When it comes to wanting to try a new hobby, the most important thing is to find complete information. Dive one of the hobbies that currently love by many people. Underwater charm has attracted many people to try diving. One of the most trusted and world-renowned PADI dive organizations. Diving certificates are a must. You cannot explore underwater without a diving certificate. Diving certificates is as a sign that you have studied training and are eligible for diving.

PADI Scuba diving Bali

The world-famous and popular diving tourist destination, that is Bali. Bali not only has underwater charm, but is also rich in culture and other natural beauty. Even surfing events are always held every year in Bali, under the auspices of Rip Curl. There are many attractions in Bali that can make Bali a popular tourist destination in the world.

PADI scuba diving Bali courses have many stages. If you are a beginner, beginner training is the right one. Most dive centers in Bali offer diving packages for beginners, including getting a PADI certificate. Let’s look at the process of PADI scuba diving in Bali courses that could be your recommendation to get a certificate.

Academic Sessions

PADI Scuba diving Bali instructors will teach you basic principles and procedures in diving. What will you learn? You will study the effects of pressure on the human body, good and safe diving procedures, and choosing and maintaining diving equipment. Today, almost all dive centers use multimedia for diving knowledge presentations. This is more effective than the old system.

Pool Training

Sessions in the pool with instructors will practice the basics of learning skills and using diving equipment. Some of the stages such as assembling diving equipment, simulating controlling emergencies, how to clean the mask in water, and others. Skills in this pool will be very useful during diving.

PADI Open Water Season

Open water season is a stage after academic and pool training. This is a real dive training session. You will go directly into the open waters with calm, clear waters. In PADI scuba diving Bali courses, you will be provided with emergency simulation exercises. This is done so that you dive safely.

How long is PADI scuba diving Bali training?

Beginner diver training for 4 days. Please note that PADI training is based on performance. Where divers require to carry out all the requirements of Bali’s PADI scuba diving training curriculum. The PADI organization establishes and obliges without being limited to a certain period of time. This will provide a  comfort because training does not need a rush. In essence, PADI scuba diving Bali is the best way for you to explore underwater. Not only exploring Bali’s underwater but all the world’s best spots.

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