Open floor plan has been largely associated with modern, better living. It may have become a trend at some point in the past, but now, it’s clear that open plan living is here to stay. Open floor plan is a type of layout with combined rooms. This layout design utilizes a single space that houses multiple rooms. The most common rooms in the house integrated into an open space to create an open floor plan are living room, kitchen, and dining room. Open floor plan aims to improve the usage of space and the overall quality of living.

open floor plan in real estate

Walls largely cut your visual, and in a home with limited space, this could pose as a problem risking the house becoming too crowded. Open floor plan is sometimes done out of necessity, and it has proven to greatly benefit smaller homes. This is especially true in cities and even metropolitan area, where the price per square footage can get extremely expensive and tiny houses and apartments are abundant.

The open floor plans are stunning. The layout uses the maximum potential of a space in a house. It lets homeowners and home designers to get more creative. The open floor plan can eliminate spaces that are otherwise not optimally used. The corner of the room is an example of this.

Whether you’re in an apartment or in a conventional house, open floor plan is one of the most viable solutions to the demands and needs of more space. Open floor plans have excellent reputation to improve your interior. Done right, the layout makes your interior look larger and feel more airy. Homes with open floor designs often use available spaces in a more efficient manner.

The lack of walls as a dividing point of your interior allows you to be more creative with your furnitures. How you create a sense of a separate section of your kitchen-dining room to your living room, but one that bounds seamlessly. It is one of the pleasant challenges to tackle.

Open floor plans let you play with the color scheme through wall paints as well as furniture colors. The uniform theme of the whole space help solidify the sense of a “larger” room that’s one of the major points of appeal of open floor plans. Painting the walls of the “rooms” from the same set of colors or hues is an excellent way to enhance the sense of space. Colors of the furniture can be uniform as well, or differentiated to add contrast—as long as it’s played tastefully. The possibility in color scheme is endless when it comes to the creativity open floor plan allows you.

This type of layout also creates a more “social” space compared to the conventional home layouts. The home may feel less isolating. Open floor plans are known to encourage more interaction between dwellers and even visitors. The task of cooking in the kitchen can feel isolating, as everyone else are up and about doing their own businesses as you cook for them. But open floor plans could negate this by eliminating the barriers between rooms. The layout also makes the room brighter as it allows natural light to travel through.

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