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Misleading Advice about Property Investing You Should Know

In property business, it is hard to be totally independent. Sure you can do your due diligence with self-discipline and passion. However, you will still need others no matter how skillful you are. Especially, you need advice from the professional, experienced people in the business. Seeking for advice is not something embarrassing. It doesn’t show your weakness. It is good thing to do indeed. It means you are active in achieving your goal. If you keep relying on yourself, you won’t be able to broaden your sight. You will open your mind more once you get other’s opinion, suggestion, or advice, especially from those who have far more experience than you do.

Knowing misleading advice in property investing

There are successful investors in property business. However, there are also those who fail. Receiving advice from those who fail in property investing isn’t always bad. Asking advice from successful investors is not always good as well. Thus, you need to be recognize which advice is good to help you improve your investing and which one don’t. Here are some misleading advices you should know:

  • First advice is how you can just sit and relax while running your property business because the money will grow itself. Well, it is not true. There is no good things come out for just relax and watch when it comes to handling business. You need to handle all hand-on works if you wish to become successful investor. Even if you run rent your property, you can’t just sit and just receive monthly payment. You need to do something before getting there. Choosing the right property, the right tenants, the right agreement, etc.
  • Next misleading advice is about how you can just focus on rental yield in property investing. Of course, you can choose to involve in rental yield as long as it is healthy. First thing first, you need to make sure that it is not at the expense of capital growth. Buying a property cannot be based on this factor only. There are many things you should consider as well. You have to make sure whether or not the property is a good investment.
  • Another advice is how you’d better to choose buy-off plan. However, in reality it is not something promising for property investing. There are too many competition in the market when you are going to sell it. It is more recommended to stick to established building in established areas since it makes good investment. You don’t have to gamble with something uncertain.
  • Last but not least misleading advice is how promising it is to invest overseas. Of course, you can invest in anywhere you want. However, invest overseas is not always good idea. You can invest overseas as long as you are already familiar with the areas, experienced in the local market and speak the language. If you are not one of them then it is not good idea to invest overseas. Local laws and language barriers are the hardest hurdles you need to handle.
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Recommended Bali Villas Double Six for Your Vacation

Spending your holiday in Bali is a great decision because this is magical places where you can find many interesting and memorable things. Be it foods, cultural sites, tourist hotspots, or friendly locals. Now wonder Bali is one of the most desired travel destination in the world and has become an icon for Indonesian tourism. One of the ‘hottest’ areas is Double Six beach. Thus, you will need to book Bali villas Double Six if you are going to venture around this location during your trip in Bali. This trendy beach is a perfect place to relax while enjoying good foods and drinks.

Bali Villas

Best Bali villas Double Six to book

Double Six is perfect for you to learn surfing since the waves are rather gentle and less intense. Lots of beginner surfer choose Double Six as their destination during their vacation in Bali because of this reason. The sunset here is also stunning that it will be such a waste if you miss it. For accommodation during your stay at Double Six, here are recommended villas you can book:

  • Villa Limon is situated only 300 meters away from Gado Gado Beach. It offers spacious and luxurious living space. The interior design is perfect mix of modern and traditional architecture. It consists of 3 bedrooms with a private 12 meter pool and Jacuzzi. During your stay in this villa, you will be served with 5 staffs who are ready to provide everything you need. With open concept, dining room and living room are spacious with perfect view of the glistening swimming pool outside.
  • Michelina Villa consist of 3 bedrooms with pool area perfect for cocktail and barbeque parties. This villa has 3 staffs ready to serve you and provide your wish. It has Asian style to the architecture and just perfect for its compact space. It is well-equipped with modern furnishing. It consist of two floors where the three bedrooms are situated on the second floor along with dedicated bathroom with bathtub. If you wish for additional service such as car rental or massage therapist, the staff will provide them for you.
  • Villa Novaku consists of 2 bedrooms with minimalist concept. This is a perfect place for private vacation or romantic getaway. Artistic details blends perfectly with traditional décor. It has also balcony overlooking the swimming pool. There is also semi- open space ground floor where you can relax. You can also lounge around the complementary of dining room while enjoying authentic Balinese cuisines. Everything you need during your stay will be taken care of by the staffs.
  • One of Bali villas Double Six you can book is Villa Alopa 1. It has 3 bedrooms along with private 11 meter swimming pool with lush garden. The dining and living areas are designed in open plan concept so that you can enjoy the perfect view of tropical surroundings. Meanwhile, the kitchen is fully equipped and designed with American style. This villas has two floors and the three bedrooms are located on the second floor.
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Property Investing Tips for the Youngster

Property investing can be challenging even for experienced ones. However, lots of experts say that being early in investing is good. It gives you more times to make mistakes and fix it.

There is no doubt that property investing has its own problems. It is also impossible to reach your success in investing overnight. It needs process that can take years. That’s why it is good to start early in property investing. That way, you still have much time to learn, gathering knowledge and experience many things both bad and good things in the industry.

When the time comes, you will be successful investor with experience and knowledge backing you.

How to do property investing for the youngster

How to do property investing to the youngster

For young investors, property such as real estate can be overwhelming especially in the beginning. It seems there are many things to handle. However, it is not always bad. It is better if you are young since you still have time and energy to do many things. You are not limited to anything and you still have burning passion inside as a fuel to keep moving forward. Here are tips in property investing for young investors.

First, you have to understand that being young means you feel limitless and unstoppable. This can be both good and bad. This is good because then you are motivated to do better. However, it is bad when you do everything driven by blind passion without plan. Just because you are unstoppable doesn’t mean everything works your way. Thus, you need to be realistic about your own ability.

When you see an ads of renovation looks promising, you cannot just follow it blindly without calculation and plan because renovation in reality is complex project to do.

Younglings tend to be more independent and too confident. Instead of talking with expert, they tend to find information from the internet. Well, reading online materials as source of information is not bad.

However, it will be better when you also spend your time talking with the right people.

You can ask for advice and insight regarding to your property investing such as financial setting. You can talk with the real property advisor to gain knowledge as well as hear more about their experience in the business.

It is often that young investors are driven by impulse. However, this is not going to work for property investing. From the start, you need to decide what your goals are. What you are going to do with the property you buy. How these property investing things benefit you. All thing consider, everything needs plan and clear goal.

You need to be aware that handling money in property investing is not only about where to spend it but also how to save it and how to get more. Thus, you need to start learning about the art of saving up. Saving your money is important to maintain balance cash flow.

There are various expenses you need to take care of and there are also unexpected things you may need to pay in the future.

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About Commercial Real Estate Investment Strategy You Should Know

Commercial real estate is considered to be promising to invest in. of course, there are differences in handling residential investment and commercial property investment. One of the biggest challenges of investing in commercial property is the complexity. It takes also longer to make profit from commercial property investment. Some sophisticated investors are getting interested to invest in commercial property because they see it as challenge as much as opportunity to build their wealth. Commercial properties include a shop, industrial warehouse, and many more types.

What you need to know about commercial real estate investment

Remember that larger commercial premises have high entry-level price. Even though it is promising to invest in commercial properties, there are still risk and weighs you should consider. Working alone handling commercial property investment is possible. However, it will be more effective when you including a solid team to work with you. The goal you have will be more achievable than when you do it on your own. Here are more about commercial real estate investment you should know:

  • You need to know what you are getting into before pouring your money for commercial property investment. Also remember that most commercial leases are retail in nature. Even if the premise is not a typical shop, it is still considered retail because it provides goods and services. The leases of commercial property are covered by their own legislation which protect tenants more. About commercial real estate lease, there are legal costs that should be considered as well as land tax and safety related cost.
  • Tenants of commercial lease have more flexibility to make any changes to the property to fit their needs and liking. This is different from residential lease where tenant has limit privilege to do so. Of course the changes proposed by the tenants of retail lease cannot be done suddenly. They still need to approval from the landlord as well as the local council. In addition, tenants are also the one who are responsible to pay for the cost of the changes they proposed. However, tenants also should restore the premises to its original condition and pay it on their own. It is possible to make arrangement and negotiate possible scenario for the premises between tenants and landlords.
  • If you are a landlord of commercial property, you are not responsible to pay for additional costs because your tenants are. Your tenant will be responsible to pay for additional costs include water rates, council rates, insurance, repairs, refurbishments, air conditioning maintenance costs, etc. This is one of the reasons why investors choose commercial property to invest in. they don’t need to think much about additional costs since it is the tenant’s responsibility.
  • However, the risks are still there. If you’re your tenant’s business fails or goes bankrupt, you are left with vacant commercial premises that can last for months or years. That is why commercial property investment is more suitable for experienced and advanced investors. It is also important to have reliable team and use the right strategy.
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The Keys to Become Professional Real Estate Developers

There are many career paths you can choose in real estate market. You can become real estate broker, investor, or developer. Real estate developer is a career path you can pursue. What real estate developers do is to find and buy property and make some developments then sell it. The project can be residential or commercial started from small to big one. Real estate developers come from different background and discipline. You can also start from different career path such as being real estate agent first. In few years, you can expand your career to become developer.

Important keys to become professional and successful real estate developer

There are certain traits you should have if you want to become good real estate developers. Being hardworking is not the only thing which determine your success. Other traits such as creative, patient, communicative, and dedicated are also needed. There are various due diligence you cannot skip to handle every project when you become real estate developer. There are also important keys you need to highlight to become reliable and successful developer. Here are the important points:

  • Research. When you are a real developer, you need reliable and trusted source t help you finish the project. All sources of information and data can only be collected by researching. This may take time in the process but it is important key to the success of your project. Without proper research, your project will have higher risk to fail. Your research to your market will also help you examine the situation and make wise decision.
  • Legality. When you become real estate developer, you will handle various projects. No matter how small it is, you need to deal with it legally. Illegal contract won’t get you anywhere. Thus, you may need to hire lawyer to consult the contract legally. By paying attention to legality, you minimize the risk of having trouble in the future. It is highly advisable to choose lawyer specialized in real estate industry to make everything goes smoothly.
  • Relationship. This point is important in real estate development because you cannot work alone as developer. No matter how skillful you are, you still need other’s skills. Maintaining business relationship cannot be done overnight. You need to cultivate it the right way to gain positive result to your business for the long run. In this business, you are going to work with contractors, builders, engineer, etc. Thus, you need to build solid connection with trusted people you can rely on.
  • Effective communication. Real estate market is the place where people from different backgrounds are. It is important for you to learn and develop your communication skills so that you can build effective communication with different people. When you can communicate properly and effectively, you will able to deliver your message and intention clearly. Communication skill is also important for you to build your contacts for your networking. Aside from learning how to speak, you also need to learn how to listen to others. Only then the goal of communication will be fruitful.
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Carve Your Memory At Beach Villa Bali

Bali is very famous for its beaches, culture, traditions, and friendliness of the locals. But when wanting a more memorable vacation, enjoying the warmth of a tropical island, tranquility, more personal and optimal are advised to stay at the beach villa Bali. It would be very easy to find this type of accommodation. Searching through the internet will make it easier to compare prices, facilities, and locations. This is important for the comfort of your stay while on vacation. In general, Bali’s beach villas have been widely recommended for achieving the perfect tropical vacation.

Beach Villa Bali

Beach Villa Bali, A Promises The Ideal Gateway

Many of the coastal environments that have been converted into beautiful and comfortable tourist destinations. Staying at beach villa Bali makes it easy for you to quickly access white sand beaches. Before choosing beachfront villa Bali you can ensure the distance from the villa is not too far to reach the beach. The decision to choose a beach villa Bali near or far from the beach should be able to be adjusted to your needs.

The fact is, even though the distance of Bali’s beach villas to the beach requires a little time, travelers don’t need to worry. Access to the beach is easier because the local government has developed road access to the beaches. Further considerations that must be considered when deciding on a Bali villa as a residence are friendly for children, seniors or disabled visitors. This point is important if there is a part of your family in the category of one.

Staying at beach villa Bali will be more perfect if you can ensure all facilities before departure. Bali’s beach villas are said to be perfect, especially when looking in the Seminyak area. A little walk, you can find a row of international standard bars, clubs, and restaurants. Enjoying seafood is a must when in Bali.

If you want to enjoy seafood at the beach villa Bali, you can look for fish, shrimp, crabs and more at the Jimbaran fishing market. The Jimbaran fishing market is very popular among travelers. If you don’t want to bother, then just visit the best seafood restaurant to pamper your tongue.

Bali Beach Villas offers superior comfort for travelers. If you are in Ubud, take advantage of yoga or meditation to rejuvenate your soul and body. Staying at a beach villa Bali is the best accommodation choice for your perfect vacation. Make sure to place an order to get a beach villa Bali before the rental price gets higher.

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Learn More About What Real Estate Developer Is

There are many terms in real estate business that you may have not understood yet. The thing is, you have no limit to learn. In fact, learning and filling in your knowledge is a must if you are in real estate business. You are not supposed to be left behind others if you want your business to grow well.

What do real estate developers do?

There are various occupations in real estate business. Even if you decide to choose one job, as an investor for example, you still need to build a team which often includes contractor, agent, property manager, as well as real estate developer.

By knowing what each of them is, you will be able to recognize what you need to do with them. Building solid team and large network is important so you might as well learn more about real estate developer.

What do real estate developers do?

Real estate development is important in the industry to keep it moving forward and growing steadily. Every project need to be handled by the right people. Thus, real estate developers are the right one to handle the projects whether for commercial or residential purpose.

The categories are broad started from a single-family home to industrial development. For real estate developers, knowledge and experience will help a lot in successfully tackle every project.

Real estate developers can start their professional career path from various fields. Some of them start as real estate broker/agent and some others take initial career path in construction. The point is, they start the career path to gain as many knowledge as possible.

Besides, they will gain more experience by doing so. For those who start as real estate agent, they buy properties and improve them.

Then they sell them to earn profit from time to time. When they have steady rhythm and growing business, hey raise the capital and start working with regional planner, architect or builder. The purpose is to develop as well as build and market a real estate project.

When they choose initial career path in construction, they learn more about technical stuffs of real estate development. They learn how to contract property development whether residential or commercial one.

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In this matter, they also work with partners such as architect as well as financial planner because developing a project is a big deal.

The challenge of become real estate developer

The task of being a real estate developer is quite complex. To become reliable and professional developers, you need to have financial, analytical, interpersonal, and organized skills.

However, there is no such thing as becoming professional developer overnight. It takes time to gain knowledge and experience. Being able to make the right decision is important for real estate developers since there are many things to decide. In reality, real estate developers come from various backgrounds and disciplines.

Thus, there is no ultimate course for you to enter real estate development industry. If you have at least bachelor degree, you can pursue this career and choose the initial field to be your professional career path.

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Why Choose Hotel If Bali Luxury Villas Is Much Better?

Bali luxury villas are in great demand and easily accessible than most people think. Planning a trip to Bali, most likely the first one you are looking for is a hotel room. More comparison of accommodation search is better, and checking the possibility of staying at Bali villas is a good idea. It is possible that you will be surprised at the results of the accommodation search results.

Bali Luxury Villas

Luxurious And Affordable Bali Luxury Villas For Save Money

Bali luxury villas have been designed by investors as a beautiful and comfortable temporary residence. There are lots of pictures on the internet that inform how beautiful and calm it is to stay in a villa. The concept and price of Bali luxury villas offered do not make most people afraid when compared to the resort or hotel rentals.

Most people think that it is more practical to stay in a hotel than a villa. In fact, villas are far more comfortable and not inferior to facilities or luxury. Sights and holiday activities in Bali are part of the reason Bali has captivated travelers, regardless of domestic or foreign travelers. The main thing is how Bali luxury villas have taken over the comfort and pleasure of travelers while on vacation.

Especially for those of you who want a quiet and relaxed vacation, you don’t have to go far to look for fun while on vacation. You can enjoy the villa’s facilities and immerse yourself in the traditions and culture of Bali. Bali luxury villas are intentionally built in the local area, so travelers can feel the atmosphere of Bali.

Resort or hotel does offer beautiful accommodation but does not offer a touch of exclusive, luxury and privacy. Some of the many facilities that can be obtained by all travelers when staying in Bali luxury villas.

  • Private area with its own door
  • private pool
  • kitchen and equipment
  • semi-outdoor dining room
  • semi-outdoor family room
  • Private garden

If possible, the villa staff will help find an impressive trip around Bali. For Balinese cultural travelers, it is a small feast for their eyes. Finding Bali luxury villas and staying for a long time is perfect. You can find a lot of folk parties or other Art Parties that take place in June-July. Why hesitate to take Bali luxury villas as a temporary residence. In fact, Bali villas are better in everything compared to other accommodations. Don’t forget to take a walk around the villa to enjoy and see the activities of the locals who are known for their hospitality.

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Improving Your Real Estate Business From Every Aspect

New Year means new resolution and it includes your real estate business resolution. It is common for real estate investor to set some goals for New Year. And plan some strategies to achieve them. However, achieving goals is not the only thing you need to do to welcome New Year. It is also important for you to evaluate your business. Thus, you will have perfect picture about what you are going to do in the future to improve your business. Lots of investors sometimes too focus on making profit and forget to make necessary improvement to the business.

Improving Your Real Estate Business From Every Aspect

How to improve your real estate business in details

Improving your real estate business means you have already look into the future. If you want long-lasting business, it is not only profit that you should focus on. It is also important to improve your business from every aspect. With improvement, you will be able to expand your business and make it grow bigger for years to come. Here is every aspect you need to improve to keep your real estate business progressing:

  • The first aspect that matter and bothers you a lot must be finance. Sometimes, it is stressful to think about your financial situation when it comes to real estate business. The bottom line is indeed the most important number in the business. Therefore, you need to know exactly your financial situation including where you spend your money on every deal. If you are not confident handling finance, you can rely on professional accountant. Their service will be worth it. When you can keep an eye on your bottom line, you will always what to do since you have better view of the situation.
  • Next aspect is your lead source. Most investors often take it for granted. However, you should never do it and treat it like it the most important thing that your business needs. It can be the backbone of your business after all. No matter where your lead sources come from, you need to make sure they continue to provide deals. Existing sources are the majority of deals you can gain. Thus, improve the existing sources by contacting them regularly, keeping in touch in many ways, etc.
  • Next aspect is the people that work with you. Your team is valuable asset for your business. They consist of attorneys, mortgage brokers, realtors, contractors, etc. They have direct impact on your business today and in the future. Improving your relationship with them is essential to keep your business working productively and efficiently. When you have solid team to work with, it is easier to handle your business and make it more profitable.
  • Another aspect you need to improve is your knowledge and skills. Real estate investing industry is prone to changes. Thus, you need to constantly update your knowledge and educate yourself more about the business. You can do it by spending 20-30 minutes reading or researching new niche or joining local real estate investment club. You can also improve your skill by attending seminar, workshop, etc.


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Advantages for Investors to Think Like a Tenant

Building your real estate business is indeed challenging but it doesn’t mean you cannot reach your goal just fine. When it comes to real estate business, your tenant is one of the mot valuable assets to pay attention to. One of the best ways for you to be successful in managing your real estate investing is to think like a tenant.

Putting yourself on a tenant’s shoes will makes you more understand about things that only tenants know. It is like when you are a seller and you are also able to think like a buyer. This will leads you to successful selling because you will know exactly what your buyers want and expectation.

How thinking like a tenant benefits you

Advantages for investors to think like a tenant

There are many things to learn when it comes to real estate investing. Here is no limit of when or when you gain knowledge for the growth of your business. Thinking like a tenant is a good idea for investor.

So that, you can do to think like a tenant and even should for you to do and gain advantages of it. Why?

When you think like tenant, you will focus more on safe and comfortable location instead of the fancy one. Of course, every tenant may have different opinion about their ideal home.

However, you can focus more on the neighbourhood. Every tenant wants to live in safe and comfortable neighbourhood. Thus, it is important to do some research before investing in rental property. You need to find out about the crime rates, traffic, etc.

As a landlord of rental property, you need to know exactly what your tenants need. If your tenants are college students or middle class families, your focus should not be on having property with stainless steel appliances. Instead of putting unnecessary appliances, it will be more useful to do some updates.

Make sure to choose updates that your tenants will need the most. It is also important not to choose updates which require lots of money to spend. Your property is your investment. Making updates to fit your tenant’s need is the right move because then the money you have spent will be paid off.

When you are going to invest in rental property, you need to choose the one that is comfortable for living. That is how tenant will choose a home. Every tenant has certain level of comfort when they are about to choose a place to live in. Things that can influence their comfort include paint colours, lighting, electricity, smell, and overall appearance.

Thus, you can try adding some appeals to the property. The least you can do is to clean the property and make everything presentable.

Another important thing that most tenants focus on is the price. When you think like a tenant, you won’t get easily put high number for the rent. Of course you have to reach your goal and earn profit from your investing. However, overpricing your rental is not the best solution.

You can focus on real numbers that are in your area instead of list a price you think you can get.

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