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Skills Set You Need To Build Successful Real Estate Business

Different skills are required for different career field. There are many types of business you can start. Every one of them has its own challenges and obstacles that can be handled with the right skills and strategies. One of the most challenging industry for business is real estate. To be successful, you have to be skillful as well as own technical knowledge. It is not easy to succeed in real estate industry but it is not impossible either.

Required skills set for successful real estate business

In real estate industry, you are required to understand the basic knowledge of economic trends, home construction, property values, as well as the strategy to build strong relationships with important people. It is also known that real estate is an industry where negotiation is part of the essential. When you decide to become a real estate developer, investor, or any role related to it, there are important skills you have to develop to be successful.

Skills Set You Need To Build Successful Real Estate Business

Have a unique skills

You have to develop a unique skills at storytelling. It is because offering high quality property with nice features and amenities is not enough to attract clients. You need a ‘kick’ factor to finish the deal. Storytelling is a small detail to the deal but can influence the decision of your client. The skill to storytelling can be developed and sharpened.

Understand engineering

The skill required to build successful career in real estate industry is understanding the knowledge of engineering. The deeper you understand, the higher your chance to success. It involves your knowledge of regulations and rules. It is important knowledge especially when you decide to become a developer. Real estate development requires in-depth understanding of budget, plan, and execution.

Learn how to organize

Skills to organize is also essential to build successful career in real estate business. Remember that this industry is multifaceted and complex. It is also one of the most promising business because you can make a high return money if you do it the right way. Managing properties is the basic task you need to accomplish on daily basis. If you are not an organized person, it will be hard to do basic management of your properties.

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Master the communication

Skills Set You Need To Build Successful Real Estate Business

Another important skill is communication. In real estate business, there are many people are involved before a deal is closed. You have to meet and communicate with different people with different role and background. It is also important skill to build a team since it involves so many task to complete. This skill will help you to develop strong relationship with important people. Your communication and social skills need to be developed to ensure the success of your real estate business.

Be patient

Patience is also a skill you need to possess when involved in real estate industry. It is important in decision-making. You cannot take decision based on impulse in real estate because wrong investment will lead to huge financial loss. Also, your investment may take time before you see the visible result. You may have to wait for years before your investment can be harvested.


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Make the Choice: Which Bali Dive Sites to Visit

The Island of God might made its name through surfing, beaches, temples, and centuries old cultural heritage that’s still robustly preserved and carried on until today. However, the beauty of this island extend beyond the borders of its beaches. Under the water, the ocean thrives with life. The rich and colourful seabeds has been capturing the hearts of many adventurers and divers alike. However, Bali is overwhelming with gorgeous dive sites and choosing the ones to visit could be pleasurably confusing. Here are five essential things to think before deciding which sites to dive on your Bali holiday.

Think about the colours you want to see on Bali dive sites

Make the Choice: Which Bali Dive Sites to Visit

What are you hoping to see on your dive? Do you want to be surrounded by bustling corals? Do you want to see the probably less vibrant, but no less amazing coral formation on some abandoned sunken ship? Or maybe you want to be surrounded by some bright, tropical fish? Deciding on the ‘colour’ you want to see underwater helps with making the initial decision.

Think about the animals you want to meet

Bali’s underwater is renown for having wonderful and even rare marine animals. Manta Rays and Mola Mola sunfish in Nusa Penida appears on almost every search about diving in Bali. The macro lovers would be thrilled to see the rare and perhaps the cutest pygmy pink seahorses at Jemeluk Wall Amed and the Seraya Secret Tulamben. Want to see turtles? The USAT Liberty Wreck Tulamben is one of their favourite hangout spot. Probably you are obsessed to see something unusual like Mandarin fish or clown trigger fish. Do your research. Once you know what animals you want to see, deciding which Bali dive sites to put on the list will be much easier.

Think about the weather on each dive sites

Some part of Bali receives more rainfall. Yet some are noticeably hotter than the other. Amed, Tulamben, Padang Bai, and Menjangan, for example, are located in the mountanious part of Bali with generally more moderate climate. On January to April, you probably will have some rain so waiting for drier months to visit these dive sites is wiser. See which dive sites in Bali that offer the best weather during your time of holiday.

Think about the travel time to your choosen Bali dive sites

Make the Choice: Which Bali Dive Sites to Visit

Consider how far you are willing to travel to get the dives. Remember that the airport is located in the south of Bali and you’ll probably stay around the southern area. Probably somewhere around Kuta, Seminyak, Canggu, and Sanur. Note that Tulmben, Amed, and Padang Baii are located in the northeast coast of Bali. Do you want to stay there for the weekend or prefer just a day trip to these sites? The Menjangan’s underwater is an absolute gem, but it’s nestled in the tip of northwest coast of Bali. There’s no way you can have a day trip there. The Nusa Penida, Nusa Lembongan, and the Gilis which are equally gorgeous can only be reached by boat. So before you decide which Bali dive sites you want to plunge in, know how far you’re willing to go.

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Think about your level of skills and experience

Folks, this is a must! Though we can agree that Bali’s underwater is generally milder than other major dive sites in Indonesia, it still need to be proceed with caution. Some sites like USAT Liberty Tulamben has almost zero in current and is totally safe even for the totally first-timer divers. The Nusas are stonger in currents and reserved for the experienced only. Once again, do your research and choose only sites that match your skills and experiences.

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Best Dishes To Try When Food Travel In Argentina

Argentina is a beautiful country that has gained travelers from all over the world. It has charms that can bewitch every visitor from beautiful landscapes to lively cities. Argentina is also a must destination for adventure seekers. Patagonia, Andes, Tierra del Fuego are only the examples of places you can enjoy during your visit to this country. However, Argentina is also a great destination for food travel. For foodies, there is wide selection of delicacies in Argentina to explore. 

Recommended dishes in Argentina to try for travelers 

In Argentina, you can practically find and enjoy everything you expect from a travel destination such as beautiful nature, arts, distinctive cultures, as well as delicious and authentic cuisines. Beef might be the highlight of Argentina’s cuisine scene but there are other dishes worth trying. And here are dishes you absolutely have to try when you visit Argentina:

Una muzza

Pizza might be the last thing you want to eat when travelling. However, visiting Argentina without trying out their pizza is such a shame. They have inch-crust pizza with tomato sauce and Argentinian-style mozzarella cheese. The garnishes include oregano, green olives, or dried chili flakes. There are different version of Argentinian pizzas you should try such as una muzza or faina. 


Empanadas is Argentinian street food with particular flavor. This is actually stuffed dough that comes fried or baked. There are veggie and carnivorous version of empanadas you can choose. There is also wide selection of fillings including beef, cheese and ham, chicken, blue cheese, or sweetcorn. Chopped or sliced beef is often the most preferred filling. Meanwhile, the seasoning is also varied in different regions. It can be spring onion, cumin, boiled eggs, or potato. 

provoleta argentina food


Provoleta is a unique Argentinian food worth trying. Basically, this is a soft, round, provolone cheese. The taste is bland. It is made from cow’s milk that turns into gooey texture. it is served in various methods. However, grilled Provoleta is the most favorite. It is usually grilled in a sized skillet or simple foil dish. Then, it is topped with oregano. The melted texture in the outside and crispness on the outside is what makes Argentinians addicted to this particular food. 

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Llama steak

Llama steak is highly recommended food to try when you visit Argentina. It is not just a name of a dish. This food truly has a slice of llama. It is said that eating llama steak is like a norm in Argentina’s northwest. It is quite hard to describe the flavor but it has rustic vibe to it. It has lower fat levels than beef so it can be your healthy alternative. 


Choripan is a sausage sandwich in Argentina and considered as popular street food. It is usually a starter dish of Argentinian barbecue. The sausage can be wrapped in a pan or bread. You can eat it as it is or slather it in a spicy sauce called chimichurri. The sauce is made of garlic, parsley, oregano, chili flakes, red wine vinegar, tomato, onion, and red bell pepper. 


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Things to Look For in Yogyakarta Furniture Manufacturers

When you’re looking to furnish your house or apartment, finding just the right Yogyakarta furniture manufacturers can be headache-inducing. Furniture in Yogyakarta are in quite abundance. The region is rather close to Jepara regency, which is the leading furniture manufacturer area in Indonesia at large.

furniture in yogyakarta

Indonesia as a country itself is known to produce all kinds of furnitures to be exported and exhibited around the world. One of the major wood species used in producing furniture is teakwood, and Indonesia is home to this hardwood species, known for being weather resistance. Some of the most well-known materials used and produced in Indonesia are teakwood, bamboo, rattan, among others. With that said, how do you exactly find good furnitures manufacturers? What to look for when you’re looking to buy furnitures?

Choosing Yogyakarta furniture manufacturers

Furnitures aren’t like clothes. They’re expensive and ideally, we should purchase only furnitures that’s made to last. When you’re talking about cost of furniture Yogyakarta and think of only places like IKEA and any of the big box stores, then reconsider.

Quality Furniture Yogyakarta that’s made to last. Many Yogyakarta furniture manufacturers are available as long as you do thorough research. Make sure to narrow down your search to durable furnishings. Furnitures are going to see daily use and likely receive multiple abuse from you, your pets, or your children and they need to be able to stand those daily tortures. Investing on high quality furniture from the start is a smart move. It’s also going to be easier for your wallet in the long run. You won’t have to continually replace your furniture if the first time around you’re already choosing good quality ones from the get-go.

You get what you pay for

With such competitive market to virtually all aspects of human life today, it’s easy to say that good stuff doesn’t have to be expensive. After all, brand names have a price. However, the rule you get what you pay for seems truer to the furniture industry. Materials used for furnitures are simply pricey. Good quality furnitures that will last years, decades down the road even moreso.

home furniture yogyakarta living

toko furniture jogja

What you need to look for vs to avoid

Let’s talk about the specifics in brief. Construction of furniture is a complex affair. But as a rule of thumb, here are some of the most general things you need to look for when you’re furniture hunting:

  • Solid wood, preferably hardwood for durability. But solid softwood is still so much better than particleboards.
  • Plywoods that are at least 8 layers, preferably more. If you want durability for your furniture, don’t choose think plywoods.

What to avoid?

  • Thin plywoods, like what we’ve touched upon above.
  • Particleboards are a huge no. This similarly applies to fiberboards and pressboard/press wood.

yogyakarta furniture manufacturers

If you must compromise and go for cheaper furniture pieces made of particleboards, then make sure that you’re not compromising “important” pieces of furniture. Don’t go to Yogyakarta furniture manufacturers that provide cheap pieces for all your furnitures. Make an arrangement. For instance, you should invest on a durable sofa if that’s the piece of furniture that’s likely going to see frequent, daily use. Purchase lower quality furniture only for those that are “accompaniment” pieces.

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Tech Mistakes You Can Avoid When Running A Business

Technology is one of the main keys to the success of business. It plays major role to help you run business smoothly. There are many benefits you can by using modern technology into your business. You can automate the system which makes your tasks completed more efficiently. Technology can help save time and energy in completing various professional task. Thus, you can focus your time and energy on other important things. Thus, running business will be more smoothly. 

Tech mistakes to avoid in running business

Technology can help you grow your business successfully. However, it cannot be denied that there are still things that can make technology disadvantage you in running business. There are many tech mistakes lead to failure or at least cause another problems instead of solving them. Beginner entrepreneurs are most likely to be the ones who make tech mistakes. Here are tech mistakes you can actually avoid as a beginner in entrepreneurship:

Underestimating cyber security. Modern technology is very prone to cyber attacks that can put you in a lot of problems. If you thought that cyber attacks only happen to big companies then think again. It is because 60% of those attacks are directing to small businesses instead. Just because you consider you just start your own business does not mean you are free from the risk of cyber attack. If you are planning to use modern technology for running a business, make sure you have better understanding of cyber security. You data and reputation are at risk. 

Forgetting to backup files. It is more efficient to save data into digital files because you can track them easily when needed. They are also safe from wandering hands. However, keep in mind that digital data or files can be ransomed in an instant. There are various ransom ware a hacker can use to prevent you from accessing your files. Just like human kidnapping scene, your data will be held hostage so you are obligated to pay if you want the access back. You can also lose your important data not only to hackers but also in general. There are many possibilities of data loss when it comes to modern technology. Thus, always remind yourself to have backup data that will be safe from any possibilities of data loss.

Forgetting human touches. It is easy to automate the system so you can run business smoothly. You can also just mass emails to all your customers anytime you want. However, technology can make you forget that human touches and approaches are still needed especially when you are running a business. Keep in mind that you have customers and clients who are human beings. Technology cannot fully convey or deliver your genuine gestures or approaches. It cannot help you build deeper and personal connection with them. You also forget to personalize things to meet your customer’s needs. Keep in mind that every individual has different needs and demand. Thus, don’t rely too much on technology. 

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Experiencing Sophisticated Life with Seminyak Villas

Seminyak in Bali is famous for its luxurious and glamorous lifestyle. There are many shopping areas featuring branded goods and luxury spas nearby the area, not to mention the beautiful art galleries. And since we’re in Bali, of course, the beach is one of the highlights as well. Do you know what would be the best part about enjoying all of that? When we manage to own one of the luxurious Seminyak villas available near the area.

Lists of Recommended Seminyak Villas

Seminyak Estate

Start out with a bang, this villa is truly one marvelous residence. It features 4 spacious bedrooms complete with the bathrooms. It also features a large open living area overlooking the garden and swimming pool. As the name suggests, the inside truly feels like you live inside a high-end estate. Especially the lights, which complement this villa really well. Every room is illuminated with plenty of wall and ceiling lamps and a chandelier in the living area.

A comfort seminyak villas

Located near the beach and Mrs. Sippy, a famous Bali beach club, this villa is on leasehold by the owner for 30 years with USD 690.282 as the cost.

Seminyak Heritage Villa

If you prefer a traditional design, this villa is probably more to your liking. Staying true to the Balinese architecture, the entire interior design is based on classic Indonesian house with Balinese touch. This villa is actually a real estate consists of 6 villas, there are 1 swimming pool for each villa and 2 large swimming pools for the entire residents. The furniture is mostly made from wood-based material, and the living room is decorated with Indonesian wood crafted figures.

Villa seminyak with a private pool

 This villa is located on Jl. Batu Belig, and only a few minutes away from Batu Belig Beach. This villa or should I said villas are sold freehold and you have to contact the owner to negotiate the price.

The Grand Suite of Seminyak

Another massive villa with spacious rooms, the owner is certainly doesn’t hold back on expenses while building this beautiful residence. With 3 large bedrooms, 4 exquisite bathrooms, and a comfortable living room, this villa offers the best luxury possible in the heart of Seminyak. Aside from that, the villa also has a large garden connecting to the swimming pool. A laundry room is also available near the maid room.   

a luxury Bali villas Seminyak

Despite not located near the seas, this villa is surrounded by lots of public areas such as markets, restaurants, bars, and cafes. This villa also sells a freehold with a USD 690.282 rate.

Seminyak is just a couple miles from Canggu and Kuta!

For further information, you can search yourself about Seminyak Villas to find your preferable villa. Happy Hunting!.   

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Skills You Need To Be A Successful Entrepreneur In The Future

Becoming a successful entrepreneur is not something you can achieve in a day or few weeks, it is a process that can take long time. However, it is not something impossible tor each either. There are many factors that can help you become more successful in running your own business. One of the most essentials is the skill. It is no doubt that some tasks today can be done by the help of Artificial Intelligence. In fact, technology has played important role in shaping the way how business works today. 

Important skills to be successful entrepreneur

Along with the advanced technology, there is also concern about how human job can be taken over easily. The world runs in a rapid pace today that the knowledge we know of today may change entirely tomorrow. However, there are skills that will always be needed to be successful regardless of how advanced the technology has become. Here are important skills you have to develop to be successful.

Skills You Need To Be A Successful Entrepreneur In The Future

Growing Creativity

Creativity is important skill to have to be successful because it can lead to discovery and findings. Creativity also links to innovation. However, it is also something you can learn to develop from time to time. Even if you think you were not born creative, you can sharpen the skill during your time running your business. 


Empathy is humanity skill you really need regardless of the type of business you run. There are technologies you can use to help you automate various tasks. However, empathy is human touch that cannot be replaced by any kind of technology. It is needed when you communicate with your customers, clients, etc. By having empathy, you can understand the others feeling so you know what to do best. 

Problem Solving

Skills You Need To Be A Successful Entrepreneur In The Future

Problem solving skill is also important when it comes to entrepreneurship. Keep in mind that running business means there are many risks, obstacles, and challenges that can rise anytime. Your problem-solving skill is important weapon for you to find the best solution that will not put your business in jeopardy. You can also develop this particular skills throughout your career in running a business. You will gain more experience and learn how to solve problems in the best way. 

Critical thinking

Critical thinking is also essential skill you need to become successful entrepreneur. Critical thinking allows you to think deeply and far into the future, you will see everything in various point of views before making conclusion or taking decision. This skill will help you to think of something into detail which often missed by others. This will also allow you to be more pro active in your effort of reaching success.

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is the quality you will always need to be successful entrepreneur and a good person in general. It affect to the self-awareness. With this quality, you know where to put yourself in a situation. This also affect how you interact with other people. All in all, emotional intelligence can really influence your behavior. It can also affect your way of handling your responsibilities at work. 


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Arranging Tulamben Bali Diving By Your Own

The north east coast of Bali offers superb underwater holiday—with lively marine creatures as well as opportunity of macro and wreck diving. In fact, most divers coming for a diving holiday in Bali will make a visit to Tulamben, a humble fishing town in this northern coast with amazing underwater landscape. Far from the hustle and bustle of the busier southern Bali, Tulamben is quiet and seemingly only consist of fisherman and divers. You can reach Tulamben by two and half hours drive from the Ngurah Rai International airport. During the journey you will see the main road slowly turn into smaller one with views of rice fields and local village temples. Lines of modern shops shifts into visions of more traditional Bali. And at the end of the curvy road, you will enter a black pebbled beaches village, the quiet Tulamben.

Arranging Tulamben Bali Diving By Your Own

On Making the Tulamben Bali Diving Plan

The seemingly small and quiet Tulamben is actually rich in underwater attraction, and you’ll soon see why. Tulamben provides at least eight known dive sites—and you’ll probably find lesser known dive sites if you spend longer time there. The most famous three are the USAT Liberty shipwreck (obviously), the Coral Garden, and the Drop Off or the Tulamben Wall. Other sites to explores on Tulamben are the Boga wreck, Seraya Secret, Kubu Monkey, Canyon, and Batu Belah.

You can pick three random sites and still have the best of your time. But to have more tailored Tulamben Bali Diving experience, you’ll need to have little research and pick dive sites that suits your interest. If you love wreck diving, for example, you obviously need to have USAT Liberty and Boga Wreck on your list. Are you a macro lover? Then you definitely need to go to the Drop Off, Seraya Secret, and Kubu Monkey. The abundant critters are pleasure to the eyes. A beginner? The suitable sites for you might be the USAT Liberty, the Drop Off, Coral Garden, and Canyon.

On Arranging the Tulamben Accommodation

Arranging Tulamben Bali Diving By Your Own

One of the best way to have Tulamben Bali Diving is to get it arranged by local dive center. We personally recommend Atlantis Bali Diving, a Sanur based dive centre that famous for arranging dive trips all around Bali. They will arrange all of your transportation, hotel, and even the speed or fishing boat to get you into the dive sites. But if you arrange the dive trip by your own, you need to take care all the accommodation by yourself—and here’s how.

Hire a Private Diver

Assuming you are departing from the airport or somewhere around Kuta or Seminyak, the price for hiring a diver is about IDR 300 – 400K for one way trip. Make sure you don’t hire through the taxi mafia as the price could be higher. Get the phone number of your driver so you will contact him again to arrange a drive back to the city.

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Book A Place to Stay in Tulamben

Instead coming for a day trip, try to stay overnight in Tulamben. You might as well try a spectacular night dive at USAT Liberty, which gets lively at night! Though small and quiet, Tulamben is brimming with bungalows, small hotels, and even luxury homestay. Most cater to the need of divers. Some have equipment rental, so you don’t need to bring oxygen tank and all heavy equipments from the city.

Book Local Dive Guide for Tulamben Bali Diving

The best way to have Tulamben Bali Diving is to dive with a local dive guide. They will give all the briefs of the currents, visibility, sea condition, and marine life to see at each dive site. Your dive guide will also help you with booking the ‘jukung’ boats (or motorised boats, depend on what you prefer) to get you to the dive site.

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Asking For Family Or Friends For Your Business Funds

Running your own business means you have to have steady finance to support you. It is not easy especially in the beginning because you have to raise money strategically. Most entrepreneurs rely on loans to help fund their business. However, not everyone is qualified that the banks may reject the proposal. There are many reasons for that to happen. Entrepreneurs also often rely on donation. However, it is not enough to cover all business funds. One of the most common ways is to ask for family or friends for funds. Having large social networks can be advantageous because then you have people you can ask for help. 

The idea of asking family or friends for business funds

There are pros and cons of raising money from family or friends. It can cause inconvenience at some points regardless how close you are them. There is high possibility for the relationship to strain. Here are some possible issues regarding to asking for business funds from your family or friends:

Personal matters

It is hard to set aside personal feelings when family or friends are involved even if it is a matter of business. Just because they are very close people to you doesn’t mean they are always in good condition to give you help. Some of them may refuse to lend you money for various reasons. This kind of rejection may make you feel like less important for them and start asking if your relationship is genuine or not. It will be easy for you to assume negative things. 

casual business

Money and family

Your family and friends may consider lending you money because of their speculation on your personality. They are not investing in the business. Sometimes, they just trust you blindly because you are someone they are close to. While it is a good thing, it can be burdensome. The pressure will be heavier on your shoulder. It can cause other issues related to emotional or social obligations. You will feel like you have to always do good and prove something. 

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Interpersonal relationship

It is important to maintain your relationships with people around you including family and friends. Asking them for business funds have risk to damage your relationship if you do it the wrong way. If yo do it right, it can be beneficial for both sides. For example, make sure that you ask only those who you think can afford to invest, financial wise. Also, it is important to ask the money in a more business vibe-like meeting. You have to be prepared with your business plan and other necessities such as product sample, etc. 

Be clear and forward

Also, do not be so vague in giving information about the business. Make sure to be transparent and answer all their answer diligently. You have to pay fair market as well even if they feel bad about it. It is only fair for both parties. When they agree, make sure to put everything in writing and hire attorney. If they need time to think, let them have their time to consider and don’t rush them.

Body Art Tattoo & Piercing

Tattoo in Bali and Why You Should Come to The Island to Get Tattooed

Indonesia is such a vast archipelagic country, so why must you come to Bali if you want to get tattooed in the country? The most famous place in Indonesia that has its own indigenous tattoo tradition is not even the Bali island. And yet countless people come here every year to the island not just to vacation, but also to get tattooed as well. What’s so special about tattoo Bali and its artistic scene?

tattoo in bali

Bali is an exception to most things Indonesian

If you’ve only ever visited Bali, then it’s safe to assume that you’ve never really been to Indonesia. You won’t likely grasp the concept of the vast differences of how things are in Bali compared to the rest of Indonesia unless you’ve been to many places in Indonesia yourself. Indonesia at large is a Muslim majority country. And many look down on people who have tattoos.

bali tattoo destination

However, things are vastly different in Bali. Thanks to the fact that the religion majority was Hindu, planty of things in Bali are set apart compared to say, the island of Java (where most Indonesians reside). Sporting tattoos and displaying them are extremely common in Bali.

best tattoo studio in bali

Plenty of amazing tattoo places in Bali

Not only it’s okay to have tattoos in Bali without people looking at you like you’re some sort of a spectacle, there are also an abundant of professional tattoo Bali studios in Bali. Sure, shady parlors do exist out there. Just go to any Kuta main streets and you’ll find them. But Bali has many reputable tattoo studios that it’s actually just a matter of choosing which studios or artists suit you best when it comes to getting a tattoo in Bali and you won’t have to worry much about standards or hygiene.

bali tattoo studio

Many tattoo artists travel to Bali and accept orders

As a travel destination, Bali attract all kinds of travelers and that includes traveling tattoo artists. Aside from tattoo artists who open their tattoo orders here, in fact, a lot of tattoo artists in Bali are not from Bali alone. Aside from housing many artists from all over Indonesia, you can find many tattoo artists from all over the world opening or joining a permanent shop here in Bali.

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Tattoo Bali hygiene standards is the same as back home

While there are always questions popping up about how safe is it to get inked in Bali and everyone has their own valid concerns to ask those questions—fact is, tattooing standards in Bali is basically the same as how it is back home. Sure it’s also not difficult to find shady tattoo Bali parlors. But all you need to do is a bit of research to find numerous professional tattoo studio in Bali that have years of experiences under their belt.

Tattoo in Bali—Remember that the tattooing scene in Indonesia has never been strictly regulated, and with how the majority of Indonesians view tattoo in general (with prejudice), this is unlikely to change anytime soon. So while it’s relatively safe to get a tattoo in Bali as long as you use your common sense, always do your own homework so that yourself get protected during the whole process of getting a tattoo.