Unwinding and Diving in Amed

If you are thinking of having a blissful break on Bali—without all the parties, busy shops, and other worldly pleasure you might be thinking of Ubud. The centre of Bali’s cultural heritage; the inspiration for yogis, the place where you want to find the best healing for a tired soul. But you might not know that Ubud is not the only place in Bali blessed with tranquility. Shift your gaze to the north east coast of Bali and you will find Amed, a peaceful diving hub in Bali that’s blessed with slow-paced living and disarmingly relaxing atmosphere. Amed is the place where you can get away from all that distracting noises and get soothed by simple pleasure from mother nature. This little fishing village is considered as one of the best dive sites in Bali, yet it still remain below the radar from other mainstream travelers. Amed is still that little charming village without loud and noisy nightclub or pretentious restaurant. That’s why Amed is the best gateway to have some quiet time and amuse yourself with the superb marine life under the calm waves. 

Go to Amed for Series of Marvellous Diving

You might know Amed as a little village with one great dive site, but it’s more than that. Amed is actually comprise with series of fishing and diving village dotting over the fourteen kilometres of Bali’s east coast. When you visit Amed for diving, you are bound to visit its neighbouring villages; the Jemeluk, Bunutan, Lipah, Selang, Banyuning, and couple others. Each have their own dive site and underwater attraction. 

Some Light Snorkeling for the Afternoon 

Unwinding and Diving in Amed

Too much for a dive but still want to enjoy Amed’s magnificent blue water? Head up for snorkeling. Amed is not limited for diving—snorkelers are very much welcomed! The Jemeluk Bay is one of the greatest spot for snorkelers. The currents are calm, the water clear, and the fishes are so lively. It also has stunning underwater temples, a manmade artificial reef to provide new home for the fishes!

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The Volcanic Beach Sands in Amed

When you come to Amed, you might stumble upon totally different beaches. Unlike the majority of beaches in Bali with their iconic golden white sands, Amed’s beaches are black. Like, totally black. It give a nice difference than your regular Bali holiday. The black sands was made from the remains of volcanic lava coming from Mount Agung. That majestic mountain looming just behind the Amed beach. Grab a fresh coconut drink or cold Bintang beer for some relaxing afternoon in this black sand beach. 

Go to Amed and forget your problems for a while. Stay in the idyllic village and immerse on the natural beauty of Bali!

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