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What is a Sunroom and Are They Worth It?

Sunrooms have long been a part of the history of houses. Home constructions that are built well-lit with an abundance lighting design in mind may not need a specific, dedicated sunroom for the house at all. However, unfortunately, a few houses are. This is where sunrooms shine (literally) for your house.

Defining a sunroom for your property

Sunroom in residential constructions come by many names. Sunrooms can be a porch-turned-room that is screened with windows and glasses, or it can be its own dedicated room. As the name suggests, one of the purposes of a sunroom is letting as much light inside. A sunroom is also an excellent place for people to take a rest inside while being able to enjoy the view of the outdoors while being protected from nature’s elements at the same time. You’ll be able to enjoy a book and a cup of tea looking out an unobstructed view of the garden even when it’s raining or when the wind is a tad too chilly for comfort.

Bringing the outdoors inside your house

Sunrooms are simply the perfect way to enjoy the outdoors and everything nature has to offer without actually coming outside. You’re protected from the rain, snow, cold, and the chilly wind. Better yet? You’re protected from the bugs. Dining in sunrooms is also one of the most pleasurable changes in your dining activity. We all like to eat in brightly-lit rooms. There’s nowhere better than the sunroom to dine and savor the meal. Sunrooms may also be the perfect part of your house to host family events. There’s not much you’d have to do in terms of decorating the room when you already have a gorgeous backdrop of the outdoor always ready.

Sunrooms or solariums?

In the past, sunrooms and solariums have a stricter definition. Sunrooms often used to be simply a sunny room. No more than a glass-enclosed patio, or a modified, enclosed porch that is screened. Now, as designs and construction technology progress, the border between the two blurred even more. There are now enclosed patios that have very similar characteristics as that of a solarium. Those tend to be enclosed in glass or glass windows that stretch from ceiling to floor. It is also not rare for sunrooms to have a full or partial glass ceiling. This gives more opportunity for lights to penetrate. The glass ceilings allow the house inhabitants to glimpse at the cosmos.

Considering the cost of sunrooms and your needs

Are you a property investor who’s thinking of adding sunrooms to add your property’s value? Perhaps you’d need to reconsider it. The addition of sunrooms is often cheaper compared to the conventional full-room if you’re considering a room addition to add to square footage. But if your goal is to make a profit as fast and as much as possible, then this is clearly not an option. Sunrooms are definitely one of the best investments you could make for your own home. Staying in a room with a gorgeous view outdoor simply whiling the day away is one of the most relaxing ways of spending your day off.


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Natural Materials For Your Home

The concept of eco-friendly is not merely a marketing babble. Reducing carbon footprints and even improving the efficiency of your home by reducing the consumption of energy is a huge deal when it comes to building properties these days. A number of natural materials have been discovered and even gone through further research in order to improve the sustainable elements of a building.

Natural materials for home

Natural stones

Stones are inherently natural and are extremely durable, which is a highly desirable factor when it comes to sustainability and reducing carbon footprint. Although stones have received bad press due to the process of the extraction of stones, it is noteworthy that modern equipments and process have improved greatly and a lot of companies extracting stones are known to undertake the task of restoration projects as well, which is highly essential in the continuity of the availability of the stones as well. Consult the companies if you have any questions regarding the extraction methods of the stones.

The life-cycle of stone is longer compared to most building materials. In terms of cost perspective, although stones can be very expensive at first, the durability and the long life cycle of stones can make them more cost-effective in the long term, as you won’t need to replace parts that are broken or parts that has expired in its life cycle.

Because of its durability and the compact mass that make for good insulators, stones highly increases the value of your house. Stones are also generally low maintenance, and they are also fire resistant. Natural stones are great investment when it comes to building your properties.


Bamboo is hands down, one of the best materials when the factor of sustainability comes to play. Bamboo is also known to have extreme rapid growth. The plants grow more individual trees through their own roots. Because of the impressive regeneration ability of bamboos, a lot of people had expressed that “bamboo is essentially a weed”.

Bamboo is also pest resistant, making the usage of pesticides generally minimum to zero, making it a great eco-friendly resource compared to most forest woods.


Just like bamboo, cork is one of the fastest growing resources, a factor that is contributes a significant weight to the sustainability factor. Corks are harvested in abundance. These corks grow back again in very short amount of time. When you think corks, you think of wine stoppers, but corks have virtually limitless use and is highly versatile when it comes to construction materials.

Unfortunately right now, corks can only be found in the Mediterranean area, Portugal to be precise. This means less point for the “locally sourced” factor as it needs to be transported possibly to great lengths. However corks are very lightweight, and it sort of balances out the factor of the limited area where it’s growing.

Sheep wool

This material is excellent for insulation. Sheep wool does not degrade as quickly as other nature-based insulation materials, straws, for example. Compared to cotton, another natural insulation material, sheep wool is also way faster to grow back. However, sheep wool is not a material everyone can afford, although this has changed over time as demands gradually rise.

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Where to Get the Bamboo Linen Products For Your Bedroom

Bamboo linen has been known as the organic fabric that for the past recent years, it has also been used to make some of the bedding set items for your bedroom. Be it the pillows or their cases, the bed sheets and also the duvet covers, they can be made of the bamboo. Thanks to the development of science and technology, at least now we can be at that position where there will be many natural products to be used in our home.

Public may haven’t known much about how its process compared with the cotton, especially when we knew that the bamboo fibres are so sharp. It doesn’t soft at all when we touch it with our bare hands. But then, comes the linen term when it is actually referring to the flax plant’s fibres.

From now on, many of the families are switching from using the cotton-based fabric to the bamboo linen for the bedding sets. It can be understood that many of us are require the best and also the healthier product to be used by our family members.

But you must also be ware of the bamboo linen textiles such as clothes or yarns that are made by the mechanical-bacterial process similar to retting flax into linen fibres. Still human-friendly to be used, but the term of the green product made out through the process may confuse you.

So that, if you need the 100% organic bamboo linen products for your bedroom like the bedding set, it is better for the shops you will buy the items are publicly inform about it. But rather than only claimed as the organic product by their own just to increase the sales, make sure that the shops can also prove what they are insist to be believed by us. You can ask them about which institutions or organisations are certified their products as organic.

Where to buy the bamboo linen products that are 100% organic and certified?

Many of us may have experienced in buying the products online as our gadgets are possible for doing that. So, to make sure that you can grab the bamboo linen products as fast as possible without worrying anything, I think that informing you about the trustworthy online shop is the best way.

You can visit sites such as ebay or Amazon, but since the marketplaces won’t be possible to gibe you more detailed information about the bamboo products, then i’d like to suggest you to visit Moonava.com as one of the online shop you can buy the bamboo linen items we are talking about.

Bamboo linen online shop

“Sleep the Moonava Way,” that’s what is written in the site when i have visited before. There, you can acknowledge yourself about the bamboo products and their advantages through the published information in the site. All products have been sold in various of sizes you can choose and the online shop itself is reminds me that buying theirs can also mean to involve in providing a better the better environment for the future generations.

Moonava is proudly support the WeForest as the ono-profit organisation that is conducting the numbers of reforestation projects and rehabilitate various arid regions across the globe. Local communities are also educated about how to provide theirself in harmony with the newly restored habitat.

Bamboo has been proven as one of the raw material for bedding that is eco-friendly and Moonava is taking part in it. Through communication and sustainable cooperations with the non-profit organisation, the customers whose loving their products, they are all contributing in make the earth as the better place to live in. And you can take part in the big step as well.

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Bean Bag, A Perfect Decorate For Your Home Theater

Home theater is the dream of many people. There is a lot to think about to make your home theater look comfortable and amazing. When it comes to furniture, there are many offers and flexibility. There is a saying that expensive is the best. Maybe this is true because expensive furniture is produced with super quality materials. But if you are looking for relaxing and light furniture in your wallet, then you can consider bean bags.

Bean Bag

Bean Bag To Relax and To Lie on

People might already know bean bags. Comfortable and best furniture to make you relax. They are large, soft and lightweight bags. Their popularity continues to increase day by day. Many bean bag requests for various placements. Even today, bean bags can be called trendy multifunctional furniture. You don’t need to sit in one position because you have support for you to change your sitting position.

Choosing a bean bag as a furniture and decoration for home theater is a brilliant idea. Using a home theater means this is your time to relax. You need to spoil yourself with a relaxed atmosphere and comfortable furniture. You always have the choice to determine the best. Do maintain using a traditional sofa or choose bean bag.

If you use the home theater as a place to rest and play games, then the bean bag is the best. You can relax enjoying your favorite music, watching movies or holding meetings with friends. The placement depends on how you design the home theater. Having a coffee table at home theater will be fun. There is a large size bean sofa and can be a great addition.

The maintenance is also not difficult. When a party is festive, food and beverage stains are exposed to bean bags, you just have to open the cover and wash it. When it comes to a garden party or party in the pool area, you can easily carry and move it. When moving a traditional sofa, it takes time and energy, not with bean bags.

Over time, the bean bag will feel less comfortable when you sit down. You can bring it to the store as long as you buy it and ask them to check. Allows you to just pay to buy filling. When resolved, your bean bag looks new. You will be more comfortable while sitting. A bean bag is perfect for your furniture or home theater decoration. Not only home theater but also perfect for you to place anywhere in every corner of your room.

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Why You Will Need the Bamboo Linen Sheets? Things to Know

This may not concerned you before. But from now on, we have to think that every parts and items we have had at home should be important. They must have functions so we can get the benefits of the items or tools. Including our own bed sheets that we probably consider it as insignificant. We still need them, but you know, they may not as important as the bed itself. Thankfully, there are new products called as the bamboo linen sheets that will blow our mind about how vital could the bed sheets are.

Things to know about bamboo linen sheets

We are rarely taught that even the simple thing we’ve got like the bed sheets can stand the important roles in our life. Not only for covering the bed, but even more that can have large impacts the the environment. That’s why the bamboo linen sheets came in.

Why you will need the bamboo linen sheets?

Every products must be made of something. Their main raw materials sometimes rarely to find and otherwise. The more of the products are produced in large quantities because of the high market demand, the more of the materials are threatened. So that, bamboo linen sheets themselves are standing and representing the green and sustainable raw materials where you can still lay your head down comfortably without being involved in harming the environment without your knowing.

I’ll make you know the reasons for that and later can also be the things to be considered right before you want to buy your own bamboo linen sheets to change your old ones.

Keep in mind that bamboo linen sheets are not the trend for your bedroom. We have learnt that life can be more troublesome when many of us be attracted by the trend of anything, including for our bedding sets. Some of them are good, the rests just the useless things we should never heard of. Even though the bed sheets are not something special in your life, but experience the better way of sleeping from several point of views can be interesting thing to know.

Using bamboo linen sheets can be the way of saving our planet

The first thing I have actually told you before is, as the raw material, bamboo can be the sustainable material that later will guide us to get the green product especially for the bed sheets.

Bamboo is one of the most useful plant both for human and environment. It is also as the durable plants on this planet where it can grows rapidly and naturally will be regenerated through the strong root system. You don’t have to spend more money and times in growing the bamboo. When the seeds are growing, you can even leave them because you don’t really have to give the fertilizers, insecticides, etc. No more chemicals are also needed.

Since bamboo is growing fast, when the industry needs it as the material just like for the bamboo linen sheets, it can be easy to find and then re-plant it. Moreover, you will also get the green sheets you have never got before.

Bamboo linen sheets are valued more than cotton

The cotton has not even the chance to be compared with the bamboo linen fabric. When it comes to the softness and smoothness, the textile made from the fibers of the flax plant may laborious to make. But the fibers construction will be very strong. So that, the bamboo linen fabric can absorb and dries more quickly than cotton. That will also guides us to value more of the sheets for their freshness in hot and humid weather. But at the other hands, the price for the sheet made of bamboo and cotton may not have big different range.

There will be more reasons to write in a limited time, but those what I have just informed you should at least wake our minds up to get more sustainable home products where in this case is the bed sheets made of the organic bamboo linen. You have just read some of the facts, and now, the choice is yours.

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Plants for Your Indoor Home Improvement

One of the best methods in kickstarting your very own endeavor in home improvement is through applying the natural way. Indoor gardening or indoor plants have been popularized since the Victorian era; nobles and those who could afford it reap countless benefits from having plants indoors. Indoor plants such as hibiscus and abutilons are quite popular as they were discovered.

Plants for Your Indoor Home Improvement

In the modern day, so much more innovative variations and methods in incorporating plants to houses have been discovered and starting wouldn’t be a chore. There are certain types of plants that could help transform your room. It’s been handpicked for their ease in maintenance, so they are perfect for everyone, even though you’re not garden-savvy.

Madagascar Dragon Tree

This beautiful low-maintenance plant, also known as F. benjamina is common to be found indoor. They’re very attractive and easy to grow. Its been said that the Madagascar Dragon Tree is impossible to kill—referring to how it could last on itself even with minimum maintenance. This plant is known to tolerate neglect, but of course, it is not recommended. Though this plant needs little care, no maintenance will slowly make the plant deteriorate. It would eventually beat its purpose as a home improvement item. When the plant seemed to be dying, try re-potting and care for it for several weeks; this Madagascar dragon tree could flourish again.

Spider Plant – Chlorophytum Comosum

The spider plant is one of those plants with long, flowy leaves that require little maintenance, perfect for those who’d just started. The stems and leaves could grow very well over one meter, therefore, hanging Chlorophytum Comosum on a basket or a hanging pot is an excellent way. You can also put these plants on a table or on room corners that allows the leaves and stems to grow freely. During the early weeks when Chlorophytum Comosum is small, you can put them anywhere as their leaves aren’t so lengthy; as long as you keep them from direct sunlight.

Dracaena Corn Plant

The dracaena fragrans plants is known to remove air toxins as it’s one of the plants used in NASA’s Clean Air Study. Results have shown that these dracaena fragrans are capable of removing a significant amount of indoor air pollutants and toxins from the environment in which they grow in. Their green and yellow striped hues and patterns are gorgeous, ready to spruce up any corner of your room.  Large ones look especially lovely and could easily grab the attention of anyone in the proximity. The most popular types are D. fragrans massangeana and D. fragrans lindenni, among others. Having several pots of the Dracaena Corn Plants in one corner or at one side of your room would greatly increase the ambience and the atmosphere, in addition to their capability as air purifier.


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Reasons Why Should Have Bean Bag Chairs?

Bean bag chairs are included in the furniture that is most in demand and liked by many people. They are available in several colors and sizes. Lazy bro beanbag chair is no exception. Lazy bro, one of the products offered by Soo Santai store which is quite popular and based in Bali. You can easily find it via the internet. Bean bag chairs are a good idea for comfortable and relaxing furniture.

bean bag chairs

Why should you choose them as comfortable furniture? Why should you choose them as comfortable furniture? Let’s take a look the reason why bean bags are perfect for you.

Change in The Design

Tired of changing furniture? Traditional furniture designs have long been abandoned by most people. Design development continues to change, accompanying the development of property design. When your home design is minimalist, it is not suitable if you place a chair with a traditional design.

Lazy Bro bean bag chairs are designed not only as furniture but also as decorations. The beanbag design is timeless. You can use it as long as possible and not easily damaged.

Ergonomic Chairs

Bean bag chairs are not only comfortable to use, and beautiful as decorations. Did you know that they are very good for health? Sometimes your old furniture cannot offer health. Many doctors recommend the benefits of using ergonomic furniture to prevent health problems related to future postures. Bean bag chairs are a simple and relatively inexpensive solution. Sitting and working in front of a computer for hours can make you experience neck pain, headaches, pinch nerves and more. Bean bag chairs are ergonomic chairs because they accommodate various positions that your body needs.

For Indoor and Outdoor

Have you ever heard furniture can be used for indoor and outdoor? You can get it if you use bean bag chairs. They are light so you don’t need a lot of energy to move them. Even children can move it whenever they want. Bean bag chairs are very popular in beach tourism destinations. Rows of beachfront bars use it so that guests are comfortable sitting for long.

Safe for Kids

Early generation bean chairs use a zipper system. Its function is to replenish the beans so that they are comfortable to use even though they have been used for years. Children may be curious and open the lid and crawl in to endanger them. At present, bean bag chairs have used double zippers that allow you to go inside but do not allow for children.

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Multifunction Therapy And Ergonomic Bean Bags For Kids

Cultivating children’s responsibility early on is appropriate. A person’s character when children are easy to form. This will shape the character of a person to mature and old. Forming a child’s character is from the age of 2-3 years. Some light activities that can shape their characters such as throwing food wrap into the trash. Clean up their food or drink spills. Or learn to tidy up their toys.

Bean Bags For Kids

Choose The Best For Your Lovely Kids

The children’s room is well designed comfortably. Also adapted to their character. Furniture is an important factor to be placed in a child’s room. Not only as a compliment or decoration but also good when they sit for long. Bean bags for kids, modern, innovative and multi-functional furniture. They are designed for children’s comfort.

When the development of technology is accelerating, children cannot be separated from electronic goods. Traditional games are no longer attractive to them. When children have excessive activity, such as sitting for a long time, allowing their bone growth is not optimal. Children also suffer from obesity or obesity. In fact, many children, especially in this modern era lack vitamin D.

This is the good of kids bean bags. Because they are light, children can move them everywhere. Bringing children outside the room is right. Educating them to bring kids bean bags will be useful to shape them as responsible in the future. If you have a private swimming pool at home, it’s good to invite the children to sunbathe to be exposed to the sun. This will be very good for their health. Another advantage is that your interaction with children will be closer.

Bean bags for kids are designed and marketed in various sizes, shapes, and colors. This makes it easy for you to choose and adjust it to their room. Color selection also shapes children’s character. You should consult with a psychologist about the nature of the child and the right color for them.

In fact, children spend more time in the room. For that, it’s good to provide furniture products that are comfortable and healthy. Bean bags for kids are furniture designed to suit ergonomics, and also as bone therapy. Kids bean bags are highly recommended by bone doctors for children. Fatal errors in children’s bones can be fatal later on.

Another fact is that bean bags for kids are the best therapy for children with autism. Autistic children need deep pressure therapy. The point is to put pressure on the child’s body in order to stimulate the nervous system and give a calming feeling. Bean bags for kids also function for weight-bearing therapy to train arm or leg muscles.

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Facts of Kids Bean Bags. Safety or Harmful?

The safe or insecure debate of bean bag products for children has not been completed yet. Cases that occur in daycares become a debate. Human error or dangerous products? Let’s take a look. Let’s take a look. The case of a child’s death at daycare is evidence of a human error. Lack of childcare monitoring of children is one reason.

kids bean bags

The popularity of bean bag is no doubt as a convenient and affordable product. Not apart from a product for children. Kids bean bags are designed and manufactured for the convenience of children. It is a fact that kids are crazy about gadgets. You will see children sitting silently playing gadgets for hours.

The Best Therapy

Every child will be happy to have a private seat. They will keep it well. But the main thing is beans kids are useful for children’s health. How can? Flexible surfaces and able to follow children’s movements, aiding their proper bone formation.

When children are tired all day running and jumping, or playing gadgets, they will fall asleep in the bean bag chair. The fact that at this time can be given is, this furniture is a safe place for children activities. Surely it should stay on the adult monitor.

Bean bags for kids is the best home therapy media for children with autism. The traditional sofa does not make the child autistic uncomfortable because it is not flexible. Kids beanbag able to provide peace. Children with autism will feel calm when their body around the pressure gentle pressure. Kids bean bag chairs help provide gentle pressure so that autistic children feel calm that can help them organize their thoughts and emotions.

Kids bean bags help train autistic child muscles. You do not need to worry because this furniture is light so easy to move wherever by children. Seeing the many benefits of a bean bag for kids, does it still have to be a contentious debate for this product safety or not?

Many things underlie a furniture is safe or not for use. If you only see one side in the case of the toddler’s death due to the bean bag, then this is a human error. Every child bean bags product is produced and has passed the safety test. But the security of a product can not guarantee the safety of children. To that end, the security of a product and the human factor must be balanced.

Kids bean bags with premium quality and an affordable price from Soo Santai is a wise choice. You can get it through an online store or other websites that sell products from Soo Santai. The price and quality of Soo Santai product are worthy of what you pay. Quality is the main one!