Can you imagine, what’s it like to live and do daily activities in the coldest village on Earth? This village is very unique. Moreover, many tourists have started exploring the inland nature including unique villages that are rarely documented before.

Coldest village in the world - Oymyakon at Siberia

Oymyakon is the name of the village with the coldest temperature in the world and remains occupied by this resident. Located in a remote area of Siberia, Russia, where temperatures sometimes has been reached to -67 degrees Celsius and even below it.

For the coldest region, Antartica holds the coldest record so far, but it is clearly that no one lives there. In contrast to Oymyakon which has a temperature that is also cold, but still found many villagers who live and doing activities like any other villages in the world.

To be able to reach the location of this village, you’ll need to take a trip for about 2 days from the capital’s province of Yakutsk. And another interesting thing is, city of Yakutsk also has an average temperature of -50 degrees Celsius and that’s why it was also crowned as the coldest city in the world. So neither the city nor the village, both are getting the same award; The coldest in the world.

Honestly, I myself was very confused and curious about how life’s over there? How do children are playing outside the house? How thick are clothes they are wearing and many more questions in my mind.

Many unexpected things can happen during extreme winters. Let just say that when you are outside, then your hair, eyelashes and your eyebrows will be filled with ice. It’s freezing because it’s too cold. And some or many of my questions such as above then gradually being answered. And it seems, everyone will prefer to survive rather than thinking of childhood cheerfulness. However, why they don’t simply move to another place or region that certainly more comfortable and also safe? I don’t know, though it’s not that as simple as it seems.

Back to some years ago, this village mainly used as a place or shelter of deer herdsmen about the year of 1920-1930’s. Then, the Soviet’s government turn it into Oymyakon’s Village. And, it seems only super strong shepherds and human being could live in here.

There are already around 500 residents living in Oymyakon and will likely continue to grow. Moreover, the shepherding activity is one way to survive. At least in terms of providing a source of food in the form of venison, fish, and horse’s meat for their family at home. Regarding to supply the vegetables, it seems can not be easily found around, and even none at all since only certain types of plants that can survive in such cold conditions. But the nutrition of the population seems to be fulfilled by consuming milk that contains many micronutrients. So, if you’re interested to be here, it does not seems to be necessary to worry about how to fill your stomach. Anyway, why you will come here?!

Still, your adaptability is importantly needed to keep your body staying fit. And speaking about it, I am also curious about how the residents over there are exercising. And many other questions are waiting to find a lot of references.

However, at least, Oymyakon present as one of its own uniqueness in this world. Giving us insight about how powerful humans can survive in conditions that can be considered as very “deadly.” What about you? Are you being challenged enough to come and looking around to the Coldest Village – Oymyakon, in the world? Share this article to keep your friends updated. Thank you.

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