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Successfully close the Deals from House Flipping

Closing a deal in property business does matter. It is the result of the hard work you put through. If you cannot close the deal then it is likely hard to say that you have succeed in your real estate investing career. Flipping house now is majorly considered as one of the most promising investing strategy in property industry.

Close the deals from the house flipping

This strategy is quite straightforward. Closing your first rehab deal is a goal you might after. Or, you might as well after a goal to grow your business. Either way, you still need to execute the right steps to achieve those goals.

For new investors, closing the first rehab is important so that they will be more motivated to make more promising deals and become more professional in handling this business. Here are some tips achieve your goals in closing the first rehab property:

  • Remember that real estate investing is a about numbers game rather than emotions. Thus, it is highly recommended to look for promising and profitable deals. It is important to find the right and most suitable property you can work with house flipping. There are many ways to find the deals. You can contact wholesalers or distressed property owners to find out if there is any property that will be suitable to your liking. Attending club meetings or local networking between real estate investors is also promising for you to find ideal deals of rehab properties.
  • Calculate everything started from the value of the property as well as the cost estimation of repairs. In finding rehab deal, you need to try looking for discount. It is not embarrassing thing in house flipping deal. You will have to calculate the total of capital you need to spend. Therefore, it is highly recommended to make calculation with patient. There is no need to rush the process because the most important thing is to calculate everything precisely and thoroughly. Remember not to leave small details from your calculation.
  • Next thing to do is to figure out the value of the property after rehab. To help you decide, you may need to look into the most recent comparable sales. Thing to consider in deciding the value is the amenities, since it impact the value the most. However, the information n regarding to comparable sales in the market is not an absolute guide you should follow religiously. Market is prone to change from time to time. Thus, your comparable sales in the market may change in the next few months even before you are able to close the deals. Comparing the sales in the market is important to avoid making your property overprice or underprice.
  • The last thing to do is making the right offer. This is quite challenging and nerve-wrecking for most investors. There is high chance of being rejected even if you think you have made the fairest offer. You can make the offer based on what you want and if it doesn’t work, you need to prepare the alternative.
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Things to Know about Rental Property Financing

Financing holds an important role in real estate investing. Without proper financing, it will be harder for you as an investor to manage your business and gain profit. It is also the same when you investing in rental property. Financing is something you need to master if you want to build your business properly and successfully. There are various strategies to run business in property industry. They include wholesaling, fix and flip, full rehabs, and many more. However, buy and hold rental property is one of the most promising strategies you can count on in earning steady income and promising profit. However, those will happen if only you can master the art of rental property financing.

Rental Property Financing

Things to consider about rental property financing

Rental property is promising strategy since there are rent everywhere. The demand is high in which it rises the opportunities to gain more profits. However, you still need to work hard to be successful in rental property investing. You need to do your due diligence and find the right tenants. You need to decide many things especially the basic so that your portfolio will be positively affected as well. Here are what to consider when it comes to rental property financing:

  • Financing is about number in the first place. It is important factor to mind. You need to run your number before anything. This is to find out how much you can afford to spend even before you start looking for houses to buy. Four things to consider in this point are financing to find out the best option to you, transaction fees to make sure your bottom line is safe, management fees to decide whether or not you need to hire property management company, and market indicators to find out more about the average rent and make comparison.
  • Next thing to consider is none other than location. This is one of the most important points in real estate industry. After running the numbers and finding out how much you can afford, it is time to find the best property to buy. Make sure to be selective in buying the property. It is recommended to find the one located in attractive property in desirable neighborhood. You can do your own research to find the best one. It is also important to consider local amenities which will make your tenants live comfortably in your rental property.
  • When you decide what kind of location you want your rental property to be in, then it is indirectly decided what kind of tenants you want to rent to. Every type of tenant has different needs. You can choose to target students, families, or workers as your target.
  • Financing rental property will be easier when you have good credit score. It gives you less risk of having financial obstacles in the future. Thus, make sure don’t have any credit issue even before you start investing in rental property. You need to fix any issue related to your credit before jumping into any actions.  
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Why Not Buying Property In Bali To Realize Your Dreams?

Bali is one of the islands in Indonesia that is located between the islands of Java and Lombok. Tourists visiting Bali have learned that this exotic island offers a myriad of luxury, comfort and high relaxation. Bali is an archipelago and blesses with beautiful beaches, beautiful scenery, culture, and stunning traditions. Have you ever thought about living in Bali and enjoying the beauty of a sunset?

buying property in balo


Buying Property In Bali, Realize A Good Dream and Enjoy Life

Many people dream of buying property in Bali. This is the perfection of life. Who doesn’t want to live on the dream island of most people? Whether buying property in Bali is your place of residence or as a second home, Bali is perfect for escaping in the winter. Why dream of buying property in Bali if it can become a reality?

Bali with friendly weather throughout the year and the value of land and buildings that have high selling value is a smart investment step. With a little repair for a used house or villa and facilities, you can get all the comfort and lifestyle. The property in Bali market continues to increase by 25-30%, along with the increase in tourist arrivals.

Lately, many tourists come to visit and decide to buy property in Bali. Buying property in Bali means securing your own paradise. You must be here to see for yourself the scenery and beauty of Bali. The photos that you see online do not yet represent the beauty of Bali as a whole.

Buying property in Bali cannot be done carelessly. All stages and procedures must be carried out in accordance with applicable government regulations. This applies to all who wants to buy property without exception, both Indonesians and foreigners. Realizing the dream of buying property in Bali will be easy if through a property agent. Especially for foreigners, they will greatly assist the legal process related to property ownership in Bali.

In fact, if you are a foreigner, it is not possible to own land and property in Bali. Or you can own land and property on behalf of the Indonesian people you appoint. Having property in Bali is a dream, which can be realized for everyone, no matter where you comes from. Provided that it meets the requirements and follows applicable government regulations.

Some real estate is popular and is the target of most such as Seminyak, Canggu, Umalas, Kuta and several other places. The simple tendency of people who want to enjoy life in Bali is to want to be close to the beach. It would be very beneficial if you buy property in Bali to stay or invest. Buying property in Bali is an investment with the best benefits and smart steps both short and long-term.

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The Importance of Sustainability in Property Business

Today, it is impossible to ignore the act of ‘go green’ especially when it comes to residential and commercial property. Even though technology seems to be capable to make any kinds of changes or improvement, nothing can compare to the importance of sustainability. Thus, technology today is geared toward more sustainable development in property business. In the past, majority of people are interested to live in the big city.

The Importance of Sustainability in Property Business

Today though, millennial are more interested to live in suburban since it provides more comfort and ideal situation for living. Besides, people are now preferred sustainable and energy efficient appliances instead of the luxurious ones. This shows how people are more aware about the importance of sustainability which benefits them as well as their surroundings.

Why is sustainability importance to be applied in residential and commercial property development?

Going green is not new since humans have become aware that the problems of global climate change are serious and need the right solution. The first thing that is suitable for the change is property in which people are living and doing their activities daily. Going green means all kinds of redevelopment of the property either residential or commercials focus more on sustainability. In return, it benefits the environment, as well as community and economy. As for the homeowners and investors, sustainable redevelopment is also beneficial. Investors have more potential to sell their property which has sustainable features. As for the homeowners, they can reduce energy bills and even their life will be improved in many ways.


Reasons why sustainability is important in property business

  • Buildings, both commercial and residential contribute to energy used about 40 % of the total amount. It leads to global climate change. That’s why sustainable properties will help reducing carbon footprint as well as general environmental impact.
  • Sometimes investors and developers are reluctant to build or remodel properties to go green concept sue to the cost. However, it only cost 5-10% more expensive. If they can only utilize some features, the percentage will be decreased.
  • As mentioned above that homeowners gain benefits from buying and living in a house with sustainable features because they can save energy bills. This is beneficial not only for the homeowners but also for the overall energy used. Net energy will save up significantly in a year and more.
  • Investors and developers are mostly worried about go green properties not being attractive enough for the consumers. However, the study shows that nearly half consumers are indeed willing to buy a home with some sustainable features or zero net energy. This shows that the possibility of earning less profit is rather small.
  • There are many features in homes that can be remodeled to be more energy efficient such as wall, ceiling, floor, window insulation, lighting, heating or cooling system, electrical outlets, as well as ventilation system. Developers can start from any of them. Remodeling can be applied to the entire elements in home or to only some of them.


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Things to Prove Your Credibility as Property Investor

In real estate business, credibility hold important key to the success. Through credibility, investor can legitimate themselves as well as their service to others. Without credibility, it is hard to earn trust from customer or partner. Thus, it is a must for property investor to have credibility package which contains service and business to offer.

How to prove credibility as property investor

Besides, the competition in property business is not to be underestimated. It is essential to be different or steps ahead your competitors. It is also common for investor to use their credibility to earn trust from lenders. Thus, they will be willing to give financial support for your investment deals. You need to gear your credibility to buyers and sellers to become a savvy investor in this business.

Important things to prove your credibility

Remember that credibility can only be earned. It aims to build trust as major purpose. It is also important to establish credibility itself as well as to differentiate business from others. Credibility is not only geared towards buyers and sellers but also private money lenders as mentioned above. Read along the below things you need to prove others about your credibility!

It is important to keep personal information in the brief section. Personal information is the first thing you need to include. It includes your email address, phone number, official website, address of the office, and your company’s history. You need to list the core service you offer through your business. You need to show how your offer will benefit sellers or buyers.

It is also recommended to include frequently asked question in the section of your website for example. This will give benefit both for you and customers. The process of finding out information will be more efficient for customers since they don’t have to ask the same questions. You also have a chance to clarify your services and how those benefit you customers. The section is sometime is underestimated but it provides great prove to your credibility. This also makes you easier to gain your customer’s trust.

It is also important to use case studies to prove your credibility. Success stories will make you have positive image. This will help building your credibility to your customers. About the case studies, they don’t have to be too complex to understand. They just need to include important points such as client’s basic information, description of the situation, services you performed, the result, and testimony from the client.

Next important thing to prove and legitimate your credibility is testimonials come from your past clients. It can be used as confirmation about your performance and service in the business. Lots of people look p to testimonials. It gives people courage to decide whether or not to make a deal.

Your real estate portfolio can be an important key to prove your credibility since it contains your past and current deals in the business. It will also show others whether sellers or lenders about your investing strategy and how your approach to earn properties.

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Here’s How Co-Working Spaces Benefit the Emerging and Future Workers

Much of everything else in today’s world, working has evolved, and is still evolving, to be more mobile, as it continued to cater to demands of flexibility. Co-working spaces have been a good solution to these demands, and they continued to become an important part of today’s working environment. Co-working spaces are known to be extremely vital to freelance professionals and groups of startup businesses. How do these working individuals get to benefit from these co-working spaces that becomes especially popular the past decade?

Here’s How Co-Working Spaces Benefit the Emerging and Future Workers

Addresses the issue of lack of accountability

This is especially true when one is a freelance worker who mainly offer their services online. Despite the immense flexibility and freedom it offered, freelancing is difficult to get right simply because of a lack of fundamental aspect that exist in the traditional working environment; accountability. That is, no one that held you accountable is anywhere near the immediate facility. And often time, you’re working by yourself. Changing the working environment is something that has been proven to be effective for many freelance workers. You don’t even have to work with your boss in the vicinity, simply with a colleague or a project partner—or just strangers—would improve your productivity and lessen distractions. Theres also the fact that you’ve gone out of your house just to work, and it’s something that you can technically do at home—so you might as well get it done and over with.


Minimize distractions

When you work at home, it’s easy to just go back to sleep, watch TV, or pet your cat. You’re also prone to get distracted by your family, by relatives’ visits, and many other factors. And since no one who’s holding you accountable is anywhere near, it’s easy to just, say, go back to sleep, or binge-watch netflix. It’s also important to realize that by working at home (the worst is your bedroom without any separation whatsoever with your working space), you’re likely to associate your personal space with work, a potentially high stress-inducing activity. Separating your home from your work has shown to strike a healthier work-life balance that’s extremely essential for both mental and physical health.



Co-working spaces provide an excellent opportunity to socialize. A lot of working faces have various facilities such as cafes and restaurants. It’s easy to chat over a cup of coffee during breaks and form connections. There will be more chances to find like-minded individuals as well. Freelancers and small business owners alike often led a very isolated life due to the nature of their work. Therefore, moving the working space onto a setting that provides a better opportunity for social interactions to flourish is a smart move.


Helps with challenges and frustrations of working independently

Again with the lack of accountability, it’s simply difficult to follow a schedule. Aside from knowing your limits and how much you can chew when it comes to working, creating a supportive environment is just as important. Doing business at a co-working spaces often increase productivity compared to simply doing work at home, especially if you’re a one-man or a one-woman team.


Significant reduction of space-related cost

This especially true for small businesses. Employing a co-working space would greatly minimize startup capital. Cost for space is not going down—has only increased as time goes, in fact. Therefore highly adaptable strategies such as employing the use of co-working space is a wise one.


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What is Open Floor Plan in Real Estate?

Open floor plan has been largely associated with modern, better living. It may have become a trend at some point in the past, but now, it’s clear that open plan living is here to stay. Open floor plan is a type of layout with combined rooms. This layout design utilizes a single space that houses multiple rooms. The most common rooms in the house integrated into an open space to create an open floor plan are living room, kitchen, and dining room. Open floor plan aims to improve the usage of space and the overall quality of living.

open floor plan in real estate

Walls largely cut your visual, and in a home with limited space, this could pose as a problem risking the house becoming too crowded. Open floor plan is sometimes done out of necessity, and it has proven to greatly benefit smaller homes. This is especially true in cities and even metropolitan area, where the price per square footage can get extremely expensive and tiny houses and apartments are abundant.

The open floor plans are stunning. The layout uses the maximum potential of a space in a house. It lets homeowners and home designers to get more creative. The open floor plan can eliminate spaces that are otherwise not optimally used. The corner of the room is an example of this.

Whether you’re in an apartment or in a conventional house, open floor plan is one of the most viable solutions to the demands and needs of more space. Open floor plans have excellent reputation to improve your interior. Done right, the layout makes your interior look larger and feel more airy. Homes with open floor designs often use available spaces in a more efficient manner.

The lack of walls as a dividing point of your interior allows you to be more creative with your furnitures. How you create a sense of a separate section of your kitchen-dining room to your living room, but one that bounds seamlessly. It is one of the pleasant challenges to tackle.

Open floor plans let you play with the color scheme through wall paints as well as furniture colors. The uniform theme of the whole space help solidify the sense of a “larger” room that’s one of the major points of appeal of open floor plans. Painting the walls of the “rooms” from the same set of colors or hues is an excellent way to enhance the sense of space. Colors of the furniture can be uniform as well, or differentiated to add contrast—as long as it’s played tastefully. The possibility in color scheme is endless when it comes to the creativity open floor plan allows you.

This type of layout also creates a more “social” space compared to the conventional home layouts. The home may feel less isolating. Open floor plans are known to encourage more interaction between dwellers and even visitors. The task of cooking in the kitchen can feel isolating, as everyone else are up and about doing their own businesses as you cook for them. But open floor plans could negate this by eliminating the barriers between rooms. The layout also makes the room brighter as it allows natural light to travel through.

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Quick Basics in Home Staging

Knowing the basics of home staging yourself would prove to be a valuable insight to sell your properties or your homes later when the time comes. Here are some of the quick basics to preparing your house for the dressing up your house needs.

Cleaning is always the first step

Thorough, deep cleaning of your house is necessary. It won’t only benefit your future home buyers, but also yourself, especially if you live in the house during the listing period. In a sentimental sense, it could also be a way to say “goodbye” to your house by doing the house you’ve been living it for years a favor.

Cleaning is also an obvious first step, but a lot of people sometimes forgo cleaning altogether because they assumed their house look good as it is and only needs a few decor modifications. Cleaning is vital in making your house look presentable and even newer. Make sure that you also de-clutter your house. Small items can be very distracting and are often unnecessary; only making your space feel crowded and smaller than it actually is. It’s easy to get your space messy by having small items on display. These can be anything from toys, house decorations, or even any items on top of the table. Make sure to de-clutter; it makes such a big difference for your space.

Neutrality is key

Home is a highly personal space and there are likely a lot of personal elements you’ve given to your house over the years, especially if you live in it. You’re bound to have some sort of personal touches to your dwelling. however, not everyone agrees, or even enjoy your choice of style. One might not like that deep purple color you pick for the living room because you’re fond of the shade. While paint colors isn’t a huge deciding factor in buying a house, a lot of people would find it a chore to re-paint it, especially those looking for ready to live-in house. Making the place “less personal” is actually an important key to reaching as many prospective buyers as possible. By de-personalizing your space, it does not mean a space loose characters; it’s being dressed in its best possible light inviting as many potential buyers as possible.

With this in mind, neutral could mean anything from the background and the permanent fixtures of your house to your furnitures. The neutral concept works best across all aspects of home staging. In fact, interior design has emphasized on how much neutral colors are so much more appealing to homebuyers. Neutral backdrop can also emphasize on the features of a room that you’d like to have stand out from the rest. Using neutral colors is one of the most fundamental ways that you can apply to improving your house for staging.

Take notice of the permanent fixtures of your home

Is your ceiling fans working? Does it emit a squeaky sound when it’s turned on?

The same questions should be asked for obvious fixtures such as doors and windows.

Replacing window panes that looks worn and old, fixing the door if it’s squeaky, and such. You might overlook a lightbulb or two, but you should be checking even trivial things like this. Having everything functioning and well would help improve the house’s appearance “age” considerably.

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Buy Bali Real Estate For Sale Cheap For Stay And Rental Income

It is very possible for everyone to be emotionally connected to the beautiful places visited. Do you know beautiful places that you cannot refuse? Bali is one of them. Beautiful tropical island with unique customs and cultural diversity. The charm of Bali has been planted for years and never fades. Have you ever thought about living in Bali, a beautiful and exotic island?

Bali real estate for sale cheap

The wave of foreign and Indonesian displacement itself has happened a long time ago. Bali has attracted many people to work or settle down to enjoy a quiet old age. If you can afford it, why not? Buying cheap Bali real estate for sale provides many benefits. Aside from being a place to live, you can rent it back to domestic or foreign tourists. This is a promising business.

When the high season arrives, the profit you rent back to Bali real estate for sale cheap that you buy will be very visible. If you are interested, there are many opportunities to buy Bali real estate for sale cheap. Whether you are looking through direct owners or property agents, everything is possible. Never be tempted by Bali real estate for sale cheap from brokers who are not recommended.

Long with the high interest of Balinese real estate buyers for sale cheap, both for a living and renting, many investors are cheated by the mischievous broker’s trick. This will be very detrimental to you, both time and money. Mistakes can lead to long and lengthy legal processes. In fact, the purchase of real estate is complicated and sometimes disappointing so it requires a level of seriousness.

What if you rent and place it at the same time? That is possible! You can buy Bali real estate for sale cheap in the form of land and build it into 2 parts. 1 part you use for your “little paradise”, and another part for future tenants who will rent your property. Make sure you build a villa or guest house that has high selling potential. What is important for tourist residence is a convenience, internet facilities, adequate water availability, and the owner’s hospitality.

Cheap does not mean that your property’s worth is below the average value. The important thing that you must pay close attention to before buying Bali real estate for cheap sale.

The Construction

Make sure you know how the building was built (if it is in the form of a house or villa). There are many developers who buy cheap materials to save money. As a result? Much damage can be seen within a period of less than 1 year after construction is completed. You need to know whether the wall is concrete, whether it has a seismic foundation (earthquake resistance), wall thickness, and so on.

Phone and internet access

This is a high-tech era where internet and telephone play an important role. If the location of the Bali real estate for sale cheap that you buy is difficult to get a particular provider network, be sure to provide internet services for free for your future tenants.

Buy A full Bali Real Estate Furniture For Cheap Sale

This is a little in your favor. Expats who return to their country of origin after the work period or end of stay must leave the house they have. The opportunity to buy at a slightly cheaper price is always there. There is no need to buy furniture to complete the house or villa. This will greatly save your budget. Bali real estate for cheap sale is the perfect investment for your stay or investment, both short term or long term. 

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All about Vacant Property Investment

Investing in vacant property or the abandoned one is quite promising in real estate business. Many investors are interested in this type of investment. Lots of them see vacant property as unique opportunity to earn profit. This is not the most common investment that makes many investors interested. However, this investment is promising enough for you to earn profitable deals. With proper knowledge and strategies, you will be able to turn this simple investment into promising deals. First thing though, you need to learn more about vacant properties.

What you need to know about investing in vacant property

Vacant property is simply a property which is vacant or sometimes abandoned. Thus, there is no one living in it. For the neighbors, vacant property can be quite eerie. For investors, this is promising opportunity. The characteristics of vacant properties in general are overgrown yards, some damages in some parts, etc. One of the reasons why many investors are not that interested in vacant property investment is that the process can be a quite hassle. However, you need to see from different angle to get some lights. Vacant properties are usually under market value due to high motivated sellers. This is the best opportunity for you to get the best deal with lower price.

In order to invest in accent property, you need to set your financial management in the most efficient way. Before purchasing vacant property, you need to have plan already on what you are going to do with it. You need to calculate your step as well as your money in order to make successful investment. Remember that since it is vacant property, you will notice many damages and other proves of abandoned building here and there. It means that the property will need some fixing here and there in the future to add its value. Therefore, planning from the very beginning is essential so that you can go through all the process easier.

Finding the right vacant property

Finding the best and promising vacant property can be quite challenging. You may try to find it from online listing or do it on your own way. The simplest way is to drive around your area. While driving around, you can also reach out to local postal workers. This can be more efficient in your conquest. You can also ask around your neighbor to dig out any information about possible vacant properties around your neighborhood that you may haven’t noticed before.

Once you find vacant property that you think is promising as potential investment, you need to contact the owner. This can be easy or hard. Sometimes the owner leaves contact information just in case there are potential buyers. With this, you can easily contact them. If they don’t leave any contact information, you can leave a note instead on the mailbox for example. You can also ask the neighbor around to find out if they know the owner’s whereabouts. Make sure that you state your interest in buying the property while asking about the owner’s information.

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