There are some of the names how people are calling the backpack, they are bookbag, knapsack, sackpack and many more. Mostly, it is used either by the students or the travelers especially the hikers for carrying quiet heavy loads and sort of equipments. At first, the backpack itself can be used for many purposes, but have you been heard about the eco-friendly backpack before?

Rather than just thinking about how to get a stylish backpack, today we need to think more about how friendly it is for our environment. There always choices whether or not we want the stylish and eco-friendly backpack or just one choice of it.

Man using eco backpack while hiking

For me, eco-friendly backpack is needed more than just a style since who care what the style you are using. People will appreciate more of what you are using if they will know that your backpack is environmental friendly since you have take a step to make a better future through what you are using. And that will be great for all the future generations.

According to its usage, I think that there are more you can do with the backpack. Since it is mainly used to carry things, then you are free to whatever you are going to bring. It is one of the multi-use bag for various purposes.

People are using it to brings laptop, books, clothes, goods, and many more. It is your choose about what you are going to do with it and I think you will not need a single guide for that. The only thing you will need is which the best eco-friendly backpack that you have to get or buy.

How I will choose my own eco-friendly backpack to buy?

When you just read about the sub-title on above, there might be two things you have in mind. First, the criteria and specifications along with the price of the eco-friendly backpack. Secondly, where you will get one that mostly will be the recommended online shop or place.

For the last one, I think you can simply find them on Google. And the first one, it will talk more about the advantages and disadvantages that won’t put you into sorry for have bought that.

I am truly confusing when it comes to talk about both of them. It is because I will suggesting you to something that I don’t know if you will likes it or not. So that, I will keep on focusing on things that I concerned of and later you will make decision if you are agree with me or not.

In determining about an eco-friendly backpack that is matter for me, the first thing I’d like to think about is the size. I won’t get one that is too bigger and too small in the same time. So, I will first measures my own usual backpack that I have before to determine which size I will need.

The stressful thing about this is that I need to measure about the dimension for sure. So, I will just finding and seeing the eco backpack that I think it won’t be too big than my body size. And I think that considering about its capacity is more useful than the size itself. Capacity will answer my curiosity about how big or small it will looks alike.

In term of stylish if I will really need one, I think I will only focusing on my own favorite color or the color combination. So that, if there will be one place that is serving the customizable backpack colors, that will be the great place or online shop to try.

Last thing I will consider is about the price for sure. Even if it will be the most and best eco-friendly backpack in the world, I can’t really afford the one that more than $50. That’s my limit. So, it would really wonderful to get the price range between $25 as minimum up to the $50 as maximum. Not more than that. If there will be one that can be less of my minimum budget, I would love to read about it with all of above specifications that I have mentioned.

Oh and by the way, the material is surely an important thing to talk about. I have read one before that there is actually the eco backpack made of the parachute nylon so that it will really quick dry when it gets wet by the rain or waters. Draining the backpack is usually an issue for me since it will take times and I don’t get a washing machine at all.

Another last thing I will considered about is how long does the warranty period will it takes. I think, the more years, the better since it will really give solution when the backpack will be broken or needs to be replaced. Surely it will comes with certain terms and conditions set by the manufacturers.

I think that will be all of my own criteria about the eco-friendly backpack I’d like to buy. If there will be one or two specifications that won’t be in your list, feel free to change them all as have required.

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