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5 Beginner Mistakes When Investing in Property

Beginner mistakes in property investment

Investing in property is fun. Many people are drawn to property investment as the property rate always increase per year. Investment in property seemingly guarantee a good return. That’s why people tend to miss out the risks and fall into loss. Only a handful of investor that can make it through and actually create wealth from their investment. While there’s no manual book to ensure success in property investment, at least you can avoid these beginner mistakes in property investment.

Using Heart Above the head

Many home buyers are, mistakenly, using their heart over head when they purchase their first home. It’s actually understandable as home is where you will raise the family. However, if you think home as investment, letting your heart rule the decision is not a good start. Emotional judgement can lead to over purchase, rather than negotiating for a good deal. Put possible outcome as the main consideration. Conduct rational analysis before buying a property. Consider whether the location will attract quality tenants or not. Or if the house will sustain property price market in the long term or not.

Fail to Understand How Property Markets Work

Do your homework before diving into the property field. Attending seminars and reading couple of books (or articles) will not be enough. You need to do a deep research in the surrounding area as well. Make yourself familiar with the area. Find out about vacancy rate and value of property of the area. This way, you can have a good idea about the success rate of the investment. If you see no potential in the area, both current or future, why bother to invest?

Not Matching Targets with Property

Your target markets should be a major contributing factor in property buying decision. It affect the location, type of the property, facilities, and others. If you are targeting a family with two children, for example, you would want to invest on studio apartment. A luxury house with a big pool might be not appealing for young workers in the heart of the city, who prefer more to minimalist apartment.

Not Devising Clear-Cut Planning

Property investment is more than buying a house. It extend to planning, developing, to marketing strategy. Before you begin purchasing, build a lucrative plan with clear goals. It will be the roadmap of your investment journey. Write down a set of goals that you want to achieve with the investment. Determine the final result of your investment. devise a coherent plan to get you there.

Giving Up Too Quickly

When you dive into property investment, don’t expect that it will give you dollars overnight. Many people have hight expectation when they first invest in a property—sometimes it’s too high. When the said property are not returning quick benefit, they think that property is not for them and throw it to the bin. Just like diamonds, knows that property investment takes times and efforts before it starts flowing dollars to your bank account.

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Luxury Villas Seminyak Beachfront for Perfect Moment in Bali

A better accommodation for your stay while visiting Bali will makes your traveling more valuable. If you are planned to be in Bali someday, you can’t just to think about which accommodation to be reserved. You have to know as well about where the best location for it along with all available near destinations and attractions. So that, here I am suggesting you to get the must reserved luxury villas Seminyak beachfront for your perfect traveling moment.

Yes, it is not a hotel room where somehow there are many of its deficiencies than staying in a luxury villa. The villas are also quite affordable and even cheaper than a hotel room. And the best part of it is you will stay in a luxury designed villa that is located near to the beach. Should I tell you that there are various beachfront luxury villas in Seminyak to takes your travel to the next level?!

Luxury villas Seminyak beachfront in Bali

Many travelers said that their moment in Bali is the best one, and stayed in a villa is something that should never being ignored. If you could afford one, try to find one in Seminyak where it is the most sought-after spot in Bali.

Think about the tropical breeze blows upon your face while sunbathing or enjoy your lazy afternoon moment when the sun is sets on the west with a cup of warm chocolate. Doesn’t it sounds familiar of what you have been wished for? I think that will be the best way of how you will enjoy your travel moment, right? And it’s right at your luxury villas seminyak beachfront.

Trust me, many of the travelers are wishing to experience such a thing. They just don’t know it yet
that it will be beyond their own imagination. The interesting part about visiting Bali are, you’re not only have the chance to experience the same of what you have been heard before, but you will also get more than what you have been expected in a more better way. So that, prepare yourself for many beautiful things await.

Anyway, many of the beautiful places sometimes being difficult to reach due to lack of accessibilitiy such as damaged roads and unavailability of public transportation. But, that won’t be happen if you want to find the luxury villas at Seminyak from the Ngurah Rai International Airport. You can get a taxi on airport and will drive you there in mostly not more than 30 minutes.

Next, looks like I’ve not been mentioned about the luxury villas facilities or services at Seminyak. Mostly, the villa you will be reserved should provides the private pool, entertainment facilities inside, make sure that you are in a high privacy area, offering you the special accommodation deals such as for honeymoon or when visiting in a group and many more. That’s mostly how many people are describing the term of luxury of the villas. And i think that it is not necessary for me to talk about how the villas design looks like or any other technical stuffs that will cause you ended up in headache. Nope.

And that will be the end of what all I need to say about the best accommodation for your traveling in Bali. Keeps in mind that you can always spoil yourself and create your perfect travel moment by staying in a beachfront luxury villas Seminyak.

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How to Experience Hassle-Free Vacation

hassle-free vacation

The goal of having a vacation is to free yourself from any hassle in your life. However, it is sometimes easy to get stress over something during your vacation. Thus, you need to know how to get hassle-free vacation so your goal for peaceful moment can be achieved. To know it, you need to know what kind of hassle that might ruin your vacation. Only then, you will know how to avoid those hassles so your vacation will be free from stress and worry.


How to get hassle-free vacation


There are many things that can cause hassle in your vacation. You need to identify them so you can experience worry-free vacation during your best moment in life. Here are some hassle that usually invade your peaceful vacation and how you can avoid them:


  • Your body transition from hectic schedule to sudden relaxation can ruin your vacation because your body is not ready with the transition. As the result, you are more prone to get sick due to weaken immune system. Thus, make sure you give your body time to get used to the transition. You can take a day off staying at home before leaving for the vacation.
  • Your home can be the source of hassle for your vacation. Your worry over the safety of your home can make you feel restless all the time during your vacation. To avoid this hassle, you need to make sure that your home is safe before you leave. You can ask your neighbors to take care of your home during your absence so your home is safe from potential break-in.
  • Heavy luggage is common cause why you don’t get hassle-free vacation. It is better to under-pack than over-pack. If you need more clothes, you can buy them from the local store at your destination so there is no need to bring everything in your closet.
  • Another cause of hassle during your vacation is bad weather. No matter how attentive you are before going for he vacation and look for the forecast diligently, bad weather can happen. Don’t let this thing ruin your mood for having great vacation. You can do fun things indoor such as having a spa services, swimming in hotel pool, reading book, and many more fun activities.
  • Long line can also be the subject of your foul mood during vacation. This can rise up your temper and you become more impatient. However, you can take advantage of the situation. Remember the day when you don’t have the time to relax a bit. While waiting in lines, you have the time to relax your body and mind.
  • Gaining weight is common when you take long vacation. However, it can also be the source of your hassle because you will think too much about the amount of fat you successfully add to your body. To avoid this, you can take regular exercise during your vacation. You can do mild exercise just to stay in shape. Thus, you will enjoy your hassle-free vacation to the fullest.


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How Does A Holiday in Luxury Liveaboard Labuan Bajo Looks Like

Have you ever wonder how a live in luxury liveaboard Labuan Bajo looks like? As the trip to Flores itself feels like a whimsical journey, spending the days in luxurious liveaboard feels just right. Crossing the azure water of Flores Sea and passing the rolling green hills of the surrounding islands, what’s better than a well-polished liveaboard to enjoy it all? 

Life cannot be any better when you can enjoy five-starred hotel facilities while venturing to the hidden and pristine shores of Komodo. After all that adventure, clean sheets and cold drinks on deck are just what you really need. Flores has some of the best luxury liveaboard Labuan Bajo that you can look up online. On board, here are things that you will likely find on a luxurious sailing ship.

Low Number of Guests

Do you know what you get if you sail with cheaper boats? A cramped ship it is. That’s why the price is a lot lower, as you share it with dozen of guests. And that mean less privacy and personal space. In a luxury liveaboard Labuan Bajo, the room in the ship is maximised for guests’ intimacy. Sometimes, a single luxury ship only sail with 2-4 people on board. With lower number of guests, the crew can focus their attention to care and pamper you throughout the journey.

Crews with Special Expertise


Some liveaboards are able to offer lower price than the standard market as they don’t pay much for the crew. If you embark on luxury liveaboard Labuan Bajo, expect to be served by the best. They employ the best expertise in their field. The chief is not only someone who can cook, but also knowledgeable on cuisine, dishes, and presentation.

The crew members are the experts in hospitality who know how to handle guests. And the sailors? Ship is their home. The crew usually work very discreetly, but will be available anytime.

Quality Cuisine

How Does A Holiday in Luxury Liveaboard Labuan Bajo Looks Like
Quality cuisine

Speaking about the professional chefs, you can expect to have resort-standard cuisine in a luxury liveaboard Labuan Bajo. There’s nothing like instant noodles as the daily meal (unless you request it!). Yup, that actually happened in some of the most backpacking liveaboard.

Aside of of the fine cuisine, they usually provide after-dive snacks, cold drinks, and refreshing cocktails! Can you picture yourself lounging in the deck, bathing in the summer sun, with tropical cocktails in hand?

Deluxe cabins

How Does A Holiday in Luxury Liveaboard Labuan Bajo Looks Like
A cabin with draping curtain and 270º view of the ever-changing landscape

In budget sailing ships, you might find comfortable cabins that sometimes…accommodate 5-6 people on it. In a luxury liveaboard Labuan Bajo, you will find a deluxe cabin specially made for two waits for you. With less people on board, the ship allows bigger cabins to be built.

The deluxe cabins usually have spacious rooms with plenty of natural light, en-suite bathroom, balcony, and air conditioning. They usually feature panoramic wraparound windows with 270º view of the ocean! Some even have white curtains, adding a dose of romantic vibes to the grand design.

Spacious Decks with Dining Room

How Does A Holiday in Luxury Liveaboard Labuan Bajo Looks Like
Neatly arranged deck

The deck is probably the first visible thing that differ luxury liveaboard Labuan Bajo from the standard ships. Space and designs are the main feature. Decks of luxury liveaboard are always well-thought. They have vast living area and show a splendid design with a touch of character on every furnitures.

You will not find a cramped decks full of chairs, bean bags, and unruly beanbags spread across the board. Instead, the deck are clean with loungers and sofas on the side. They usually feature semi-outdoor dining room, too.

Dive and Water Sport Facilities

With plenty of shallow shores, calm water, and world-class diving spot arounds, no one can resist water-sports activities. And your luxury liveaboard Labuan Bajo will make that they cater your need. They usually have water-sports equipment and PADI certified dive masters on board. Whenever the weather is good and the water calm, they will guide you to explore the marine life.

A luxurious liveaboard is truly an indulgence that you need to experience at least once in a lifetime. Because sailing in a beautiful landscape like Flores can only best enjoyed in comfortable grandeur.

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Why Everyone Doesn’t Invest In Real Estate?

I am really wondering around about the investment in real estate. Many have said that the investment will give many of advantages for future. “You’ll be rich, one day!”, they said. But if that is possible even for me that have no idea about what is going on, then why doesn’t everyone investing in it?

Invest in real estate: Why everyone doesn't do it?

The fact about investing in something is, you don’t need to spend a lot of money at the beginning although you may need to keep on doing that all over again for years. Still, somehow it is not burdening our shoulders at all. I have nothing to know about the terms and conditions, agreements and laws of investing in USA or Europe, but i know that they who need to find many of the investors as if trying to tell you like: “Give me your money each month for about 5 or 15 years ahead and then you will get more of what you have given in return.”

That’s the simple way to understand what the investment is. I mean, it is pretty much just my own simple thought, so it’s ok if you will denying it. But to be honest, doesn’t it sounds right to you?

I know that investing in real estate is not easy and even will requires a lot of hustles, however, how comes a guy like me with only one job could afford to invest in something? Now you may have realized how poor I am that actually can be used as an excuse why invest in real estate is not for everyone.

The next reason I found about my own confusion related to this topic is about the definition of the real estate itself. I don’t know who was saying that the real estate is “the land and all improvement made both on and to land.” So, now I know that the apartment is not considered as the investment if you get one because you only use the building and you have no right about the land or the ground.

What does it means to me? Surely, we will talk about the taxes! Now, you don’t just need to spend the money for the investment, but also prepare for the taxes. It is so obvious for many of us that are determined for making money. Why don’t we just saving the money and then buy a house while slowly building our passive income as one of the sources of income? I know that it is not possible to everyone as well, but it could be.

What’s stopping us for invest in real estate? Is it our lack of money and knowledge, or they have got a better investment for the long-term? You’d be the one who know your own condition.

If you find this article useful and may stimulate your mind to find the answers even further about the wider world of investment, please kindly to share this. Keep in mind that what I have written above just a simple thoughts from someone who haven’t known much about the concerned field, so I may miss one or two of the information.

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Does Your Brand Needs to Hire a Digital Agency?

Millennium era has been changing so far. The way how the business branding and communicate with
the customers are also changed. Many businesses, small or the biggest one are also have increased
both the quantity as well as the internet users. Don’t matter who your business end customers
targeted are, you need the business stands from the crowd on internet and the brand or digital
agency can be a solution. Even, it will be your “all under one roof” solution.

Digital agency for business development

Here are things you need to build related to make your online business successful especially in
improving the brand awareness. You need to setup all the required social medias along with the their
content plannings and strategies, build the wonderful website and start to generate more visitors to
be converted into the loyal customers, dealing with the graphic design field to make the logo,
promotion contents and many more.

If you think that you can’t do all of those things and not have built the teams yet, then you have to
consider to hire the digital agency to solve your industry problems and provide various solutions that
your business need.

For many reasons, the usage of online advertisement networks are usually being used for inviting the
visitors to your website and hope they could put one or some items into the cart that later will be
dealing with the payment as soon as possible. Meanwhile, if you choose the right brand agency to
help you with that, doesn’t you think that all of the ads campaigns can also be helpful for your
business brand?

Signs of the good brand or digital agency actually have been mentioned above which are dealing with
the web design and development, can help your social media’s engagement and website visibility on
search engine, and should help you with the ads campaigns. That’s why I’ve said about the one stop
services since the first place.

And those only some of what the brand agency can do for you. But if you really need the better one,
feel free to not only stop there.

You must have heard about the digital marketing before, don’t you? I think I really don’t need to tell
you about its definition and what the advantages of it in this article. But, if you want to spend some of
your times to search for it and dig a little deep about it, you will also know more about what the
agency is capable to do for making your business increased.

If you think that your business logo somehow a peek of the ice mountain on ocean, then your brand
will be the whole of the mountain from below the water surface up to every inches on the top. And
digital marketing will covering all of the parts to make sure your business is paying attentions to every
little part of what it could becomes its power.

It is not an obligation for you to use the brand agency for your business, but if you think you have to
takes it to the next level, then considering or thinking about collaborate with the agency is worth to
try. Overall, you only needs to visit the agency office and start consulting.

And the only thing you have to spend simply just your times and the money for the gas. There are
many of the digital agencies will hear your issues without charging you even a penny. Share this
meaningful post to spread the words.

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Things We Don’t Want to Hear About Property Business

Things in property business you won't want to hearFor those who loves property as their core business, getting success may even comes into their own dreams. Selling and buying properties may have created many of the successful businessmen and women, so with they who were failed. You may have heard and read about anything that are needed to be the best or at least the better businessman, still, you are not going anywhere. You don’t even makes a single progress as the clue that you are moving forward. No improvement at all.

There must be something wrong with you, something that is not going well for many of us. And I am calling it as the things we are not actually want to hear, know and then apply them in our business activities.

Things you don’t even want to hear about business property

No matter how long have we been worked, learnt, and trained, there always one and two things that we usually missed. And sometimes, those are the important thing but we keep insisting that they won’t work at all for your property business.

And if you want to know about them, read all the lists below to help you achieve your long-dreamed success.

1. There will be many things to be done

You are not the one who think that the property business is the easy way for getting much money, right? Even though it can be so true, there won’t be many of the business guys will telling you that they have sacrificed many things. It is because there are tons of duty that they have to do and some of them may need to be done as soon as possible.

You have to prepare the catalogues a month before auction, knowing how the properties being sold in the past, analyze the value of both property and the land plus location, and many more things that could cause you a headache and insomnia.

2. Sometimes, you need more money than you think

There are reasons why you have to prepare the budget since the first time you are running your property business. You need for advertisement both printed or digital ads, you will need the money for the auction’s day and before it either for renting the building, agency, or even for the lawyer when things are going a bit crazy. Moreover, it is not a secret that many of the auctioneers and their vendors are going to the court because one party did not comply with the agreement that had been agreed upon beforehand.

3. You mostly can’t change the property agreement

A deal is a deal, although you or the one at the auction who just win the bid haven’t been sign the contract yet. So, you’d better think about all aspects that might harm or benefit you with the efforts you have built. Each of us want the best related to buy or sell the property, so there must be something binding to ensure that it can be mutually beneficial between the two parties.

All of the three things above mostly can’t be easily to be controlled, and even will be out of our own control. Property business is quite famous for its higher earning for years, but besides all of that, there are also obstacles and problems that are commensurate.

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Hammock Camping for More Affordable Vacation, Is It Possible?

I have heard many of people including myself for years that are complaining about how it could be
more expensive of what a vacation could affects our bank or even breaks it to unimaginable amount.
We think that we have planned the budget so well and won’t ended up in regret. But, then things are
going a little bit crazy. And many times, I think they who somewhat looks were bragging are also
experiencing the same. But how it is related to the hammock camping? Wait for a minute ahead.

Hammock camping for more affordable vacation

Cost you will normally spend on your vacation comes from various things. It could be your
transportation fee, for example using the flight from your origin to the city or country you are going to
visit and in the destination itself. You are also needs to accommodate yourself by staying in a hotel or
villa, any activities you are doing, foods and drinks, souvenirs, and some of the unexpected things that
required you to get your pocket out. And that all can probably cover almost about everything you’ll
need to pay on a vacation. Whether you like it or not.

Now, comes the part where you can makes your vacation more affordable by bringing the hammock
especially the lightweight hammock made of parachute nylon. It all about as your own
accommodation though I won’t encourage you to change from a hotel room to a hammock even if
that will actually possible for many tourist destinations.

But think about it again if you need more adventurous vacation, especially if you need to be a
backpacker. You will save more of your money since you know that a hotel room itself could cost you
even hundreds of Dollar for only one night sleeping.

While you are visiting more and more nature destinations on your traveling, sometimes you may
even think about to get more than one type of accommodation or you want to experience the
different way of your journey. While writing this, I am thinking about visiting the best mountain view
spot and it suddenly in heavy raining without knowing where the nearest building to take shelter, but
you have got the lightweight camping hammock along with the accessories such as the tarp and the
underquilt in your backpack.

I know there is a small chance for that to happen, but all I am telling you is that your hammock can
really helpful in an emergency condition as above.

One of the best thing that can also makes your vacation more valuable is not just about how many
activities you are about to do and destinations you will visit. But also how you will enjoy the moment.
And it will be great if you are sitting back or laying down your head inside your hammock while letting
the world goes by.

Doesn’t it sounds like the reason why you need a vacation, does it? So, you will not only get your your
body being relaxed, but also trying to recovery your mental health. And that is also the reason why
the hammock camping will be more affordable for your vacation because you don’t even need to
step yourself out from your house.

Many of us still thinking that a vacation itself is about getting to some distance places, dealing with
reserving the flight and hotel, and many more that will cost you more of the money. But in the other
hands, you can also get the benefit especially in relaxing your body and mind in your own home
instead of at the resort.

If some of you think that it will be too silly for doing this, I believe that you may never been letting
yourself inside the hammock. If a vacation to any other cities or countries can’t be affordable for
some people, we can always think about to get a hammock camping moment at where we are

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Travel tips to Raja Ampat You Need to Know

Raja Ampat is one of the secret paradises in Indonesia, a country full of natural beauty and exotic vibes. Indonesia is a home to many exotic islands. Raja Ampat is one of them and none can argue about its beauty. However, you may need thorough travel tips to Raja Ampat before booking your flight to go there. The impression of Raja Ampat is the raw and pureness of beauty. No wonder why people start calling this island as paradise because it looks like to be. Biodiversity you will find in this island is beyond your expectation. The word beauty can’t even justice Raja Ampat.

Travel tips to Raja Ampat You Need to Know

Travel tips to raja Ampat for first traveler


It is not only the water area that attracts lots of traveler to come to Raja Ampat. The people who live in this islands are equally amazing to the landscape itself. They are kind and always offer friendly smile even to foreign visitors. There is no trace of being dispute given living in remote area. They look happy and welcoming.


  • Get to Raja Ampat from Jakarta for easiest access. Then you can continue taking a flight to Makassar. Then, you can go to Sorong, Papua. From there, you can take a taxi (yes, taxi is available).  You go to the harbor and take Bahari Express ferry to get to Waisai. Then, you will take taxi boat and find your accommodation to stay during your trip in Raja Ampat. The journey from Jakarta International Airport to Raja Ampat takes about seven to eight times.
  • Prepare your body to enjoy the most exciting activities during your time in Raja Ampat. You cannot miss snorkeling and diving. They are said to be one of the best in the world. You will be the one to witness 1,400 fish and reef species underwater. The water is amazingly clear so you won’t meet trouble with your vision during your exploration underwater.
  • Next travel tips to Raja Ampat is to witness the magnificent landscape during sunset. This is one of the most sought moments by visitors. The colors given by the sun when it sinks further down gives the most peaceful moment to enjoy.
  • Next thing you shouldn’t miss during your stay in Raja Ampat is to get to know with the local. The people are friendly. They even often greet visitors by ceremonial dancing carried by the kids. This small paradise is a home to 200 residents. There are schools, church and every facilities needs for humble living. And it looks so domestically beautiful to witness.
  • The highlight of your trip to Raja Ampat should be spent in Piaynemo. The view is beautifully scenic. The clear blue sky along with sparkling waters is the best charm. You can explore this are by kayaking providing by your hotel. You can rent kayak and explore the water to the fullest. Make sure you enjoy your time to the finest. Travel tips to Raja Ampat will help you set your plan of what you expect from this mesmerizing destination.


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Six Things To Do to Rock Your Labuan Bajo Trip

Do you love being spoilt by nature in a wild territory? Then, Labuan Bajo trip should be on your next holiday list. It’s one of the last paradise in earth that’s still so pure and away from hustle and bustle. Labuan Bajo is actually a small port town in Flores, Eastern Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia. The trip, however, extends from Flores and beyond, across the Komodo National Park. The last islands in the world where ancient Komodo Dragon resides.

Six Things To Do to Rock Your Labuan Bajo Trip

First, you need to plan your Labuan Bajo Trip itinerary. Most travelers go by 3D2N trip, but you are more than welcome to extend your journey. With such limited time, you have too many gorgeous places to visit. Komodo, Padar, Rinca, and Kanawa are just to name a few. During your journey, these kick-ass things to do will surely make your holiday last forever.


1. Take a Petting Selfie with the Dragon

Of course, the Komodo dragons are the main spotlight of this journey. Seeing this ancient creature dragging their heavy body across the dry land is something you can’t see every day. These prehistoric lizards boast danger from every inch of its scaly skin. Watching the long claws, dripping saliva, and the poisonous bites that can come anytime form their strong jaws, it’s only logical to take a petting snap with the dragon. Let’s show the world your bravery to tame this largest lizard on earth. Or why not, let’s show how you sit on top of the dragon itself.

Behold, travelers. The actual ‘petting’ happened two meters behind the dragon. You can ask your rangers to help you pose and take the picture. They are actually an expert on this! You can show everyone that you pet the dragon in Labuan Bajo trip and made it back with complete limbs.


2. Jump off From the Liveaboard

Most of the time on your Labuan Bajo trip is spent in the liveaboard, so why don’t we make it fun? With all blue green waters all around you, nobody can resist the temptation to jump right away. Apparently, jumping off from the board is a must thing to do during Labuan Bajo trip. Don’t forget your sunscreen before taking the dip!


3. Stargazing in the Liveaboard

Once the sun sets, the islands and the sea fall into a deep sleep under the darkness. Go to the ship deck and lie comfortably, it’s time to loop up. The velvet blue sky is brimming with hundreds of constellations. Million of stars twinkling brightly. You are completely isolated in the middle of endless sea and sky. Without civilisation around, there’s no light pollution to disturb you. you can even see the milky way with your naked eyes. Stargazing is one of that thing in Labuan Bajo trip that you need to find by yourself. It’s available all the time, but will you find time to do it?


4. Float in Taka Makassar

Yes, everybody know about the famous Manta Point, but does anyone know about Taka Makassar? Lies right next to Manta Point is Taka Makassar, a hidden haven to spoil your Labuan Bajo trip. An atoll with very pristine sandbar ,Taka Makassar offers alluring relaxation. You can spend the whole afternoon hosting private beach lunch in the tiny island, or swim in the shallow water. So shallow that you can sit in the water or lie afloat. The gradation of color will make your jaw drop. It’s the combination of white, clear blu, turquoise, and green.

Go take your drone and stylish floaters. It’s time for some gorgeous aerial photo that will make everyone gasp with awe.


5. Let Your Breath Taken Away by Padar Island Aeral View

Padar is, definitely, a super must-do on Labuan Bajo trip. Hike the hills and reach the top. Nothing can beat the majestic aerial view of the whole Komodo landscape form Padar hilltop. You will be rewarded by the exotic curves of the three beaches and the surrounding islands. Tumultuous hills and endless sea spread from every direction. The view is almost surreal.


6. Get the Best Grilled Fish in Fish Market

End your Labuan Bajo trip with freshly grilled fishes in the port town. Growing from a fisherman village, labuan Bajo is famous for its seafood cuisine. And they are finger-licking good! Head to the fish market where the fishes are still fresh. Ask them to cook your food—grilled or fried. There are plenty of selection along the market while you are strolling with greed. Don’t forget to sanitise your hands!