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Choosing A Real Estate Company Name That Sounds Legit

Here you are, in your final way of establishing a real estate business. You have prepared everything, read every tips, and now you are ready to launch your real estate company. But you stumble upon one little things; finding the right real estate company name. A catchy and creative name is a must if you want to gain customers’ attention. A good real estate company should sounds good when spoken, looks good when written, and easy to memorize.

Here are some tips to help you find the perfect name that will be the identity of your business.

Use Geographical Location When Appropriate

If you have settle on one location for your property business, it’s good to take the location for your name. It’s good as immediate reference for people who are looking for properties in that area. Take example as Villa Bali Sale, which name make its as a top priority for customers searching for villa in Bali. If you wish to expand beyond your current location, however, it’s best to stick to general name and avoid specific geographic details.

Don’t Use Your Name

Whether it’s first name or surname, using your own name for your real estate company name is not a good idea. First, a person’s name is not really memorable, which means on bad branding. You want a catchy name that will easily stick to your customer’s mind. Second, it gives false hopes for people who expect to meet with you directly. You will more likely assign your workers to handle clients, and those clients might be disappointed to not meet with you, whose name is on the company name. Selling the company can be difficult when it’s named after yourself.

Add “Property” or “Realty” in the End

You want customers to immediately know what your business is all about. Hence, it’s a good idea to throw some keywords that shows you are in property business. Words like “property”, “reality”, “Estate”, or “Asset management” are good and very specific to property business. They can also act as a good extension name for domain registration. Especially when your actual company name has apparently been owned, parked, or is too costly to purchase. These specific name extension actually contributes a lot to better search engine response.

Keep It Short

Nobody has time to remember long names, so better keep your real estate company name short. The name of your business (which double acts as the brand) will be shown in apps and all social media channel. That’s why you need to keep it short but engaging and invoking curiosity at the same time. It should represent your business as well. Here are good examples for such short-and-witty names: Houzz, Homesnap, Brick & Mortar, Tenants Choice, Pacific Estate, Castle Group, or Riverstone Residentials.        

Choose A Name that Invokes Trusts

Trust, confidence, and reassurance are among the most important things in property business. Customers need to feel safe and secure to buy property at your office. That’s why the name of your business should resonate with clients’ emotional needs. A name that inspire trust, confidence, and reassurance will greatly affect customers, especially the first-time home buyers.

To come up with a great real estate company name, you need to get your creative juice flowing!

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Get Special Offer All Daily Scuba Diving Bali Packages

When the summer holidays arrive, it’s time to have fun and enjoy water activities. Diving, fun and challenging water activities. If you are thinking of visiting Bali, then arrange a plan for a successful vacation. Bali is a popular diving destination for the world. It’s easy to see why Bali is so popular. 100 Bali scuba diving spots are available for you. Amazing!

Scuba Diving Bali Packages

Planning to try diving, with or without experience, you must look for scuba diving Bali packages. Diving packages help to manage your schedule. You will be picked up from the hotel and to the dive site. Dive centers will provide itineraries as long as you take Bali packages scuba diving. You only need to prepare your body’s health.

Tulamben Diving Packages Promo

Tracing the USAT Liberty shipwreck under the sea will be exciting. At Tulamben, you can check out the world’s popular underwater scenery with its shipwreck. You can explore shipwrecks between depths of 5 – 30 meters. Although it seems haunted but the USAT Liberty ship was wrecked in 1942. You can get a Bali scuba diving promo package of USD 108.

Nusa Penida Diving Packages Promo

Diving promotions in Nusa Penida are the most awaited. When else can you supply Mola-mola fish and manta rays with promo package prices !! You can also see big Manta Ray, wings span of more than 3 m and have a variety of motives. Given that Manta Pari can only be seen at a depth of 7-20 meters, it is recommended that divers have experience with certificates above advanced, with USD 149.

Padang Bai Diving Packages Promo

4 dive spot locations that you will explore through scuba diving Bali packages. You can see many species such as Turtles, Moray eel, groupers, nudibranchs, pipefish, triggerfish, leaf scorpion fish, hard and soft corals. You can explore the underwater Padang Bai with Bali scuba diving packages, USD 112

Amed Diving Packages Promo

Send cards not only on land. You will have the opportunity to send a postcard from under the Amed sea. Exploring Amed’s dazzling underwater and experience a unique experience. Amed is not only popular with galleries of underwater sculptures, but also an amazing experience. The proceeds from the sale of the underwater postcard will later be used to fund the marine conservation program in Amed. Well, you can save budget, and get scuba diving Bali packages only USD 112.  

Menjangan Diving Packages Promo

An exotic place and one of the best dive sites in Southeast Asia. Menjangan is a spot with optimal conditions for diving. The dive spot in Menjangan has a water temperature ranging between 27 and 30⁰ C, and visibility up to 50 meters. You can dive in the best spot by taking Bali scuba diving packages with only USD 139.

Because Bali is not too big, you can explore many of the best dive spots if you have a long holiday. If you are confused about looking for a dive spot, then scuba diving Bali packages perfect for your diving vacation. You will receive the best services and facilities with internationally certified instructors and are able to use a variety of languages.

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Knowing More the Benefit of Crowdfunding for Real Estate Investors

In few short years, crowdfunding has become a trend not only because lots of investors take a liking but also the advantage it gives to them. Knowing well the benefit of crowdfunding for real estate investors, lots of people involved in this business take no time to the opportunity. Through crowdfunding, investors have more access to the real estate market which is quite challenging when they do it alone because of the inherent risks lies in all kind of investments. It is true that crowdfunding investment is not the most ideal way in real estate investing. However, it does not mean it lack of benefits. Real estate crowdfunding is great to consider especially for those who are just starting and has limited budget for the property investment.

Benefit of crowdfunding for real estate investors

Each method of investing in real estate business always has its pros and cons. It only depends on investors to choose which method of investing that suits them better. Crowdfunding also has its pros and cons but here is information about the benefits that the investors can get from choosing crowdfunding investment for their property business:

  • Lots of people have long assumption about real estate being a business investment that only the wealthy elite can afford. Large sums of cash are usual when it comes to real estate investment. However, real estate crowdfunding can give the opposite impression of that. Lots of platforms allow investors to participate and invest in as little as $5,000 while the usual takes six digits to buy the investment of real estate.
  • Another benefit of crowdfunding for real estate investors is that investors have variety of deals they can choose. Different types of deal are available so investors can choose themselves which of the deal the risk they feel the most comfortable with. Therefore, the investors don’t need to feel pressured about the dal because they can calculate themselves the risk and opportunity lying behind each deal.
  • Next benefit of crowdfunding in real investing is the lack of hassle regarding to property management issue. It must be nice to be a landlord but the responsible behind it is quite challenging. A landlord is supposed to choose the right tenants, repair the property, and solve problems related to the tenants. With real estate crowdfunding, you can invest in your money and leave property management issue to the deal sponsors so you won’t have to have so much hassle with it.
  • Comparing to other method of investment, real estate crowdfunding is rather more transparent related to the asset. Investors have more control over the location and selection of the assets. Investors can even choose the property and market that they are most comfortable with to invest in. There will be also periodic updates about the property they are investing in and this cannot be found in other type of investing method in real estate investment. This is another big benefit of crowdfunding for real estate investors that cannot be underestimated.
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How Luxury Villa Rental Bali Give A Perfect Satisfaction?

Everyone has a pleasant holiday expectation. Pleasant perceptions for each also vary. For some people, vacation is the time to relax and stay away from the crowd. There is an opinion that the holidays must be satisfied by visiting various destinations. But the core of the holiday itself is to have a positive effect on each individual.

Bali as a popular and cool tourist destination is inseparable from the choice of the traveler. This exotic island offers a holiday that attracts tourists with various destinations. The main planning is to find the best accommodation. Whatever your holiday destination, comfortable accommodation is a must. Accommodation options in Bali also vary, ranging from hotels, resorts, to villas. Depending on how many travelers, how long you will be on vacation and the vacation concept you want.

Luxury villa rental Bali which is currently popular and a trend among tourists. People’s perception of the villa is a large family vacation. But today is different. Bali villas for rent with a wide selection of rooms available, whether you are a solo traveler, honeymoon or family vacation.

Why Choose Other If Luxury Villa Rental Bali Much Better

If your vacation concept is to enjoy life. then deciding to stay in the villa during the holidays is right. Villa facilities are equivalent to star hotels. The difference is, there is no delivery service to the room. You really enjoy a vacation like at home. You can relax on the edge of the pool casually every day.

When else can you relax when the work season arrives. Relaxing vacation can control stress and negative thoughts. In fact, there are many tourists who take advantage of vacations and just stay in the villa. This is a relaxing vacation concept to enjoy peace.

Even if you are vacationing with family, then you can easily watch children. Make sure that the pool water is clean so that you and your family swim comfortably.

Another plus of staying at a luxury villa rental Bali is, saving on budget. This applies to those of you who are on a family vacation. Compare how much you have to pay for a hotel room during a vacation.

For that reason, luxury villa rental Bali provides many benefits and perfection of your holiday satisfaction. Bali luxury villa rental is perfect if you want a private space for yourself. You will be a complete hermit without the sound disturbance of guests or children.

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How to Grow Real Estate Business with the Right Strategies

Starting real estate business can be done by those who want to search for promising profit. However, expanding the business is on another level. It is important to know how to grow real estate business with the right strategies. People say the beginning is always the hardest. However, making your business established is also not an easy task to do especially there are so many issues challenging you.

Sale house and calculator

Real estate business is said to be a promising field where you have higher chance to gain more profit and steady income. However, it takes time until you can really have established business. You need to build it one step at time. Besides, you will need the best and property strategies to help you grow it.

Tips to grow real estate business with the right strategies

There are many strategies used by those who are involved in real estate business. However, you cannot just copy what other use to grow their business. Sometimes, one strategy doesn’t work when it is used by different person. Thus, you need to keep searching the best strategies which suit your way and needs. However, there are at least basic strategies you can try in order to expand your real estate business as following:

  • Instead of searching for biggest and open deals, it is more recommended to find out an odd-market property. People refer this as pocket listing as well. In this pocket listings, you will likely to find those who are willing to sell their property immediately. This results in acquiring the price below market which can benefit you when you lease or sell it later. This pocket listing often provides you people who need immediate cash which benefit your real estate business.
  • You can also grow real estate business with the right strategies by fixing and flipping. This strategy is not something new. You just need to find a property or house which has reasonable price which you can afford. Then you fix it up and sell it later. This is what you call flipping. This strategy is said to be great way to generate additional income. You need to buy a house below market value and make precise estimation of the cost or repairs to gain the best profit when you sell it later.

You can also grow your real estate business by making it more stage presentable. It is important to gain best judgment from potential clients. You can imagine what your clients think if you present your property in empty view without something interesting that catch their attention. The whole transaction process will be awkward and far from successful. Thus, you need to give your property the best staging before you present it to your clients. This is also the best strategy to gain client’s trust because they will know how dedicated you are to make their needs come first. This is how you grow real estate business with the right strategies. Giving the best impression to all clients is a must.

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Tanjung Benoa, A Great Place To Get Scuba Certification In Bali

Professional divers familiar with diving spots in Bali. For some people, diving in the depths is scary. Underwater is not the same as land. You can breathe freely on land. Under the sea, you must use equipment to breathe. If you have to see the beauty under the sea at a certain depth, what about potential divers?

scuba dicing certification in bali

Get Scuba Diving Certification & Explore The Unknown

The first step to being able to dive is to have a diving certificate. Want to have a diving certificate? Need a process that should follow to have a certificate. Lots of offer training to get a scuba diving certification in Bali. Each dive center definitely has a dive training program, including getting certified to dive.

Tanjung Benoa is one of the dive spots for beginners. Don’t be careless and come to Tanjung Benoa. There are many diving packages offers without certificates. This will endanger divers, especially because they are not certified. The price of the package offer is relatively cheaper than the dive center. But can low prices guarantee security when diving?

Want to have scuba diving certification in Bali means to know exactly the process that must be done. What you will learn before getting a certificate is dive theory, practice in confined water skills, and dives in open water. You must prepare 4-5 days to complete the training. After that, you will declare a graduate and certified as a diver.

Many dive spots are popular in Bali. But don’t think you can dive without the help of a guide. Even professional divers need guides to explore dive spots. The risk of non-guided diving is death. Underwater conditions are different from those on land. Underwater weather predictions can change at any time.

A sudden flow of internal currents can get you carried away from the dive point. For this reason, scuba diving certification is important so you can learn better dive skills. Higher dive rates not only learn dive skills. They also act on how to make decisions when diving, which can save many people.

Dive training packages from trusted dive centers can be the best recommendations. The number of offers makes it easy for you to compare dive centers with each other. A dive center with experienced and certified trusted organization instructors is a must. They can guide you through training properly and appropriately. Scuba certification in Bali, the first step that must be taken to explore the dazzling and fascinating underwater.

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Investing in a House and Land Package Benefits

Many home buyers and investor are now more interested in investing in a house and land package. This type of property investment is said to be more beneficial for investors. As for home buyers, this package is more ideal for living solution. This way, either home buyers or investors are free to do anything they want without facing too much hassles in the process. Besides, the vacant land is getting harder to find these days. Thus, investing in this package is great.

Investing in a House and Land Package Benefits

Benefits of investing in a house and land package


Amongst so many benefits you can find when you invest in this type of property package, here are six of them:


  • You can customize your ideal design of home in your land. By tailoring the home to your ideal you can also maximize the value of your investment. Pre-designed new home is what you get and you can optimize it to maximum potential for living or business. Thus, you will earn higher profit in the future or more stable income if you decide to rent it to tenants.
  • You have free choice either to move into the home immediately when it is still in incomplete inclusions or wait until it is all completely built and ready to be occupied. If you buy the home for living space, you may want to move in immediately. However, it is recommended to complete all the construction if you intend to rent or sell it in the future. You need to assess whether the design of the house meet your needs to reach potential investment.
  • When it comes to the cost matter, you will be benefited by investing in a house and land package. This is due to your ability to know the exact cost of your new home. The package is designed to provide you with affordable price. This package is also beneficial because it includes floor coverings, site costs, driveway, energy efficiency, letterbox, as well as clothesline if necessary. Thus, this package allows you to know the certain expense you should spend by getting the features you want. You will not pay for something you don’t get.
  • By investing in this property package, you will also save on stamp duty since this is what the investors dislike the most. The charge of stamp on duty keeps increasing. Meanwhile, it will be slashed out when you choose house and land package to invest in. You will only be required to pay stamp duty on the land since the house hasn’t been built yet. Thus, you save your budget for another expense you need to optimize your investment.
  • It is easier to find good tenants who will guarantee your stable income and good profit. Brand new homes are more attractive in the eyes of tenants. They are more comfortable as living solution for tenants. This is also highly possible to get your tenants pay higher for the rental rates when they are comfortable with the house. This is why investing in a house and land package is more beneficial.


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Three Komodo Liveaboard Budget Under $30 That Are Still in Style

Sailing to the Island of Komodo Dragon, you definitely need a boat as means of transportation, and Komodo Liveaboard budget often become a hot item among many budget travelers. To get the cheapest price, however, many adventurers are forced to go totally frugal and take the most modest wooden boat around Labuan Bajo and left their comfort in the shore. Often times, this means using the small, wooden ship bench as both chair in the daylight and humble bed after dark. Sometimes it means rolling out your sleeping pad and lie in the open deck when the night comes. Sure, it sounds adventurous with sleeping under the stars and such, but it also gives you shill from the windy night, post-sleeping backache, and water spray literally everywhere. Almost all of the cheapest liveaboard Labuan Bajo also rely on natural air circulation, and without air conditioner installed, your days will be hot and humid. When you are not careful, you can end up with decades old boat which engine frequently died at very unexpected time. Trust me, this happened to a lot of people.

Three Komodo Liveaboard Budget Under $30 That Are Still in Style

This is why you need to have thorough research before booking any Komodo sailing trip. When I was planning to go to Flores, I stumbled across a bunch of awesome tour. Some are very luxurious, but they have quite strict schedule that I cannot tweak. Some have ridiculously high price for what I perceive as a standard liveaboard. However, one day I met the owner of Hello Flores tour and when he showed me his boat, I was hooked.

They have a good range of boats. Some are obviously luxurious, while the rest seems like a three starred hotel which, surprisingly, still on my budget! I was ecstatic to find three Komodo Liveaboard budget that actually fit my budget, do not force me to sleep in poor station, and allow me to rest in style. All of them also provides meal by their own chef! As someone who values life so much, I don’t want to spend half of my adventure getting sea sick in the middle of the ocean, or waste a lot of precious time just to move from one island to another.


Three Komodo Liveaboard Budget Under $30 That Are Still in Style

The first one, Wisesa, cost $280 for 10 person, which means each person need to pay $8. It’s a converted traditional boat form Sulawesi and I saw they have good cabin for each passengers.With real bed, blanket, and pillow. The ship has two teak decks where I can lounge without getting splashed by waters. One thing that I like, even though this is a Komodo Liveaboard budget, the ship is equipped with a lot of water equipment—one can go kayaking, paddling, and snorkelling anytime. This can be a huge plus.


Three Komodo Liveaboard Budget Under $30 That Are Still in Style

Second is Maki, a white-painted pretty ship with crimson sail and teak wood. It’s cost USD 220 for eight person, roughly about 27.5 for each. Though it’s a medium boat, it feel very spacey as you only share the ship with other 7 person. I found that its cabin is the nicest among the three, with two-pillar bed and lovely windows, allowing plenty of light flooding to the room. The lovely blend of white, teak, and red in the deck surely will help me taking picture-perfect holiday trip which will make everyone go envy. It’s so gorgeous and I cannot believe how cheap it will cost me. Bonus: the ship also come with 2 kayaks and stand up puddles!

Royal Fortuna

Three Komodo Liveaboard Budget Under $30 That Are Still in Style

The third and cheapest Komodo Liveaboard of the three, Royal Fortuna, only need USD 159 to sail. It got even cheaper as 11 traveler can go on board and everyone only need to pay USD 14.5 each. It’s even less than $20 and you can get comfy cabin with stylish interior. I can picture a perfect group travel with my bestes in this liveaboard. They even got beanbag and loungers in the upper deck which will make the island hopping very relaxing and enjoyable. Such price already include meal in classy dining area when we can dine and absorbing the surrounds. They don’t get water equipment, but with such price, i cannot complain. It’s already good as it is!

I hope this information is helpful for another fellow travelers who are looking for a Komodo Liveaboard budget that will not forsaken the comfort of sailing. Good bye sleeping on deck, see you never!

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Tips on How to Make Your Small Property Look Presentable

When you own a property and want to make them attract buyers then you should know how to make your small property look presentable. Making good impression is essential in property business. This also happens when it comes to present your property to potential buyers. One of the most common problems is small property tend to look even smaller if you try to decorate it or add some accent in effort to make it look presentable and convenience. Your small property is your asset after all. That is where you will earn your income or profit. Thus, making it look great and attractive is the least you can do.

How to make your small property look presentable

Your clients, future renters or buyers, tend to be attentive and critical in assessing property. This will happen when you hold an open house for them. They will pin point anything that will make your property less valuable or at least take advantage of tiny details to make you give them some discounts. There is nothing you can do about that behavior except making them have no chance to do so by presenting your small property to the finest. Here are the tips you can follow:

  • Asses the overall of your property from inside and out. Take a look at every detail the interior design before putting some furniture inside. Take a note on what you need to fill and where to put things properly. Remember that buyers always look for comfortable living space. Thus, focus on this priority instead of thinking about futuristic furniture or smart tools to fill in the rooms.
  • How to make your small property look presentable is to minimize the use of unnecessary furniture or accessories. Especially, avoid putting your personal items in the room. It is recommended that you arrange the room by putting clean and fresh linen dressing for the bed, or putting fabulous cushion on the sofa. Those are small things but more effective in making interior design look more presentable and attractive without putting too much effort.
  • If the wall look worn out, you can repaint it or just put a layer to make the color comes alive. Interior design with fresh and beautiful color is effective in charming buyers because the wall is one of the most important parts in interior design.
  • When it comes to living area, you need to create certain look that will make buyers feel attracted. Since your property is small, make arrangement which makes the room look spacious. Instead of putting large and expensive sofa, it is recommended to put minimalist sofa with soft fabric and few cushions. Choose L arrangement for the sofa position so that the room feels more spacious that it is.
  • Make sure that your unit or property is clean and tidy before you present it to your potential buyers. Staying on the concept of clean and simplicity is how to make your small property look presentable to the buyers.
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Tops Sporty Bars In Seminyak

What do you expect when you hear the sports bar? Watch all international sports events? Widescreen? Projector screen? This will be the highlight of many pedestrians passing the bar. Whatever international sports, from Tennis, Formula One to MotoGP, and the Melbourne Cup’s annual passion, they have it. And this you can enjoy the Bali bar.

The best bars in Seminyak will feel noisy, crowded and hot when the sports season starts to heat up. If you are in Bali during the sports season, it is very important to find a good place to watch the game. There are many rows of sporty bars in Seminyak with exciting promotions during the sports season. When football fever arrives.

Rows of in Seminyak bars with attractive designs and themes are available to spoil you when the sports season arrives. You don’t have to worry about missing out on watching your favorite sports. Recommend some sporty bars in Seminyak that you can visit during the international sporting season.

Sea Vu Play

Sea Vu play shows all branches of the sport! Best bars in Seminyak with a pirate design and theme, adding to its uniqueness. You don’t need to go through the action of your favorite sports star during the holidays. With an outdoor area, widescreen, make sure you book VIP seats with the best views. All international sports events continue to be updated for you to enjoy even on vacation.

Jl. Petitenget, Seminyak, Bali 80361

Reservations: +623614736579

Office: +623614736576

Opening Hours

Every Day 11 AM – 1 AM


Adrenalin Sports Bar

This is one of the recommended sports bars that you can visit. Located in the Seminyak area, precisely in Seminyak square. Adrenaline can be the right place for you to enjoy a cold star. You can enjoy cool stars by watching major league, major soccer, NRL, AFL, or NBA baseball tournaments.

Seminyak Square Level 2, Jalan Kayu Aya, Seminyak

Office: +62 (0)361 738 030


Y Sports Bar

Located in Legian, precisely at the end of Padma road. One of the bars in Seminyak is quite popular among tourists or expats from Australia. They feature Australian and international sporting events. When your sporting event is late though, you can add to the crowd by enjoying playing billiards for several rounds with your friends.

Garden View Resort, Jalan Padma 41

Office: +62 (0)361 751 559


Piggy’s Bar and Cafe

If you often visit Bali, you are not familiar with the Legian or poppies area. This one sports bar is located on poppies street which is open all the time. You can see a list of sports channels directly from their big screen. Enjoying cold stars while enjoying their live band will be very interesting.

Location: Jalan Poppies II,

Office: +62 (0)361 754 627

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