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Social Media Management for Businesses in Bali

There are at least 2 business sectors that are so popular in Bali so far. Both are the property line and also the accommodation. Both of the business are actually seemed to be supporting the tourism sector. Housing and staying are the real things when it comes to talk about Bali since it has becoming one of the world top destinations.

Now, what are the relationship between both of the businesses and also the others with social media management in Bali?

World is fulfilled by the new millennials or what’s so called as the Gen. Z. The way they are accessing the information are now even changing especially in usage of the social medias.

It is said that all over the world, it is estimated that there is about 88% of millennials are using the social media. Knowing that, don’t you think that your property business or travel packages in Bali should also been promoted regularly in the business official account?

The more your business is seen online regularly, the better of the positive impact you can get. Your business will get more engagements and also influencing not only the millennials but also the previous generations (Gen. X and Y). So that, your business will get more social media strategy than before if you really want to warn your customers across the generations.

What is social media management and how does it gives impacts to your business in Bali?

What is social media management and its impact for your business in Bali?

If you are the businessman in Bali, you have known that almost all of the tourism related businesses are competing tightly. You barely can’t set your breath if you are the new comer. And sometimes, businesses that have been established for years are even have had difficulties for competing in a healthy manner.

So that, you will need more ways and tricks to maximise the efforts. One thing you can do is dealing with the social media management for your business in Bali.

Social media management is basically the process of managing your business social media accounts such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, and many more. The accounts surely will involving the online interactions, planning the contents and their schedules to be published.

It will really like your business social media profiles that are representing the business itself.

When I just told you about the contents, then your social media management for business in Bali will also refers to the usage of the certain tools, softwares and even the services.

For example, when you need to plan the contents to publish your villa rental, then you may need the professional camera or even hire the professional services. Before uploading the images to Instagram, you may will have to make sure that the images are edited professionally using Photoshop or the Adobe Lightroom or even the other softwares and applications on your phone.

You need to impress your audiences first through your social media contents. And if you are doing that consistently, then your audiences may are converting to be your customers. That’s how the business is flowing, right?

So, the social media management for any type of businesses in Bali surely will give big and many chances to increase the reach and visibility. Look, even when you are using the Instagram, it is not as simple as creating the captions as you want as well as the hashtags.

You need a better copywriting that are representing your products and services in for your captions and you have to know the hashtags that will be successfully worked for your online campaigns. That all will be contributing as the impacts for your business.

Another thing to be in your consideration if someday you will need to hire the social media management Bali is that the team should also have the understanding and experiences in using the social media advertising platforms.

It will be the complete package when the team is not only deal with the contents for social media accounts, but also will helps your business to be ready to make the online campaigns through ads. Facebook ads can be the great starts since it is so much targeted and also comes with even a low budget.

Through the social media management, later then,  your business in Bali will also know how to develop the online accounts to meet your marketing goals and also to increase your brand identity.

You will have and manage some social media accounts and then you will find out which channels are worked very well. If that will be hard to do, then you can simply find an agency for that since responding comments and all the engagement types may not your things. It really needs all the possible efforts you can give.

And if your social media contents somehow will be go viral in your industry, then you will have more things to do to grab more people paid attentions to your business. That’s how important is the social media management for your business in Bali.

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How to Implement Your Real Estate Education to Practice

To understand more about real estate business, you need to pursue education. The principle of education is to gain knowledge. However, there are many ways you can gain knowledge about property business. Traditional education such as formal school is not the only choice you have. There are many programs you can attend to earn information and knowledge of how to run property business the right ways. However, no matter how much knowledge will go to waste if don’t know how to use it. Thus, it is also important for you to know how to implement your theoretical education into practice to gain real experience.

Implementing real estate education into action

The purpose of real estate education is to learn about deal structure, local markets, financing, and many specific parts of the business. However, there are also many things you can learn about real estate business only if you jump into practice. Thus, you should know how to succeed in running real estate business using the knowledge you have gained. Here are some tips to do it:

  • It is important for you not to be indecisive in running your business. Of course, there are times when you feel like waiting for the perfect time to get perfect deal. However, you have to take a leap of faith instead of keep waiting and selecting. That’s what the education for. You should use it to guide you not to make you more confused. Keep in mind that every deal comes with its own risk. However, you can use your knowledge to know more about the risk itself. Thus, you will know what you should do next.
  • Always let real data and guide your way instead of personal feelings. You must have known that real estate industry consist of competitive investors. It may be hard for you to back off when your potential property becomes a target of other investors instead. However, don’t let your pride eat you. Instead, you can rely on the number and data to help you making decision. By analyzing the data, you can choose whether to be persistent or walk away.
  • When you don’t know something it doesn’t mean you are less credible. In fact, there are many things you don’t know in real estate business no matter how long or how hard you learn about it. Instead of acting tough or confident, you can just admit it. However, you need to show that you are willing to find out something that you don’t know. That’s the principle of education anyway.
  • Learn more about the market since it is the real world where you will learn many things about real estate business. You can start by running with an investing niche that you enjoy the most and are knowledgeable in. You can try to become expert in in the market. This way, you will keep gaining new knowledge as well as experience real things. When you have understood everything you’ve learnt, you can talk about it at networking events, blog, etc.
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Reasons Why Should Choose Canggu Villas

If you ask the most popular and favorite locations in Bali, especially for foreign tourists, then Seminyak, Canggu, and surrounding areas are the answer. For most people, staying at a luxury star hotel is a prestige. But nowadays, tourists are more cleverly looking for alternative places to stay while vacationing in Bali. There are many reasons why the area is excellent among tourists, regardless of domestic or foreign tourists.

Canggu Villas

Canggu Villas, Classy Temporary Residence

Where do you live while on vacation in Bali? Seminyak! Canggu! This is a prestige. Seminyak, Canggu and its surroundings can be said to be a luxurious area with all its complete facilities. When Seminyak is crowded during high season, tourists begin to shift to the Canggu area. Canggu is a charming village with views of green and natural landscapes. For tourists who choose tranquility, then Canggu is very appropriate.

Canggu villas are the best place for your residence, where everything has been prepared to spoil you. Deciding to stay in Canggu villas while on vacation makes your quiet vacation unforgettable. Many luxury facilities are the reason why many expats like and look for Canggu villas as a place to live. This area offers international schools and Canggu clubs that are famous for children.

Canggu villas is a comfortable, prestigious and luxurious residence. For some people, it might be reluctant to look for Canggu Bali villa rentals because it is more resort-like. There are many opportunities for you to vacation and stay in Canggu villas. When choosing luxury Canggu Bali villas on the beach, of course, there is a price to pay.

There are many rental agents, Canggu villas that provide you with many price choices. Whether the villa is independent or managed by the company. Canggu’s villas facilities can compete with star hotels in Bali. If you want a private vacation, then looking for Canggu Bali villas is right for you.

Canggu villas also offer the atmosphere and experience of traditional Balinese life. There are still many locals coloring around your villa. Seeing the daily lives of local residents can be the best experience for you and your family. If possible, hotel staff can schedule you to participate in traditional ceremonies. At least, you can see how Balinese culture and traditions are.

The spa and massage are special in the Canggu area. Special services and luxury provide the highest comfort of your vacation. Canggu villas are the best place for perfect vacation with family or honeymoon.

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How to Properly Organize Your Budget of Real Estate Business

When it comes to budgeting real estate business, every investor may choose different strategies. However, you need to be more cautious of budgeting issue if you choose personal financing.

It is important not only to create but also maintain your budget. When it comes to managing your budget, it means more than balancing your checkbook. It is not less important to formulate a complete picture of your personal finance health. From the picture you gain, you will be able to get proper information and make the right decision.

How to organize budget for real estate business

Creating budget is one thing. Organizing budget is much more challenging than most people think. Besides, it should serve financial interests.

Important things in organizing budget for real estate business

Organizing your budget is not only to balance the cash flow but also to give you more opportunities to achieve your personal financing goals. To know what are the important things to do to organize your budget of personal finance properly, read all my thoughts about it below.

First thing first, you need to know your credit score. The better your credit core the easier for you to organize your budget. Healthy credit score will allows you to gain lower interest rates.

Thus, it will help you to buy a home, build equity, refinance debts, invest in another property, etc. With better credit score, your opportunities will be wider and more various.

It includes financial opportunities to help you grow your business even more. There are many things you can do to improve your credit score such as paying bill before due, making payment arrangement by contacting creditors, etc.

Finance is also about measurement and management. Thus, when everything is measured then everything is managed. You need to track every expense and you need to keep in mind that budget is a organic document. It often changes from time to time depending on what influences it.

Prices, temporary fluctuations and unexpected expenses can change your budget. Thus, don’t treat your budget as a fixed thing. You need to make it more flexible. Everything in your life can affect your overall budget. Even though not all changes are bad, you need to keep tracking every expense so you can make quick decision when something changes.

Another thing you need to do to organize your budget is to be savvy and smart. You can do it by taking advantage of high technology such as financial software platform.

It will be very helpful especially when you don’t have degree in finance. In running your business, you need to at least understand about the basic of personal finance. With the right financial software, you will be able to explore different scenarios so you can calculate your next moves.

By organizing your budget, you will have clearer preview of your financial health. Thus, you will know what to do to boost savings and know exactly what it is for.

You need to create positive financial goals such as starting a business, buying another investment of property, etc. By setting up your goals, you will stay motivated to run your business by properly sticking to your budget.

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Benefits of Handling Your Real Estate Business from Home

Working from home is now more and more familiar. It includes handling real estate business. Working from home won’t reduce the essence of work ethic. In fact, people find it easier to work from home. It gives many benefits than it seems. Thanks to technology that keeps advancing and improving, there is always way to do various tasks from anywhere. That’s why people are more and more interested to perform this practice and experience the benefits of working from home. Well, real estate business isn’t always bound to formal and traditional office.

Benefits of Handling Your Real Estate Business from Home

What kind of benefits gained from handling real estate business from home?


People try handling real estate business from home for some reasons. Some of them want to feel more comfortable environment, and some people want to know the efficiency of it. Here are some benefits gained from it:

  • Increased productivity is one of the most gained benefits you can gain from working from home. This is not an opinion but has been proved by comprehensive study. There is significant productivity boost among employees that work from home and handling all real estate business-related tasks. The study show that productivity increase about 13% over those who work from the office. It doesn’t mean working at the office is less productive. However, working from home can increase productivity due to many reasons.
  • Next benefit is to gain more focus in finishing tasks because there is less distraction. As the result, it will be easier to concentrate fully on work. Those who do their due diligence related to real estate business from home found it easier to focus since less people spotted at home compared to the office. It is even better when you live alone at home. You will be able to work without distraction and set your own rules in working.
  • For a company, trusting employee to work from home mean they can cut employee cost. It is gained by decreasing the amount of office space rented each month. Less employee working at the office means company doesn’t really need large building to accommodate. When employees work from home, it automatically reduces he expense that the company should spend monthly because then they can rent smaller building used for physical office.
  • It was also reported that when the company let their employee work from home, it decreased employee attrition. It even decreased by 50%. Employees took shorter breaks. They also had fewer sick days. It is understandable though. Working at the office means you need to drive and expose to pollution, virus, etc. Thus, it will be easier to get sick and results in sickness. It then decreases productivity. By working from home, you stay out of pollution, germs, and potential danger such as car accident.

Handling your real estate business from home is an option not obligation. However, it indeed gives you benefit as business owner. When you work from home or let your employees do it, you can expect for increasing productivity which can help growing your business.


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Tips to House Hacking to Benefits You in Many Possible Ways

House hacking is now getting popular and many people started to try it. This is one of the most promising real estate investing strategies especially for new investors. There are lots of new investors who are discouraged in starting their career in real estate business because they haven’t purchased their own home yet. This is one of the hurdles they think is the hardest. However, house hacking gives new light in real estate investing and a great feat to try by new investors even when they haven’t purchased their own home yet.


Helpful tips to house hacking effectively

House hacking is real estate investing strategy in which the investor rent out part of the property they live in. For example, if you live in one of the units of your multifamily property then you rent out the others. However, it isn’t limited to those who live in multifamily property only. Even if you live in a single-family home you can rent out one of the rooms and it is still counted as house hacking.

There are various benefits you can earn from house hacking. First, you will earn passive income. Second, you have chance to learn more about real estate business and how it works through smooth transition. Third, your household expenses will be reduced. Fourth, you will be able to pay down your mortgage quickly and save up. Here are some tips for house hacking:

  • Before anything else, you need to know how to find the right and best property. You can purchase multifamily property so you can live in one of the units and rent out the rest. Or, you can also purchase single-family home and rent out one of the rooms.
  • Decide your funding source since finance is one of the most important keys in real estate investing. Keep in mind that by implementing house hacking strategy, it means your status is as an owner-occupant. Thus, determine what kind of funding that benefits you the most. There are various options you can choose. Make sure to choose the best deal for the loan.
  • After deciding funding source, you need to do market research to find the best property. Once you find it, you need to run the numbers. You need to analyze the deal and find out more about the value of the investment. In running your numbers, you need to make estimation of rental income and property expenses. You need to do thorough calculation which includes property taxes, rental income, vacancy reserve, insurance, maintenance, utilities, and operating expenses.

By following those tips, your house hacking strategy will be running smoothly especially in the beginning. It is important that you plan everything thoroughly because even though this strategy looks simple, you still need to calculate your steps since real estate business is about game number. However, house hacking is more flexible than other real estate investing strategy since this is the very beginning of your journey to property industry. You will learn everything eventually.

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Accounting Tips for Your Rental Property Business

In managing your real estate business, it is a must to do your due diligence so that everything is stay in control. However, it can be overwhelming for investors to handle financial transactions as well analyze financial performance of business.

Accounting tips for rental property business

Administrative works might be one of the least desirable tasks to do for most investors. However, it cannot be left behind or else you will get more complicated problems in the future and is too late to fix.

One of administrative works related to financial management is bookkeeping. It is a task when you have to file receipts or record expenses of your business.

Tips to manage your rental property accounting

According to many experts in property industry, it is important to set up strong system for rental property accounting.

Thus, you will be able to get the most out of your investment in return. It is also highly suggested to learn earlier about all accounting stuffs so that you know the basic and system in the most efficient way.

Then, you will be able to make your own profit. So that, I will inform you about some useful tips you can try to manage and set up your rental property accounting system.

The first thing you should know is that it is important to distinguish between personal and business finance. Mixing them up will do no good for your business. Therefore, you should separate them both. It is highly advised to open business account from the start. This way, you will know exactly the flow of the transaction in your rental property business.

Any income and expense will be recorded thoroughly and won’t cause any confusion for you. If you have more than one property, it is safer and better to open separate account for each of them.

Next, you need to decide what kind of method to track your income and expense. Some investors use cash method while others prefer accrual accounting. Both are different but you can choose the one that fits you the best.

However, it is more recommended to use cash method if you are currently handling small business.

You need also be friendly to digital tools to help you set up the most effective system for your rental property accounting as well as bookkeeping. You need a tool that can help you to digitize receipts or invoices. You will also need digital tool to help you integrating bookkeeping, filing storage, as well as analyzing finance in one go.

Choose high-quality software and you can buy the premium one if needed as long as it gives a huge help for your financial management.

In managing your business accounting, you will need past data to forecast future expense. Thus, you will be prepared for what will happen in the future. It is also important to learn more about tax forms earlier.

If you still have difficulties managing all accounting stuffs, you can also ask for help from Certified Public Accountant or CPA. They will give you useful advice about all accounting system and its implementation. You will be educated through the best practices.

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Working with Neutrals to Dress Your Home

Don’t be afraid that you’re going to end up with colours that are “boring”. Neutral colours are often also referred to as “earth colours”.

Working with neutral colours to dress home

They range from ivories, beiges, taupes. Guilford green, and even wooden red. The neutrals appeal to the largest number of homebuyers because of its simplicity and because it’s the easiest to personalise as well. What are some of the things that caused people to adore these neutrals?

Interiors with neutrals would seem more spacey

The neutral colours come from earth colours surrounding our everyday lives. Unlike colours that grab your attention such as neons. It’s safe to say that you can’t get wrong with the neutral colours. Neutrals don’t distract your eyes, making it perfect for any room in your house. It creates a calming backdrop. An elegant feel of no-clutter and simplicity.

Beiges are simply gorgeous

One of the most popular neutrals is beige. Beautiful and timeless, this colour can be used for virtually anything for your interior space. Beiges are becoming increasingly popular for a long time now.

And it does not seem to be falling out of favour any time soon. Whether it’s walls or couches, beige is a brilliant choice for your interior. There is even a term called “greige”—the currently hip colour in town. The term stands for a combination of “grey” and “beige”.

Highlight your furniture by taking advantage of neutrals

This is particularly true for light-shaded neutrals. When your wall paint is already a rich, stark colour that contrasted with your floor, for example, the room is going to feel more “filled”.

It may create the illusion of more cluster. Having a deep red shade of a vase or other ornaments with a backdrop of taupe is going to highlight the ornament in a pleasing light without making a room feel stuffy.

Spa-like bathroom is achievable with neutrals

Who doesn’t want bathrooms that feel luxurious and makes the residents feel like they’re actually having a me-time inside the bathroom? White is particularly an excellent colour for the bathroom project. Patterned bathrooms are pretty common and homey, but nothing says exclusivity and luxury like an all-white bathroom.

The simplicity of the choice won’t just make it easy on you to chose matching bathroom items, white bathrooms also strike a strong impression.

Bring value to your redecorating project

It’s not an overstatement to say that investing in neutral colours goes a long way, especially when you’re considering to sell your house in the future. A lot of agents and home staging experts highly advised on repainting an interior if it’s not colour-neutral, especially when they want to fetch a good price or looking for a quick sale.

You may be invested in your bright orange-coloured room because the shade has a certain personal value to you. But your future homebuyers may not appreciate it. So the next time you’re deciding on colours for an improvement to your house, remember that neutrals are investment for your future home resell.

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How to Drive Your Investing to Sustainable Property Business

Building up courage to start business in real estate industry is not that easy. However, it’s more difficult to drive the starter to a lasting succeed. It is not impossible thing to achieve but surely need hard work. It is not easy to survive even in the first half year running real estate business. Passing a 5 year mark is quite challenging indeed. It is important to keep your fire aflame while driving your business to be more sustainable and long lasting.

One of the most important keys is to never give up on improving yourself. When you achieve a good start then you will be challenged with harder tasks to sustain it and make it last long.

Things you need to do to sustain your real estate business

So, what you can actually do to make your real estate business last long?

How to drive investing to sustainability property business

First thing first, you have to be rationale and stop overworking yourself. It is true that hard-worker is closer to succeed. However, you need to be smart and strategic as well. If you think handling all the work and scarifying your body will help growing your business then you are on the wrong path. What you need to do is delegating the tasks instead of pouring down all of them on your plate.

It is important to take time and choose more productive tasks instead of trying to swallow up all at once. Remember that you can make to-do-list so you will know which task is on the top priority.

In the first half year of your running business, it is easy to feel overwhelmed since you are just starting. It is easy to get burnt out at some points. However, you can rely on your team. In building your business, you need a good team. You can work with the best people that you feel comfortable to be around. You can hire accountant, Realtor, or attorney to help you accomplish certain tasks.

If you want your business to last long, it is important to know what patience is. It is easy to be in high spirit once you succeed with one project. You easily jump to another bigger projects in short time.

However, it is highly suggested to take things slowly. It is better to take one step at a time. It is also safer to follow the process so that you are not only trying to close deals as many as possible but there are things you learn throughout the process. Thus, it will give you more understanding of how everything works in this business.

Aside from taking one step at a time, it is also highly suggested to take a step back once in a while to evaluate yourself. It is important to do self-evaluation so that you will know exactly what your strength and weakness is in running your real estate business.

For example, you may be good at negotiating but you are not at managing administrative stuffs. Once you know them, you can start to improve and drive your business to be more sustainable.

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Joglo House Charm for Your Indonesian Resort Investment

The concept of traditional houses as a resort is a popular one among tourists who plan to visit Indonesia. This is evidenced by the many traditional house styles hotels, resorts, and even restaurants adopt to deliver the feel of an authentic Indonesian experience. If you’ve been dealing with business in Indonesia and are interested in doing one of the country’s major industry—tourism—then you probably have considered the traditional vernacular houses. Here’s one of the most iconic houses still widely used in Indonesia up until now, the iconic Joglo.

What is a Joglo house?

Joglo house originated from Java. It is a traditional house referred to as “omah Joglo”—in which “omah” meant “house”. The word joggle itself refers to the uniquely shaped roof. In the ancient Javanese culture, the shape of the roof denotes the social and even the economic status of the residents.

The iconic roof

The Javanese traditional houses has several roof styles. Those styles are one of the main indicators that differentiate one style of house to another. The “Joglo” traditional house has the steepest roof of all other traditional Javanese house types, especially compared to Limasan house and Kampung House.

Joglo house and social status

It’s been mentioned before that the Joglo house denotes the socioeconomic standing of the residents. In the past, only nobles and families of aristocracy live in the Joglo house.

Relieving the ancient times through staying in the traditional style noble houses is an experience on its own.

Characteristic trivia

The iconic roof is traditionally used only in the proper dwelling place, or in the “omah”, as well as the “pendopo,” a Javanese for pavilion. The Javanese houses are built within the constraints of walls. This is especially true for higher-status Javanese as well as the nobility.  In traditional philosophy, the house is always faced towards the sea of the South.


Pendopo or pavilion

In the traditional house structure, the pavilion functions as the social and public domain of a Javanese household. The area is used to entertain guests as well as hold social events. On occasions, the  pavilion is used for ritual purposes as well. This is where performance arts such as Wayang are often conducted.

Joglo house resorts

Joglo house styles has been one of the most popular traditional Indonesian houses you can find as resorts. It is a reminiscence of the Javanese palace lives and the lives of “ningrat” or nobles.

Joglo-styled roof in modern use can also be seen at airports and buildings with large halls. You can consider booking your first Joglo house experience through sites like airbnb. Luxury resorts specialties are also available. Here are some of the options that can be found on the aforementioned site; Modern Keraton Joglo House in Canggu, Teak Wooden Bungalow, affordable Indonesian Joglo House.

Even though the origin of Joglo is Javanese, it’s also easy to find resorts with Joglo style houses in places like Bali. The Joglo house style may be a good option for your next investment in Indonesia, particularly for guest houses and resorts. The appeal of the authentic Indonesian is timeless.

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