Labuan Bajo has been high on my bucket lists, and when my chance to get on a luxury liveaboard Labuan Bajo for a weekend came, my heart leaps with . It was in the middle of September, where Labuan Bajo slowly entered the shoulder season. I always loved the diversity and natural landscape in Southeast Asia, but Indonesia stunned me into endless awe. Personally, I think the more you go into the eastern part of the country, the more beautiful its landscape is. And this is true apparently true when I got to see the beauty of Flores with my own eyes!

The sky was clear, the savannah was as crisp as ever, and the tourists were getting lesser than before. Our tour leader told us that we miss the Komodo Dragons’ mating season, but we were entering the season of Mantas! I suppose it’s fair to not seeing the dragons doing their fun bits—the Mantas were coming! And the best of all, I got to experience it all in a brand-new, exclusive Labuan Bajo liveaboard.

A Weekend Well-Spent in Luxury Liveaboard Labuan Bajo


So this is how my days went in at the luxury liveaboard Labuan Bajo. Needless to say, this was one of the most extraordinary trip I’ve ever done.


Staying in A Five Starred Floating Hotel

There are many boats around Labuan Bajo in various types. From basic crafts ships where everyone sleeping in thin matrasses in the deck, to the first-class yacht with private balcony on each of its yacht. The luxury liveaboard Labuan Bajo I went with, Ocean Pure by Hello Flores, exceeds my expectations. Resting there in Labuan Bajo’s dock, the shiny polished boat was waiting for us to make her our new home. For the next three days, she led us on impressive adventure around the Flores Sea with not even a slight disturbance.  It’s easy to say that we were sleeping in a floating boat. I slept in one of its five spacious cabins. With 20 m2 vast cabin, the room hardly felt cramped—and we even got our own bathroom, which was nice.


A Wonderful Dive At Every Corner

Most liveaboard in Labuan Bajo features one or two dives per day, particularly when diving is your main concern. My trip was a satisfying mix of land exploration and underwater adventure. As much as we got the fun with dragon hunting and superb trekking, the diving itself was amazing. The crew took us from the phenomenal Manta Point, aquarium-like Batu Bolong, to the remote Castle Rock.


Luxury Liveaboard Labuan Bajo was A Perfect Place to Get Disconnected

Beyond the jaw dropping scenery and thrilling adventure, the trip itself offered me a chance to get disconnected from the world. In moments where we were not exploring the land or the water, I spent the time simply sunbathing in one of the comfy loungers. Most of the times we got no internet connection, and who knows, it was actually feel liberating. After dive or hike breaks was a perfect time to lie down, reading a book or simply rearranging my trip photos. And in boat as comfortable as my luxury liveaboard Labuan Bajo, this seemingly mundane daytime turned out to be a simple haven.



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