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Reasons Why Should Choose Canggu Villas

If you ask the most popular and favorite locations in Bali, especially for foreign tourists, then Seminyak, Canggu, and surrounding areas are the answer. For most people, staying at a luxury star hotel is a prestige. But nowadays, tourists are more cleverly looking for alternative places to stay while vacationing in Bali. There are many reasons why the area is excellent among tourists, regardless of domestic or foreign tourists.

Canggu Villas

Canggu Villas, Classy Temporary Residence

Where do you live while on vacation in Bali? Seminyak! Canggu! This is a prestige. Seminyak, Canggu and its surroundings can be said to be a luxurious area with all its complete facilities. When Seminyak is crowded during high season, tourists begin to shift to the Canggu area. Canggu is a charming village with views of green and natural landscapes. For tourists who choose tranquility, then Canggu is very appropriate.

Canggu villas are the best place for your residence, where everything has been prepared to spoil you. Deciding to stay in Canggu villas while on vacation makes your quiet vacation unforgettable. Many luxury facilities are the reason why many expats like and look for Canggu villas as a place to live. This area offers international schools and Canggu clubs that are famous for children.

Canggu villas is a comfortable, prestigious and luxurious residence. For some people, it might be reluctant to look for Canggu Bali villa rentals because it is more resort-like. There are many opportunities for you to vacation and stay in Canggu villas. When choosing luxury Canggu Bali villas on the beach, of course, there is a price to pay.

There are many rental agents, Canggu villas that provide you with many price choices. Whether the villa is independent or managed by the company. Canggu’s villas facilities can compete with star hotels in Bali. If you want a private vacation, then looking for Canggu Bali villas is right for you.

Canggu villas also offer the atmosphere and experience of traditional Balinese life. There are still many locals coloring around your villa. Seeing the daily lives of local residents can be the best experience for you and your family. If possible, hotel staff can schedule you to participate in traditional ceremonies. At least, you can see how Balinese culture and traditions are.

The spa and massage are special in the Canggu area. Special services and luxury provide the highest comfort of your vacation. Canggu villas are the best place for perfect vacation with family or honeymoon.

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Benefits of Handling Your Real Estate Business from Home

Working from home is now more and more familiar. It includes handling real estate business. Working from home won’t reduce the essence of work ethic. In fact, people find it easier to work from home. It gives many benefits than it seems. Thanks to technology that keeps advancing and improving, there is always way to do various tasks from anywhere. That’s why people are more and more interested to perform this practice and experience the benefits of working from home. Well, real estate business isn’t always bound to formal and traditional office.

Benefits of Handling Your Real Estate Business from Home

What kind of benefits gained from handling real estate business from home?


People try handling real estate business from home for some reasons. Some of them want to feel more comfortable environment, and some people want to know the efficiency of it. Here are some benefits gained from it:

  • Increased productivity is one of the most gained benefits you can gain from working from home. This is not an opinion but has been proved by comprehensive study. There is significant productivity boost among employees that work from home and handling all real estate business-related tasks. The study show that productivity increase about 13% over those who work from the office. It doesn’t mean working at the office is less productive. However, working from home can increase productivity due to many reasons.
  • Next benefit is to gain more focus in finishing tasks because there is less distraction. As the result, it will be easier to concentrate fully on work. Those who do their due diligence related to real estate business from home found it easier to focus since less people spotted at home compared to the office. It is even better when you live alone at home. You will be able to work without distraction and set your own rules in working.
  • For a company, trusting employee to work from home mean they can cut employee cost. It is gained by decreasing the amount of office space rented each month. Less employee working at the office means company doesn’t really need large building to accommodate. When employees work from home, it automatically reduces he expense that the company should spend monthly because then they can rent smaller building used for physical office.
  • It was also reported that when the company let their employee work from home, it decreased employee attrition. It even decreased by 50%. Employees took shorter breaks. They also had fewer sick days. It is understandable though. Working at the office means you need to drive and expose to pollution, virus, etc. Thus, it will be easier to get sick and results in sickness. It then decreases productivity. By working from home, you stay out of pollution, germs, and potential danger such as car accident.

Handling your real estate business from home is an option not obligation. However, it indeed gives you benefit as business owner. When you work from home or let your employees do it, you can expect for increasing productivity which can help growing your business.


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Komodo Cruise: Sailing the Wilderness in Style

The archipelago in frontier Flores province of South East Nusa offers gorgeous beaches, aquamarine waters, and prehistoric-esque adventure. The once remote area is now brimming with travelers of all paths. Numerous boat tour meanders wherever passengers choose to go, and offers a close-up wildlife life on water’s age. Among all wooden boat available on the shore, Komodo cruise is still a favorite.

Unlike any other mega ship cruises that resembles floating real estate, cruises in Komodo is still taking its natural form. Made entirely of wood, sometime in brownish or coffee color, these cruises is a modern take of Indonesian authentic traditional schooner. Dont let the wooden interior fool you—they are often equipped with resort’s standards equipment and, in most luxurious cruise, even with bathtub and wraparound windows.

Komodo Cruise: Sailing the Wilderness in Style

Perks of Sailing around Komodo with Komodo Cruise

Cruises of Komodo is a perfect vessel for people who want to taste a pinch of adventure with style. Unlike other types of Liveaboard in Labuan Bajo, the cruisers don’t only sells a room and a trip. Cruisers on Komodo love to pamper their passengers with creature comforts and quality services. Sailing on one feels like a tasteful combination of relaxation seasoned with wild frontier exploration. Cruisers make sure you can enjoy the outlandish beauty of Nature’s creation from its stylish, comfortable loungers. 

With the giant Komodo dragon in mind, the wooden cruise will take you to one of the most unwinding trip you can have in the world. Every morning on the liveaboard you will wake up to an endless ocean, broken occasionally by savannah-covered islands. Flores salty breeze will greets you with soft blow as the cruise is heading deeper to the archipelago. Dozen of unknown-yet-so-gorgeous islands scattered around you, waiting for some foot strip to mark the virgin area. The cruise is your only ticket to go off-grid and see Komodo’s beauty, untouched by civilization

Sailing With or Without Itinerary

One of the perks from sailing with cruises than the smaller liveaboard is the chance to have flexible itinerary. Lower price liveaboard boats are often offered to open trip and come with rather rigid itineraries. Some times this can be irritating—taking away your freedom to choose what islands to visits, which dive site to plunge into, or when to do it. Sometimes, you don;t get what you sign up for. Komodo cruise offer more freedom to how you want to design your holiday, especially when your travel group hire the whole boat.

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Tips to House Hacking to Benefits You in Many Possible Ways

House hacking is now getting popular and many people started to try it. This is one of the most promising real estate investing strategies especially for new investors. There are lots of new investors who are discouraged in starting their career in real estate business because they haven’t purchased their own home yet. This is one of the hurdles they think is the hardest. However, house hacking gives new light in real estate investing and a great feat to try by new investors even when they haven’t purchased their own home yet.


Helpful tips to house hacking effectively

House hacking is real estate investing strategy in which the investor rent out part of the property they live in. For example, if you live in one of the units of your multifamily property then you rent out the others. However, it isn’t limited to those who live in multifamily property only. Even if you live in a single-family home you can rent out one of the rooms and it is still counted as house hacking.

There are various benefits you can earn from house hacking. First, you will earn passive income. Second, you have chance to learn more about real estate business and how it works through smooth transition. Third, your household expenses will be reduced. Fourth, you will be able to pay down your mortgage quickly and save up. Here are some tips for house hacking:

  • Before anything else, you need to know how to find the right and best property. You can purchase multifamily property so you can live in one of the units and rent out the rest. Or, you can also purchase single-family home and rent out one of the rooms.
  • Decide your funding source since finance is one of the most important keys in real estate investing. Keep in mind that by implementing house hacking strategy, it means your status is as an owner-occupant. Thus, determine what kind of funding that benefits you the most. There are various options you can choose. Make sure to choose the best deal for the loan.
  • After deciding funding source, you need to do market research to find the best property. Once you find it, you need to run the numbers. You need to analyze the deal and find out more about the value of the investment. In running your numbers, you need to make estimation of rental income and property expenses. You need to do thorough calculation which includes property taxes, rental income, vacancy reserve, insurance, maintenance, utilities, and operating expenses.

By following those tips, your house hacking strategy will be running smoothly especially in the beginning. It is important that you plan everything thoroughly because even though this strategy looks simple, you still need to calculate your steps since real estate business is about game number. However, house hacking is more flexible than other real estate investing strategy since this is the very beginning of your journey to property industry. You will learn everything eventually.

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Crucial Topics Scuba Diving For Beginners

Luckily if you live in an island country. For islanders, snorkeling or diving are not extraordinary. Diving is fun but needs preparation especially for beginners. You must take part in scuba diving training for beginners. This is the main of the main ones. There are many things that beginners must know before starting scuba diving.

Scuba Diving For Beginners

Non-Certified Diving is Not Prohibited

Don’t equate swimming with diving. Underwater conditions are far different from land or swimming pools. Before diving in any waters, you must pocket a diving certificate. Dive centers are spread throughout diving destinations. If you have set goals, find information on the best destinations for scuba diving for beginners. Don’t choose your diving destination, because not all dive spots are right for beginners. The point is to choose the right spot to dive, take scuba diving lessons for beginners. 

What happens when diving?

This is important information before doing scuba diving for beginners. Did you know that the warmth of the body will disappear 20 times compared to when you are on land? All you need to do is squeeze where the ears will adapt to high-pressure conditions. The trick is very easy, namely by exhaling the air while closing the nose. Diving is clearly a fun activity that is risky.

Preparation What to Do Scuba Diving For Beginners

Able to swim and float

Swimming and float are included in the requirements for scuba diving for beginners to pass and be certified. You must be able to float for 10 minutes and swim 200 meters far without a tool. So if you want to dive but can’t swim, you should first learn swimming skills. Swimming skills are very important in diving. At least you can control and adjust easily when you first dive.

In A Healthy State

If you are in good health, you can do dives, the diver’s requirements are healthy. We do not know the exact conditions under the sea. Weather and currents can change. You need a statement from a doctor that you are stated. Some health requirements that you must live to pass diving.

  • chest x-ray
  • overall health record
  • lung function
  • Electrocardiogram
  • sharpness of vision
  • complete blood test
  • urine test

It is possible to have several other tests besides the above medical tests that you have to do. Pay attention to some health conditions that don’t allow you to do dives. Scuba diving for beginners is an important start for you to pursue the world of diving. The introduction of diving equipment is important in addition to health checks. Everything related to diving requirements must be well equipped for the safety of your dives.

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Joglo House Charm for Your Indonesian Resort Investment

The concept of traditional houses as a resort is a popular one among tourists who plan to visit Indonesia. This is evidenced by the many traditional house styles hotels, resorts, and even restaurants adopt to deliver the feel of an authentic Indonesian experience. If you’ve been dealing with business in Indonesia and are interested in doing one of the country’s major industry—tourism—then you probably have considered the traditional vernacular houses. Here’s one of the most iconic houses still widely used in Indonesia up until now, the iconic Joglo.

What is a Joglo house?

Joglo house originated from Java. It is a traditional house referred to as “omah Joglo”—in which “omah” meant “house”. The word joggle itself refers to the uniquely shaped roof. In the ancient Javanese culture, the shape of the roof denotes the social and even the economic status of the residents.

The iconic roof

The Javanese traditional houses has several roof styles. Those styles are one of the main indicators that differentiate one style of house to another. The “Joglo” traditional house has the steepest roof of all other traditional Javanese house types, especially compared to Limasan house and Kampung House.

Joglo house and social status

It’s been mentioned before that the Joglo house denotes the socioeconomic standing of the residents. In the past, only nobles and families of aristocracy live in the Joglo house.

Relieving the ancient times through staying in the traditional style noble houses is an experience on its own.

Characteristic trivia

The iconic roof is traditionally used only in the proper dwelling place, or in the “omah”, as well as the “pendopo,” a Javanese for pavilion. The Javanese houses are built within the constraints of walls. This is especially true for higher-status Javanese as well as the nobility.  In traditional philosophy, the house is always faced towards the sea of the South.


Pendopo or pavilion

In the traditional house structure, the pavilion functions as the social and public domain of a Javanese household. The area is used to entertain guests as well as hold social events. On occasions, the  pavilion is used for ritual purposes as well. This is where performance arts such as Wayang are often conducted.

Joglo house resorts

Joglo house styles has been one of the most popular traditional Indonesian houses you can find as resorts. It is a reminiscence of the Javanese palace lives and the lives of “ningrat” or nobles.

Joglo-styled roof in modern use can also be seen at airports and buildings with large halls. You can consider booking your first Joglo house experience through sites like airbnb. Luxury resorts specialties are also available. Here are some of the options that can be found on the aforementioned site; Modern Keraton Joglo House in Canggu, Teak Wooden Bungalow, affordable Indonesian Joglo House.

Even though the origin of Joglo is Javanese, it’s also easy to find resorts with Joglo style houses in places like Bali. The Joglo house style may be a good option for your next investment in Indonesia, particularly for guest houses and resorts. The appeal of the authentic Indonesian is timeless.

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The Regulation Of Leasing Property In Bali For Indonesian Citizens and Foreign

Leasing is financing by banks or institutions in the form of goods or capital for individuals or companies, both short and long-term. Daily expense becomes one of the obstacles for most people to get property in cash. For this reason, many banks or institutions that offer to lease to reduce the cost of purchasing property are adjusted to monthly income per person.

Leasing Property In Bali

Property in Bali is one of the favorites as a home or investment. Now, most people are very careful about using banks and financial institutions to get a property. Property purchases require a small budget. Leasing property in Bali with interest variants from various banks and financial institutions brings a breath of fresh air to everyone getting their dream real estate.

Unfortunately, many leasing proposals do not really pay attention to financial conditions, so there are many bad loans. For this reason, before applying for leasing property in Bali, it’s a good idea to make financial planning. If needed, you can hire a financial consultant to help organize so you can group the budget each month.

Leasing property in Bali not only attracts Indonesian citizens but also foreigners. In fact, banks and financial institutions in Indonesia facilitate leasing for Indonesians. While for foreigners there is a prohibition to make leases in any form.

Requirements for leasing property in Bali for Indonesian citizens
  • Indonesian citizens
  • 21 years old
  • Location of residence or work in accordance with a bank or financial institution where leasing applications
  • Complete the documents needed for leasing applications

As for foreigners, based on Bank Indonesia regulations that regulate rupiah transactions between banks and foreigners have certain rules. Although it is difficult or even not possible for foreigners to lease property in Bali, there are several ways that can be done. Foreigners who have a residence permit have a “hak pakai” property with the help of local residents.

In fact, there are many foreigners who have buildings, in the form of houses or villas. It is undeniable that property in Bali has a great charm and attraction for foreigners. This explains that in reality, it is not difficult for foreigners to own property in Bali. Many possibilities can occur regarding the ownership of foreigners’ property because there is a lot of help from either the agency or the local residents themselves. For this reason, it is ensured that leasing of property in Bali on behalf of foreigners is prohibited unless they take the name of local residents to apply for leasing property in Bali.

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How to Build Your Buyer List for Your Property Business

Buyer list is important thing you need to have and build for your business. it is not something that only wholesalers need. When you run property business, it is important thing that will help you build your business. Remember that property investing business won’t let you feel so sure about whom you are going to work with. Unexpected things may happen when you try to close the deals. However, it is not only buyer list you need. You have to build trustworthy buyer list so you can earn profit you expect from the deals you close. It is not supposed to only consist of people you have spoken with but you need more specific ones. It is challenging to build and develop trustworthy buyer list but it is something you can do by following these tips:

How to Build Your Buyer List for Your Property Business

Every Day is the Key

 In building your buyer list, you need to it every day. Always willing yourself to add to it anywhere you get a chance. You need to take note of everyone you are or have been working with. What you need to take a note is about their needs. It is also will be helpful when you run for the balls instead of waiting. Try to talk with many different people when you get the chance. You can also ask few questions regarding to their goals or business. You will learn a thing or two from even simple conversation. It will also give you more chances to sort out quality list to build.

Be Specific

 As mentioned earlier that you need not only buyer list but also the more specific and quality one. When you have found a target, you can start with simple conversation. However, you need to be more specific over the time. Thus, you will have overview of what they really look for. You will find out their preferences about locations, style, or price ranges of a house they like to have. You should retrieve as much information and don’t hesitate to ask for a business card. Thus, you will have contact information for follow up.

Trust Your Potential Buyer

It is highly recommended to be less skeptical to everyone you meet. Remember that everyone can be a potential buyer even those who not directly associated to this industry or at all. Make sure to treat everyone equally. You can try by sending a mass email then wait for the response. Don’t expect to receive 100% response from all the contact you sent the email to. At least you can expect half of them give positive response. Then you can continue your action by asking them for a phone call or email.

Stay in Touch

 Once you have potential buyers, make sure to stay in contact with them. You can reach them out periodically. It doesn’t have to be a full meeting. You can simply make a quick text, call, or email so your relationship will last long. This way, you will be able to notice if there is change preferences. Who knows if some of them are intent to partner up instead of buy property.


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Plunge with Komodo Diving Liveaboard in Labuan Bajo

Rugged and wild. Forgotten from the world yet is very well kept by the conversation status. Famous by its title, the land of the dragons, the Komodo region in Flores is a promise of adventure and undisturbed vacation in the midst of tropical setting. The jewel of Lesser Sunda Islands is also happened to perched right in the heart of coral triangle, which make the lands below the waves is equally interesting as it is above, if not more. The waters here is a meeting point of two currents and is extremely rich in plankton, boosting rich marine diversity which make it as a paradise for any divers in the world. And if the incredible marine attraction is on your list, there’s simply nothing better than a Komodo diving liveaboard for a dive trip planning.

Plunge with Komodo Diving Liveaboard in Labuan Bajo

Live and Dive

The perfect leisure for dive addicts would be immersed on liveaboard living. The perfect day would be started with breakfast, first dive in the morning, snack, second dive in the day, followed by lunch, third dive, having a blissful rest with a cup of afternoon tea (and maybe catching up some sleep), before going to the last dive of the day. A heart dinner will close the day, with maybe a bottle of beer or drinks, before finally resting in their cosy cabins, sleep, and repeat the routine in the next day. That’s how blissful is a holiday in Komodo diving liveaboard looks like.  

Komodo has numerous world class dive sites spread across the National Park. Each has its own characteristics and fascinating dwellers—you might want to start creating a bucket list. The Manta Point is obviously good for spotting the ever graceful Manta Rays, with a huge sandbar nearby that will make for a pleasant rest. The northern region of the National Park is famous for shark spotting that will make pelagic enthusiast leaped with joy. The currents is quite strong and it will be very suitable for a thrilling drift dives. Across the region, the sea bed of the National Park is embellished kaleidoscope corals that look almost entirely like another galaxy, catering myriad critters and little fishes in between.

Benefit of Having Diving Holiday in Komodo Diving Liveaboard

Nothing is as comfortable and efficient as Komodo diving liveaboard if you want to explore the underwater region as much as you can. With so many beautiful diving destination to visit, the liveaboard supports easy storage for your complicated diving equipment. There’s no need to haul the heavy equipments all arounds as the Komodo liveaboard crews will take care of it for you. Taking a liveaboard enables divers to reach even the most remote, unspoiled dive spots. Sometimes it’s entirely hidden and feel very exclusive as only a small number of diving communities know the secret. And while the wooden phinisi is taking you to the next diving destination, you can rest on the loungers, watching series of islets passing by, gathering your strength for the next plunge.

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Proper Ways to Look for Better Deals

Being a great investor in property business is not easy. There are many challenges to face and there is always not enough time. However, being a great investor is not only defined by the number of capitals or contacts you have. Of course, capital and contacts are important and valuable assets. However, they are not enough to make you a great investor which can build property business well. Being a great investor means you can look for better deals. It seems simple but not easy. Working on good or even better deals needs hard work. It also requires great plan and strategies.

How to look for better deals properly?

Aside from many challenges you need to face in order to build your business, you also have many assets and potential to maximize. Even little things are great potential you can use to close deals. Here are some tips to close better deals for your property business:

  • It is always mentioned that property business is not about feeling but numbers. Thus, you need to look at the numbers to look for good deals. This way, you will be able to decide the strength of a deal. While looking at numbers, it is also highly suggested to take conservative approach with all of the numbers so you won’t feel like tricked by the numbers. When you see that the numbers don’t deceive your judgment then you can precede the next step which makes you closer to choose better deals.
  • It is often that investors only focus on the number of deals they successfully achieve in a year instead of closing fewer, better deals. Of course, it is not wrong to make small profit from mediocre deals. However, you shouldn’t let a chance to close better deals slip off your fingers. Thus, it is important to know when to walk away and when to step forward of potential deals. If you think the deal is not good enough, you’d better walk away and look for more potential deals.
  • Setting up exit strategies is a great way to look for better deals. When you have multiple exit strategies, the higher the chance to close better deals. It is also useful to avoid unnecessary loss when you are already involved in deal that doesn’t go as planned. Your multiple exit strategies are your backup plan. Remember that in every business, the unexpected is unwelcome but sometimes it is unavoidable. However, you will stay safe if you have exit strategies which will lead you to find better deals in the end.
  • To be able to recognize good deals, you need to know what the expenses are first. You need to make sure that you know the holding cost, interest expenses, as well as closing costs. Seasoned investors might have good idea once they take a look at a property. However, it is not easy for new and inexperienced investors. If you calculate the expenses thoroughly, you will even find hidden expenses which can help you find out if the deal is good or not.
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