\Market? Who does not know him? The market is important because everyone can get all the hoarseness there. For some, a market is a public place that is visited every day. For tourists, the traditional market is one of the interesting tourist destinations that must be visited. Bali local market is one of the places visited by local or foreign tourists.

There are many Bali markets that can be visited by tourists such as Ubud art market, Sukowati art market, Badung market and others. Each Bali local market sells many interesting items ranging from souvenirs, vegetables, Balinese food to paintings. You will only spend a small budget to shop for souvenirs from the local Bali market rather than buying in a branded souvenir shop.

Which One is Better?

Uniquely, Bali local market is not the only attractive destination. Bali Sunday market is very popular among tourists. Bali Seminyak markets are one of the famous, not only foreign tourists but also for local tourists. If the traditional market you can visit every day, then Sunday market only open at weekend, as the name Sunday market.

If the traditional market sellers are managed by Bali local people, then the Sunday market is run by many expats who invite many local vendors to occupy kiosks and enliven the event every week. Most Sunday market is in an area easily visited by tourists like Seminyak. Seminyak is an area of tourist destinations often referred to by tourists as an exclusive and luxurious area.

When you travel to Bali with family, then Sunday market is better than taking them to traditional markets. Because in Sunday market there are many interesting things for children. If you interest to shop at a cheap price, then you should go to a traditional market without children. Why? because nothing is interesting and make the children not feel comfortable.

One of the Bali markets that can be visited during a weekend in Seminyak area is Sea Vu Play. Sea Vu Play hosts a Sunday Bali local market routine that you should not miss while visiting Bali. There are many activities for children, international brand fashion, local brand sale, food and drink if you want to rest after tired of shopping. Please note that Sea Vu Play holds the first Sunday market in Seminyak area. Many more events during the weekend in Sea Vu Play, so this is the right time for you and your family to visit.

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