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Difficulties in Starting Property Investment You Should Tackle Down

It is right to say that no pain no gain. Thus, there will always be difficulties no matter what business you decide to do. There are also some difficulties in starting property investment. However, the most important thing is not to succumb in those difficulties but tackle them down with the best way. Thus, no matter what difficulties in front of your eyes, you just need to face them and solve them. Therefore, you will be able to gain success in building property business. You must also aware that everyone face different difficulties in their life. However, there are common difficulties and fears that most investors face in starting their investment in property.

Understanding difficulties in starting property investment

When you decide to invest in property, you need to know that the risks, opportunities and goals are there. Taking the right decision is what you need to do to minimize the risk, expand opportunities, and achieve the goals. However, taking a decision is not an easy feat as well especially when every individual has different way and thinking to decide something. Here are common difficulties most investors find even before starting the investment:

  • Lack of money is the most common difficulty found by newbie investors. Before getting started, they are afraid that the budget they have will not help them to buy any promising investment. However, you need to keep in mind that property investment is not only for the wealth. There are many ways you can get capital you need to start your investment such as getting a suitable loan from bank.
  • One of the most common difficulties in starting property investment is finding deals. Not having a single deal within few months after your investment doesn’t mean you have failed. Remember that property business can take years to grow significantly. Patience is the key in this business. Instead of sulking for not being able to find a deal, it is better to find more effective strategies to carry on.
  • Another difficulty in starting property investment is to understand the process. There is no need to worry about all rules and procedures. There are many sources so you can find any information needed to understand more about property investment. If you still don’t understand, you can ask the expert or property business consultant to give you information and advice you need.
  • Next difficulty is finding time to commit to this business. However, there are many ways you can do to make enough time. The key is to have time management so you will be able to carry any task needed to build your property business effectively and result in great profit in return.

The most important thing is how you make change even for the slightest. Remember that in business, small change does matter because it will lead to something bigger. Thus, no matter how hard the difficulties in starting property investment you find, you always have the right way to take the best solution and decision.

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Process Of PADI Scuba Diving Bali Courses

When it comes to wanting to try a new hobby, the most important thing is to find complete information. Dive one of the hobbies that currently love by many people. Underwater charm has attracted many people to try diving. One of the most trusted and world-renowned PADI dive organizations. Diving certificates are a must. You cannot explore underwater without a diving certificate. Diving certificates is as a sign that you have studied training and are eligible for diving.

PADI Scuba diving Bali

The world-famous and popular diving tourist destination, that is Bali. Bali not only has underwater charm, but is also rich in culture and other natural beauty. Even surfing events are always held every year in Bali, under the auspices of Rip Curl. There are many attractions in Bali that can make Bali a popular tourist destination in the world.

PADI scuba diving Bali courses have many stages. If you are a beginner, beginner training is the right one. Most dive centers in Bali offer diving packages for beginners, including getting a PADI certificate. Let’s look at the process of PADI scuba diving in Bali courses that could be your recommendation to get a certificate.

Academic Sessions

PADI Scuba diving Bali instructors will teach you basic principles and procedures in diving. What will you learn? You will study the effects of pressure on the human body, good and safe diving procedures, and choosing and maintaining diving equipment. Today, almost all dive centers use multimedia for diving knowledge presentations. This is more effective than the old system.

Pool Training

Sessions in the pool with instructors will practice the basics of learning skills and using diving equipment. Some of the stages such as assembling diving equipment, simulating controlling emergencies, how to clean the mask in water, and others. Skills in this pool will be very useful during diving.

PADI Open Water Season

Open water season is a stage after academic and pool training. This is a real dive training session. You will go directly into the open waters with calm, clear waters. In PADI scuba diving Bali courses, you will be provided with emergency simulation exercises. This is done so that you dive safely.

How long is PADI scuba diving Bali training?

Beginner diver training for 4 days. Please note that PADI training is based on performance. Where divers require to carry out all the requirements of Bali’s PADI scuba diving training curriculum. The PADI organization establishes and obliges without being limited to a certain period of time. This will provide a  comfort because training does not need a rush. In essence, PADI scuba diving Bali is the best way for you to explore underwater. Not only exploring Bali’s underwater but all the world’s best spots.

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How Plants Will Improve Your Properties and the Residents’ Life

Whether you’re selling real estates, or a landlord, a renter, or a homeowner—your space is an important part of your daily life. Home improvement is probably something you’ve been considering; if you don’t know where to begin, why not kick-start your journey to improving your living space through nature?

Plants for improving properties and residents' life

Depending on what you want to achieve, plants are known to be an inexpensive way to spruce up your living space. Visuals are definitely one of the top benefits plants could bring to your home, but of course, they have countless benefits that goes beyond aesthetics

Plants help purify the air

Plants are known as one of the best ways to combat indoor air pollution. In public health, it’s been known that indoor air pollution are ranked as one of the top environmental risks. NASA conducted a popular research on indoor air pollution and how plants could help and improve Indoor Air Quality (IAQ).

Indoor air pollutants caused “sick building syndrome”. People who spend most of their time indoor, which, in modern society means most of the population, have been diagnosed with this syndrome. Indoor air that remains stagnant would cause air pollutants to build up, and as a result, creates health problems.

The process of air purification is important especially in new buildings. Buildings are constructed with synthetic materials that are often toxic, and often, you can smell those chemicals in the air as you enter a new house.

Plants are excellent help in removing volatile organic compounds, also known as VOCs, that are harmful to your health. A study has found that plants transpire moisture into the environment around them and the process increases the level of humidity.

Plants are just pleasant to look at

Plants are an excellent way to decorate. They could transform the inside of your room in an instant. They’re simply gorgeous. It’s been proven that plants are helpful for the eyes.

A corner in the room filled with plants would create an eye friendly environment. Introducing plants to your house or offices, you’ll notice a better change in your overall health and moods.

Studies have also shown that caring for plants could help with depression and anxiety, as caring for a living being is something that many people have found extremely rewarding.

Researchers have found that having indoor plants could help increase your attention span.

Plants are a great way to rejuvenate your mind. During demanding work, indoor plants in an office helps to reduce fatigue during attention-demanding work.

Aside from the benefits of plants as air purifier, visual boost is one of the benefits plants instantly have on your space. It has been found that these benefits could even be reaped through a view of nature from the window.

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Super Easy Download Manager Plugin for WordPress Site

WP download manager plugin is mainly created to help the site or blog owners for sharing files with ease. File sharing is a common thing for the internet users. We do sharing images, documents, softwares and apps, and many more to our friends or colleagues. We do also need a certain site that we think could provide our needs such as to download the apps, images for blog, videos, etc. For the blog or site owners out there that use WordPress as the main CMS for sharing files, you’d better think about use the best plugin for it.

At first, you may think that you can simply just upload the file into the site and then publish it so your loyal visitors can directly grab it as fast as possible. The thing is, it will be just fine when you have just about dozens of files. But when you need to share more up to thousands of file, then you need to manage them all.

I am talking about how can you find the certain file in your database and could you find a file in a certain category by using file filtering, date, tags, along with the file preview? And many more that actually hard to finish your work if you don’t use the WordPress download manager plugin.

Moreover, if you are running a Cost Per Action (CPA) to monetize your site where every action which is in this case the visitors are downloading your files, it will be more easier with a plugin.

Super easy to use WP Download Manager plugin

wp download manager plugin

Among all of the plugin creators and developers across the internet, I’d love to recommend you about the wp download manager plugin by JoomUnited. It is called as WP File Download – WordPress File Manager.

There are many advantages you can get by installing this WP File Download. The first thing you will get is there are 4 responsive themes so you can decide which one is the best to showcase your files. It is also fully integrated with Google Drive, Onedrive, and Dropbox with the double way file sync to make your work easier.

All files you’d like to upload and share can also be categorized into folder or sub-folder as you need so your files can be manageable and easy to be found. If you want to upload new files or arrange them, it will as easy as drag and drop them. That will also useful for copying and moving the files and no need to worry about the duplicated files.

You can also set the limit of the files by only give access to some of the users and restrict for the others. If you have been shared a software before and needs to update its version, it is also possible. You can really update the file with the new version and the old one will be restored.

Wondering about how many times of a file has been downloaded? There is an advanced statistics dashboard from this WP download manager plugin.

And if you want to activate the social medias locker where visitors can download the file unless they likes, shares, tweet your page or content, there are set of social media buttons to help you with.

This WordPress plugin is really feature rich download manager that you will ever used yet it is super easy to navigate. All features mostly in one click away and you don’t have to be the pro since the solid team of JoomUnited have done it for you.

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Benefits of Word of Mouth Method in Property Marketing

There are many strategies you can use for property marketing. Direct marketing, indirect marketing, and many more are available to use to fit your liking. However, there is also word of mouth method in property marketing you may need to consider due to its effectiveness. This method is actually not new at all. This can be considered as manual or traditional method in marketing in general. However, this method seems to work efficiently in property business as lots of investors show their interest in using this method and the result is positively good in return.

Word of mouth method in property marketing benefits

Word of mouth method in marketing strategy is considered as recommendation which is made by satisfied customers to their network of personal contacts. The recommendation can be both in oral and written forms.  This is effective method because most customers are more eager to try new product or service recommended by their close friends or family. This strategy is more convincing in the customer’s point of view. It is more promising in the investor’s point of view. Here are benefits of word of mouth method in marketing:

  • This method is more effective in building trust to customers because most of them are more willing to try, purchase and stay loyal to brand or service referred by their friend or family member. This strategy emphasizes more on customer service and customer experience unlike the traditional marketing strategy which emphasize more on self-branding.
  • Word of mouth method in property marketing is less expensive than more modern marketing strategy such as putting ads on television, printing brochures, or campaigning on radios. Those who have experience in property business must have known that the cost of marketing is not cheap at all. It can even take large portion in operating budget. Thus, this strategy seems to be a great solution to have more affordable marketing.
  • This method of marketing is also a great help to build brand awareness. People will be easier to recognize your brand or in this case your property. Unlike social media which seem to be more exaggerated in many ways, word of mouth marketing is more convincing in providing resources which can be easily shared by customers to their families or friends.
  • It says that communication can be made not only by words but also by body language. Word of mouth is often to be done by direct communication and interaction between friends and families. This is why this method is more effective because customers will be more convinced by subtle body language such as when they friend’s eyes are so enthusiast while recommending your property.
  • Cold calling marketing startegies are less effective these days because people are getting immune to it in which they tend to ignore it instead of giving response. Meanwhile word of mouth method in property marketing uses warmer kind of communication by involving more intense emotional response. Thus, you need to formulate your strategy to drive this method so your property has positive light in return.
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Reasons Why Should Have Bean Bag Chairs?

Bean bag chairs are included in the furniture that is most in demand and liked by many people. They are available in several colors and sizes. Lazy bro beanbag chair is no exception. Lazy bro, one of the products offered by Soo Santai store which is quite popular and based in Bali. You can easily find it via the internet. Bean bag chairs are a good idea for comfortable and relaxing furniture.

bean bag chairs

Why should you choose them as comfortable furniture? Why should you choose them as comfortable furniture? Let’s take a look the reason why bean bags are perfect for you.

Change in The Design

Tired of changing furniture? Traditional furniture designs have long been abandoned by most people. Design development continues to change, accompanying the development of property design. When your home design is minimalist, it is not suitable if you place a chair with a traditional design.

Lazy Bro bean bag chairs are designed not only as furniture but also as decorations. The beanbag design is timeless. You can use it as long as possible and not easily damaged.

Ergonomic Chairs

Bean bag chairs are not only comfortable to use, and beautiful as decorations. Did you know that they are very good for health? Sometimes your old furniture cannot offer health. Many doctors recommend the benefits of using ergonomic furniture to prevent health problems related to future postures. Bean bag chairs are a simple and relatively inexpensive solution. Sitting and working in front of a computer for hours can make you experience neck pain, headaches, pinch nerves and more. Bean bag chairs are ergonomic chairs because they accommodate various positions that your body needs.

For Indoor and Outdoor

Have you ever heard furniture can be used for indoor and outdoor? You can get it if you use bean bag chairs. They are light so you don’t need a lot of energy to move them. Even children can move it whenever they want. Bean bag chairs are very popular in beach tourism destinations. Rows of beachfront bars use it so that guests are comfortable sitting for long.

Safe for Kids

Early generation bean chairs use a zipper system. Its function is to replenish the beans so that they are comfortable to use even though they have been used for years. Children may be curious and open the lid and crawl in to endanger them. At present, bean bag chairs have used double zippers that allow you to go inside but do not allow for children.

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Thinking of Going into Real Estate? Here’s a Glimpse on Starting Out

There a number of solid reasons why real estate business is so popular. Aside from the tempting statistics that shows that the majority of real estates consistently appreciates over time, real estate is a tangible form of investment. Being a real estate owners or a real estate agent is a pretty popular choice among those who are in the midst of switching careers because pretty much anyone can enter, without the bar of education or prior experiences. Real estate is also known to be a lower risk investment compared to other means of investing such as the stock market, as long as you have a comprehensive understanding of the business. So, what are the gist of things that you need to expect in diving into real estate?

Thinking of Going into Real Estate? Here’s a Glimpse on Starting Out

Start small and Educate Yourself


Sure, you go into real estate expecting to make big, to do big. We can’t help but be attracted to big ideas; problem is, we don’t know how they’ve become big. Understanding the revolutionary process is difficult and most of what we can see is the result, not the process. We know once they’re already big. So start small, and grow. Rather than start big and collapse of burnout.


Starting small can mean many things according to each individual. For a lot of people, renting their own home is a good place to start. For others, it’s saving up just a bit more to pay in cash rather than relying on mortgage—identify what “starting small” is for you, then extract the first step. Go from there.


There are plenty of ways to educate yourself in real estate, and no two methods are the same. Do what you can continuously, consistently commit to. There is no point in learning if you just learn that one time and it doesn’t continue.


Many successful real estate people are those who already own a house—at least one that they live in—and they start from there. You can rent your house while you move into a new one. Another popular method for home owners is renting a part of their house while preserving one room for themselves. Whichever you chose, understand the pros and cons of each option, and identify which one is suitable for you. For example, even though renting parts of your room might be the option that saves you more money, if you’re not into the the idea of living with your tenants, you might want to take a step back and reconsider for a bit. You might change your mind, but remember the point in starting small is identifying where you’re comfortable and capable in starting.


When it comes to acquiring properties, paying in cash is definitely the preferable method for those who have it. It’s not necessary, but If you have the means, buy a house with cash rather than relying on a mortgage. The elimination of mortgage payment makes a huge difference, thus, easier in generating a positive cashflow.


Home Maintenance


Depending on the condition of the home when you buy it, you might want to make some repairs or even renovations. Make some connections and establish good relationships with people who can help you in these areas. Having reliable people who give the service you can trust takes off so much burden.


Join a Community.


Learn from the people who have been in the business for longer than you. Meet with newbies who might be facing the same struggle as you. Share what you’ve gained through the chunks of time you’ve spent in the real estate business. Network. Network, network, network. Then network some more. There’s no such a thing as too much networking. Joining a community is a part of educating yourself in real estate. Set aside a chunk of your time simply for meeting people, it’s an investment on its own. Don’t be afraid to be a student and (literally or figuratively) take notes.


The Best Way to Learn? Do It

Learning by doing has always been the most practical way—you don’t simply learn of secondhand information—you learn through the things you experience yourself. Real estate is no exception.


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Top Places to Photograph during Komodo Tour

Going for a Komodo tour is always exciting. Located in the remote Flores, the Komodo National Park is one of Indonesia’s best-kept secrets. It encompass a whole rounded of adventure in the heart of forgotten paradise, featuring ancient species of giant lizard. Secluded from the modern world, the National Park is blooming with natural beauty. Every inch of the island will amaze you with amazing landscape. Without further do, here I recommend six best place to shoot jaw dropping pictures around the National Park.

Top Places to Photograph during Komodo Tour


1. The Hilltop of Padar Island

Ever since Flores begin rising in fame, Padar Island follows like one of the prettiest cousin in the family. The highest hilltop offers magnificent 360º view of the whole island, three beautiful crescent-shaped beaches—each with distinct color, and a squeezed rugged hill in the middle go the beaches. Surrounding the island is the ever-blue ocean, spreading to the horizon. It’s beautiful during the midday, when all element of the island stand in high contrast with the sky and the sea. However, the view get even more prettier during sunrise and sunset, when the island is gleaming by the soft sunlight. It’s a must stop for any Komodo tour—and you’ll leave with no bad pictures.

2. The Aquatic Blue Kanawa Island

If you want to catch good picture of the clearest blue-green ocean, Kanawa is the answer. This tiny island boast a gorgeous bed of coral reefs that are visible through the clear water. It’s like a dreamy shore where you can see starfish and sea critters right in the shallow shoreline. The turquoise water is exceptionally bright, calm, and clear. It’s time for some fabulous underwater (or two worlds) photos.

3. The Top Summit of Gili Lawa Island

Embarking on a Komodo tour, you will never run out of beautiful hills. And the peak of Gili Lawa is not an exception. On the top of the towering hills is the marvellous landscape of the island, lined with sugary beaches and the blue ocean. During the sunset on dry season, you can see the grassy hills glow in yellowish tone. It’s the island that will give you wallpaper stock until the next year.

4. The Komodo/ Rinca Island—(Anywhere the Dragons Are)

it’s time for the star of the trip. The only dragon on earth, Komodo varanus, who roams freely on their last resort on earth. Visiting the Komodo on a Komodo tour, it’s only logical to take a few snaps of the dragons. These majestic beast blend so naturally with the dry land and deserted beaches. Catch their ferocity with your lenses—but be careful to not staying too close with the dragons. Never try to venture alone for the sake of taking good pictures if you don’t want to get eaten. After a bunch of snaps of their scaly body and hungry jaws, it’s time for a selfie with the dragons! Ask your ranger to take it, they are an expert for this.

5. The Cotton-land a.k.a Pink Beach

Who can deny the beauty of Pink Beach? After the thrilling adventure with deadly dragons and rigorous hike to the barren hills, it’s time to get to another world. The phenomenal and rare Pink Beach, with blushing rosy sands and pristine turquoise water that seemingly like a piece of fallen heaven. A strip of beach that’s so pink it will remind you of cotton candy. Just like the other gorgeous thing on Komodo, the Pink Beach shimmer the pinkest on the golden moment. They say magic happen when the sun meet the earth, and this is apparently true on the Pink beach.

Pro tips: Thanks to the presence of red corals, the National Park has a number of pink beaches. If you want to get a good photos, go to a more remote one. The sands are usually pinker than the famous one. I know one of Komodo tour that’s very knowledgeable of hidden, pristine spot on the National Park. And that includes a less popular Pink beach that will make super dreamy photos.

Happy travelling!

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Less Recommended Places to Visit for This Year

There are travel destination which will be ready to welcome you and your thirst of having great vacation. However, there are also less recommended places to visit this year for your travel plan. Those are usually places which are too crowded to visit or too eerie. There is nothing like forbidden places but it is best to visit a place that will make your travelling more memorable and impressive. Besides, your goal to travel is to release some stress as well as get recharged so you will be ready to be back to your old duties at work or school.

Less recommended places for your next travel plan

The word ‘less recommended’ is not supposed to discourage your desire to travel. You just need to know that there is something called tourism backlash. As the result of that, some travel destinations finally have had enough of foreign visitors flocking their streets. It can lead to ecosystem disturbance. Thus, there is nothing to lose if you become a thoughtful traveler to plan your next travel destination. Here are some places you might think twice before visiting:

  • Barcelona, Spain is always on top of the list of most popular travel destination. However, the tourists visiting this place have become uncontrollable. This raises anger from the locals who protest about flooding tourists. For alternative, you can go to Valencia and enjoy the place instead of adding the stress to the local by wandering around Barcelona.
  • Venice, Italy is one of less recommended places to visit this year. The number of people who are interested to visit this place keeps increasing each year. Cruising ships and tourists flooding the streets has caused anger from Venetians. That mass tourism is quite common in this place which cause the local grow angry. For alternative, you choose Annecy in France instead. It also has some canals to explore as well as stunning lake and mesmerizing architecture just like what Venice has minus mass crowd.
  • Santorini, Greece is one of the most popular travel destinations. The tourists always flooding the streets which make the experience of travelling this place is less exciting. What is the point of enjoying the travel destination when all you can enjoy is being pushed in the crowd? For alternative, you can go enjoying your vacation in Naxos which is still in the same group of islands as Santorini but less crowded and more peaceful.
  • Taj Mahal, India is one of the wonders in the world which has attracted many tourists all around the world. International visitors flood this place each year which makes this place too crowded to visit. For alternative, you can go visiting The Humayan Tomb in Delhi instead.
  • Machu Picchu, Peru is also one of less recommended places to visit for your next travel plan. Foreign travelers keep visiting this place because of the amazing beauty. For alternative, you can visit Colombia since it is a home to The Lost City as well but less crowded unlike Machu Picchu.
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Don’t Take Quickie Bali Scuba Diving Courses

There are many offers of Bali scuba diving courses from dive centers at low prices. Don’t try to take it! Diving is a dangerous water activity. Especially if you do not have a certificate, the stakes are life. Certain dive centers offer quick training to get certificates. Imagine how you dive with very short training.

Choose It Right And Do It Properly

Diving skills cannot be obtained in a short time. Need to train skills in diving basics well and properly. If a professional just needs a lot of practice to become more expert, a beginner needs more time than it should.

Quickie promo Bali scuba diving courses best deal is very interesting indeed. The target is those who want to learn to dive with time constraints. In fact, diving requires unlimited time. The more you study and dive, the more you experience.

Bali scuba diving courses take 4-5 days. Make sure you provide 7 days for a diving holiday. Do not fly 24 hours before and after diving. This is mandatory for safety! The risk is disability or death.

Diving is an extreme activity if it’s not done properly. For that reason, never be tempted by an express training promo to become a diving expert. You must take Bali scuba diving courses for each stage of the certificate level. The higher your diving experience, the more opportunities to become professional divers.

Some experiences that take dive training complain about the lack of attention from dive instructors. Dive centers on average have professional and experienced dive instructors. But the fact is that there are not many dive centers or instructors who know how to serve divers well. Instructors are paid to guide divers in training or diving. But they complain that instructor divers from certain dive centers care about their divers.

Especially potential divers, who do not know the world of a diving well must be careful. When your first experience is not impressive, it allows the spirit of diving to disappear. A successful diving training is where divers are able to practice skills properly and correctly. Able to do the first dive well. Bali scuba diving courses are your first step to doing unknown underwater exploration.

Diving is a pleasure. You can enjoy the scenery that no one can do. Fear is something that must be opposed if you want to be a professional diver. Diving is not just a hobby but also a dream career path. For that, look for Bali scuba diving courses from the best and professional dive centers.