Bali is famous for its stunning temples. This is the reason why Bali is called the island of a thousand temples. You will find thousands of famous temples in Bali. Know how the customs and ceremonies in the famous temples like Besakih Temple. In fact, Bali is not only famous for its temples but many other things that make it more global. Spot diving with thousands of rare species and beautiful coral is one of the most popular of Bali.

Not a few local tourists and foreign tourists who deliberately visited to dive. When you hear that you can walk under the sea, then in Bali is the place. The popularity of Bali’s underwater scenery has become an icon.

Do’s and Dont’s when diving trips


Choose a dive center that has experienced and professional instructors, and this is an important factor. Why? Diving can be regarded as a dangerous activity. Weather conditions and sea climate cannot be predicted so you need a professional companion who knows the location of the dive well.

Do everything the diver instructor instructs them to do if they want to help you when something goes wrong.

Do and prepare your health before diving. It is advisable not to drink alcoholic beverages or check your health to the nearest hospital.


Do not choose a dive center and be tempted by diving package deals based on cheap prices. Safety and security while diving is something that cannot be appreciated just by a cheap dive trips price.

Do not leave your instructor or group too far away. Underwater scenery Bali may be dazzling and make you forget when you have left the group or instructor.

Do not make the flight 24 hours before and after the dives. It will result in death! Why? You can experience a decompression disease that causes a person to be paralyzed and the worst of which is death. Arrange the schedule or inform the dive center to arrange Bali dive trips schedule adjusted to your flight arrival and departure schedule.

You can get lots of dive trips Bali packages for everyone regardless of age. The requirement is, you are certified. For those who do not have a diving certificate, then you must conduct training and follow the stages.

The best offer of dive trips Bali from Dune Atlantis is offered in 3 different types of dives such as daily diving, dive safaris, and aurora live board. For daily dive trips, you can choose several dive sites such as Tulamben, Nusa Dua, Padang Bai, Amed, Gilis, Menjangan or Sanur. like Bali safaris, available 3 choices that are, mini, customized, and scheduled safaris.

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