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Muck Diving in Komodo: In the Hunt of Tiny Dwellers

It’s no longer a secret that the Komodo, Indonesia, holds one of the richest and diverse marine population in the world. Over one thousand species of fishes and 250 species of coral reefs make up the underwater life in this part of Coral Triangle. Thanks to the Indian and Pacific ocean that spread in both sides of Komodo, streamlining nutrient-rich waters packed with planktons. The result is an explosion of colours; vibrant coral population with teeming fish swimming all around the water. However, one should not forget what happens on the ocean floor, where beauty lies on the details. Beneath what seems like soft sediment base and algae, small ocean creatures creeps undetected. Muck diving in Komodo might not be as big as venturing the iconic Batu Bolong or swimming with Manta, but it’s certainly an enthralling adventure to do in this spellbinding destination. 

Muck Diving Komodo: Weird and Wonderful Creatures

The bottom of the ocean hold secret life of tiny creatures. Here are what Komodo has to offer in the hunt of weird and wonderful macro life on their diving trip to Komodo:


nudibranch muck diving komodo
nudibranch by ig @divedamai

No muck diving would be complete without the tiny, bright, and colourful nudibranch. Nudibranchs are also known as the sea-slugs—but their appearance is far from boring from the land-slugs we know. They are known to display some of the brightest and strangest combination of colour; like purple-brown, brick orange-deep green, red-yellow, and many else! Their striking appearances are like glinting diamonds in the sands, however they are so small and well-camouflaged so you have to keep your eyes peeled to find them among the ocean litters.

Pygmy Cuttlefish

pygmy cuttlefish
pygmy cuttlefish by ig @dekepod

You might expect a mini version of cuttlefish, yet pygmy cuttlefish is actually a mollusc. Their body resembles cuttlefish, however, therefore the name. 

Blue Ringed Octopus

blue ring octopus muck diving komodo
blue ring octopus by ig @divedamai

One of the most venomous critters, the blue ringed octopus is the prima donna of muck diving lovers. They are quite common in Indonesia and spotting them on Komodo diving adventure is relatively easy. 


wunderpus by ig @questdiveadventures

You would think wunderpus is another made-up words from tumblr-style wanderer travelers, but it’s actually the name of an actual creature. Named after a German word meaning “a wonder”, wunderpus is a tiny octopus with long, thin arms. It’s often haves orange-ish colour with striking white bands or sports all over the body. Much like its relative the mimic octopus, wunderpus has the ability to mimic other marine animals and change its colour when feeling threatened. 

Decorator Crabs

Decorator Crabs by ig @carpe_diem_phinisi
Decorator Crabs by ig @carpe_diem_phinisi

Another master of camouflage, the decorator crabs loves to use anything to accessorise itself and avoid getting eaten. Their favourite ornaments are pieces of seaweeds, corals, rocks, and even scavenging other small animal around its habitat. They are experts of disguise, which is why spotting them could be a real challenge! The decorator crabs are one of marine animals who surely know how to create a stunning fashion statements!

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Muck Diving Spots in Komodo

The underwater of Komodo is more on big fishes and coral displays. However, Komodo has two beautiful muck diving sites to visit; Siaba Besar and Wainilu. 

Siaba Besar

Beneath the savannah-covered island, the Siaba Besar is sanctuary for tiny ocean creatures. This site is a great combination of coral reefs and sandy bottom, which makes an amazing muck dives. Siaba besar is a sheltered bay so divers could conduct extensive investigation if the macro-life without getting disturbed by strong drifts.


The gem of muck diving in Komodo, Wainilu is the perfect spot if you want to find all the tiny creatures listed above. Wainilu mainly consist of sloping sands and soft coral reefs which gives impression of nothing when you first descend down here. But once you get closer, you will realize that the sand is so alive with so many fascinating critters!

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5 Reasons to Choose Navila Liveaboard for Family holiday

Navila Liveaboard

What’s more perfect than exploring a new destination while soaking up the sun and laying on the spacious deck? Doing these exciting things with the whole family with Navila Liveaboard. Navila is a traditional wooden phinisi boat. This classic boat offers special packages for amazing snorkeling with an experienced team on board. Designed with clean simple lines, this boat offers six lovely cabins. All cabins are equipped with an air conditioner and an en-suite bathroom. This liveaboard offers the stress-free flexibility that all families look for when going on holiday. Sailing holidays have something for every type of traveler in the world. Including exploring exotic destinations, exciting water activities, delicious food and so much more. Here are five reasons why you should make a liveaboard your next family holiday.

Navila liveaboard offers ultimate privacy

The foremost reason to book a Navila Liveaboard is the ultimate privacy that the boat can offer. If you are one of those who love your holiday in private and exclusive, renting this boat will be an excellent choice for your stays. Having your own boat for just your group of family, you will have the whole boat. It means you don’t need to share your meal times with other travelers or having to be sociable when you’re not in a good mood!

You’ll have flexibility

A liveaboard holiday offers a flexible and no-stress holiday option for the whole family. Let’s imagine, you have that chance to eat somewhere different every day without any stress. With liveaboard, you no need to research restaurants, look for fun things to do on the island, or try to get tickets to a tourist attraction. The best thing about a liveaboard trip is that you can book an entire package at your fingertips all-inclusive of accommodation, food, and cabins.

Navila Liveaboard

There are so many destinations to choose from

The family sailing trip allows parents the opportunity to explore the exotic destinations with their kids without the hassle of packing or unpacking. When you’re sailing, you can take time to hop off your boat on stunning islands, which allow you to explore shore excursions.

Kids learn new skills

Liveaboard trips offer just about everything under the sun to keep the whole family busy. This kind of holiday is so different from another holiday. Your children will be able to learn new skills on the boat with safety being paramount. The kids would normally start the day with breakfast, then they can go swimming or sightseeing.

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Navila liveaboard trip is the ultimate digital detox

During a liveaboard trip, most people tend to forget the smartphone and enjoy the breathtaking view from their boat. Some people often bring their favorite books and sit on the balcony. It is the best time to take a break from technology and bask in the beauty of God’s splendid creation of stunning nature on earth.

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Misleading Myth about Luxury Liveaboard Komodo Debunked

Misleading Myth about Luxury Liveaboard Komodo Debunked

With many delightful, uninhibited islands spread on peaceful blue ocean, the Komodo National Park of Flores, Indonesia, gotten one of the most searched in the wake of cruising ground in Southeast Asia. It’s the place where there is the savage goliath reptile—the keep going mythical beasts on earth, undisturbed sea shores, and undulating savannah slopes that would bewilder any drifters. In such scene, liveaboard and luxury liveaboard Komodo naturally become the main—and the most loved way—to investigate the public park. 

As the expansion of the prevalence, notwithstanding, the fantasies of yachting likewise broadly spread like never before. Numerous voyagers, local people unfamiliar, actually can’t choose to put out Flores nautical experience on a yacht basic due to contorted thought regarding it in any case. We see the requirements to put on “adjustment” and expose a few legends and generalizations about cruising in Komodo that you unquestionably need to know. 

Cruising in Luxury Liveaboard Means Leaving Comfort Behind 

Many actually picture that cruising to the distant Komodo implies that you would be away from any cutting edge civilisation. Dislike you will be continually stuck in outrageous conditions. Express gratitude toward God, yachting implies completely outfitted lodges, decks, and any rooms in the yacht with best quality of furnishings. You would see comfortable lodges with twofold spring beds, extensive salons, current kitchen, working TV, and even cleaned latrines installed. Each indoor spaces are cooled so you don’t need to stress over dampness. At the point when you consider luxury liveaboard Komodo, think about staying in a floating sanctuary.

Luxury Liveaboard Komodo Yacht Charter is Only for The Rich 

Luxury Liveaboard Komodo Yacht Charter is Only for The Rich

Before we make it any further, we should make it understood. Here in Labuan Bajo, the port town of Flores and door city to the public park, you’ll get a few class of vessel. In the lower class is the financial plan liveaboard, a modest cruising vessel with shared lodges, two restrooms, and one multifunctional deck served as stopgap lounge area. Here and there they got no lodges at all and you got the chance to lie in mutual live with handfuls different explorers. Financial plan liveaboard and other lower level vessels ordinarily has fixed agenda, while luxury liveaboard liberates you to tailor the destinations on your own. The luxury liveaboard is among the head class of cruising phinisi in Komodo, taking Indonesian phinisi structure with ensuite lodges for everybody. The expense of seven days charter of cruising phinisi yacht is equivalent to a rest in 5-star Bali’s lodgings with oceanfront/rice paddies see. It’s getting more reasonable in any event, for working class, particularly as you can part the bill with your companions/family/travel gathering. 

“Not One of Us Know How to Yacht” 

Gracious dear, chartering a luxury liveaboard doesn’t imply that you have to guide the wheel without anyone else. What’s the utilization of teams that accompanies the pontoon? Let them control the pontoon with their astounding cruising abilities. Your obligation is simply to lie back and appreciate the experience. 

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Sailing in Liveaboard Would Make You Seasick 

Luxury Liveaboard Would Make You Seasick

Many actually partner yachting with sickening episode—and such assumption sticks with cruising in Komodo as well. All things considered, it’s acceptable to realize that all luxury liveaboard Komodo are appearing as phinisi (a two masted) vessel, implies that they are huge bodied and along these lines having high strength on uneven ocean. Possibility of getting nauseous drop into low number, and the solace of cushiony couches and agreeable bed could be truly help. If you are stressed over possibly getting nausea, we recommend you to bring medication, against sickening band, home grown teas, or even fundamental oils if that could be of any assistance. 

Have a go at chartering a yacht in Komodo and perceive how the experience change your life for eternity!

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Unwinding and Diving in Amed

Unwinding and Diving in Amed

If you are thinking of having a blissful break on Bali—without all the parties, busy shops, and other worldly pleasure you might be thinking of Ubud. The centre of Bali’s cultural heritage; the inspiration for yogis, the place where you want to find the best healing for a tired soul. But you might not know that Ubud is not the only place in Bali blessed with tranquility. Shift your gaze to the north east coast of Bali and you will find Amed, a peaceful diving hub in Bali that’s blessed with slow-paced living and disarmingly relaxing atmosphere. Amed is the place where you can get away from all that distracting noises and get soothed by simple pleasure from mother nature. This little fishing village is considered as one of the best dive sites in Bali, yet it still remain below the radar from other mainstream travelers. Amed is still that little charming village without loud and noisy nightclub or pretentious restaurant. That’s why Amed is the best gateway to have some quiet time and amuse yourself with the superb marine life under the calm waves. 

Go to Amed for Series of Marvellous Diving

You might know Amed as a little village with one great dive site, but it’s more than that. Amed is actually comprise with series of fishing and diving village dotting over the fourteen kilometres of Bali’s east coast. When you visit Amed for diving, you are bound to visit its neighbouring villages; the Jemeluk, Bunutan, Lipah, Selang, Banyuning, and couple others. Each have their own dive site and underwater attraction. 

Some Light Snorkeling for the Afternoon 

Unwinding and Diving in Amed

Too much for a dive but still want to enjoy Amed’s magnificent blue water? Head up for snorkeling. Amed is not limited for diving—snorkelers are very much welcomed! The Jemeluk Bay is one of the greatest spot for snorkelers. The currents are calm, the water clear, and the fishes are so lively. It also has stunning underwater temples, a manmade artificial reef to provide new home for the fishes!

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The Volcanic Beach Sands in Amed

When you come to Amed, you might stumble upon totally different beaches. Unlike the majority of beaches in Bali with their iconic golden white sands, Amed’s beaches are black. Like, totally black. It give a nice difference than your regular Bali holiday. The black sands was made from the remains of volcanic lava coming from Mount Agung. That majestic mountain looming just behind the Amed beach. Grab a fresh coconut drink or cold Bintang beer for some relaxing afternoon in this black sand beach. 

Go to Amed and forget your problems for a while. Stay in the idyllic village and immerse on the natural beauty of Bali!

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Make the Choice: Which Bali Dive Sites to Visit

The Island of God might made its name through surfing, beaches, temples, and centuries old cultural heritage that’s still robustly preserved and carried on until today. However, the beauty of this island extend beyond the borders of its beaches. Under the water, the ocean thrives with life. The rich and colourful seabeds has been capturing the hearts of many adventurers and divers alike. However, Bali is overwhelming with gorgeous dive sites and choosing the ones to visit could be pleasurably confusing. Here are five essential things to think before deciding which sites to dive on your Bali holiday.

Think about the colours you want to see on Bali dive sites

Make the Choice: Which Bali Dive Sites to Visit

What are you hoping to see on your dive? Do you want to be surrounded by bustling corals? Do you want to see the probably less vibrant, but no less amazing coral formation on some abandoned sunken ship? Or maybe you want to be surrounded by some bright, tropical fish? Deciding on the ‘colour’ you want to see underwater helps with making the initial decision.

Think about the animals you want to meet

Bali’s underwater is renown for having wonderful and even rare marine animals. Manta Rays and Mola Mola sunfish in Nusa Penida appears on almost every search about diving in Bali. The macro lovers would be thrilled to see the rare and perhaps the cutest pygmy pink seahorses at Jemeluk Wall Amed and the Seraya Secret Tulamben. Want to see turtles? The USAT Liberty Wreck Tulamben is one of their favourite hangout spot. Probably you are obsessed to see something unusual like Mandarin fish or clown trigger fish. Do your research. Once you know what animals you want to see, deciding which Bali dive sites to put on the list will be much easier.

Think about the weather on each dive sites

Some part of Bali receives more rainfall. Yet some are noticeably hotter than the other. Amed, Tulamben, Padang Bai, and Menjangan, for example, are located in the mountanious part of Bali with generally more moderate climate. On January to April, you probably will have some rain so waiting for drier months to visit these dive sites is wiser. See which dive sites in Bali that offer the best weather during your time of holiday.

Think about the travel time to your choosen Bali dive sites

Make the Choice: Which Bali Dive Sites to Visit

Consider how far you are willing to travel to get the dives. Remember that the airport is located in the south of Bali and you’ll probably stay around the southern area. Probably somewhere around Kuta, Seminyak, Canggu, and Sanur. Note that Tulmben, Amed, and Padang Baii are located in the northeast coast of Bali. Do you want to stay there for the weekend or prefer just a day trip to these sites? The Menjangan’s underwater is an absolute gem, but it’s nestled in the tip of northwest coast of Bali. There’s no way you can have a day trip there. The Nusa Penida, Nusa Lembongan, and the Gilis which are equally gorgeous can only be reached by boat. So before you decide which Bali dive sites you want to plunge in, know how far you’re willing to go.

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Think about your level of skills and experience

Folks, this is a must! Though we can agree that Bali’s underwater is generally milder than other major dive sites in Indonesia, it still need to be proceed with caution. Some sites like USAT Liberty Tulamben has almost zero in current and is totally safe even for the totally first-timer divers. The Nusas are stonger in currents and reserved for the experienced only. Once again, do your research and choose only sites that match your skills and experiences.

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Things to Know Before Booking A Surf Camp in Maldives!

Maldives has made its remarks in the world and that’s for legit reasons. The archipelagic country is knows best for its tranquil waters, pristine white sand beaches, serenity, and world class waves and marine life. In fact, the Maldives offers one of the best waves around the globe. Surfing in  Maldives combines warm waters, bright sun, and generally shoulder-height waves for just a fun and leisure surf. For surfers who want the best of Maldives, staying at one of the surf camp is the best option. And here are several things you need to know before booking one.

There Are Plenty of Surf Camp Maldives in Every Level

Things to Know Before Booking A Surf Camp in Maldives!

Really. As one of the most predominant surf destination in the world, the Maldives is packed with surf camp and accommodation alike. You will find all sort of surfing accommodation from backpacker surf camp, mid range surfing houses, all the way to all inclusive surf resorts. The choice is endless. It largely depend on your budget and preference, really.

Surfing in Maldives is Like the Mellower Version of Indonesia

If you have been to Indonesia, you will find that Maldives is like the mellower version of Indonesia’s waves. Many other things, though, are similar. The remote surf spots, blue water, empty beaches, warm waters, climate, and the majority of religion in Maldives is just so similar to Indonesia. So if you are looking something more beginner-friendly but just as tropical as Indonesia, Maldives is your best option.

Some Surf Camp Maldives Has Their Own Surf Charters

Some surf camp in Maldives stands by its own, some surf charters sail by their own, some just join the forces together. Surf charters is undoubtedly tempting for any surfers who seek for more adventure in Maldives; to taste every swells in every nooks and crannies. If you want to spend time haggling for the best price, you can try to browse each services separately. But you can save so much time and energy by going to surf camp Maldives that has surf charters service on their package. Sometimes they even offer package deals that would be hard to miss!

Things to Know Before Booking A Surf Camp in Maldives!

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Best Season to Surf in Maldives

Basically, Maldives has two major surfing areas, where each has its own best times. The best swells in North Male Atoll’s happens during April to October, whereas the Outer Atoll is best visited during February to April. That means you can surf in Maldives at any time! Just pick the right region accordingly.

It’s A Muslim Country

Maldives is largely populated by Moslems and it’s a Muslim country. That means the owner surf camp Maldives where you are staying are probably a Moslem, and they might have certain rules to apply in the house to respect the religion. Always ask the rules before you come. Generally, you will be advised to wear appropriate dress code, not drinking alcohol in public, and not openly eating in public during the Ramadan (fasting months). However, these are more relaxed in some of the southern islands, where surf tourism is more popular. You can stretch the rules a little bit, but we still advise you to restrain wearing bikini on public.

Have fun surfing in Maldives!

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Arranging Tulamben Bali Diving By Your Own

The north east coast of Bali offers superb underwater holiday—with lively marine creatures as well as opportunity of macro and wreck diving. In fact, most divers coming for a diving holiday in Bali will make a visit to Tulamben, a humble fishing town in this northern coast with amazing underwater landscape. Far from the hustle and bustle of the busier southern Bali, Tulamben is quiet and seemingly only consist of fisherman and divers. You can reach Tulamben by two and half hours drive from the Ngurah Rai International airport. During the journey you will see the main road slowly turn into smaller one with views of rice fields and local village temples. Lines of modern shops shifts into visions of more traditional Bali. And at the end of the curvy road, you will enter a black pebbled beaches village, the quiet Tulamben.

Arranging Tulamben Bali Diving By Your Own

On Making the Tulamben Bali Diving Plan

The seemingly small and quiet Tulamben is actually rich in underwater attraction, and you’ll soon see why. Tulamben provides at least eight known dive sites—and you’ll probably find lesser known dive sites if you spend longer time there. The most famous three are the USAT Liberty shipwreck (obviously), the Coral Garden, and the Drop Off or the Tulamben Wall. Other sites to explores on Tulamben are the Boga wreck, Seraya Secret, Kubu Monkey, Canyon, and Batu Belah.

You can pick three random sites and still have the best of your time. But to have more tailored Tulamben Bali Diving experience, you’ll need to have little research and pick dive sites that suits your interest. If you love wreck diving, for example, you obviously need to have USAT Liberty and Boga Wreck on your list. Are you a macro lover? Then you definitely need to go to the Drop Off, Seraya Secret, and Kubu Monkey. The abundant critters are pleasure to the eyes. A beginner? The suitable sites for you might be the USAT Liberty, the Drop Off, Coral Garden, and Canyon.

On Arranging the Tulamben Accommodation

Arranging Tulamben Bali Diving By Your Own

One of the best way to have Tulamben Bali Diving is to get it arranged by local dive center. We personally recommend Atlantis Bali Diving, a Sanur based dive centre that famous for arranging dive trips all around Bali. They will arrange all of your transportation, hotel, and even the speed or fishing boat to get you into the dive sites. But if you arrange the dive trip by your own, you need to take care all the accommodation by yourself—and here’s how.

Hire a Private Diver

Assuming you are departing from the airport or somewhere around Kuta or Seminyak, the price for hiring a diver is about IDR 300 – 400K for one way trip. Make sure you don’t hire through the taxi mafia as the price could be higher. Get the phone number of your driver so you will contact him again to arrange a drive back to the city.

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Book A Place to Stay in Tulamben

Instead coming for a day trip, try to stay overnight in Tulamben. You might as well try a spectacular night dive at USAT Liberty, which gets lively at night! Though small and quiet, Tulamben is brimming with bungalows, small hotels, and even luxury homestay. Most cater to the need of divers. Some have equipment rental, so you don’t need to bring oxygen tank and all heavy equipments from the city.

Book Local Dive Guide for Tulamben Bali Diving

The best way to have Tulamben Bali Diving is to dive with a local dive guide. They will give all the briefs of the currents, visibility, sea condition, and marine life to see at each dive site. Your dive guide will also help you with booking the ‘jukung’ boats (or motorised boats, depend on what you prefer) to get you to the dive site.

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What You Should Know About Surf School In Algarve

If you are a surfer, you might have ever heard people talking about the Algarve of Portugal and why it should be on your list. But if you don’t live in Portugal or have never been in Portugal, you might think that Algarve is just one of the city in Portugal. It’s not. Algarve covers the southernmost region of Portugal, incorporates 16 municipalities, and of course, more beaches than you can count. With is soft climate, sandy beaches, year long waves, breathtaking coastal sceneries, and amazing cuisine, it’s no surprise that Portugal comes as one of Europe’s most favourite holiday destination. The great waves spells great surfing adventure and attracts millions of surfers to Algarve surf school everyday. Here’s more about Algarve you need to know in case you want to stay at the surf school this summer. 

What You Should Know About Surf School In Algarve

There Are A Lot of Surf School in Algarve!

The great thing about surfing in Algarve is the sheer selection of surf schools and camps! Literally every coastal town in Algarve have every kind of surf accommodation to choose. There are at least thirty surfing beaches in Algarve—each bearing their own characteristics. Subsequently, you might need to choose beaches that suits your level, especially if you plan to enrol on an Algarve surf school on that area.

Here are our recommendation of Algarve’s best surf beaches you can consider: Praia Amado. Arrifana, Praia Amoreiro, Zavial, Odeceixe, Praia do Zul, and Praia Boca do Rio.

You Have the Algarve Wave Guarantee

The waves in Algarve never goes out. No matter in what season you come, the swells gonna still pumping—just in different levels. Every day in the whole 365 days is a possible surf day. You won’t get this at any other part of the world, and that what makes the Algarve so unique.

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Surf School in Algarve Open for the WHOLE Year!

What You Should Know About Surf School In Algarve

Subsequently, surf school in Algarve open for the whole year. They might cater to different level on different season. Summer is perfect for beginners, as the waves are smaller and the swells are less frequent. Beginners who have learned the basics and advanced classes can be extended as far as on autumn. During the season, almost all surf spots in Algarve works. But the best thing is maybe the dispersion of regular tourist. The Algarve is at its best now—warm sun, plenty of sunshine, great waves, and emptier beaches. However, the waves got bigger than in summer which might not be suitable for kids and total beginners. Winter in Algarve feels like a colder spring. Temperature is still around 16ºC, but you’ll require thicker wetsuit. The waves are bigger and the winds stronger, which is perfect for professionals who want to challenge themselves.

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What Does Sailing Trip Labuan Bajo Actually Like?

Sailing trip Labuan Bajo is one of the ultimate dream journeys. We always encourage any kind of travelers to try taking a journey by boat at least once in their life. And for those who can afford it, Labuan Bajo Flores is an excellent place to start. A trip in Labuan Bajo on a liveaboard will not only let you experience what it’s like to live full-time on a boat, but also allow you fully immerse in one of the most beautiful destinations in the world.

sailing trip labuan bajo flores

Sailing trip Labuan Bajo is the ultimate relaxation

Living on a boat means that you’re completely outside of the security and convenience of everything provided in the land by humans civilization. Of course, most liveaboard and cruises are extremely comfortable, not few are highly luxurious. But you’ll soon discover that not being able to access the many things you take granted for in life will let you better adjust to life on board. Labuan Bajo trip is known for its amazing diving, enchanting wildlife, and an immersive adventure throughout the journey. It’s time to let yourself fully live it.

You’ll learn to be present and enjoy what’s in front of you

There won’t be wifi and receptions will likely be scarce. Dude, you’re in the middle of the ocean! And while that’s not an idea some people would fancy, you need to completely unplug at least once in a while. It’s high time that you simply bask in the nature; the salty wind, the warm sun, and the little things in life that actually matter.

labuan bajo sailing cruise

You’re going to need a lot of sunscreen

Never underestimate the heat of the tropical lands. Labuan Bajo is a gorgeous destination located in the tropical Indonesia, and you’ll want to be prepared with sufficient skin protection. The sun is going to be harsh.

Make sure that you’re bringing sunscreens that are environmentally friendly. Especially if you’re going to do some swimming or diving (on a sailing trip, who wouldn’t?). Everyday, tons of toxic agent gets into the ocean through human pollution. The toxins from sunscreen is known to cause coral bleaching.

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You’ll get to know a bit about sailing

But only if you put in the effort to learn! The crew onboard the sailing trip Labuan Bajo are just delightful. They’re some of the friendliest people you’ll ever meet! Thanks to the hospitality Indonesia is well-known for. Approaching your captain and crew and asking about how they’re sailing the ship is a part of the sailing journey. If you’re lucky, they may even teach you a bit about sailing and maybe let you push a few buttons yourself. Being able to sail your own vessel is so exciting.

The little things in your everyday life onboard

You’ll learn that living on board is so different from living on land in ways that you probably didn’t think of before. It’s the little things of everyday life that makes you appreciate the convenience of modern life. Here are some of the little, but impactful examples:

phinisi yacht komodo sailing trip

  • Water is limited, and even if you’re booking a private sailing yacht, you’re still going to have to share with a few people. But being mindful of how you’re using resources (even water) is something you need to practice well at home anyway.
  • Space is limited as well, unless you’re going with a super gigantic boat. But that’s just part of the journey and the charm of the phinisi yacht on a sailing trip.
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Going on Surf Holiday Bali! What to Bring?

Surfing in Bali is like riding the waves in the sweetest spot. The Island of God enjoys dynamic wave levels and wide variety of breaks that would satisfy any level of surfers. From mellow waves lapping on stunning white sand beaches to giant swells on limestone cliffs, Bali has it all. The warm water, vast emerald ocean, and pumping surf breaks invites all eave riders to enjoy these surfing playground. If surf holiday Bali sits on your bucket lists, this is what you need to bring.

What to Bring to Surf Holiday Bali

A Shortie or Rash Guards

Yes, you can always surf in bikini or just some shorts—but it won’t protect you from the cold of prolonged session on the water or nasty cuts from sharp corals. If you take surf holiday Bali seriously, you know that functionality is over the top of looks. Also, that cute tiny stringy bikini—while looking great—can’t survive on whirling water. You need to at least wear rash guard. It protect you from the sun and rash from the boards’ wax. A shortie—or short wetsuit—is also perfect for surfing in Bali’s warm water.


Bringing your own board to Bali is optional, but very recommended. If you are a seasoned surfer and has grown comfortable with your own board, it’s best to bring it. It’s just for the sake of comfortability and being confidence in board you know, really. But if you don’t want all the hassle, you can always rent a board in Bali for a super cheap price ($8 – $10) per day. You can choose whatever board suits you from the selection and even change boards depend on the conditions. Other alternative is purchasing a board in Bali or have it made for order. Luckily, this island is not lacking in talented hands. The best local surf makers can be found around Legian’s Poppy Lane and Canggu, selling high build quality, custom made boards for half of the price of big brands surf board. You can buy it with removable fins and padded bag to bring it back home or put it on preloved shop when your surf holiday Bali is over.

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Have A Set of Different Fins

Have A Set of Different Fins

With so much surf breaks to explore, you will want several different set of fin to see which one works on certain breaks. Don’t let wrong fins prevent you from having a perfect surf holiday Bali.

Sufficient Amount of Wax Enough for Surf Holiday in Bali

From the famous ones to the local gems, Bali has more surf spots than you can count. That means will have countless dips on the sea—and you’ll need lots of wax for our boards. Wax could be quite pricey in Bali, so you might want to bring a few from home. For Bali’s hot and tropical weather, choose hard wax over the soft ones.