveaboard cruise

The Komodo dragon is an endangered animal that is currently in the protection of the Komodo National Park. Cruise submarine trips to small islands offer a unique and memorable experience. There are attractive offers offered during the Komodo liveaboard trip.

The many muck diving sites are amazing and provide satisfying dives for macro photographers. Big fish, manta rays are also present on the Komodo liveaboard cruise journey. Several spots and planning multiple dives are the right choice for your Komodo cruise experience.

Komodo Underwater

Underwater on the island of Komodo is a diver’s dream with visibility up to 30 meters with marine life of all shapes, types, and sizes. The coral reefs in the Komodo National Park area are very well maintained and healthy. This means that Komodo waters are filled with fish that inhabit coral reefs and make for impressive safari dives.

You can also feel currents of up to 8 knots which can turn into big currents. This current is what will bring underwater life on Komodo which is filled with large animals such as manta rays and sunfish. For macro lovers, brightly colored pygmy seahorses and rainbow-colored nudibranchs can provide underwater photo satisfaction.

Komodo Dive Sites

One of the best on the Komodo liveaboard cruise trip is the number of dive spots during the trip without feeling crowded.

Manta Point in Komodo National Park offers you the opportunity to dive with manta rays that you can’t miss.

Leaning on Rinca Island offers a very impressive trip where you can see a rare animal, Komodo. The island is perfect for macro underwater photographers and discovering nudibranchs.

Tip For Komodo liveaboard cruise participants

Just a reminder, the official language is Indonesian with the Islamic religion dominating the local population. It is advisable to dress modestly during land visits, or to cover exposed body parts with a cloth.

Temperature – Find out the temperature throughout your Komodo cruise journey. Bring layers of clothing for warmth when the temperature is very cold due to the strong sea breeze.

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