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The Keys to Become Professional Real Estate Developers

There are many career paths you can choose in real estate market. You can become real estate broker, investor, or developer. Real estate developer is a career path you can pursue. What real estate developers do is to find and buy property and make some developments then sell it. The project can be residential or commercial started from small to big one. Real estate developers come from different background and discipline. You can also start from different career path such as being real estate agent first. In few years, you can expand your career to become developer.

Important keys to become professional and successful real estate developer

There are certain traits you should have if you want to become good real estate developers. Being hardworking is not the only thing which determine your success. Other traits such as creative, patient, communicative, and dedicated are also needed. There are various due diligence you cannot skip to handle every project when you become real estate developer. There are also important keys you need to highlight to become reliable and successful developer. Here are the important points:

  • Research. When you are a real developer, you need reliable and trusted source t help you finish the project. All sources of information and data can only be collected by researching. This may take time in the process but it is important key to the success of your project. Without proper research, your project will have higher risk to fail. Your research to your market will also help you examine the situation and make wise decision.
  • Legality. When you become real estate developer, you will handle various projects. No matter how small it is, you need to deal with it legally. Illegal contract won’t get you anywhere. Thus, you may need to hire lawyer to consult the contract legally. By paying attention to legality, you minimize the risk of having trouble in the future. It is highly advisable to choose lawyer specialized in real estate industry to make everything goes smoothly.
  • Relationship. This point is important in real estate development because you cannot work alone as developer. No matter how skillful you are, you still need other’s skills. Maintaining business relationship cannot be done overnight. You need to cultivate it the right way to gain positive result to your business for the long run. In this business, you are going to work with contractors, builders, engineer, etc. Thus, you need to build solid connection with trusted people you can rely on.
  • Effective communication. Real estate market is the place where people from different backgrounds are. It is important for you to learn and develop your communication skills so that you can build effective communication with different people. When you can communicate properly and effectively, you will able to deliver your message and intention clearly. Communication skill is also important for you to build your contacts for your networking. Aside from learning how to speak, you also need to learn how to listen to others. Only then the goal of communication will be fruitful.
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Carve Your Memory At Beach Villa Bali

Bali is very famous for its beaches, culture, traditions, and friendliness of the locals. But when wanting a more memorable vacation, enjoying the warmth of a tropical island, tranquility, more personal and optimal are advised to stay at the beach villa Bali. It would be very easy to find this type of accommodation. Searching through the internet will make it easier to compare prices, facilities, and locations. This is important for the comfort of your stay while on vacation. In general, Bali’s beach villas have been widely recommended for achieving the perfect tropical vacation.

Beach Villa Bali

Beach Villa Bali, A Promises The Ideal Gateway

Many of the coastal environments that have been converted into beautiful and comfortable tourist destinations. Staying at beach villa Bali makes it easy for you to quickly access white sand beaches. Before choosing beachfront villa Bali you can ensure the distance from the villa is not too far to reach the beach. The decision to choose a beach villa Bali near or far from the beach should be able to be adjusted to your needs.

The fact is, even though the distance of Bali’s beach villas to the beach requires a little time, travelers don’t need to worry. Access to the beach is easier because the local government has developed road access to the beaches. Further considerations that must be considered when deciding on a Bali villa as a residence are friendly for children, seniors or disabled visitors. This point is important if there is a part of your family in the category of one.

Staying at beach villa Bali will be more perfect if you can ensure all facilities before departure. Bali’s beach villas are said to be perfect, especially when looking in the Seminyak area. A little walk, you can find a row of international standard bars, clubs, and restaurants. Enjoying seafood is a must when in Bali.

If you want to enjoy seafood at the beach villa Bali, you can look for fish, shrimp, crabs and more at the Jimbaran fishing market. The Jimbaran fishing market is very popular among travelers. If you don’t want to bother, then just visit the best seafood restaurant to pamper your tongue.

Bali Beach Villas offers superior comfort for travelers. If you are in Ubud, take advantage of yoga or meditation to rejuvenate your soul and body. Staying at a beach villa Bali is the best accommodation choice for your perfect vacation. Make sure to place an order to get a beach villa Bali before the rental price gets higher.

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Learn More About What Real Estate Developer Is

There are many terms in real estate business that you may have not understood yet. The thing is, you have no limit to learn. In fact, learning and filling in your knowledge is a must if you are in real estate business. You are not supposed to be left behind others if you want your business to grow well.

What do real estate developers do?

There are various occupations in real estate business. Even if you decide to choose one job, as an investor for example, you still need to build a team which often includes contractor, agent, property manager, as well as real estate developer.

By knowing what each of them is, you will be able to recognize what you need to do with them. Building solid team and large network is important so you might as well learn more about real estate developer.

What do real estate developers do?

Real estate development is important in the industry to keep it moving forward and growing steadily. Every project need to be handled by the right people. Thus, real estate developers are the right one to handle the projects whether for commercial or residential purpose.

The categories are broad started from a single-family home to industrial development. For real estate developers, knowledge and experience will help a lot in successfully tackle every project.

Real estate developers can start their professional career path from various fields. Some of them start as real estate broker/agent and some others take initial career path in construction. The point is, they start the career path to gain as many knowledge as possible.

Besides, they will gain more experience by doing so. For those who start as real estate agent, they buy properties and improve them.

Then they sell them to earn profit from time to time. When they have steady rhythm and growing business, hey raise the capital and start working with regional planner, architect or builder. The purpose is to develop as well as build and market a real estate project.

When they choose initial career path in construction, they learn more about technical stuffs of real estate development. They learn how to contract property development whether residential or commercial one.

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In this matter, they also work with partners such as architect as well as financial planner because developing a project is a big deal.

The challenge of become real estate developer

The task of being a real estate developer is quite complex. To become reliable and professional developers, you need to have financial, analytical, interpersonal, and organized skills.

However, there is no such thing as becoming professional developer overnight. It takes time to gain knowledge and experience. Being able to make the right decision is important for real estate developers since there are many things to decide. In reality, real estate developers come from various backgrounds and disciplines.

Thus, there is no ultimate course for you to enter real estate development industry. If you have at least bachelor degree, you can pursue this career and choose the initial field to be your professional career path.


Eco-Friendly Backpack for Multi-Use Purposes

There are some of the names how people are calling the backpack, they are bookbag, knapsack, sackpack and many more. Mostly, it is used either by the students or the travelers especially the hikers for carrying quiet heavy loads and sort of equipments. At first, the backpack itself can be used for many purposes, but have you been heard about the eco-friendly backpack before?

Rather than just thinking about how to get a stylish backpack, today we need to think more about how friendly it is for our environment. There always choices whether or not we want the stylish and eco-friendly backpack or just one choice of it.

Man using eco backpack while hiking

For me, eco-friendly backpack is needed more than just a style since who care what the style you are using. People will appreciate more of what you are using if they will know that your backpack is environmental friendly since you have take a step to make a better future through what you are using. And that will be great for all the future generations.

According to its usage, I think that there are more you can do with the backpack. Since it is mainly used to carry things, then you are free to whatever you are going to bring. It is one of the multi-use bag for various purposes.

People are using it to brings laptop, books, clothes, goods, and many more. It is your choose about what you are going to do with it and I think you will not need a single guide for that. The only thing you will need is which the best eco-friendly backpack that you have to get or buy.

How I will choose my own eco-friendly backpack to buy?

When you just read about the sub-title on above, there might be two things you have in mind. First, the criteria and specifications along with the price of the eco-friendly backpack. Secondly, where you will get one that mostly will be the recommended online shop or place.

For the last one, I think you can simply find them on Google. And the first one, it will talk more about the advantages and disadvantages that won’t put you into sorry for have bought that.

I am truly confusing when it comes to talk about both of them. It is because I will suggesting you to something that I don’t know if you will likes it or not. So that, I will keep on focusing on things that I concerned of and later you will make decision if you are agree with me or not.

In determining about an eco-friendly backpack that is matter for me, the first thing I’d like to think about is the size. I won’t get one that is too bigger and too small in the same time. So, I will first measures my own usual backpack that I have before to determine which size I will need.

The stressful thing about this is that I need to measure about the dimension for sure. So, I will just finding and seeing the eco backpack that I think it won’t be too big than my body size. And I think that considering about its capacity is more useful than the size itself. Capacity will answer my curiosity about how big or small it will looks alike.

In term of stylish if I will really need one, I think I will only focusing on my own favorite color or the color combination. So that, if there will be one place that is serving the customizable backpack colors, that will be the great place or online shop to try.

Last thing I will consider is about the price for sure. Even if it will be the most and best eco-friendly backpack in the world, I can’t really afford the one that more than $50. That’s my limit. So, it would really wonderful to get the price range between $25 as minimum up to the $50 as maximum. Not more than that. If there will be one that can be less of my minimum budget, I would love to read about it with all of above specifications that I have mentioned.

Oh and by the way, the material is surely an important thing to talk about. I have read one before that there is actually the eco backpack made of the parachute nylon so that it will really quick dry when it gets wet by the rain or waters. Draining the backpack is usually an issue for me since it will take times and I don’t get a washing machine at all.

Another last thing I will considered about is how long does the warranty period will it takes. I think, the more years, the better since it will really give solution when the backpack will be broken or needs to be replaced. Surely it will comes with certain terms and conditions set by the manufacturers.

I think that will be all of my own criteria about the eco-friendly backpack I’d like to buy. If there will be one or two specifications that won’t be in your list, feel free to change them all as have required.

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Learn More About The Process of Real Estate Development

When you decide to become a real estate developer, you need to do your due diligence to finish your property development project. That is why real estate development requires dedication since it is a full-time job you need to handle.

The process of real estate development

You will need to spend hours researching about the market, financial planning, and negotiating. However, you can tackle down all challenges with your positive traits. Creativity and problem-solving skills will help you to be a successful real estate developer. However, you need to remember as well that gaining knowledge is important when it comes to real estate development.

There will always be things you don’t know and need to find out. Therefore, this is a field required long-life learning.

The process of real estate development

Every developer may use different strategies in order to gain more profit and benefits from property development. However, there is always basic guideline to help you finish the project the right way. Here are the process of real estate development you need to earn more:

  1. The first thing you need to do is develop the right concept for the site as well as conduct a feasibility study. To do it properly, you need to consult the right expert team. You also need to contact local council to provide you an overview of the future planning as well as zoning changes in the area.
  2. Next step is negotiating the contract and purchasing the property. It is important to make the best deal when negotiating so that you earn commercial profit. You need to decide how much you are willing to pay beforehand. The value of the end of the dwellings at the end of the project should also be taken into consideration.
  3. Next thing is to deal with planning regulations according to council development guidelines. You will need the role of town planner to help you make the plan thoroughly and perfectly. This process may require longer time since it is quite complex to deal with.
  4. When you earn approval, it is time to finalise your plan. However, you will need to consult the architect and engineer so that your plan will be flawless to execute in action. Working with architect and engineer is part of real estate development process you cannot avoid because it can determine whether or not your plan works.
  5. Next process is to consult the right builder. In this matter, you will have to estimate your finance thoroughly. Once you find the right builder and financial planner, you can start the construction. It can take six to twelve month to finish. Throughout construction, you may find various challenges including bad weather, mishaps in financial calculation, etc. that’s why creativity and patience are truly needed when you handle real estate development projects.
  6. When your project is almost done, you need to submit the plan of subdivision. You can do one of two options of your completed development property either to sell it for a profit or hold on to it as an investment property.
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Why Choose Hotel If Bali Luxury Villas Is Much Better?

Bali luxury villas are in great demand and easily accessible than most people think. Planning a trip to Bali, most likely the first one you are looking for is a hotel room. More comparison of accommodation search is better, and checking the possibility of staying at Bali villas is a good idea. It is possible that you will be surprised at the results of the accommodation search results.

Bali Luxury Villas

Luxurious And Affordable Bali Luxury Villas For Save Money

Bali luxury villas have been designed by investors as a beautiful and comfortable temporary residence. There are lots of pictures on the internet that inform how beautiful and calm it is to stay in a villa. The concept and price of Bali luxury villas offered do not make most people afraid when compared to the resort or hotel rentals.

Most people think that it is more practical to stay in a hotel than a villa. In fact, villas are far more comfortable and not inferior to facilities or luxury. Sights and holiday activities in Bali are part of the reason Bali has captivated travelers, regardless of domestic or foreign travelers. The main thing is how Bali luxury villas have taken over the comfort and pleasure of travelers while on vacation.

Especially for those of you who want a quiet and relaxed vacation, you don’t have to go far to look for fun while on vacation. You can enjoy the villa’s facilities and immerse yourself in the traditions and culture of Bali. Bali luxury villas are intentionally built in the local area, so travelers can feel the atmosphere of Bali.

Resort or hotel does offer beautiful accommodation but does not offer a touch of exclusive, luxury and privacy. Some of the many facilities that can be obtained by all travelers when staying in Bali luxury villas.

  • Private area with its own door
  • private pool
  • kitchen and equipment
  • semi-outdoor dining room
  • semi-outdoor family room
  • Private garden

If possible, the villa staff will help find an impressive trip around Bali. For Balinese cultural travelers, it is a small feast for their eyes. Finding Bali luxury villas and staying for a long time is perfect. You can find a lot of folk parties or other Art Parties that take place in June-July. Why hesitate to take Bali luxury villas as a temporary residence. In fact, Bali villas are better in everything compared to other accommodations. Don’t forget to take a walk around the villa to enjoy and see the activities of the locals who are known for their hospitality.

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Improving Your Real Estate Business From Every Aspect

New Year means new resolution and it includes your real estate business resolution. It is common for real estate investor to set some goals for New Year. And plan some strategies to achieve them. However, achieving goals is not the only thing you need to do to welcome New Year. It is also important for you to evaluate your business. Thus, you will have perfect picture about what you are going to do in the future to improve your business. Lots of investors sometimes too focus on making profit and forget to make necessary improvement to the business.

Improving Your Real Estate Business From Every Aspect

How to improve your real estate business in details

Improving your real estate business means you have already look into the future. If you want long-lasting business, it is not only profit that you should focus on. It is also important to improve your business from every aspect. With improvement, you will be able to expand your business and make it grow bigger for years to come. Here is every aspect you need to improve to keep your real estate business progressing:

  • The first aspect that matter and bothers you a lot must be finance. Sometimes, it is stressful to think about your financial situation when it comes to real estate business. The bottom line is indeed the most important number in the business. Therefore, you need to know exactly your financial situation including where you spend your money on every deal. If you are not confident handling finance, you can rely on professional accountant. Their service will be worth it. When you can keep an eye on your bottom line, you will always what to do since you have better view of the situation.
  • Next aspect is your lead source. Most investors often take it for granted. However, you should never do it and treat it like it the most important thing that your business needs. It can be the backbone of your business after all. No matter where your lead sources come from, you need to make sure they continue to provide deals. Existing sources are the majority of deals you can gain. Thus, improve the existing sources by contacting them regularly, keeping in touch in many ways, etc.
  • Next aspect is the people that work with you. Your team is valuable asset for your business. They consist of attorneys, mortgage brokers, realtors, contractors, etc. They have direct impact on your business today and in the future. Improving your relationship with them is essential to keep your business working productively and efficiently. When you have solid team to work with, it is easier to handle your business and make it more profitable.
  • Another aspect you need to improve is your knowledge and skills. Real estate investing industry is prone to changes. Thus, you need to constantly update your knowledge and educate yourself more about the business. You can do it by spending 20-30 minutes reading or researching new niche or joining local real estate investment club. You can also improve your skill by attending seminar, workshop, etc.


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How to Execute the Perfect Komodo Liveaboard Holiday with Partner

It’s widely believed that travel helps couples to stay together ad ignites new sparks of romance that might have long been dimmed. For couples who have been bored to death with stale daily routine, travelling to new exciting places will certainly be a breathe of fresh air. Among all destinations, the UNESCO protected Komodo National Park might be one of the best travelling destination for couples. Komodo is a perfect blend of beautiful sight to behold with dramatic adventure to seize. Nothing is boring in Komodo. Above is all, the trip offer one of a kind Komodo liveaboard which will bring unforgettable memories for your couple trip. 

How to Execute the Perfect Komodo Liveaboard Holiday with Partner
Couple having a good time in Komodo via Hello Flores

However, Komodo is a new strange place that can be quite a challenge for a trip with another person. To launch a successful couple trip in this dragon-infested destination, here are a few tips of what you can do

Plan everything down into details

Whatever the trip will be, planning is a key. Nobody wants to show up in a strange place without anything clear to do. A clean planning will give you clear travelling direction—no time waste for confusing of what to do on the day during the trip. 

This planning should include:

  • Whether you will go directly for the Komodo trip after landing in Labuan Bajo’s airport.
  • Whether your Komodo operator/ hotel provide airport pick up or should you arrange your own.
  • How much time you want to spent in Labuan Bajo before and after the trip.
  • If spending a night in Labuan Bajo before or after the trip is on your planning, that means you need to book all hotel room for the needs.
  • Browsing the right Komodo liveaboard that suits your travel style. Select carefully and only book liveaboard operators that looks professional and trusted. There’s a lot of scam out there who are more than ready to strip away your money.
  • Create budget estimation. Thich should cover all travel expenses, liveaboard rate, entrance fee to the Komodo National Park, and meal expenses prior and after the liveaboard trip.

Backup your partner in area they lack of—and vice versa

When you have been together with your partner for so long, you would know so well in which area you and your partner usually cover each other. I, for example, am a terrible cook—but I am blessed with superior packing ability (neat, compact, and efficient) and tidying up the house. My partner, in the other hand, has almost zero ability to pack or clean up anything—but he’s such a talented cooks. He has no idea about budget management, but is extremely reliable to protect me from any threat—especially in a strange and dangerous place. So we divide the tasks based on our ability and it get our trip preparation run much smoother and efficient.

Don’t carry too much baggage

Travelling with Komodo liveaboard is very different with regular travel when, say, regular hotel-stay kind of travel. Though you have booked a special cabins, you still need to limit your baggage. You don’t want all the precious space in the cabin are completely wasted for the luggage only, do you? Beside that, remember that big loads of baggage will be much difficult to be carried in and out of the liveaboard.

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Advantages for Investors to Think Like a Tenant

Building your real estate business is indeed challenging but it doesn’t mean you cannot reach your goal just fine. When it comes to real estate business, your tenant is one of the mot valuable assets to pay attention to. One of the best ways for you to be successful in managing your real estate investing is to think like a tenant.

Putting yourself on a tenant’s shoes will makes you more understand about things that only tenants know. It is like when you are a seller and you are also able to think like a buyer. This will leads you to successful selling because you will know exactly what your buyers want and expectation.

How thinking like a tenant benefits you

Advantages for investors to think like a tenant

There are many things to learn when it comes to real estate investing. Here is no limit of when or when you gain knowledge for the growth of your business. Thinking like a tenant is a good idea for investor.

So that, you can do to think like a tenant and even should for you to do and gain advantages of it. Why?

When you think like tenant, you will focus more on safe and comfortable location instead of the fancy one. Of course, every tenant may have different opinion about their ideal home.

However, you can focus more on the neighbourhood. Every tenant wants to live in safe and comfortable neighbourhood. Thus, it is important to do some research before investing in rental property. You need to find out about the crime rates, traffic, etc.

As a landlord of rental property, you need to know exactly what your tenants need. If your tenants are college students or middle class families, your focus should not be on having property with stainless steel appliances. Instead of putting unnecessary appliances, it will be more useful to do some updates.

Make sure to choose updates that your tenants will need the most. It is also important not to choose updates which require lots of money to spend. Your property is your investment. Making updates to fit your tenant’s need is the right move because then the money you have spent will be paid off.

When you are going to invest in rental property, you need to choose the one that is comfortable for living. That is how tenant will choose a home. Every tenant has certain level of comfort when they are about to choose a place to live in. Things that can influence their comfort include paint colours, lighting, electricity, smell, and overall appearance.

Thus, you can try adding some appeals to the property. The least you can do is to clean the property and make everything presentable.

Another important thing that most tenants focus on is the price. When you think like a tenant, you won’t get easily put high number for the rent. Of course you have to reach your goal and earn profit from your investing. However, overpricing your rental is not the best solution.

You can focus on real numbers that are in your area instead of list a price you think you can get.

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Social Media Management for Businesses in Bali

There are at least 2 business sectors that are so popular in Bali so far. Both are the property line and also the accommodation. Both of the business are actually seemed to be supporting the tourism sector. Housing and staying are the real things when it comes to talk about Bali since it has becoming one of the world top destinations.

Now, what are the relationship between both of the businesses and also the others with social media management in Bali?

World is fulfilled by the new millennials or what’s so called as the Gen. Z. The way they are accessing the information are now even changing especially in usage of the social medias.

It is said that all over the world, it is estimated that there is about 88% of millennials are using the social media. Knowing that, don’t you think that your property business or travel packages in Bali should also been promoted regularly in the business official account?

The more your business is seen online regularly, the better of the positive impact you can get. Your business will get more engagements and also influencing not only the millennials but also the previous generations (Gen. X and Y). So that, your business will get more social media strategy than before if you really want to warn your customers across the generations.

What is social media management and how does it gives impacts to your business in Bali?

What is social media management and its impact for your business in Bali?

If you are the businessman in Bali, you have known that almost all of the tourism related businesses are competing tightly. You barely can’t set your breath if you are the new comer. And sometimes, businesses that have been established for years are even have had difficulties for competing in a healthy manner.

So that, you will need more ways and tricks to maximise the efforts. One thing you can do is dealing with the social media management for your business in Bali.

Social media management is basically the process of managing your business social media accounts such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, and many more. The accounts surely will involving the online interactions, planning the contents and their schedules to be published.

It will really like your business social media profiles that are representing the business itself.

When I just told you about the contents, then your social media management for business in Bali will also refers to the usage of the certain tools, softwares and even the services.

For example, when you need to plan the contents to publish your villa rental, then you may need the professional camera or even hire the professional services. Before uploading the images to Instagram, you may will have to make sure that the images are edited professionally using Photoshop or the Adobe Lightroom or even the other softwares and applications on your phone.

You need to impress your audiences first through your social media contents. And if you are doing that consistently, then your audiences may are converting to be your customers. That’s how the business is flowing, right?

So, the social media management for any type of businesses in Bali surely will give big and many chances to increase the reach and visibility. Look, even when you are using the Instagram, it is not as simple as creating the captions as you want as well as the hashtags.

You need a better copywriting that are representing your products and services in for your captions and you have to know the hashtags that will be successfully worked for your online campaigns. That all will be contributing as the impacts for your business.

Another thing to be in your consideration if someday you will need to hire the social media management Bali is that the team should also have the understanding and experiences in using the social media advertising platforms.

It will be the complete package when the team is not only deal with the contents for social media accounts, but also will helps your business to be ready to make the online campaigns through ads. Facebook ads can be the great starts since it is so much targeted and also comes with even a low budget.

Through the social media management, later then,  your business in Bali will also know how to develop the online accounts to meet your marketing goals and also to increase your brand identity.

You will have and manage some social media accounts and then you will find out which channels are worked very well. If that will be hard to do, then you can simply find an agency for that since responding comments and all the engagement types may not your things. It really needs all the possible efforts you can give.

And if your social media contents somehow will be go viral in your industry, then you will have more things to do to grab more people paid attentions to your business. That’s how important is the social media management for your business in Bali.