When you hear people talk about Komodo Island tour, giant dragons and raw beautiful nature might come first in your mind. The only place in the world where you can see the world’s largest prehistoric lizard roams free in their last sanctuary. An Indonesian frontier where the beaches are glowing in the sun, away from footprints and patios. And between the savannah and rolling hills, dwells several humble villages whose charms will steal your heart.

 Three Villages That Worth A Visit On A Komodo Island Tour

Away from modernization, these villages live a simple life, sometimes even without electricity. However, they live with the purest heart and strongest passion for nature. Make time to visit these wonderful villages on your upcoming Komodo Island tour.

Mesa Village

After all of those beaches galore, head to Mesa Island. This small island is home to a Bugis fishing village and bunch of cheery children that will greet you with the warmest welcome smile. As soon as you hit the dock, you will suddenly find yourself surrounded by cute laughs and little buddies. These children are probably the happiest and most adorable around the neighborhood. They clearly have frequent visitors and are very friendly to anyone who comes to their little village. Despite of their lack of English skills, these children are very eager to ask you to play around. Expect a lot of giggles and body signals! They love to show off their skills—jumping to the sea, dancing—and get their photos taken. Their cute poses will surely leave warm footprints in your heart!

Kerora Village

If you love serenity, you gotta love Kerora Village. When your Komodo Island tour reach Rinca, try to go beyond the dragons’ territory and head to this village. Kerora is a little village inhabited by about 500 villagers who enjoy calm and serenity in their daily life. Once you reach Kerora you will feel a soothing ambience enveloping the whole village. Kerora might looks sleepy, but it hides one of the most beautiful natural attraction in the island.

Kerora is a perfect place to chill and relax after a thrilling adventure with the dragons. It has quiet beaches with shallow shores and clear water where you can just play and chill. Or have a little picnic in the white sands beach with your travel mates. This village is also great for trekking with a view! Trek to Panorama Hills, where you can witness an unparalleled scenery of the whole island and the surrounding sea. And after those fun activity, have some little talk with the locals and have a look on their goods. They made carving of Komodo in the island and it’s great to support the locals!

Melo Village

No Komodo Island tour is complete without meeting the Manggarai tribe in Melo village. This colorful tribe is very friendly and warm towards tourists. They will welcome anyone with open arms, no matter what’s the color of your skin or what language you speak. Sometimes they even have a cheery welcome ceremony which involves parade of music, dancing, and alcoholic palm drink. Their war-like Canci Dance, however, is the highlight of the visit. Accompanied with chants and traditional music, two men are ‘fighting’ with one another—each armed with whip and shield.

The Manggarian people welcome tourists’ curiosity with smiles and are willing to explain about their cultures. Sometimes they even offer an opportunity to eat their traditional lunch together and show you their awesome traditional Ikat weaving. See the process and you’ll get instantly in love with the colors and patterns. Take one home if you like to, it’s not everyday you can come to this beautiful village.

These villages are definitely going to leave some impact during your journey. It’s best to have a flexible Komodo Island tour provider who will let you put these villages into your itineraries!

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