It is not easy to run your own business because you are practically a leader. You have so much on your plates and feel like not have enough time to do all of them. However, it is a must to keep monitoring your team and each department to ensure they are on track with their goals. It is challenging to find the most effective ways to do so especially with how the global pandemic affected our way of work today. 

How to keep your department on track with its goals

Your business as whole has its objectives. However, it can be achieved through hardwork and teamwork. That’s why you have different departments to ensure that they all work in harmony toward your company’s objectives. Here are ways you can track your department to see if they are on track with their specific goals:

You can always use the classic strategy, SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, time-bound) goals. This is easy method you can use tot rack your department on their progress with their goals. The goals are broken down into smaller pieces which make them easier to focus on and follow through. 

You can create shared goals document so you and your department can refer to it on an ongoing basis. You can create a spreadsheet for each department with specific goals each of them has to achieve. With this kind of document, it is easier to make everyone in the department aware of the goal because everything is laid out clear in specific manner. 

Get everyone on board by putting the goals front and center for all to see clearly so everyone working in harmony to achieve them. You can try it by putting a dashboard in a very visible place where everyone can see clearly. You can also talk about the goals and discuss about the indicators on daily basis. Always encourage your team toward achieving something together. Teamwork is the key here so that’s why everyone needs to get on the same board. 

If it is impossible for you to keep monitoring all departments on your own, appoint a leader or team heads for each department. Give them the responsibility to monitor and encourage their team. Then, you can communicate with the team heads regularly to know if their department is on track with their goals. This is a win-win solution because you can still keeping up with other works while still able to track your department’s specific goals. 

Schedule regular personal meeting every week for each team if possible. Make sure that the session runs smoothly where everyone get their time to go over goals. Also, conduct a question and answer session in the meeting. By giving each team or department a chance for a regular personal meeting, you give each of them a chance to look at the details to reach their goals effectively. It also means they can reach their goals one step at a time. 

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