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How Foreign Get Rent Villa Bali Seminyak

Why is the area of Seminyak much liked by people? In fact, Seminyak area has been popular for a long time for foreign tourists. Ease of access to anywhere also makes Seminyak a prima donna area in Bali. You just walk for a while to reach the beach, looking for restaurants or bars of international standard. No special transport needed! For that many Seminyak villas are developed and built given the increasing number of accommodation requests that continue to soar.

Villa Bali Seminyak has been a favorite of recent times for a number of reasons. The 2 most important reasons that make the tourists switch to find the villa is the high hotel prices during high season and more of a privacy. Another reason is the ease of monitoring children while swimming. Villas in Seminyak Bali can be said as a destination for foreign workers who also bring their families.

Looking for a villa for temporary accommodation is easy indeed. You just search the internet, see the location through the photos installed, and make transactions. How to newly arrived foreigners in Bali and want to find Bali villa rental Seminyak for their stay?

In fact, many property agents can assist foreign workers to find villa Bali Seminyak, whether homes, villas, or apartments. What should a foreign worker do to find the best comfortable place to live and complete facilities?

Good Review, Best Result

Looking for reviews from some expats who work in Bali is best. They have a lot of information about the best areas for your stay. How to find a place to stay while affordable, comfortable and complete facilities. Some expats usually offer for someone to continue to rent their villa because they have to return to their home country.

This is the best way to get a villa quickly. Another way is, search through the property agent. The price offered may be higher, but it helps you a lot. They have many list rentals of villas, houses or apartments and it is easy for you to compare.

You should also pay attention to the security factor when looking for a villa Bali Seminyak agency. Not all rental agencies are reliable and helpful to you. There are some naughty rental agencies that end up harming you. make sure you do not make payment first before looking at the location. Prepare a certificate that you work in Bali, passport, KITAS and other required documents.

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Amazing Hong Kong You Must Visit

Who does not know Hongkong? A popular tourist destination with thousands of shopping and good food. Hong Kong where you pamper yourself, shop, walk around, culinary and enjoy many of the popular sights.

Who can resist the appeal of Hong Kong? You can shop for everything you want at a cheap price. This British colony became independent on July 1, 1997, in which the British returned Hong Kong to China. But Hong Kong can not be said to be an independent state despite having its own currency, passport or flag itself because the country’s defense is left to China.

Let’s explore why Hong Kong is so attractive to tourists. The best time to visit Hong Kong is March – April (spring), and October – November (autumn).

Madame Tussauds

Madame Tussaud is a museum in which there is a wax statue of famous figures, whether musicians, presidents or actors. The replica of the wax statue contained in Madame Tussaud is made in such a way that it is exactly the same as the original. You need to set up the best camera to take lots of replica photos of famous figures, musicians and legendary actor of the world.

Culinary Adventure

Many people refer to Hong Kong as a shopping paradise. But it is not only known as a shopping paradise but also a food paradise. Hong Kong is a city that never sleeps and is obligatory for you to taste local food. Dim sum is the best, you can find the best place recommendations you can visit. Do not forget to taste the popular dessert ranging from gar-agar, liquid milk, sugar and fresh mango chunks.

Street Market

Prepare yourself for a long journey to the night market in Hong Kong. Hundreds of fashion, food, and various other products you can get with cheap price. The important thing is, you can negotiate the price with the seller. Some street markets that you can visit like, ladie’s market, Temple Street Night Market, Cat Street, and Apliu Street Market.

Po Lin Ministry The Big Buddha

Po Lin Ministry The Big Buddha is located on the island of Lantau, Hongkong, at the foot of Muyu mountain. This statue is named Tian Tan because the bottom is a replica of the Tian Tan Temple or Temple of Heaven in Beijing. The Sakyamuni Buddha statue is depicted sitting on a lotus flower with a meditative position. The statue worth 60 million Hong Kong dollars stands over an area of 2,339 m2 and as high as 34 meters. It takes 12 years to complete the statue overlooking mainland China. To get to The Big Buddha, you have to climb 268 steps. During the trip, you will be accompanied by cool mountain air and beauty.

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The Magic of Bali Scuba Diving Courses

Bali scuba diving courses are an opportunity to discover miracles. Underwater wonders you can not find on land. Maybe for those who have never dived, will wonder how beautiful the underwater world?

Lots of television that present events about diving. You can imagine how beautiful the underwater world through impressions on tv. But is not it more beautiful if we dive and see directly?

Diving is not difficult. You are just looking for a dive center that offers training packages. Better yet, if you take the dive training in the right location. Bali is one of the best exotic islands and offers the ease for you to take diving training.

Bali scuba diving courses are open for beginners or those wishing to continue delayed training. Is it possible to resume delayed training? One of the pieces of training from reputable organizations such as PADI, provides leeway for those of you who do not have a long time to do the training.

When A Paper Become A Key

Dive certificates are the key to all magic so you can dive. How do you get a dive certificate? Training is important and the door for you to explore the dazzling underwater world. How to get Bali scuba diving courses?

Browse the internet and find plenty of information about the best dive centers in Bali. When you surf the internet, there will be many diving deals with various Bali diving spots such as Amed, Tulamben, Nusa Penida, Sanur, and others.

Scuba diving in Bali is the perfection of a diver. None of the divers who missed the underwater beauty of Bali. Bali is famous for diving areas that can amaze the world. For that, Bali is the right place for you to take the training package. Where you will be taken to the sea during the final training with a maximum depth of 18 meters for beginners.

The price offered by each dive center will certainly vary. For that is good when comparing prices, certificates obtained and the spot that you will explore. The Bali Sea is perfect for you to do training or explore under the sea and find something unique and interesting. Make sure that the diving certificate is the key for you to open the door and discover the fascinating underwater wonders.

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The Coldest Village on Earth Is Oymyakon at Siberia

Can you imagine, what’s it like to live and do daily activities in the coldest village on Earth? This village is very unique. Moreover, many tourists have started exploring the inland nature including unique villages that are rarely documented before.

Coldest village in the world - Oymyakon at Siberia

Oymyakon is the name of the village with the coldest temperature in the world and remains occupied by this resident. Located in a remote area of Siberia, Russia, where temperatures sometimes has been reached to -67 degrees Celsius and even below it.

For the coldest region, Antartica holds the coldest record so far, but it is clearly that no one lives there. In contrast to Oymyakon which has a temperature that is also cold, but still found many villagers who live and doing activities like any other villages in the world.

To be able to reach the location of this village, you’ll need to take a trip for about 2 days from the capital’s province of Yakutsk. And another interesting thing is, city of Yakutsk also has an average temperature of -50 degrees Celsius and that’s why it was also crowned as the coldest city in the world. So neither the city nor the village, both are getting the same award; The coldest in the world.

Honestly, I myself was very confused and curious about how life’s over there? How do children are playing outside the house? How thick are clothes they are wearing and many more questions in my mind.

Many unexpected things can happen during extreme winters. Let just say that when you are outside, then your hair, eyelashes and your eyebrows will be filled with ice. It’s freezing because it’s too cold. And some or many of my questions such as above then gradually being answered. And it seems, everyone will prefer to survive rather than thinking of childhood cheerfulness. However, why they don’t simply move to another place or region that certainly more comfortable and also safe? I don’t know, though it’s not that as simple as it seems.

Back to some years ago, this village mainly used as a place or shelter of deer herdsmen about the year of 1920-1930’s. Then, the Soviet’s government turn it into Oymyakon’s Village. And, it seems only super strong shepherds and human being could live in here.

There are already around 500 residents living in Oymyakon and will likely continue to grow. Moreover, the shepherding activity is one way to survive. At least in terms of providing a source of food in the form of venison, fish, and horse’s meat for their family at home. Regarding to supply the vegetables, it seems can not be easily found around, and even none at all since only certain types of plants that can survive in such cold conditions. But the nutrition of the population seems to be fulfilled by consuming milk that contains many micronutrients. So, if you’re interested to be here, it does not seems to be necessary to worry about how to fill your stomach. Anyway, why you will come here?!

Still, your adaptability is importantly needed to keep your body staying fit. And speaking about it, I am also curious about how the residents over there are exercising. And many other questions are waiting to find a lot of references.

However, at least, Oymyakon present as one of its own uniqueness in this world. Giving us insight about how powerful humans can survive in conditions that can be considered as very “deadly.” What about you? Are you being challenged enough to come and looking around to the Coldest Village – Oymyakon, in the world? Share this article to keep your friends updated. Thank you.

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9 Simple Tips When Traveling Alone To Any Places or Countries

Tips when traveling alone to another country

Traveling alone surely a fun thing to do for yourself and yourself alone. At least you don’t need to be constrained by the schedule and also the willingness of other colleagues since you are free to do anything, alone. Traveling alone can also improve your skills in associating with new people or totally the strangers to know more how capable you are in socializing. And to help your solo traveling activities that hopefully goes safe and comfortable, you should pay attention to some tips that I have listed below that can be applied in any places or countries.

Hare are those!

1. Know where to stay

I mean, having knowledge of the location of the hotel or villa is also very important, especially does the location is safe? or even does the location become the place of various crimes in the city? The easiest thing to find out is doing some online research for that location. So also with the Hotel where you will stay, you can always take advantages of the reviews from previous customers to help you determine the right accommodation when traveling.

2. Transportation

To be able to go around while traveling, surely you won’t walk alone forever, right?! Even on many occasions, you will most likely be using a rentable vehicle or a public’s transportation. So, while you are still at home, you should also make a plan about the destinations you want to be visited and also what type of transportations you will be used. This will also be really related to the expenses that you will spending while in traveling.

3. Plan for budgeting as detailed as possible

Do not compromise! This time you should be as detailed as possible in planning from the beginning before departure until later for your return. If necessary, make a check-list of all activities, luggages and anything related to traveling that you will be doing alone.

4. Save important numbers

Not just friends or families that their numbers need to be remembered. If necessary, while researching the destinations you’ll be visited, find and store important numbers such as the local police and also a hospital. This is simply just a step in anticipation of the unexpected things that can be experienced by anyone.

5. Bring the important stuffs and keep it as light as possible

Since you are traveling alone, you might will not ask for help from people you just met and know, freely. When visiting the tourist destination, try not to bring all the luggage but it will be enough if only you’ll take the necessary ones. The more lighter what you are bringing on your shoulder, then you can also flexibly to move between some destinations or places.

6. Try to buy a flight that will arrive in the morning or daylight

This one seems very clear. If arriving when the day is getting dark (afternoon or evening), to get to the location of your hotel can be a hassle. Moreover, if not listed in various map applications that can be utilized in your phone. But if you must arrive at night, avoid not receiving unofficial transport offers. Usually marked in the absence of a special uniform of the drivers.

7. Install map apps that work offline

It is good start to install an app such as maps which of course can be used offline without having to connect to the internet. Likewise with other supporting applications that you think will help ease your traveling, save time and also getting more lower cost.

8. Scan all important documents

Visa, passport, ID’s to the credit card and so on, it’s good you scan them all first and keep them online in your online’s account that you believe have a high level of security. This is to anticipate if one day the documents will be lost for any reasons. You can also copying the documents in preparation for storage in a purse or wallet.

9. Separate your cash with debit or credit cards

Separating and storing the sources of your money can be done using different containers. For example you will store cash in your wallet, while the credit card is in a small bag that you will usually always take to anywhere when traveling. This is to help that if one is missing, then there is still a backup one that you can use without worrying too much.

When you are traveling alone and use some tips above, I hope you will always meet the good people in this world. But what you still need to remember is, you can only rely on yourself. Keep safe and have a good time for yourself.

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7 Safest Countries to Visit For Solo Female Travel

Safest countries for solo female travel

Are you a girl who love traveling alone? If you like to play around including to the different countries, these are my top 7 safest recommended countries that you can visit when spending your holiday alone as a solo female traveler.

1. Singapore

In addition to having a small area of the country, but Singapore became one tourist destination with a very high level of security. In a way, criminals experienced by travelers here are very rare.

2. Nepal

As a country and the owner of the peaks of Mount Himalaya, who would have thought that Nepal is also has a high level of hospitality to tourists. Nepalese people are also famous for helping and knowing how to speak in English so that communication become much more easier. So, if you’re a girl who wants to use guidance services for city tours or hiking, Nepal is one of the recommended among other countries even though the country’s economic condition can be said as unstable.

3. New Zealand

New Zealand is one of the haven for nature adventurers. Including you who want to travel alone. If you are also a fan of The Lord of The Rings movie, it’s not a new thing if you know much about this country. In fact, there are also many available lodging which are specially to provided for the solo female traveler here. So what are you waiting for, when will you be there?

4. Japan

The country of Samurai and Doraemon became the greatest achievements in the world of animation’s industry. As a developed country, does not means that Japan has a higher crime rate that could become threat for the solo female traveler as in other developed countries. The culture in respecting each other in Japan is quiet strong. One of the levels of security to watch out for is how much you are bringing in your own wallet since the given prices are quite expensive. Though, surely all places can be tricked when talking about the cost of travel, transportation, accommodation, eating and drinking and so forth.

5. Iceland

It is a country with such beauty in a fairy tale since the aurora in the sky and also the glaciers can be found easily. Iceland also became as the country with the lowest crime rate in the world according to Global Peace Index. So if you are a girl and want to traveling alone here in Iceland, you do not have to worry too much since it is one of the safest country on earth.

6. Finland

A country that famous for its Aurora Borealis. Also as one of the highest prosperity country in the world, so surely security in this part of Europe must be no doubt. At least, a really friendly place for the girls who are traveling alone.

7. Indonesia

Indonesia has becoming one of the top destination among other countries in the world. As an archipelagic country, Indonesia is blessed with a various of islands with amazing potential in beauty. And the best part are; the prices are cheap and also uphold the eastern culture that puts the security and comfort of guests from anywhere in the first place. Meaning that you are and will totally safe in here.

Well, how are those lists? Are you interested enough on spending your holiday in one or more of the above countries alone without having to worry about the level of security? Feel free to plan your next vacation now.

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6 Best Cities to Visit When You’re Traveling in Indonesia

Indonesia is one of the largest archipelagic country in the world. It then becomes its own potential where the various regions have beautiful natural scenery, cultural diversity and ethnicity scattered everywhere including in urban areas until today. By knowing the best cities in Indonesia, you’ll be know where to go when traveling in Indonesia.

Best cities to visit when traveling in Indonesia

Of the many cities in Indonesia, the following 6 cities are considered the best city to be visited by travelers, and maybe you who want to take a closer look about this country.

1. Denpasar – Bali

Are there any of travelers didn’t know about Bali? Bali is one of the most popular destinations in the world. Denpasar is the capital of Province of Bali. As a city, you can find museums, temples, traditional markets, cultural events, and also the world-class beaches and cottages are super beautiful in here. In addition, other cities near Denpasar is quite close and can be reached easily. So that in one trip, you will be able to visit various tourist areas available.

2. Jogja – Special Region of Yogyakarta

Yogyakarta also known as Jogja or Yogya, located in Java Island – Province of Special Region of Yogyakarta. Jogja became the second most popular destination in Indonesia after Bali. Jogja is a historical city. In the past, this city was the center of the Kingdom of Mataram and was once the capital of Indonesia in 1945. No wonder, many historic buildings existing here. Jogja unlike other cities in Indonesia, this is a special region led by a Sultan (a King). Cultural events, the hospitality of the residents make Jogja as one of favorite city. In addition, Jogja is also renowned as the City of Education. So that there are many students from various regions of Indonesia and even the world are studying in various universities here. Have you been there already?

3. Bandung – West of Java

In West of Java, you can find a very comfortable city named Bandung. As the capital of West of Java, Bandung has a very different climate compared with various cities in other provinces. With a cool climate, Bandung is also a center of fashion and culinary in Indonesia. You can find many shopping centers, while enjoying a tasteful and spicy food in cool weather.

4. Makassar – South of Sulawesi

As the capital of Province of South Sulawesi, Makassar became the largest city in eastern Indonesia. You can find many interesting destinations here. One of them is Losari beach located in the western part of the city. Despite being surrounded by various industries, Makassar still maintains various tourist destinations, especially the beaches, and also the cultures.

5. Manado – North of Sulawesi

Manado is the capital of North Sulawesi. For those of you who like to snorkeling or diving, you may need to be here. Dominated by Minahasan ethnic, the cuisine here is so intriguing, especially if you come to the Food Festival in February. Manado also has the Bunaken National Park with biodiversity so it becomes one of the recommendations of professional divers around the world.

6.Solo – Central of Java

Located in Central of Java, Solo has many similarities with the city of Jogja. Until now, Solo continues to showcase its cultural richness and become a renowned educational center. This city is also known for the hospitality of its citizens with a very politely manner in speaking. In addition, Solo is also one of the famous city for the batik’s design until this day.

Among 6 of the best cities mentioned above in Indonesia, which one you have been visiting?

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9 Reasons Why You Should Spend Your Holiday in Bali

Bali has become a tourist destination for most people around the world. It is not even a matter to say that Bali is one of among many of the destinations that many travelers dream about on this planet. And many various reasons that will also be submitted in this article why you should spend your holiday in Bali. Its popularity has been known to the world, whether from a variety of songs that have been sung, dances, and also the movie that many have been using Bali as the main background location for the stories.

One of destination when traveling in Bali

To know more about the reason why your next traveling destination must be in Bali, read all the lists below.

1. There are many beautiful beaches

Beaches in Bali are not only beautiful, but also the beauty is widely spread in various coastal areas of Bali. From the very crowded and mainstream ones such as Kuta and Sanur, to private beaches with quiet but still accessible to the public such as Keramas Beach and the hidden one like the Green Bowl. And many more. You can choose to what type of beaches you’d like to visit.

2. Culinary

Not only the original culinary of Bali that became the target of the tourists. Even if you miss your typical hometown food in France as well, chances that you will easily find it here. It’s all up to you which food you’d like to eat since the diversity of tourists who come is very varied. So the provision of culinary needs are increasingly diverse and rich.

3. Cheap accomodation

Staying in Bali is the cheapest, and vice versa. Starting from $ 5 per day, you will already get a dwelling that is at least comfortable to occupy. And many with only $ 10- $ 50 per day, you will get a super luxury hotel and villa with various support facilities. Thus prices are also for the villas located in the area near to the beach mostly with concept of Waterfront cottage or hotel. Interesting and reasonably priced, isn’t it? Above the mentioned price, you’ll get more high quality services and facilities to meet your needs. The low cost of accommodation in Bali is also the reason why many tourists around the world want to stay here. Even keep on coming for several times, over and over again.

4. The mountains

Beside of the beautiful beaches existed, you should not also miss the natural beauty of the mountains in Bali. At least there is a Gunung Agung (Mount Agung) as the highest peak in Bali that you can hike or Mount Batur which has been crowned by UNESCO as one of the Global Geopark in the world. Planning to camp in the mountains or area around it is also highly recommended if you want to avoid the urban hustle and bustle of the beaches.

5. The waterfalls

Coast and mountains have been informed, then the next attraction you also need to be inserted into your travel list is to enjoy the famous waterfall area in Bali. Although there is not much to offer, it does not mean that it has to be passed. You can visit the Air Terjun Kembar (Twin Waterfall) located at Sekumpul village with a height up to 100 meters and also Aling-Aling waterfall if you want to sliding or simply jumping into the water.

6. Arts and cultures

Daily culture and religious ceremonies as well as various dance festivals here are so intensely implemented. Even in public spaces like on the beach, you can easily find it without being planned. This will certainly be very interesting because it provides a meaningful surprise for the tourists with a variety of arts and cultural attractions that you don’t know before.

7. You can also rent a motorbike in Bali

Want to enjoy Bali and reach various areas by motorcycle? Get yourself directly ask the receptionist and other officers in the villa where you are staying. In addition to having a cheap rental price either daily, weekly or monthly, the use of motorcycles will also allow you to reach remote areas to get to know Bali and the community more closely. Accessibility will be much easier, especially in also avoiding the high traffics of vehicles in some crowded areas.

8. Diving in Bali

I do not know how many dive centers exist in Bali. Which I know for sure, the number is though. Likewise with a wide selection of exquisite dive spots that offer a variety of amazing diving experiences. You can do it all here with many dive masters could guide you in the water to make sure you are on the right hand, safe.

9. Souvenirs are cheap

You won’t getting back to your country by only bringing your traveling stories, right? You need to get your friends and families some original crafted souvenirs or something like that. A gift. And the good news is, you also won’t spend more money in that since the prices are cheap and you can also choose in which traditional markets you’ll buy the souvenirs. There are so many places you can find the gifts, along with various types of it. You name it!

From the sea to the mountains, everything is available and waiting for you to visit. There are many other reasons why you should come and spend your holiday in Bali, but the 9 things above is an outline of what you can feel when you are here. Share this article if useful.