Much of everything else in today’s world, working has evolved, and is still evolving, to be more mobile, as it continued to cater to demands of flexibility. Co-working spaces have been a good solution to these demands, and they continued to become an important part of today’s working environment. Co-working spaces are known to be extremely vital to freelance professionals and groups of startup businesses. How do these working individuals get to benefit from these co-working spaces that becomes especially popular the past decade?

Here’s How Co-Working Spaces Benefit the Emerging and Future Workers

Addresses the issue of lack of accountability

This is especially true when one is a freelance worker who mainly offer their services online. Despite the immense flexibility and freedom it offered, freelancing is difficult to get right simply because of a lack of fundamental aspect that exist in the traditional working environment; accountability. That is, no one that held you accountable is anywhere near the immediate facility. And often time, you’re working by yourself. Changing the working environment is something that has been proven to be effective for many freelance workers. You don’t even have to work with your boss in the vicinity, simply with a colleague or a project partner—or just strangers—would improve your productivity and lessen distractions. Theres also the fact that you’ve gone out of your house just to work, and it’s something that you can technically do at home—so you might as well get it done and over with.


Minimize distractions

When you work at home, it’s easy to just go back to sleep, watch TV, or pet your cat. You’re also prone to get distracted by your family, by relatives’ visits, and many other factors. And since no one who’s holding you accountable is anywhere near, it’s easy to just, say, go back to sleep, or binge-watch netflix. It’s also important to realize that by working at home (the worst is your bedroom without any separation whatsoever with your working space), you’re likely to associate your personal space with work, a potentially high stress-inducing activity. Separating your home from your work has shown to strike a healthier work-life balance that’s extremely essential for both mental and physical health.



Co-working spaces provide an excellent opportunity to socialize. A lot of working faces have various facilities such as cafes and restaurants. It’s easy to chat over a cup of coffee during breaks and form connections. There will be more chances to find like-minded individuals as well. Freelancers and small business owners alike often led a very isolated life due to the nature of their work. Therefore, moving the working space onto a setting that provides a better opportunity for social interactions to flourish is a smart move.


Helps with challenges and frustrations of working independently

Again with the lack of accountability, it’s simply difficult to follow a schedule. Aside from knowing your limits and how much you can chew when it comes to working, creating a supportive environment is just as important. Doing business at a co-working spaces often increase productivity compared to simply doing work at home, especially if you’re a one-man or a one-woman team.


Significant reduction of space-related cost

This especially true for small businesses. Employing a co-working space would greatly minimize startup capital. Cost for space is not going down—has only increased as time goes, in fact. Therefore highly adaptable strategies such as employing the use of co-working space is a wise one.


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