Bali has become a tourist destination for most people around the world. It is not even a matter to say that Bali is one of among many of the destinations that many travelers dream about on this planet. And many various reasons that will also be submitted in this article why you should spend your holiday in Bali. Its popularity has been known to the world, whether from a variety of songs that have been sung, dances, and also the movie that many have been using Bali as the main background location for the stories.

One of destination when traveling in Bali

To know more about the reason why your next traveling destination must be in Bali, read all the lists below.

1. There are many beautiful beaches

Beaches in Bali are not only beautiful, but also the beauty is widely spread in various coastal areas of Bali. From the very crowded and mainstream ones such as Kuta and Sanur, to private beaches with quiet but still accessible to the public such as Keramas Beach and the hidden one like the Green Bowl. And many more. You can choose to what type of beaches you’d like to visit.

2. Culinary

Not only the original culinary of Bali that became the target of the tourists. Even if you miss your typical hometown food in France as well, chances that you will easily find it here. It’s all up to you which food you’d like to eat since the diversity of tourists who come is very varied. So the provision of culinary needs are increasingly diverse and rich.

3. Cheap accomodation

Staying in Bali is the cheapest, and vice versa. Starting from $ 5 per day, you will already get a dwelling that is at least comfortable to occupy. And many with only $ 10- $ 50 per day, you will get a super luxury hotel and villa with various support facilities. Thus prices are also for the villas located in the area near to the beach mostly with concept of Waterfront cottage or hotel. Interesting and reasonably priced, isn’t it? Above the mentioned price, you’ll get more high quality services and facilities to meet your needs. The low cost of accommodation in Bali is also the reason why many tourists around the world want to stay here. Even keep on coming for several times, over and over again.

4. The mountains

Beside of the beautiful beaches existed, you should not also miss the natural beauty of the mountains in Bali. At least there is a Gunung Agung (Mount Agung) as the highest peak in Bali that you can hike or Mount Batur which has been crowned by UNESCO as one of the Global Geopark in the world. Planning to camp in the mountains or area around it is also highly recommended if you want to avoid the urban hustle and bustle of the beaches.

5. The waterfalls

Coast and mountains have been informed, then the next attraction you also need to be inserted into your travel list is to enjoy the famous waterfall area in Bali. Although there is not much to offer, it does not mean that it has to be passed. You can visit the Air Terjun Kembar (Twin Waterfall) located at Sekumpul village with a height up to 100 meters and also Aling-Aling waterfall if you want to sliding or simply jumping into the water.

6. Arts and cultures

Daily culture and religious ceremonies as well as various dance festivals here are so intensely implemented. Even in public spaces like on the beach, you can easily find it without being planned. This will certainly be very interesting because it provides a meaningful surprise for the tourists with a variety of arts and cultural attractions that you don’t know before.

7. You can also rent a motorbike in Bali

Want to enjoy Bali and reach various areas by motorcycle? Get yourself directly ask the receptionist and other officers in the villa where you are staying. In addition to having a cheap rental price either daily, weekly or monthly, the use of motorcycles will also allow you to reach remote areas to get to know Bali and the community more closely. Accessibility will be much easier, especially in also avoiding the high traffics of vehicles in some crowded areas.

8. Diving in Bali

I do not know how many dive centers exist in Bali. Which I know for sure, the number is though. Likewise with a wide selection of exquisite dive spots that offer a variety of amazing diving experiences. You can do it all here with many dive masters could guide you in the water to make sure you are on the right hand, safe.

9. Souvenirs are cheap

You won’t getting back to your country by only bringing your traveling stories, right? You need to get your friends and families some original crafted souvenirs or something like that. A gift. And the good news is, you also won’t spend more money in that since the prices are cheap and you can also choose in which traditional markets you’ll buy the souvenirs. There are so many places you can find the gifts, along with various types of it. You name it!

From the sea to the mountains, everything is available and waiting for you to visit. There are many other reasons why you should come and spend your holiday in Bali, but the 9 things above is an outline of what you can feel when you are here. Share this article if useful.

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