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How to Build Your Buyer List for Your Property Business

Buyer list is important thing you need to have and build for your business. it is not something that only wholesalers need. When you run property business, it is important thing that will help you build your business. Remember that property investing business won’t let you feel so sure about whom you are going to work with. Unexpected things may happen when you try to close the deals. However, it is not only buyer list you need. You have to build trustworthy buyer list so you can earn profit you expect from the deals you close. It is not supposed to only consist of people you have spoken with but you need more specific ones. It is challenging to build and develop trustworthy buyer list but it is something you can do by following these tips:

How to Build Your Buyer List for Your Property Business

Every Day is the Key

 In building your buyer list, you need to it every day. Always willing yourself to add to it anywhere you get a chance. You need to take note of everyone you are or have been working with. What you need to take a note is about their needs. It is also will be helpful when you run for the balls instead of waiting. Try to talk with many different people when you get the chance. You can also ask few questions regarding to their goals or business. You will learn a thing or two from even simple conversation. It will also give you more chances to sort out quality list to build.

Be Specific

 As mentioned earlier that you need not only buyer list but also the more specific and quality one. When you have found a target, you can start with simple conversation. However, you need to be more specific over the time. Thus, you will have overview of what they really look for. You will find out their preferences about locations, style, or price ranges of a house they like to have. You should retrieve as much information and don’t hesitate to ask for a business card. Thus, you will have contact information for follow up.

Trust Your Potential Buyer

It is highly recommended to be less skeptical to everyone you meet. Remember that everyone can be a potential buyer even those who not directly associated to this industry or at all. Make sure to treat everyone equally. You can try by sending a mass email then wait for the response. Don’t expect to receive 100% response from all the contact you sent the email to. At least you can expect half of them give positive response. Then you can continue your action by asking them for a phone call or email.

Stay in Touch

 Once you have potential buyers, make sure to stay in contact with them. You can reach them out periodically. It doesn’t have to be a full meeting. You can simply make a quick text, call, or email so your relationship will last long. This way, you will be able to notice if there is change preferences. Who knows if some of them are intent to partner up instead of buy property.


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Plunge with Komodo Diving Liveaboard in Labuan Bajo

Rugged and wild. Forgotten from the world yet is very well kept by the conversation status. Famous by its title, the land of the dragons, the Komodo region in Flores is a promise of adventure and undisturbed vacation in the midst of tropical setting. The jewel of Lesser Sunda Islands is also happened to perched right in the heart of coral triangle, which make the lands below the waves is equally interesting as it is above, if not more. The waters here is a meeting point of two currents and is extremely rich in plankton, boosting rich marine diversity which make it as a paradise for any divers in the world. And if the incredible marine attraction is on your list, there’s simply nothing better than a Komodo diving liveaboard for a dive trip planning.

Plunge with Komodo Diving Liveaboard in Labuan Bajo

Live and Dive

The perfect leisure for dive addicts would be immersed on liveaboard living. The perfect day would be started with breakfast, first dive in the morning, snack, second dive in the day, followed by lunch, third dive, having a blissful rest with a cup of afternoon tea (and maybe catching up some sleep), before going to the last dive of the day. A heart dinner will close the day, with maybe a bottle of beer or drinks, before finally resting in their cosy cabins, sleep, and repeat the routine in the next day. That’s how blissful is a holiday in Komodo diving liveaboard looks like.  

Komodo has numerous world class dive sites spread across the National Park. Each has its own characteristics and fascinating dwellers—you might want to start creating a bucket list. The Manta Point is obviously good for spotting the ever graceful Manta Rays, with a huge sandbar nearby that will make for a pleasant rest. The northern region of the National Park is famous for shark spotting that will make pelagic enthusiast leaped with joy. The currents is quite strong and it will be very suitable for a thrilling drift dives. Across the region, the sea bed of the National Park is embellished kaleidoscope corals that look almost entirely like another galaxy, catering myriad critters and little fishes in between.

Benefit of Having Diving Holiday in Komodo Diving Liveaboard

Nothing is as comfortable and efficient as Komodo diving liveaboard if you want to explore the underwater region as much as you can. With so many beautiful diving destination to visit, the liveaboard supports easy storage for your complicated diving equipment. There’s no need to haul the heavy equipments all arounds as the Komodo liveaboard crews will take care of it for you. Taking a liveaboard enables divers to reach even the most remote, unspoiled dive spots. Sometimes it’s entirely hidden and feel very exclusive as only a small number of diving communities know the secret. And while the wooden phinisi is taking you to the next diving destination, you can rest on the loungers, watching series of islets passing by, gathering your strength for the next plunge.

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Proper Ways to Look for Better Deals

Being a great investor in property business is not easy. There are many challenges to face and there is always not enough time. However, being a great investor is not only defined by the number of capitals or contacts you have. Of course, capital and contacts are important and valuable assets. However, they are not enough to make you a great investor which can build property business well. Being a great investor means you can look for better deals. It seems simple but not easy. Working on good or even better deals needs hard work. It also requires great plan and strategies.

How to look for better deals properly?

Aside from many challenges you need to face in order to build your business, you also have many assets and potential to maximize. Even little things are great potential you can use to close deals. Here are some tips to close better deals for your property business:

  • It is always mentioned that property business is not about feeling but numbers. Thus, you need to look at the numbers to look for good deals. This way, you will be able to decide the strength of a deal. While looking at numbers, it is also highly suggested to take conservative approach with all of the numbers so you won’t feel like tricked by the numbers. When you see that the numbers don’t deceive your judgment then you can precede the next step which makes you closer to choose better deals.
  • It is often that investors only focus on the number of deals they successfully achieve in a year instead of closing fewer, better deals. Of course, it is not wrong to make small profit from mediocre deals. However, you shouldn’t let a chance to close better deals slip off your fingers. Thus, it is important to know when to walk away and when to step forward of potential deals. If you think the deal is not good enough, you’d better walk away and look for more potential deals.
  • Setting up exit strategies is a great way to look for better deals. When you have multiple exit strategies, the higher the chance to close better deals. It is also useful to avoid unnecessary loss when you are already involved in deal that doesn’t go as planned. Your multiple exit strategies are your backup plan. Remember that in every business, the unexpected is unwelcome but sometimes it is unavoidable. However, you will stay safe if you have exit strategies which will lead you to find better deals in the end.
  • To be able to recognize good deals, you need to know what the expenses are first. You need to make sure that you know the holding cost, interest expenses, as well as closing costs. Seasoned investors might have good idea once they take a look at a property. However, it is not easy for new and inexperienced investors. If you calculate the expenses thoroughly, you will even find hidden expenses which can help you find out if the deal is good or not.
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PADI Diving Course Bali, A Key To Enter The World Beneath Sea

Diving courses are really something that can be used by everyone. But not everyone dares to try it. Underwater depth makes many people think twice for diving. The conditions differ greatly from those on land. Underwater life is very fascinating. The PADI diving course is a great way to enjoy diving and learn about how to do it. The required diving skills can learn through the diving course.

PADI Diving Course Bali

Many people think diving is only for adults. In Bali, they offer courses for children. Especially the PADI diving course Bali provides opportunities for children 12 years of age and older to get diving training. Children will get important and enjoyable experiences.

PADI diving course Bali varies greatly. Therefore training is not only for beginners but also for professional divers. Even professional divers are aware of many things that need to be learned whether they already know or the latest information about diving. For beginners, after completing the PADI diving course Bali will get a certificate directly. This is very important because you can be said to be a certified diver after doing a number of dives that should be.

The diving course is really something that is used by anyone, and anyone can try it. When you crash into the water the first time you have to find a suitable place for beginners. One of the most unexpected things and the fear of divers when under the sea is the current. Underwater conditions are difficult to predict.

PADI diving course Bali To Explore Beneath The Sea

This is one reason why Bali’s PADI diving course is very important. It becomes very interesting and real to take training. The higher the level of training you do, the deeper underwater you can explore. This is why many professional divers always practice skills and do dives regularly.

Under the sea is a world that is completely different from the land. Unique and rare underwater species and amazingly amazing natural rock formations make every diver on another planet.

PADI diving course Bali may be heavy for beginners. A lot of basic training must be learned, including studying the use of diving equipment. Even though you enjoy a pleasant holiday in Bali, seeing amazing scenery, nothing is as perfect as the underwater scenery.

Capturing the moment of underwater diving is very pleasant. Many divers continue training to specialize in underwater divers. This not only stings but also brings its own advantages. PADI diving course Bali is not just training for diving but also to pursue a career path as a professional diver.

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Benefits of Word of Mouth Method in Property Marketing

There are many strategies you can use for property marketing. Direct marketing, indirect marketing, and many more are available to use to fit your liking. However, there is also word of mouth method in property marketing you may need to consider due to its effectiveness. This method is actually not new at all. This can be considered as manual or traditional method in marketing in general. However, this method seems to work efficiently in property business as lots of investors show their interest in using this method and the result is positively good in return.

Word of mouth method in property marketing benefits

Word of mouth method in marketing strategy is considered as recommendation which is made by satisfied customers to their network of personal contacts. The recommendation can be both in oral and written forms.  This is effective method because most customers are more eager to try new product or service recommended by their close friends or family. This strategy is more convincing in the customer’s point of view. It is more promising in the investor’s point of view. Here are benefits of word of mouth method in marketing:

  • This method is more effective in building trust to customers because most of them are more willing to try, purchase and stay loyal to brand or service referred by their friend or family member. This strategy emphasizes more on customer service and customer experience unlike the traditional marketing strategy which emphasize more on self-branding.
  • Word of mouth method in property marketing is less expensive than more modern marketing strategy such as putting ads on television, printing brochures, or campaigning on radios. Those who have experience in property business must have known that the cost of marketing is not cheap at all. It can even take large portion in operating budget. Thus, this strategy seems to be a great solution to have more affordable marketing.
  • This method of marketing is also a great help to build brand awareness. People will be easier to recognize your brand or in this case your property. Unlike social media which seem to be more exaggerated in many ways, word of mouth marketing is more convincing in providing resources which can be easily shared by customers to their families or friends.
  • It says that communication can be made not only by words but also by body language. Word of mouth is often to be done by direct communication and interaction between friends and families. This is why this method is more effective because customers will be more convinced by subtle body language such as when they friend’s eyes are so enthusiast while recommending your property.
  • Cold calling marketing startegies are less effective these days because people are getting immune to it in which they tend to ignore it instead of giving response. Meanwhile word of mouth method in property marketing uses warmer kind of communication by involving more intense emotional response. Thus, you need to formulate your strategy to drive this method so your property has positive light in return.
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Bali Property For Rent, The Perfect Accommodation For Second Home

If you decide to look for Bali property for rent for a vacation or a temporary home, there are several options for you. Apartments, hotels or villas can be a consideration to stay comfortably. It will be very easy to find Bali property information for rent via the internet. But before deciding to choose a temporary residence, talking to the owner is the best. Negotiating prices, asking about the form of services and facilities and regulations while staying in a rented residence.

Bali Property For Rent

Rental prices for apartments, hotels or villas will be very different. All offer a different atmosphere and comfort. For your temporary residence in Bali, whether on vacation or work, the comfort factor is the main thing. This is the fact that when the holiday arrives the most feared is the holiday budget. Villas, apartments or hotels can be your accommodation budget solution. At least there are few that can save to place in other budgets.

Bali Property For Rent – Villa

Although Thailand or Hawaii are popular holiday destinations, more tourists flock to Bali. The charm of Bali starting from the culture, customs, scenery, friendliness of the locals and other activities is the main attraction. The best part of Bali is the villa. One of Bali’s property for rental accommodations is a trend and popular among tourists and expats.

Villa rentals in Bali really let you enjoy the privacy and tranquility that many people often crave. When arriving on vacation with family members of more than 6 people, the villa is perfect for vacation accommodation. Swimming pool facilities, spacious garden, kitchen, and equipment, unlimited internet connection, jacuzzi and security guarantee. Searching through a rental agency helps you get the accommodation you dream of.

Finding Bali property for rent by word of mouth will also be very profitable. You can get reviews directly from previous tenants. To be sure, you can get recommendations on the prices of luxury and cheap villas.

Bali property for rent – Apartment

For expats who live alone in Bali, apartments can be the perfect choice for temporary accommodation. There are many apartment rentals complete with furniture for expats. The apartment also does not rule out the possibility for tourists who want modern and simple accommodations.

Bali Property For Rent – Hotel

The hotel is the choice of tourists who want to stay with high luxury. 3-5 stars are scattered in many areas in Bali. The price will definitely be very different from other accommodations such as villas, resorts or apartments. If you travel to Bali less than 3 people, the hotel can be a smart choice. To minimize the holiday budget, 3-4 star hotels are perfect. Although the service provided is different from 5 stars, but it is quite comfortable and luxurious for your vacation. In essence, any Bali property for rent that you choose for a holiday should be adjusted to the budget and needs.

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Things to Know about Rental Property Financing

Financing holds an important role in real estate investing. Without proper financing, it will be harder for you as an investor to manage your business and gain profit. It is also the same when you investing in rental property. Financing is something you need to master if you want to build your business properly and successfully. There are various strategies to run business in property industry. They include wholesaling, fix and flip, full rehabs, and many more. However, buy and hold rental property is one of the most promising strategies you can count on in earning steady income and promising profit. However, those will happen if only you can master the art of rental property financing.

Rental Property Financing

Things to consider about rental property financing

Rental property is promising strategy since there are rent everywhere. The demand is high in which it rises the opportunities to gain more profits. However, you still need to work hard to be successful in rental property investing. You need to do your due diligence and find the right tenants. You need to decide many things especially the basic so that your portfolio will be positively affected as well. Here are what to consider when it comes to rental property financing:

  • Financing is about number in the first place. It is important factor to mind. You need to run your number before anything. This is to find out how much you can afford to spend even before you start looking for houses to buy. Four things to consider in this point are financing to find out the best option to you, transaction fees to make sure your bottom line is safe, management fees to decide whether or not you need to hire property management company, and market indicators to find out more about the average rent and make comparison.
  • Next thing to consider is none other than location. This is one of the most important points in real estate industry. After running the numbers and finding out how much you can afford, it is time to find the best property to buy. Make sure to be selective in buying the property. It is recommended to find the one located in attractive property in desirable neighborhood. You can do your own research to find the best one. It is also important to consider local amenities which will make your tenants live comfortably in your rental property.
  • When you decide what kind of location you want your rental property to be in, then it is indirectly decided what kind of tenants you want to rent to. Every type of tenant has different needs. You can choose to target students, families, or workers as your target.
  • Financing rental property will be easier when you have good credit score. It gives you less risk of having financial obstacles in the future. Thus, make sure don’t have any credit issue even before you start investing in rental property. You need to fix any issue related to your credit before jumping into any actions.  
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Why Not Buying Property In Bali To Realize Your Dreams?

Bali is one of the islands in Indonesia that is located between the islands of Java and Lombok. Tourists visiting Bali have learned that this exotic island offers a myriad of luxury, comfort and high relaxation. Bali is an archipelago and blesses with beautiful beaches, beautiful scenery, culture, and stunning traditions. Have you ever thought about living in Bali and enjoying the beauty of a sunset?

buying property in balo


Buying Property In Bali, Realize A Good Dream and Enjoy Life

Many people dream of buying property in Bali. This is the perfection of life. Who doesn’t want to live on the dream island of most people? Whether buying property in Bali is your place of residence or as a second home, Bali is perfect for escaping in the winter. Why dream of buying property in Bali if it can become a reality?

Bali with friendly weather throughout the year and the value of land and buildings that have high selling value is a smart investment step. With a little repair for a used house or villa and facilities, you can get all the comfort and lifestyle. The property in Bali market continues to increase by 25-30%, along with the increase in tourist arrivals.

Lately, many tourists come to visit and decide to buy property in Bali. Buying property in Bali means securing your own paradise. You must be here to see for yourself the scenery and beauty of Bali. The photos that you see online do not yet represent the beauty of Bali as a whole.

Buying property in Bali cannot be done carelessly. All stages and procedures must be carried out in accordance with applicable government regulations. This applies to all who wants to buy property without exception, both Indonesians and foreigners. Realizing the dream of buying property in Bali will be easy if through a property agent. Especially for foreigners, they will greatly assist the legal process related to property ownership in Bali.

In fact, if you are a foreigner, it is not possible to own land and property in Bali. Or you can own land and property on behalf of the Indonesian people you appoint. Having property in Bali is a dream, which can be realized for everyone, no matter where you comes from. Provided that it meets the requirements and follows applicable government regulations.

Some real estate is popular and is the target of most such as Seminyak, Canggu, Umalas, Kuta and several other places. The simple tendency of people who want to enjoy life in Bali is to want to be close to the beach. It would be very beneficial if you buy property in Bali to stay or invest. Buying property in Bali is an investment with the best benefits and smart steps both short and long-term.

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The Importance of Sustainability in Property Business

Today, it is impossible to ignore the act of ‘go green’ especially when it comes to residential and commercial property. Even though technology seems to be capable to make any kinds of changes or improvement, nothing can compare to the importance of sustainability. Thus, technology today is geared toward more sustainable development in property business. In the past, majority of people are interested to live in the big city.

The Importance of Sustainability in Property Business

Today though, millennial are more interested to live in suburban since it provides more comfort and ideal situation for living. Besides, people are now preferred sustainable and energy efficient appliances instead of the luxurious ones. This shows how people are more aware about the importance of sustainability which benefits them as well as their surroundings.

Why is sustainability importance to be applied in residential and commercial property development?

Going green is not new since humans have become aware that the problems of global climate change are serious and need the right solution. The first thing that is suitable for the change is property in which people are living and doing their activities daily. Going green means all kinds of redevelopment of the property either residential or commercials focus more on sustainability. In return, it benefits the environment, as well as community and economy. As for the homeowners and investors, sustainable redevelopment is also beneficial. Investors have more potential to sell their property which has sustainable features. As for the homeowners, they can reduce energy bills and even their life will be improved in many ways.


Reasons why sustainability is important in property business

  • Buildings, both commercial and residential contribute to energy used about 40 % of the total amount. It leads to global climate change. That’s why sustainable properties will help reducing carbon footprint as well as general environmental impact.
  • Sometimes investors and developers are reluctant to build or remodel properties to go green concept sue to the cost. However, it only cost 5-10% more expensive. If they can only utilize some features, the percentage will be decreased.
  • As mentioned above that homeowners gain benefits from buying and living in a house with sustainable features because they can save energy bills. This is beneficial not only for the homeowners but also for the overall energy used. Net energy will save up significantly in a year and more.
  • Investors and developers are mostly worried about go green properties not being attractive enough for the consumers. However, the study shows that nearly half consumers are indeed willing to buy a home with some sustainable features or zero net energy. This shows that the possibility of earning less profit is rather small.
  • There are many features in homes that can be remodeled to be more energy efficient such as wall, ceiling, floor, window insulation, lighting, heating or cooling system, electrical outlets, as well as ventilation system. Developers can start from any of them. Remodeling can be applied to the entire elements in home or to only some of them.


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Simple Steps to Get the Best Komodo Boat Deal

The first thing that will come to mind when you hear about Komodo sailing trip is, as it should be, booking the Komodo boat. Though it seems super easy, finding a good boat that suits your preference is quite a hard work, let alone finding the best deal. Labuan Bajo has wide collections of liveaboard for all preference. All you need is set some time aside and put that into a good research.

Simple Steps to Get the Best Komodo Boat Deal

The overflowing tourists from diverse travelling styles and budgets who come to Flores gives significant impact to tour operators’ growth. Today, Flores is blooming with various sailing trip packages available to suits everyone budgets. From humble liveaboard with basic rooms and shared toilet to ultra-luxurious liveaboard for two, Labuan Bajo has it all. But what can you do to get the ultimate best deal Komodo boat?

Surf the Boats

You have the internet on your hand and you can Google it anytime. So why wait? Nowadays many Labuan Bajo tour operators has set their online presence. You only need to visit their websites and find informations you are looking for.

Tips: since you cannot see the boat with your own eyes, always choose Komodo boat tour who showcases complete gallery of their boats. The virtual tour to every corner of the boat will give you a picture of how the boat looks like. Find detailed informations of facilities, services, and what onboard. Avoid websites who are shy away from putting pictures or complete boat informations—it smell fishy (pun intended).

Walk Around the Town

If you are keen to see something with your own eyes before believing, do visit Labuan Bajo few days prior. Go to the harbour where all the boats are anchored and give them a little tour. Walk to the very end of the row and visit every shops that draw your interest. Talk with the owners and see what type of Komodo boat they have. You can also make appointment with some of the online tour you had visited and see the promise in reality.

Compare and Compare

To find the best deal, you need to have lots and lots of comparison. The more you compare, the better you know the real value of the boat in each type. Prices can be greatly varied for basically standard type, but can also have little difference with liveaboard of slightly upgraded version. If you only see a few dollars between value liveaboard and bigger Komodo boat, we’d strongly recommend you to take the latter. Why pay for slightly cheaper price for sleeping in open space deck when you can have clean cabin of your own for few additional dollars? Now that’s what I would say as best deal

Switching From AC to Fan

If the liveaboard has cabin with fans and offers the same type of cabin with air con for some more dollars, I’d take the fan one at any given day. Having nice cabins is nice, but eventually you are expected to spend more time outdoor than curled up in bed.

Be Picky with Safety

When you can forsake some creature comforts, never put safety into second priority. It’s no use to get cheap boat if you get stuck in the middle of the sea with broken engines. Or having your boat almost drowned by the strong waves. Find whether the boat has life jackets and other safety measures, and when it was last maintained. Your safety should be a number one priority!

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