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Property Investing Tips for the Youngster

Property investing can be challenging even for experienced ones. However, lots of experts say that being early in investing is good. It gives you more times to make mistakes and fix it.

There is no doubt that property investing has its own problems. It is also impossible to reach your success in investing overnight. It needs process that can take years. That’s why it is good to start early in property investing. That way, you still have much time to learn, gathering knowledge and experience many things both bad and good things in the industry.

When the time comes, you will be successful investor with experience and knowledge backing you.

How to do property investing for the youngster

How to do property investing to the youngster

For young investors, property such as real estate can be overwhelming especially in the beginning. It seems there are many things to handle. However, it is not always bad. It is better if you are young since you still have time and energy to do many things. You are not limited to anything and you still have burning passion inside as a fuel to keep moving forward. Here are tips in property investing for young investors.

First, you have to understand that being young means you feel limitless and unstoppable. This can be both good and bad. This is good because then you are motivated to do better. However, it is bad when you do everything driven by blind passion without plan. Just because you are unstoppable doesn’t mean everything works your way. Thus, you need to be realistic about your own ability.

When you see an ads of renovation looks promising, you cannot just follow it blindly without calculation and plan because renovation in reality is complex project to do.

Younglings tend to be more independent and too confident. Instead of talking with expert, they tend to find information from the internet. Well, reading online materials as source of information is not bad.

However, it will be better when you also spend your time talking with the right people.

You can ask for advice and insight regarding to your property investing such as financial setting. You can talk with the real property advisor to gain knowledge as well as hear more about their experience in the business.

It is often that young investors are driven by impulse. However, this is not going to work for property investing. From the start, you need to decide what your goals are. What you are going to do with the property you buy. How these property investing things benefit you. All thing consider, everything needs plan and clear goal.

You need to be aware that handling money in property investing is not only about where to spend it but also how to save it and how to get more. Thus, you need to start learning about the art of saving up. Saving your money is important to maintain balance cash flow.

There are various expenses you need to take care of and there are also unexpected things you may need to pay in the future.


High Rated Studio Bali With Years of Experiences

If you have been heard about the studio in Bali before, it can really confusing for some people since it may be taken as the photography studio but in the same time and place, it will also referring to the accommodation for the travellers. But today, we simply want to talk about the studio as the rented photography services in Bali.

Lists of photography studio in Bali

There are actually some of the popular photo studio in Bali that you can choose to visit and then use the services. Some of them built in a big building and some of them are small. But even though that the building is so tiny, the services can be so special than the others. All are depending on the man behind the camera and lenses.

So that, in order not to make you confuse and to help you out in case you will need to find the photography services in Bali, I will tell and show you one or some of them that providing the professional services as you are required for any kind of needs or events.

I am calling this as the high rated studio in Bali that I am pretty sure most of the photographers have been experienced in taking images at outdoors and indoors for years.

One of where you will be heading is to move to the south at Seminyak village where there are some of the studio Bali. 3 of the popular studio that I can recommend you are the Le Studio managed by Kesato & Co, Strawberry Photo and the last one is the Union Studio Bali. Feel free to choose which one will be your decision to visit and then use the photography services.

Now, let’s move to the Kuta area as one of the popular spot in Bali and see where to find the studio for your event. The first place you can go is the Bali Pro Photo Centre that is located at the main street of the Kuta. I won’t be more details in this post about the exact address of all the studios since you will only need to type their studio names onto your map application on your phone.

Still at the same area and nearby the first one, there is also the E&C Studio that is specialised as the studio to capturing the customers in the traditional Balinese clothes from children to adults. This studio can be your main stop if you want to take your image uniquely that you may have never got before.

All of the studios that i have been mentioned above are actually more than enough since you may only will need one of them. the above lists are only mentioned about the photo studio that are located at the main tourists centres such as Seminyak and Kuta since I am intending to help out the travellers in case they will need this someday for any reason.

And surely that all of the photographers on those studios have been experienced for years so you barely don’t need to worry about the quality of the images. You will only need to talk about what the services you are required and when you will need them, as simple as that.

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How to Choose the Right Realtor for Your Real Estate Business

Handling real estate business means you will not only need your own skills but also other’s. One of the most important team members is your realtor. Most investors agree that the right realtor have great impact of the success of the business.

Realtors help you to find the impossible or small chance. They can turn it into something possible for you to reach.

How to choose the right realtor for successful real estate business

For example, they can help you find properties that may not have been available. They can also help with the selling so that the process can be done quickly without so much hassle. Since property business keeps growing, the number of realtor you can find in the industry is also many.

Thus, you need to be selective in choosing the right one.

Choosing the right realtor for the success of your business

It is not enough for you to just choose the first agent you can find and hire them to be your realtor. You need to find the one that fit the most with how you work and what goal you are trying to reach. Working with the right realtor gives you more chances to be successful in this business.

So, what do you think you will need to pay attention to when choosing the right realtor? Let’s see what you can do!

The first one, you will need to choose the right realtor based on your needs. There are realtors who focus more on buying and others focus more on selling.

If your main focus in so invest in promising property, you will need to choose realtors that is specialised in buying.

However, you will need those who are specialised in selling if your focus is to sell properties. Of course, there are also agents who can do both in buying and selling. However, it is recommended to choose realtor that focus on one side. Thus, their work will be more reliable for your needs.

Secondly, choose realtors that work passionately with planned strategies.

Every great person has always their own strategies in deciding their steps. Thus, you also need to choose realtors who have reliable sources. In the initial stage of choosing realtor, you can ask how they are going to work. If they hesitate, it may likely they are not that reliable for you to hire.

If they can tell you at least general plan or sources, then they are capable of handling your business.

It is also important to find out about realtor’s availability. As a client, you have rights to demand their time and discuss about your business. In short, it is important to find realtor who can maintain solid communication in the relationship. It is reasonable for you to expect a return call, text, or email within a few hours.

Realtors you hired works for you so it is their responsibility to make time for your needs of the business. if your candidate of realtor is too busy to maintain regular communication then you might as well find another one who will give you what you need for the sake of your business.

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Sleep Well In Seminyak Villas for All Your Family Members

Heading to Bali with your family this holidays? Stay in family villas at Seminyak!

Family vacation is usually the important thing to do and can’t be done easily since most of the family members have their own different period of holidays. The working parents and the children in school may quite hard to find the best time for it.

It is no wonder that spend the holidays at abroad will getting more special. Bali itself has its own specialness that many people have been dreaming to visit Bali and experience some of them. If you have been heard before that the cultures are interesting, the people are so welcome, the islands are beautiful, who won’t experience such things.

So that, since your family vacation will be more special in Bali, I would like to suggest you to bring all the members and stay in family-friendly villas at Seminyak.

Sleep well in Seminyak villas for family members

All the members can stay together under one roof without getting feels like you are separated compared to the accommodation at hotel rooms.

Villas are perfect for your family and I have no other ideas that can serve you the great services, spacious bedrooms and bathrooms, affordable prices, private amenities and many more facilities you can get.

By staying in a luxury and elegant family villas in Bali, there’s nothing you will wish more. Seminyak village then will be completed all of the traveling schedules and plans you have been made before. As one of the villages in Bali with beaches and it is nearby the shoreline, so much destinations and attractions you will be watched.

Make sure that you have times for all of those. Not to mention about the beach clubs, the other family and children friendly things to do and spots, I won’t finds an end when talking more about the area.

Travellers that who had lived in Seminyak before would feel lucky for have been stayed there. No matter if they were visiting with family or alone, all the things that have been well prepared for all kind of tourists are there.

And at the end of the day when you are in Bali, all of you are deserved to sleep well in the cozy villas or waking up in the morning in fresh.

Many villas in Seminyak have also their own resorts and dining. You are even have been provided the best staying experiences in many available villas along with the fun attractions for the rest of the family members.

All of those things are rarely to find when you are decided to stay in a hotel. No, you’d better don’t do that. You will lose many beautiful experiences and interesting’s neighbourhood explore. Staying and sleep well in a luxury bali villas in Seminyak for your family won’t allow you to get limited of all the beauty ahead.

Your family members will have big chances for all imaginable kinds of fun and what you have dream of a family vacation. I won’t say that you will get all things you have in mind, but you may get surprised with things you will experience in Bali. All of that can be started at where you will be staying. Hope you can enjoy your great family holidays in Bali.

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Learn More About What Real Estate Developer Is

There are many terms in real estate business that you may have not understood yet. The thing is, you have no limit to learn. In fact, learning and filling in your knowledge is a must if you are in real estate business. You are not supposed to be left behind others if you want your business to grow well.

What do real estate developers do?

There are various occupations in real estate business. Even if you decide to choose one job, as an investor for example, you still need to build a team which often includes contractor, agent, property manager, as well as real estate developer.

By knowing what each of them is, you will be able to recognize what you need to do with them. Building solid team and large network is important so you might as well learn more about real estate developer.

What do real estate developers do?

Real estate development is important in the industry to keep it moving forward and growing steadily. Every project need to be handled by the right people. Thus, real estate developers are the right one to handle the projects whether for commercial or residential purpose.

The categories are broad started from a single-family home to industrial development. For real estate developers, knowledge and experience will help a lot in successfully tackle every project.

Real estate developers can start their professional career path from various fields. Some of them start as real estate broker/agent and some others take initial career path in construction. The point is, they start the career path to gain as many knowledge as possible.

Besides, they will gain more experience by doing so. For those who start as real estate agent, they buy properties and improve them.

Then they sell them to earn profit from time to time. When they have steady rhythm and growing business, hey raise the capital and start working with regional planner, architect or builder. The purpose is to develop as well as build and market a real estate project.

When they choose initial career path in construction, they learn more about technical stuffs of real estate development. They learn how to contract property development whether residential or commercial one.

Read also: How to Implement Your Real Estate Education to Practice

In this matter, they also work with partners such as architect as well as financial planner because developing a project is a big deal.

The challenge of become real estate developer

The task of being a real estate developer is quite complex. To become reliable and professional developers, you need to have financial, analytical, interpersonal, and organized skills.

However, there is no such thing as becoming professional developer overnight. It takes time to gain knowledge and experience. Being able to make the right decision is important for real estate developers since there are many things to decide. In reality, real estate developers come from various backgrounds and disciplines.

Thus, there is no ultimate course for you to enter real estate development industry. If you have at least bachelor degree, you can pursue this career and choose the initial field to be your professional career path.


Eco-Friendly Backpack for Multi-Use Purposes

There are some of the names how people are calling the backpack, they are bookbag, knapsack, sackpack and many more. Mostly, it is used either by the students or the travelers especially the hikers for carrying quiet heavy loads and sort of equipments. At first, the backpack itself can be used for many purposes, but have you been heard about the eco-friendly backpack before?

Rather than just thinking about how to get a stylish backpack, today we need to think more about how friendly it is for our environment. There always choices whether or not we want the stylish and eco-friendly backpack or just one choice of it.

Man using eco backpack while hiking

For me, eco-friendly backpack is needed more than just a style since who care what the style you are using. People will appreciate more of what you are using if they will know that your backpack is environmental friendly since you have take a step to make a better future through what you are using. And that will be great for all the future generations.

According to its usage, I think that there are more you can do with the backpack. Since it is mainly used to carry things, then you are free to whatever you are going to bring. It is one of the multi-use bag for various purposes.

People are using it to brings laptop, books, clothes, goods, and many more. It is your choose about what you are going to do with it and I think you will not need a single guide for that. The only thing you will need is which the best eco-friendly backpack that you have to get or buy.

How I will choose my own eco-friendly backpack to buy?

When you just read about the sub-title on above, there might be two things you have in mind. First, the criteria and specifications along with the price of the eco-friendly backpack. Secondly, where you will get one that mostly will be the recommended online shop or place.

For the last one, I think you can simply find them on Google. And the first one, it will talk more about the advantages and disadvantages that won’t put you into sorry for have bought that.

I am truly confusing when it comes to talk about both of them. It is because I will suggesting you to something that I don’t know if you will likes it or not. So that, I will keep on focusing on things that I concerned of and later you will make decision if you are agree with me or not.

In determining about an eco-friendly backpack that is matter for me, the first thing I’d like to think about is the size. I won’t get one that is too bigger and too small in the same time. So, I will first measures my own usual backpack that I have before to determine which size I will need.

The stressful thing about this is that I need to measure about the dimension for sure. So, I will just finding and seeing the eco backpack that I think it won’t be too big than my body size. And I think that considering about its capacity is more useful than the size itself. Capacity will answer my curiosity about how big or small it will looks alike.

In term of stylish if I will really need one, I think I will only focusing on my own favorite color or the color combination. So that, if there will be one place that is serving the customizable backpack colors, that will be the great place or online shop to try.

Last thing I will consider is about the price for sure. Even if it will be the most and best eco-friendly backpack in the world, I can’t really afford the one that more than $50. That’s my limit. So, it would really wonderful to get the price range between $25 as minimum up to the $50 as maximum. Not more than that. If there will be one that can be less of my minimum budget, I would love to read about it with all of above specifications that I have mentioned.

Oh and by the way, the material is surely an important thing to talk about. I have read one before that there is actually the eco backpack made of the parachute nylon so that it will really quick dry when it gets wet by the rain or waters. Draining the backpack is usually an issue for me since it will take times and I don’t get a washing machine at all.

Another last thing I will considered about is how long does the warranty period will it takes. I think, the more years, the better since it will really give solution when the backpack will be broken or needs to be replaced. Surely it will comes with certain terms and conditions set by the manufacturers.

I think that will be all of my own criteria about the eco-friendly backpack I’d like to buy. If there will be one or two specifications that won’t be in your list, feel free to change them all as have required.

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Learn More About The Process of Real Estate Development

When you decide to become a real estate developer, you need to do your due diligence to finish your property development project. That is why real estate development requires dedication since it is a full-time job you need to handle.

The process of real estate development

You will need to spend hours researching about the market, financial planning, and negotiating. However, you can tackle down all challenges with your positive traits. Creativity and problem-solving skills will help you to be a successful real estate developer. However, you need to remember as well that gaining knowledge is important when it comes to real estate development.

There will always be things you don’t know and need to find out. Therefore, this is a field required long-life learning.

The process of real estate development

Every developer may use different strategies in order to gain more profit and benefits from property development. However, there is always basic guideline to help you finish the project the right way. Here are the process of real estate development you need to earn more:

  1. The first thing you need to do is develop the right concept for the site as well as conduct a feasibility study. To do it properly, you need to consult the right expert team. You also need to contact local council to provide you an overview of the future planning as well as zoning changes in the area.
  2. Next step is negotiating the contract and purchasing the property. It is important to make the best deal when negotiating so that you earn commercial profit. You need to decide how much you are willing to pay beforehand. The value of the end of the dwellings at the end of the project should also be taken into consideration.
  3. Next thing is to deal with planning regulations according to council development guidelines. You will need the role of town planner to help you make the plan thoroughly and perfectly. This process may require longer time since it is quite complex to deal with.
  4. When you earn approval, it is time to finalise your plan. However, you will need to consult the architect and engineer so that your plan will be flawless to execute in action. Working with architect and engineer is part of real estate development process you cannot avoid because it can determine whether or not your plan works.
  5. Next process is to consult the right builder. In this matter, you will have to estimate your finance thoroughly. Once you find the right builder and financial planner, you can start the construction. It can take six to twelve month to finish. Throughout construction, you may find various challenges including bad weather, mishaps in financial calculation, etc. that’s why creativity and patience are truly needed when you handle real estate development projects.
  6. When your project is almost done, you need to submit the plan of subdivision. You can do one of two options of your completed development property either to sell it for a profit or hold on to it as an investment property.
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Advantages for Investors to Think Like a Tenant

Building your real estate business is indeed challenging but it doesn’t mean you cannot reach your goal just fine. When it comes to real estate business, your tenant is one of the mot valuable assets to pay attention to. One of the best ways for you to be successful in managing your real estate investing is to think like a tenant.

Putting yourself on a tenant’s shoes will makes you more understand about things that only tenants know. It is like when you are a seller and you are also able to think like a buyer. This will leads you to successful selling because you will know exactly what your buyers want and expectation.

How thinking like a tenant benefits you

Advantages for investors to think like a tenant

There are many things to learn when it comes to real estate investing. Here is no limit of when or when you gain knowledge for the growth of your business. Thinking like a tenant is a good idea for investor.

So that, you can do to think like a tenant and even should for you to do and gain advantages of it. Why?

When you think like tenant, you will focus more on safe and comfortable location instead of the fancy one. Of course, every tenant may have different opinion about their ideal home.

However, you can focus more on the neighbourhood. Every tenant wants to live in safe and comfortable neighbourhood. Thus, it is important to do some research before investing in rental property. You need to find out about the crime rates, traffic, etc.

As a landlord of rental property, you need to know exactly what your tenants need. If your tenants are college students or middle class families, your focus should not be on having property with stainless steel appliances. Instead of putting unnecessary appliances, it will be more useful to do some updates.

Make sure to choose updates that your tenants will need the most. It is also important not to choose updates which require lots of money to spend. Your property is your investment. Making updates to fit your tenant’s need is the right move because then the money you have spent will be paid off.

When you are going to invest in rental property, you need to choose the one that is comfortable for living. That is how tenant will choose a home. Every tenant has certain level of comfort when they are about to choose a place to live in. Things that can influence their comfort include paint colours, lighting, electricity, smell, and overall appearance.

Thus, you can try adding some appeals to the property. The least you can do is to clean the property and make everything presentable.

Another important thing that most tenants focus on is the price. When you think like a tenant, you won’t get easily put high number for the rent. Of course you have to reach your goal and earn profit from your investing. However, overpricing your rental is not the best solution.

You can focus on real numbers that are in your area instead of list a price you think you can get.

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Social Media Management for Businesses in Bali

There are at least 2 business sectors that are so popular in Bali so far. Both are the property line and also the accommodation. Both of the business are actually seemed to be supporting the tourism sector. Housing and staying are the real things when it comes to talk about Bali since it has becoming one of the world top destinations.

Now, what are the relationship between both of the businesses and also the others with social media management in Bali?

World is fulfilled by the new millennials or what’s so called as the Gen. Z. The way they are accessing the information are now even changing especially in usage of the social medias.

It is said that all over the world, it is estimated that there is about 88% of millennials are using the social media. Knowing that, don’t you think that your property business or travel packages in Bali should also been promoted regularly in the business official account?

The more your business is seen online regularly, the better of the positive impact you can get. Your business will get more engagements and also influencing not only the millennials but also the previous generations (Gen. X and Y). So that, your business will get more social media strategy than before if you really want to warn your customers across the generations.

What is social media management and how does it gives impacts to your business in Bali?

What is social media management and its impact for your business in Bali?

If you are the businessman in Bali, you have known that almost all of the tourism related businesses are competing tightly. You barely can’t set your breath if you are the new comer. And sometimes, businesses that have been established for years are even have had difficulties for competing in a healthy manner.

So that, you will need more ways and tricks to maximise the efforts. One thing you can do is dealing with the social media management for your business in Bali.

Social media management is basically the process of managing your business social media accounts such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, and many more. The accounts surely will involving the online interactions, planning the contents and their schedules to be published.

It will really like your business social media profiles that are representing the business itself.

When I just told you about the contents, then your social media management for business in Bali will also refers to the usage of the certain tools, softwares and even the services.

For example, when you need to plan the contents to publish your villa rental, then you may need the professional camera or even hire the professional services. Before uploading the images to Instagram, you may will have to make sure that the images are edited professionally using Photoshop or the Adobe Lightroom or even the other softwares and applications on your phone.

You need to impress your audiences first through your social media contents. And if you are doing that consistently, then your audiences may are converting to be your customers. That’s how the business is flowing, right?

So, the social media management for any type of businesses in Bali surely will give big and many chances to increase the reach and visibility. Look, even when you are using the Instagram, it is not as simple as creating the captions as you want as well as the hashtags.

You need a better copywriting that are representing your products and services in for your captions and you have to know the hashtags that will be successfully worked for your online campaigns. That all will be contributing as the impacts for your business.

Another thing to be in your consideration if someday you will need to hire the social media management Bali is that the team should also have the understanding and experiences in using the social media advertising platforms.

It will be the complete package when the team is not only deal with the contents for social media accounts, but also will helps your business to be ready to make the online campaigns through ads. Facebook ads can be the great starts since it is so much targeted and also comes with even a low budget.

Through the social media management, later then,  your business in Bali will also know how to develop the online accounts to meet your marketing goals and also to increase your brand identity.

You will have and manage some social media accounts and then you will find out which channels are worked very well. If that will be hard to do, then you can simply find an agency for that since responding comments and all the engagement types may not your things. It really needs all the possible efforts you can give.

And if your social media contents somehow will be go viral in your industry, then you will have more things to do to grab more people paid attentions to your business. That’s how important is the social media management for your business in Bali.

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How to Properly Organize Your Budget of Real Estate Business

When it comes to budgeting real estate business, every investor may choose different strategies. However, you need to be more cautious of budgeting issue if you choose personal financing.

It is important not only to create but also maintain your budget. When it comes to managing your budget, it means more than balancing your checkbook. It is not less important to formulate a complete picture of your personal finance health. From the picture you gain, you will be able to get proper information and make the right decision.

How to organize budget for real estate business

Creating budget is one thing. Organizing budget is much more challenging than most people think. Besides, it should serve financial interests.

Important things in organizing budget for real estate business

Organizing your budget is not only to balance the cash flow but also to give you more opportunities to achieve your personal financing goals. To know what are the important things to do to organize your budget of personal finance properly, read all my thoughts about it below.

First thing first, you need to know your credit score. The better your credit core the easier for you to organize your budget. Healthy credit score will allows you to gain lower interest rates.

Thus, it will help you to buy a home, build equity, refinance debts, invest in another property, etc. With better credit score, your opportunities will be wider and more various.

It includes financial opportunities to help you grow your business even more. There are many things you can do to improve your credit score such as paying bill before due, making payment arrangement by contacting creditors, etc.

Finance is also about measurement and management. Thus, when everything is measured then everything is managed. You need to track every expense and you need to keep in mind that budget is a organic document. It often changes from time to time depending on what influences it.

Prices, temporary fluctuations and unexpected expenses can change your budget. Thus, don’t treat your budget as a fixed thing. You need to make it more flexible. Everything in your life can affect your overall budget. Even though not all changes are bad, you need to keep tracking every expense so you can make quick decision when something changes.

Another thing you need to do to organize your budget is to be savvy and smart. You can do it by taking advantage of high technology such as financial software platform.

It will be very helpful especially when you don’t have degree in finance. In running your business, you need to at least understand about the basic of personal finance. With the right financial software, you will be able to explore different scenarios so you can calculate your next moves.

By organizing your budget, you will have clearer preview of your financial health. Thus, you will know what to do to boost savings and know exactly what it is for.

You need to create positive financial goals such as starting a business, buying another investment of property, etc. By setting up your goals, you will stay motivated to run your business by properly sticking to your budget.