5 Amenities that Guests Would Appreciate in Villa Sanur Bali

Sanur might not be brimming with surf break like Kuta and Canggu or cool highlands and big temples of Ubud. This quieter coastal town of Bali has charming white-sand beaches, sunrise view, and shallow waters. Living in Sanur is relatively peaceful; which explains families and elder travelers that flocks to this area. So what can you provide to make guests’ experience at your villa Sanur Bali more pleasant? 

Bike to Bike Around Villa Sanur Bali

Bike to Bike Around Villa Sanur Bali

Biking is very popular activity around Sanur. The broad boardwalk along the Sanur Beach makes for nice walking and cycling in Bali. Many food stalls beside the beach offers bike rent, but the quality might not be good. Your guests will be delighted to find your villa Sanur Bali provides free bike to explore the beautiful, quiet beaches! Provide directions on how to navigate around the area to your visitors. A couple of bicycles are another fantastic asset to have on hand for your guests to discover the neighborhood like a native!

Beach Essentials for Simple Seaside Picnic

If you want to be a top-notch beach property, you must provide beach goods.

We expect to discover some beach goods listed as amenities on the listing when guests ask about them. When travelers realize that your resort has everything they need for a beach vacation, they are far more inclined to book it!

Many of the clients we work with are driving long distances to rest and unwind. The majority of people fly, which makes packing beach basics like towels, toys, chairs, and umbrellas problematic. It eliminates the stress of looking for those items or purchasing them once they arrive, which would be an additional hefty price to the trip.

Barbecue Grill

Barbecue Grill

The convenience of having a kitchen over hotels is the number one reason why people pick vacation rentals over hotels. Most vacation houses have well equipped kitchens, but if you also have a grill, your property will be more competitive for summer reservations. Grilling is such a popular pastime that some individuals arrange entire vacations around it! Travelers will often choose one villa Sanur Bali over another if it has a grill – and a great outside dining area is also a big advantage.

Grilling is more than simply a fun way to spend time outside. Cooking your own meals saves you a lot of money. Consider the cost of dining out every night for a family of four. A single dinner would consume the typical vacation expenditure.

Blender for Making Those Refreshing Tropical Juices 

Travelers frequently inquire about kitchen needs, and the blender is the most frequently requested item by beachgoers. This can, believe it or not, be a deal breaker for some vacationers.

Who are we to blame them? Travelers want to know that they can have their smoothies in the morning and their margaritas in the afternoon. For many people, a beach trip isn’t complete without a frozen cocktail – and having a blender on hand is an added bonus that can make for a more relaxing holiday.

We recommend purchasing a blender if you do not already have one on your house. It will quickly pay for itself in terms of additional reservations. Also, if you have one, make sure to mention it in your listing!

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Access to the Beach from Villa Sanur Bali 

One of the most common worries among travelers is the location. Guests frequently inquire about the type of beach access they will have and their proximity to the ocean or lake.

To be competitive, your one villa Sanur Bali doesn’t have to exactly build at Sanur’s seaside. All you have to do is include helpful information in your listing about how to get to the beach and where to swim safely. What’s it like to go on a walk? Is it a personal or a public space? What are the access parameters if it’s private?

The simplest method to address these issues is to provide precise directions to the beach and the time it takes to get there.

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