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Marketing Mistakes New Business Owners Should Know

Marketing Mistakes New Business Owners Should Know

Being new in building and growing business is not a small feat. Making mistakes is bound to happen because when you are new business owner, you have to figure out what strategies that work best for your business. There are no ultimate guides on how to do it right that can guarantee success. There are no shortcuts either. Trial and error tests are a must to know which one result in positive outcome. One of the most challenging areas in business is marketing. It is where new business owners often make mistakes without they even realize. 

Most common mistakes in marketing done by new business owners

Making mistakes is not uncommon but if it not addressed properly then it can lead to severe problems in the future. Also, it can lead to costly consequences. Here are several most common marketing mistakes often done by new business owners:

You cannot do everything by yourself

Thinking everything can be done by yourself and ignoring the importance of hiring marketing expert. Of course being entrepreneur means you need to be independent but not ignorant. When you know you are new in business field then you need more guidance to help you. Hence, hire professional, trusted marketing experts or agencies. 

Mistaken branding with marketing

Most common mistakes in marketing done by new business owners

Those are two different things in business. Branding is timeless and slow to develop because it represents who you are and where you want to be as a business. Meanwhile, marketing is timely and changes everyday. Marketing reacts and responds according to the change in the market. It is more like constant experiment. 

Not being specific with your target market

Your aim is good which is to reach out as many people as possible. However, it is bound to fail if you are being too general of who your target market is. Marketing your product or service to everybody is not a good strategy. Instead, market it to the right target audience that need your product and service. This way, your brand will be standout as well. 

Not showing consistency in marketing

It is a big mistake because your brand’s presence and  visibility are  important in marketing. That’s why many brands promote their products and service so hard through various strategies using various platform online and off. Consistent marketing is important to build and keep the engagement with your audience. 

Unwilling to be flexible

In business, things can be unpredictable. If you are too stiff then you won’t find the best strategies that work for your business. Sometimes, small changes do wonder to the result. When you are being flexible, it means you are ready to pivot your business accordingly when needed. 

Overspending on advertisement without sufficient testing

Marketing is important but when you it wrong then the result will the opposite of what you expected. Advertising campaigns can help boost your brand. However, avoid starting big. Instead, start small and see how it goes. If it went well, you can scale up using better method. You can start with free and cheap marketing strategies. 

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5 Amenities that Guests Would Appreciate in Villa Sanur Bali

5 Amenities that Guests Would Appreciate in Villa Sanur Bali

Sanur might not be brimming with surf break like Kuta and Canggu or cool highlands and big temples of Ubud. This quieter coastal town of Bali has charming white-sand beaches, sunrise view, and shallow waters. Living in Sanur is relatively peaceful; which explains families and elder travelers that flocks to this area. So what can you provide to make guests’ experience at your villa Sanur Bali more pleasant? 

Bike to Bike Around Villa Sanur Bali

Bike to Bike Around Villa Sanur Bali

Biking is very popular activity around Sanur. The broad boardwalk along the Sanur Beach makes for nice walking and cycling in Bali. Many food stalls beside the beach offers bike rent, but the quality might not be good. Your guests will be delighted to find your villa Sanur Bali provides free bike to explore the beautiful, quiet beaches! Provide directions on how to navigate around the area to your visitors. A couple of bicycles are another fantastic asset to have on hand for your guests to discover the neighborhood like a native!

Beach Essentials for Simple Seaside Picnic

If you want to be a top-notch beach property, you must provide beach goods.

We expect to discover some beach goods listed as amenities on the listing when guests ask about them. When travelers realize that your resort has everything they need for a beach vacation, they are far more inclined to book it!

Many of the clients we work with are driving long distances to rest and unwind. The majority of people fly, which makes packing beach basics like towels, toys, chairs, and umbrellas problematic. It eliminates the stress of looking for those items or purchasing them once they arrive, which would be an additional hefty price to the trip.

Barbecue Grill

Barbecue Grill

The convenience of having a kitchen over hotels is the number one reason why people pick vacation rentals over hotels. Most vacation houses have well equipped kitchens, but if you also have a grill, your property will be more competitive for summer reservations. Grilling is such a popular pastime that some individuals arrange entire vacations around it! Travelers will often choose one villa Sanur Bali over another if it has a grill – and a great outside dining area is also a big advantage.

Grilling is more than simply a fun way to spend time outside. Cooking your own meals saves you a lot of money. Consider the cost of dining out every night for a family of four. A single dinner would consume the typical vacation expenditure.

Blender for Making Those Refreshing Tropical Juices 

Travelers frequently inquire about kitchen needs, and the blender is the most frequently requested item by beachgoers. This can, believe it or not, be a deal breaker for some vacationers.

Who are we to blame them? Travelers want to know that they can have their smoothies in the morning and their margaritas in the afternoon. For many people, a beach trip isn’t complete without a frozen cocktail – and having a blender on hand is an added bonus that can make for a more relaxing holiday.

We recommend purchasing a blender if you do not already have one on your house. It will quickly pay for itself in terms of additional reservations. Also, if you have one, make sure to mention it in your listing!

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Access to the Beach from Villa Sanur Bali 

One of the most common worries among travelers is the location. Guests frequently inquire about the type of beach access they will have and their proximity to the ocean or lake.

To be competitive, your one villa Sanur Bali doesn’t have to exactly build at Sanur’s seaside. All you have to do is include helpful information in your listing about how to get to the beach and where to swim safely. What’s it like to go on a walk? Is it a personal or a public space? What are the access parameters if it’s private?

The simplest method to address these issues is to provide precise directions to the beach and the time it takes to get there.

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Preparation Needed To Return Your Business Operation To The Office

Preparation Needed To Return Your Business Operation To The Office

The majority of people around the world are still working from home. It is the result of the shift caused by the global pandemic. However, with vaccines are now being approved to be spread all over the world, there is high possibility that business operation will return to the office. However, it may cause various issues and not as smooth as you though it would be. Therefore, you need more preparation to make the process runs seamlessly when the time comes. 

Making your business’s way back to the office

Business leaders may have variety of challenges when preparing their business to return to the office. There might be needed some pivots here and there. One of the biggest possible issue is the way your employees work. They have been used to the workflow at home and coming back to the office may put them in challenging situation. Here are what you can consider to d as part of preparation:

Getting everyone’s back in

It is possible that some of your employees refuse to work at the office especially after knowing they can work just find from home. Or, it is also possible for some of your employees to ask more flexibility about office-to-home relation. Anticipate these possibilities and start working with the plan that can fulfill your and your employees’ wish for better workforce after the pandemic. 

Respect everyone’s needs and time

Making your business’s way back to the office

It is a must to respect your employees’ needs and time. They have found their own ‘normal’ by working form home. It can be tough for them to return to the office. The process of adjusting may take time. What you need to consider is respecting their needs and time of work flexibility with their schedule. 

Creating a safe shared space

Returning to the office after the pandemic ends doesn’t necessarily stop your employees to feel worried about their health and safety. They may feel traumatized being in close quarters with the others. They may get anxious when riding their bus to the office. Fear, stress, anxiety, and anger can be amplified as the result of a year-round lockdown. Therefore, it is best to plan for a light training program to ensure their well-being and readability to continue working at the office. 

Smoothing out the transition

It can be tough to make a sudden transition from working from to come back to the office. Keep in mind that habit is the key. Developing habit can take times. Therefore, it is important to consider a gradual transition period instead. This way, your employees won’t experience sudden change that can affect their well-being and workforce. Allow them to build their new habits. 

Dealing with split teams

It is possible that the split happens where some employees choose to return to work at the office while the others continue working from home. If you can plan and develop the right system to ensure effective workforce then it won’t be an issue. Make sure that the split culture won’t affect your business negatively. If you are unsure about the split culture, consider another plan. 

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Mental Muscle Memory And Excellent Customer Service Employees

Mental Muscle Memory And Excellent Customer Service Employees

Customer service employees are the front-liners of your business. They are the ones who are facing customers (in-person or virtually) on daily basis. They are the ones who listen to what customers say (good and bad). they are the ones who are considered the face of the company. With how they work on daily basis, they develop internal muscle memory. They are being helpful, actively listening, and emphatic in default.

Good and bad of internal muscle memory in customer service

The good thing about internal muscle memory that is develop by customer service employees is that they can deliver excellent and consistent service to the customers. Even when they feel tired, not in a good mood, or feeling under the weather, their mental muscle will get to work in the same cycle. However, there is always potential of bad thing from this. It is highly likely that they become rigid. 

As a leader, you may watch it happen in front of your eyes where your customer service department breeds rigidity. Keeping everything on track can be a little bit tricky but is important to ensure that you can always deliver excellent service. It is important to monitor customer service teams just in case they are experiencing a fall short. 

It is common for customer service team to goes off-track. Sometimes it is inevitable due to various reasons such as personal struggles, health problems, work burnout, etc. However, you can help them by setting a bedrock of customer service standards your team can come back to anytime they are off-course. The standard should be meaningful but short enough to be actionable and memorable. 

Mental Muscle Memory And Excellent Customer Service Employees

You can also provide customer service training and replenishment. Internal muscle memory that has been formed still needs to be refreshed from time to time and that’s when the training comes. There are many types of customer service training programs you can choose for your team. You may consider a Live training (today will be virtual instead of in-person), or e-learning product that is customized for your company only. You can decide which one is best for your customer service team. The latter is probably more ideal if you want your team to have in-depth training. 

You also need positive peer pressure to produce powerful force. It is when your employees can egg each other to do their best in providing the best service to the customers. This is not easy and it may take time to develop positive energy where all your customer service team can exude while serving customers. However, it can affect the overall energy in your business in positive light. 

There will always ups and downs when it comes to customer service. The problems may arise from within such as internal problems in the department. Or, it can also come from the outside of the cycle such as the competition, problematic customers, etc. However, having a set of clear, and meaningful customer service standards along with regular training can help a lot in making your customer service department shine. 

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Growing Service-Based Business Successfully

Scaling business is not an easy thing to do because you need to be mindful from the beginning. It is great to always drive yourself to improve. However, scaling business is not a child’s play especially when you run service-based business. It is not as simple as selling more products. Special considerations must be made so you can succeed in this industry. 

Actionable things you can do to grow your service-based business

When your business is about delivering service, there are many things to consider. One of the most important element is your interaction with your clients. And here are some tips you can consider if you are planning to grow your service-based business:

Take advantage of the technology. Today, AI has been used in so many ways to help improve business and increase customers’ engagement. If you consider to scale your service-based business, you can use AI and treat it as your extended hand. For example, you can use AI to give immediate response to your customers in your effort to advertise your advisory service. This way, your work is more efficient as well. 

Service Business

Offer your services on a menu just like a product. This way, it is easier for your customer to choose what they need. It also gives them more options to consider. They are not limited into one option but if they are not interested then it’s not for them. This way, you don’t have to waste your time creating specific proposals that sometimes don’t even result in new deals. Offering a set menu of your services you save time because you don’t have to customize anything. 

Focusing on process and stay consistent. Scaling your service-based business is not impossible. However, you have to keep delivering service the same way every time. If you want to scale your business, you might also need to hire new team to help you. Thus, the service can be delivered in maximum. Your standard operating procedures need to be made consistent. And make sure your team, including the new ones are trained on the best practice. 

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Always welcome feedback from your customers. Their feedback is like your key to know how your performance is. You can ask feedback from your existing customers on what you can build for them. They already knew your performance before in delivering service. Thus, they have base to give more opinions on the subject. You can use your customer feedback as knowledge you can use for asynchronous consumption. 

Always give the best customer experience. Only then, you can scale your service-based business. Your skills and results are important factors. However, creating seamless, one-of-a-kind experience to your customers can make them trust you even more. They will become loyal and won’t hesitate to talk about your amazing service to other people at least in their circle influence. Make sure you have staff with shining quality that can give your customers best, positive experience through your website, social media, or online/live chat.

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Best Villas in Seminyak for Your Life Balance

Feeling exhausted by work life balance that out of control and need a vacation in best villas in seminyak ? Then a short vacation might a great option to fulfill your needs. Without procrastinating, you will be more relax and move on from your stress.

Best Villas in Seminyak | Swimming Pool

Sometimes, people are too focus on their responsibility until they forget the essential things, life balance. Life balance can be achieve by small things like treat yourself, have a rest and go on a vacation. So by that, you could recharge yourself and be ready for the next activities.

Furthermore, get an early plan vacation will help you find the best unit for your stay. So lets get familiar with the exquisite villa destination located in Seminyak.

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Best Villas in Seminyak: Rich Region of Elegant Nature

The land which surround by rich flora and fauna diversity, best villas in Seminyak is a worthy place to captivate your life balance. This area offers a lot of amazing sightseeing, attraction and aesthetic value to serene our mind and energy.

From great beach stretches into the coast, also from harmony and quite nature to crowded shopping center. All of these can be seek on Seminyak area. Align with this amount of amusement, theres a lot of ways on finding the best villas in seminyak for your short vacation.

Seminyak region, with the cozy and friendly environment, contemporary utilities, convenience lifestyle and mix of nature, will serves you the astonishing relax and vacation experience.

What Attract The Most in Seminyak

Talking about the lush blue beaches, Seminyak region will always be the first in the list. In addition, seminyak real estate also offer a vast glimpse of nature in its both exterior and interior. Some of them are implement in the flora that planted and adding swimming pool facility. Both of them gives the sense of tropical in the villa.

Best Villas in Seminyak | Living Room

Moreover, if you are bored by office situation in weekdays, you could spend a different experience during your vacation. Theres a lot of attraction and crowd place near best villas in seminyak. For instance, you might find the most popular shopping center in beachwalk mall near Kuta beach. Also, a traditional market might also make it to the list.

With all the advantages mentioned above to relieve your stress in work, theres no doubt vacation will help you a lot. Especially, best villa in seminyak will caters you to a desire comfort and cozy vacation. Furthermore, it will fully charge your body to be ready for the weekdays.

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Channel Customer Complaints To Positive Business Growth

Running your business means you have to deal with customers. They can give you positive feedback or complaints. Most business owners often deal with customer’s complaints negatively. However, customer complaints need to be dealt with positively instead. Business leaders must know how to deal with customer complaints and channel them into positive lights for business growth. Customer complaints are not always give negative image to your business. You can turn them into positive power and a drive to motivate your own business. 

Dealing with customer complaints

Your business, no matter what stage it is in currently, may receive criticism especially from dear customers. However, it can be dealt positively. You can in fact channel each one of complaint into actionable activity and approach to drive your business growth. Then, you can change them into positive customer experience instead. In the end, it will bring positive light to your business. Here are what you can do to deal with customer complaints with positive lights:

Always track your customer feedback in your business platform and monitoring them. Then, try to understand what they complained about whether it is your product or service. Try to categorize their complaints into different category such as feature or improvement. This will make it easier for you to decide which one to prioritize. Always listen to each one of your customer complaint, respond immediately, and take the right action. 

Make sure that your customers know that they are heard and that their complaints are being resolved. If it is something that you cannot solve immediately due to technical issue or something, then, make sure that your customer are also aware of that. However, inform when you will get back to them so they know what to expect. Letting your customer hanging is definitely not a good idea. However, don’t promise your customers immediate solution if it is something that hard to fulfill in reality. 

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Your customers complaints can be used as positive improvement. With many customers complaints about the same thing for example, it may indicate that you have formed bad habits that affect them negatively. Feedback even in a form of complaint can be used to identify the real issue your business is facing. Thus, do not be afraid of customer complaints because they bring benefits for your business growth and development. 

You can improve your marketing strategy and operations through customer complaints. Use them as opportunities to make positive improvements for your business. Through negative feedback, you know where your business is lacking so you can look for something to move forward. 

Customers sending negative feedback should be seen as care and attention. If they don’t care, they won’t even bother sending you complaints. You can also use your customer complaints as indicator of what might have other customers are experiencing. This can be used as a chance for you to show them that you care. You can improve your system and operations so all your customers both the existing and future ones have a better experience. 

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Villas in Seminyak Luxurious & Unique Lifestyle

Villas in Seminyak have a special place and has become the top-of-mind for every traveler, tourist and investor. It is believe that Seminyak with its unique spell, brings a more vibrant and new experience to the table. In addition, not only real estate sector standout in the area but more category make into the list. For instance, entertainment, business, legal, travel and leisure, healthcare, any other that you could mention of.

Villas in Seminyak

Meanwhile theres always something unique about the region. The region with loads of housing, hotels, market and entertainment center make the community more engaging. Furthermore, with the development and modernisation, Seminyak region still holds a strong belief and cultural heritage. They mostly implement those value in their daily lifestyle which attracts more tourist to come.

Luxurious & Unique Lifestyle of Seminyak

Seminyak essentially represent the cultural value of the island. While walking through the lanes of Seminyak, you’ll see the different ambience and lifestyle going around the area to other city. We usually get sight of tourist and traveller walking by the side road with its casual outfit. Moreover, these crowd are keeping Seminyak region alive for 24/7.

Villas in Seminyak Living Room

Besides the lifestyle, crowd in Seminyak tend to live in luxurious way. With the provided 5 star accomodation, michelin star restaurant and big shopping malls will only satisfy their social status. For instance, their accommodation type is one of metric that justify their lifestyle and social status. Sometimes, the villas or accommodation would suit to the updated lifestyle to match the buyer demands. Ranging from cottage, villas, hotels and guest house are doing the same approach.

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How it Influenced Villas in Seminyak?

More of vacant land are getting replaced overtime to provide facilities and modern living lifestyle. However, big portion of that are not only to build an entertainment center and business but also for real estate and property. With the growing trends and modernization come in to place, it is without a doubt that Villas in Seminyak are influenced by these trends.

Villas in Seminyak Room

Currently most of Seminyak villa are build in stunning, define by luxury and elegant interior or exterior. Moreover, the whole complexes are wrap in the mix of western and balinese essence to bring an enhancing living experience. With this modern villa unit, tourist will get the advantage to live in a exciting environment with the improvement of their living standards.

Decent Villa in the Heart of Seminyak

A decent and luxurious villa can be describe and starts with its concept and style. For instance this brand new luxury and stylish villa seminyak, its the wildest lifestyle concept there is to be lease. Spread across a 4.5 acre of land with open space accompanied with garden and swimming pool make this villa standout amongst other.

Features 4 spacious bedroom, complete with its cozy bathroom, full furnished and luxurious furniture that provide great quality and comfort. Worth to mention additional offers of an open living room, full set kitchen, dining area, car port, event space, heating.  These justify the Villas in Seminyak position as one of the best in region.

Ideal purchase as an long investment or as residential retirement home. Enquire this villa with the leasehold for 30 years and price ranging up to $6XX,XXX

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Building Your Courage During Economic Uncertainty

Building Your Courage During Economic Uncertainty

Facing the crisis, global economy has become more uncertain. Lots of businesses are suffered due to the impact of the pandemic. It is normal to worry about the future in the mids of economic uncertainties. However, fear can be your greatest enemy even if it has nothing to do with crisis. It can make you more hesitate in making the right decision. You will only focus on negative possibilities. Thus, it blocks you from success in your life. Fear is something you can overcome even during this crisis.

How to build your courage and save your business

There are many forms of courage. It can be in a form of daring pursuit of bold peaks. Some people also act courageous to defy their fear. Business leaders are facing economic uncertainties and fear for the future. Courage is something you can build just like your muscles. Here are things you can do to build your courage and save your business during this economic uncertainty:

Acknowledge the fear

The very first thing you can do to remove your fear is by acknowledging it. Keeping in denial won’t take you anywhere. By acknowledging the fear, your body and mind are more ready to respond. Remember that your body is smart. Your brain can execute thinking process that helps you overcome your fear. 

Build your self certainty

How to build your courage and save your business

Fear of challenges during economic uncertainty is something you can overcome by building your self-certainty. Even if the world is dying, you can still find courage to move forward if you have faith in yourself. Therefore, it is important to find your position during uncertainties. You can try to connect more with your strengths and get clear with your own anchor. This will help guide you to the right path. When you connect to your strength, you will feel more courageous.

Stop imagining negative things

Try to stop yourself from imagining negative things in your mind. It is easy for our mind to wander around to dangerous areas. There are so many ‘ what ifs’ arise in your mind while just casually thinking about the future of your business during the crisis. However, that way of thinking will only harm you. Thus, pull yourself together whenever you stat thinking negatively then refocus on what you want to do and what you can do instead. 

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Set some assuring rituals

Practice rituals that can help you build your courage. Well, it is not a ritual where you go into a cave and meditate or something. Your rituals can help you build healthy, positive habits that affect your courage. Therefore, it is highly recommended to prioritize practices that physically, emotionally, mentally recharge and renew. 

Know that you will get pass this

Always remember that no matter how tough the time is currently, it won’t stay the same. Focusing on how bad it is won’t make you more courageous. Therefore, it is advised to focus more on your future-self. You can start planning where you want to be in a year from now. This can elevate your perspectives and unlock your creativity to find hidden opportunities even in the mids of crises. 

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Digital Marketing For Beginners

With the pandemic, there has been major shift happening to the marketing. It is unavoidable. Therefore, many businesses jump into digital marketing to ensure the business still run as effective as possible. However, digital marketing is not as simple as it seems. For those businesses who have had digital footprint before, it might not be so surprising. However, it is different for those who have never set their foot on digital path. 

digital marketing for beginners

Digital marketing to work effectively for beginners

Digital marketing is not something new but not all business use it. Some business stay in conventional way to promote and sell their products or service. However, the pandemic has forced every type of business to think and work harder to run business effectively without risking their safety and their customers’. Therefore, even the way digital marketing approach today is a bit different. It should be done with thorough plans. 

To make sure that the digital marketing strategies you use is going to be effective, you have to know who your customers are and what they like. You can find out what makes your existing customer keep coming back to you. What factors that make them stayed until now. The information you gain from the research can help you to build an accurate profile for your target customers. 

In digital marketing, you will rely so much on the contents. If you deliver a very simple content without any purpose or interesting points, it will be forgotten. Even if you have had already some accounts in online platforms, you still have to make something new for your contents. You can start blogging but it should not be contained only paragraph after paragraph. You need to make sure that your contents have value to your readers. Aside from blogs, you can also provide variety of contents such as videos, guest posts, case studies, etc.

If you have the budget, you can also use paid advertisement to promote and sell your product/service more. It costs you money but if it’s worth it than why refuse it. You can use digital paid advertising such as Google Ads. Other platforms such as social medias also offer paid advertising you can buy to optimize your marketing. You can start with the one that doesn’t cost too much. 

Email can still be used in today’s digital marketing strategy. It might look old but still considered effective because emails can serve as reminders for customers. You can announce upcoming launch, offer deals, and more with emails. Your customers will also stay up-to-date with everything they might need from you. Make sure that the contents of your email are high quality.

It might be challenging for those who are new with digital marketing. However, it can be a great lesson to gain because digital marketing will keep advancing in the future even after the pandemic ends. Thus, learning and improve your digital marketing is a good investment for your future with your business.