The heartbreaking situation keeps happening following the Coronavirus outbreak in many countries all over the world. The virus that has started in Wuhan, China has spread around the world. Lots of countries even outside of Asia are affected by this virus. There have been many deaths and current patients because the cure has not been found. In fact, it is hard to create vaccine in short time especially because this is kind of new. It is not easy to fight a family of virus at the same time. The Coronavirus outbreak has affected many sectors including business. 

How to protect your business from Coronavirus

Taking immediate response following the Coronavirus outbreak is important. In China, lots of businesses have been affected. It is not easy to handle this sudden situation. The virus continues to spread all over the world. It is important for you to develop a plan to protect your employees and business. 

First thing first, make sure to inform your employees about the current situation of the virus spread and effects. This is a way to alert them so they know how to protect themselves and their families to in this situation. Inform your employees of how to practice good hygiene anytime and anywhere. You have to provide disinfectant wipes and bottles of hand sanitizer in all common areas of your business. Always remind your employees to wash their hands at least 12 times per day. During this time, it is best to encourage your employees to avoid handshakes. Also, inform them to avoid touching their faces. 

Make sure to let your employees know that if they feel even slightly under the weather, it is best for them to stay at home until they get better. It is because people in a state of weak immune system are easily infected by the virus. It is better to play safe rather than putting their coworkers and customers health at risk. During this situation, open communication is the key. Make sure everyone is informed about the current situation and what kind of response that you give. Thus, everyone knows where they stand and what to do. 

Aside from protecting your employees and their families, you also have to protect your business. Lots of business in many countries have been affected both directly and indirectly due to the spread of the virus. It is possible that your business will be affected too. You need to plan something to protect your business from a downfall. Always keep an out of possible daily interruptions such as shipping and deliveries. Make sure to point someone who can do it with vendors and supplier on daily basis.

It is also important to protect your liquidity following the virus outbreak. You have to anticipate the worst scenario. Communicating with your banker is essential. You have to know if there is possible shutdown. What will happen if it truly happens. You need to know if you still have enough liquidity or cash on hand to continue your business for functioning.  

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